Carla’s Family Tradition

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Carla paced back and forth, thoughts racing through her mind, trying to find the right words. The reason for her anxiety? An upcoming difficult conversation she was going to have with her son that night. Her son, Brady, was turning 18 today and Carla's family has a unique, ancient tradition that they have followed for centuries.
You may be asking yourself what this family tradition is? Other than enormous amount of wealth passed down to each generation there was something much more twisted with this family. When a boy turns 18, he must impregnate the women is his family. Typically this includes the mother and any sisters over the age of 18. If a man has a daughter, he can carry on the tradition with her once she reaches the age of 18. Carla's family believed this was necessary to keep their bloodline pure and free of diseases. Over the years with the advancements in science, the family began to realize this was an outdated tradition. However, the family has kept up with the tradition strictly out of the taboo nature. You see, Brady's father was not related to Carla. She ended up marrying a man outside of her family. But when Carla turned 18, she participated in the tradition with her father. Carla and her father had a mutual agreement that they would partake in the taboo fun without following through with impregnation. This wasn't uncommon with the more recent generations.
Carla wasn't sure exactly how to approach the conversation. She was worried how Brady would react. Would this destroy their relationship? Carla and Brady were very close. Brady was an only child and his father left when he was just 3. He rarely hears from his father but it hasn't phased him because Carla has been there for him throughout his entire life. But this would be crossing the line from mother/son to lovers. She was scared.
It was a Friday and Brady was at school. He was a standout student and athlete at his local high school. He was really every teenage girls dream. He stood 6', short light brown hair, very athletic build and a smile that could get him away with murder. He was a little bit of a ladies man and had plenty of sexual experiences. Before he had left for school that day, his mother told him to come straight home after practice because she had a special birthday gift for him. Brady kept trying to guess what this present might be. He already had a nice car, phone, all the things a high school boy would want. He was clueless.
Carla was 38 years old and very beautiful. She had dark brown hair, large breasts with an amazing body. She works very hard at maintaining her figure. After Brady's father left, she hadn't had many lovers. She knew about her family tradition and thought it best not to get attached to another man.
6PM rolled around and Brady finally arrived home. "Hi mom." He called out.
"Hi sweetie. How was your day?"
"It was fine. Nothing special."
Carla went and hugged Brady. "Well, it's my boy's birthday so hopefully it becomes special. Go shower and come back down. I have to give you your present."
Brady was excited and still pondering what it could be. "Ok." And off Brady went.
Carla sat at their dining room table with a glass of wine and their families book. This book contained the rules of this tradition and all of those who have participated. Her breath was heavy as her nerves were kicking in. She remembered the excitement she felt when her father presented this moment to her on her 18th birthday. Carla loved the taboo feeling. She loved that it was so wrong but felt so right. She wanted her son, and she wanted him to want her.
After about 20 minutes, Brady came down from his shower. He was wearing jeans and a plain white tee that fit him just right. Carla felt a swell of excitement as her son walked in.
"So what's up mom? What is all this secrecy about my present?" Brady asked with a slight chuckle.
"Come here. Sit. I have something rather unique to share with you. But before I do, please keep an open mind. And please, be honest with how you feel about what I'm about to share with you."
Brady became a tad confused, "um… ok?"
"So our family has a rather interesting tradition. Since the start of our family, centuries ago, the elders believed that in order for our family to thrive and be pure, we would… well… inbreed. When a son our daughter turned 18, they would become lovers with their mother or father. The son would impregnate his mother, and the father would impregnate his daughter…"
Brady cut in before Carla could continue. "So wait… My father is my grandpa?!"
"No no." Carla tried to reassure her son. "Please let me continue. The more recent generations didn't always practice the impregnation part of the ritual. My father, your grandpa, decided that we didn't want to. So your father is the man you know to be your father."
"Ok…" Brady said confused.
Carla continued. "But, your grandpa and I did have a sexual relationship. Started when I turned 18 and continued for years. It was amazing and I don't regret it."
"So why are you telling me this?"
"Well, Brady, I am telling you this because you are now 18. The tradition is supposed to continue with us. I know you must be confused and maybe you are grossed out and might be freaking out…"
"I'm in!" Brady cut in. "I'm so in."
Carla smiled. "You are? Are you sure? Do you need time to think about it?"
"Nope. I don't know why but this is incredibly hot to me. The thought of fucking my mom… whoa."
Carla was ecstatic at her son's response. "I'm so glad to hear that. I was so nervous about this conversation. I had no idea how you would react."
"Really? I thought for sure you knew I was attracted to you. I thought you caught me stealing glances at you through the years."
Carla thought for a second, "now that you mention it, I have noticed haha."
"Mom, so I have to ask. Do you want me? Or are you just doing this because of the family tradition?"
Carla reached her hand to tough Brady's, "sweetie, I want you really bad. It's not just the tradition. I think you've grown into a very sexy young man. And the thought of being with my son, takes my excitement to a whole new level."
"Phew. Ok good. So… what's next?"
"Well, how about we start our adventure tomorrow. Your aunt Jamie is going out of town tomorrow night so I was thinking maybe we go to her house, go for a night swim, have a few drinks and see where the night takes us? How does that sound?"
