Caretaker part 2 | straight story from David K B

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All good things come to an end and my caretaking job ended last November as the family had finally decided to sell the old factory site. I and my family returned to the family estate into a new house built for us by my parents. Glenda and Jenny aren’t required to work and are usually with my mother Grace. My baby girl arrived in August and is named Grace and is idolized by my mother her first granddaughter. My father has me managing the family warehouse and I have an assistant; he does most of the book work in warehouse. My sister is again pregnant and hopes to have a daughter this time getting tested next week to find out if it’s a girl to add to her 2 boys. My mother, sister, wife and her mother are always together, and my sister has become my wife’s best friend. I’m told we will have another child as soon as possible. It seems I don’t get a say in it, as my mother, wife and her mother decided for me. But I’m happy to do my part as often as I can.

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