"Sounds amazing. I can't wait." Brady's attraction to his mother skyrocketed. He had always thought she was beautiful but the thought of fucking his own mother put him to a whole new level.
Brady went out with a few friends that night and couldn't stop thinking about his mother. He started to have a few drinks and got very aroused. He decided to text his mom to talk about their new relationship.
Brady: Hi
Carla: Hi bday boy
Brady: I cant stop thinking about you
Carla: Aww… what you thinking about?
Brady: tomorrow!
Carla: what about tomorrow? 
Brady: you know…
Carla had been continuing to drink her wine and was very aroused as well. She was enjoying their flirty text exchanges.
Carla: tell me…
Brady: fucking your brains out!!
Carla: naughty boy. You want to fuck your own mother?
Brady: hell yes.
Carla: mmmmm.
Brady: will you suck my dick?
Carla: of course baby.  I want to suck you good until you're good and hard for me.
Brady: omg. You are so fucking hot.
Carla: enjoy your night.
Brady stayed the night at his friends house since he was too drunk to drive. When he got up and drove up the next morning, his mother was already gone. Wondering where she was, he shot her a text.
Brady: where r u?
Carla: I'm already at Jamie's. Had to let her dog out. I'll be here all day.
Brady: can I come over now?
Carla: No naught boy. Come over around 7.
Brady: ugh… fine.
Brady's anticipation was beyond his control. He just paced around the house all day. Thinking of the different ways he wanted his mother. The seconds seemed to be hours. Finally it was time for him to head to his aunt's house where his mother was waiting.
Brady: omw
Carla: k. by the pool.
Carla's nerves were kicking in. Her son was on his way to fuck her. Something she wanted so bad but never thought she would get. She finally saw Brady's car roll into the driveway. Her sister's house had a large secluded yard with an amazing pool. No one would be able to see them or hear them for that matter.
As Brady rolled up to the house, he saw his beautiful mother standing near the pool in her black bikini. It had been awhile since he had seen his mother in such little clothing. She smiled at him and he smiled back. Brady was wearing red swim trunks that stopped above the knee and a white tank top. When he walked to the pool area he immediately took off his shirt to show off his ripped body.
Carla's knees were weak when she saw her son's body. She bit her lip in a flirty way and walked over to give her hot son a hug. "Hi stud. Glad you could make it." She said with a laugh. "I brought some drinks to help us loosen up if you'd like."
Brady definitely needed a drink. "Yes. I'll have a captain n' coke if you have that."
"Coming right up" Carla started making his drink. Carla finished Brady's drink and brought it over to him. "Cheers." She said as she raised a glass.
"To an amazing night, and bright future." They both took a long gulp.
Carla and Brady got into the pool and after an hour the sun was completely set. The only light was some landscape lights and the pool light. A truly perfect setting. The entire time, the mother and son would drink, laugh and flirt like they were a new couple. Brady would steal a couple of sexual grazes to his mom's beautiful body. Carla could barely contain herself but loved the anticipation.
As Carla was going to get out to make another drink, Brady grabbed her hand and pulled her in close. Carla wrapped her legs around Brady and her arms around the back of his neck. Brady's hands moved to his mother's perfect ass and they stayed there for what seemed like an eternity. Mother and son stare into each other's eyes, without saying a word. When the moment seemed right, Brady finally made his move.
Brady leaned in and kissed his mother's lips. Carla welcomed her son's lips and soon their mouths opened and their tongues were slipping in and out of each other's mouths. The kissing was soft and sensual at first. But as they continued, it became more and more intense. You could hear their tongues and lips smacking from miles away. Carla's spit flowing into her son's mouth and vice versa.
Carla soon felt her son's excitement pressing against her crotch. She pulled away from their kiss, "I see you like this? I can feel how excited you are."
"I fucking want you so bad mom."
Carla began teasing her son. "So you want to fuck your mom?"
"Oh my God, yes I do."
"You want to suck on my tits? Like you used to?"
His mother's dirty talk was almost too much to bear. "yes yes yes. I want it all."
Carla then reached back and removed her top. Her perfect large breasts exposed to her son. In a split second Brady began sucking and touching his own mother's nipples. His tongue flickering and mouth sucking hard on each nipple until they were almost as hard as his cock.
"You like mommy's tits baby?"
"I do, they are perfect"
Carla had enough. She got off of her son's lap and took his hand. "Come here." She lead him to a large lounger near the pool. This lounger was almost as large as a queen size bed. They both stood next to the lounger and began another intense makeout session. Soon Brady tugged on his mother's strings on her bikini which allowed them to fall, exposing her perfectly trimmed pussy. She had a small patch of hair just above her slit.
Brady laid his mother down and made the move in between her legs. He briefly admired his mom's pussy, seeing slight folds of her cunt exposing themselves to him. Just then he plunged down and began sucking on his mom's clit.
"Oh god baby. That feels so fucking good. Keep going. Put a finger in me."
Brady did as he was told. He started vigorously fingering his mother's wet pussy while he continued to suck on her clit.
"Right there. Suck mommy's clit baby. I'm going to come. Baby make mommy come."
Brady kept going until he felt her pussy get even wetter and loud moans from his mother.
"Fuck fuck fuck… right there… I'm coming Brady. I'm coming." Carla let out a loud orgasm and creamed onto her son's tongue. "Come here Brady. I want to taste myself on your tongue." Brady moved up and began making out with his mother once again.
After a few minutes Carla wanted more. She spit onto her hand and began stroking her son's rock hard cock as they make out. "I want to suck your cock." She cooed as she removed her son's trunks. "You want mommy to suck your cock?"
"yes. Yes please."
Carla slowly started licking Brady's head before bringing his entire cock into her mouth. Carla started giving her son a slow sensual blow job. Brady had plenty of blow jobs in the past but this one was by far the best he had ever had.
"God, mom, that feels so fucking good. Keep sucking my cock."
"mmmm…mmmm. Mmmm" Carla let out tiny hums while working her son's cock.
"I want to fuck you so bad mom. Let me fuck you right now." Brady said as he lightly grabbed his mother's head. Leaning down and kissing her wet mouth.
"Lean back baby" Carla says as she straddles her son. She grabs his cock and slowly begins sitting down on her teenage son's rock hard cock. "Ohhh… aahhhh… right there baby."
"Fuck mom! You are so wet, so tight."
Carla started slow, bobbing up and down the entire length of Brady's cock. Then she began grinding down on him, faster and faster. "Oh… Right there son…"
As their pace picked up, Brady pulled his mother down to him and began sucking on her tits while giving her ass a nice spank. Brady now controlled the pace as he started thrusting up and down into his mother's wet pussy. Another spank, more kissing, and now pulling back on his mother's hair.
Carla loved that her son was being rough with her. She was lost in the incestuous love affair she was in. "ohhh… ohh… god I'm going to come again. Make me come… make me come… Fuck me…" Carla was getting so close. Brady started thrusting even harder, working his shaft deeper and deeper. "Fuck I'm coming baby… mommy is coming."
After Carla came on top of Brady, he slowed his thrusts down and they began more deep kissing. His hands tightly grabbing his mother's ass.
"Fuck me from behind."
Brady was all too happy to oblige. Carla popped off her son's cock and put her ass in the air for her son. Brady positioned himself behind his mother's ass, but before he put his cock in, he leaned down and gave a wet lick from her clit to her ass hole. This got Carla even wetter.
"Oh you bad boy" Carla teased. "Now fuck your mother."
Brady took his cock and slammed it into Carla's wet hole. He immediately began fucking his mother hard. Their bodies making a slapping noise and her ass giving a nice jiggle with every thrust. Brady was loving it and began some more dirty talk. "You love your son's cock? How fucking much do you love it? Say it."
"Brady I love your cock. Mommy loves your cock so much. Keep fucking me."
"Mom… I'm going to come soon. I cant… I cant hold it."
Carla turned her head "come inside me baby. Come in mommy's pussy."
"Yeah? You want my cum mom?"
"Yes baby. Please come inside me, I want your baby. I want your baby."
Brady's mom talking about getting pregnant with his child was more than he could take. He wanted to get his mother pregnant. "Fuck yes. I'm coming. Ahhhh.!" Brady unloaded a massive load into his mother's womb. He pulled her hips back and got as deep as possible. Each rope of his seed coating his mother's pussy.
"God yes Brady. Give me all your cum. I want you to fill me up. I want you to get me pregnant. I want it so bad. "
Brady held his spent cock into his mother's pussy until every drop was in her. He then removed himself and laid back.
Carla stayed with her ass in the air for a second longer to keep her son's seed in her fertile body. She then laid on her head on her son's chest and they embraced each other.
"Do you really want to have my baby, mom?"
Carla leaned her head up to look at her son. "I do. I know it's crazy but I do."
Brady smiled. "Good. Because it turns me on so much to think about you carrying my child. To think about fucking you and coming inside you. I love it all."
Carla leaned in and they began kissing passionately. They ended up fucking 3 more times just that night. Each time Brady unloaded his cum into his mother, hoping they would get pregnant.
Brady and Carla continued their love affair for 2 months after that first night. It was then that Carla announced to her son that she indeed was pregnant with his child. Brady was elated at the news.
Carla then made sure her son remembered their tradition, "if we have a daughter, you get to try this tradition with her on her 18th birthday."
"I sure hope we have a daughter then. Hell I hope we have 5." Brady responded with a devilish smile. "But until then, you're the only woman I want. I love you so much."
"I love you too baby."
Fast forward to 9 months later and Carla gave birth to a beautiful daughter that they named Hannah. By this time, Carla and Brady had moved away to avoid people asking questions. Given their wealth they could really move anywhere they wanted. Brady and Carla loved that little girl and raised her as any parents would. Brady and Carla stayed together throughout Hannah's entire childhood and into her teenage years. Hannah never questioned the age difference. She only knew that here parents loved each other.
Then on Hannah's 18th birthday, it was time for her to have a conversation with her father… To Be Continued…

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