Casey’s Senior Year Pt. 02

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tagIncest/TabooCasey's Senior Year Pt. 02

The day was almost done, the last bell, a few minutes from ringing and I had spent the last half hour waiting for Jerome…
"Wandering the halls again I see Mr. Dodd."
"Wasting time trying to bust my balls again I see Miss Popejoy."
"Doing my job, keeping track of students at my school is not a waste of time Mr. Dodd."
Miss Popejoy, the principle of the Washington Carver High School, had been on a mission to convert me, to save me, to turn me into someone who cared about school for three years. She was about out of time and she knew it… it made her angry and desperate. It caused her to dog me and harass me. It might have bothered me if I only cared…
Her 3 inch heels clicked on the concrete halls… her nylon clad thighs swished as she walked in the almost empty halls… Melissa Popejoy was a professional administrator… efficient and organized… I have no doubt that she had a file on everyone with copious notes… I could care less what she had written about me.
She was late 30's early 40's and full figured without being fat. 5' 9", 150 lbs… Most of the time she wore pants suits that were well made and looked good on her…
"If you spent half the energy on learning something, that you put out, to stay out of class, you might amount to something someday young man."
"Well then we are in luck Miss Popejoy because I spend no energy on staying out of class, I just don't go, so spending half of nothing on education is already in the bank. I hope that makes you as happy as it does me."
She was winding herself up, letting her frustration and failure in my case get to her… and me mocking her was only poking the bear…
She stopped three foot short of bumping into me and leaned in another 6 inches to emphasize her point. "I should have kicked you out of school two years ago! You are such a bad example to the other kids!"
"See, that's where you are wrong…" I said crossing my arms and leaning back against the wall… "None of these kiss ass kids wants to be anything like me. They all want to run in your rat race… they all want that gold ring… You keeping me here has been a great reminder to them as to why they want to stay in class… the district should be paying me to hang out and remind them."
"You are such a waste Casey… you could not make a dime in my neighborhood… no one would hire you!"
"You on the other hand," as I looked her up and down, exaggerating my actions, "could make more in three months in my neighborhood than you take home in a year working this dead end job."
She blushed and then got more red as anger took her words…
I saw the slap coming from the moment the thought first crossed her mind. I let it land to see what she had… it was not impressive… It hurt her hand more than it stung me.
I saw the horror enter her thoughts as it dawned on her what she had actually done.
I shrugged and said in my deep and menacing voice, "You are wasting your time and beginning to annoy me. Class is going to be getting out momentarily and unless you want everyone to witness my next lack of impulse control, I suggest you go about your business."
She took two tentative steps back, spun on her heels and made a beeline for her office several buildings away.
On second thought, she would not last three months in my neighborhood.
The bell rang and doors flew open. The day was done and everyone was headed home. Jerome walked with his eyes on the ground… about a foot in front of where his feet were. If he looked up when he walked, he tripped a lot… if he looked down he bumped his head once in a while, but that was preferable… it hurt less and no one laughed about it, at least not where he could hear. Because of it though, everyone made sure that they got out of his way… no one tried to squeeze though the door when Jerome was walking though…
I pushed off the wall as he came alongside and fell in with him. Neither one of us said anything until we headed out towards the parking lot where I knew his mother picked him up everyday.
He glanced sideways at me for the third time and then said, "Are you going to follow me all the way home?"
"No… just wanted to know if you wanted to show me some of those movies you have… you know…"
He looked around conspiratorially… then looked at me sideways and giggled, shaking his shoulders and nodding his head… "Sure… mom won't be hear for a bit today and we can wait over by that tree…"
"Great… I have been thinking about them all day… your mom is really pretty."
"I know… geez, she 's my mom… I see her everyday… I know she's very pretty."
This was going to take some getting used to if I was going to follow through… it might not be worth it.
We sat down and leaned against the big oak and Jerome pulled his tablet out of his backpack and made a big show of secrecy about his password, until I reminded him that we were secret sharers… "Sorry Casey… I forget."
"It's alright Jerome… I will show you how secret sharers are."
"Here is one of my favorites… you will like it too."
Jerome opened a folder that had fifty or more icons of digital videos. He clicked on one and his mom was talking and then the camera found her and settled in.
She was standing wearing nylons with a garter belt, no frills black, a small black thong and she was unbuttoning her blouse. She shrugged out of it and tossed it to the side where, I suppose, the rest of her clothes were. Her bra was full, no frills and low cut… it looked very good on her.
She was going on about how she wanted him to tie her up. She was going to lay on her stomach and he was going to tie her hands and arms behind her, then her knees together and then her ankles. He should put a line between her hands and ankles but loose this time instead of too tight. He told her he understood and would do a good job this time.
Jerome explained it to me… "I was still learning and I was nervous because this was the second or third time she had taken her clothes off first."
We watched and he was right… he was clumsy and unsure… his knots were not very neat and he was not consistent with the rope tension. Sometimes he pinched her with it or pulled it through too fast… she complained each time and he apologized, but I could see her breathing change as he got more and more of it done. By the time he sat down next to the camera, she was panting and flushed with desire.
His mom struggled then, rolling herself back and forth making a show of trying to get to the knots and trying to shrug herself out of them…
"Watch Casey… it is coming up… there!" Jerome almost shouted in his excitement. In her struggling, his mom had popped one of her really magnificent tits, out of the cup, that could barely contain it on a good day… "Oh wow! Gets me every time!"
Jerome was breathing heavy… I did not look, but he was starting to squirm as I am sure he was getting uncomfortable.
The sound was up enough for us both to hear and she started to panic and tell him not to look and to hurry up and finish…
"Come on baby, I can't get out tonight and mamma has to fix myself so hurry up make your baby juice come out… pull on it honey!" she rolled on her back pointing her very hard nipple right at the camera. "I can't get out so you can splash it all over me tonight… I need to be punished to remind me to work harder." She looked at him, straining to encourage him… I heard his panting and the noise of his hand flogging his dick.
He was having a hard time sitting next to me, but he was trying hard to control himself.
All of a sudden he flashes into the camera, kneeling down next to her, a big black anaconda looking cock in his hands and with a grunt as primal as any animal, lets fly with streams of spunk splashing from belly button to hair line across both tits and one eye. It pooled on her upper lip and she shook her head to keep it from running into her nose, then licked her lips carrying some into her mouth. Her eyes rolled back and she gritted her teeth as she rode her own climax, jiggling her cum covered tits for his camera…
He turned it off and sat there for a minute breathing hard. I did not say anything, I did not want to add to his stress…
Finally he looked at me and smiled… "I told you the truth huh?"
"You did Jerome… every bit of it."
We can't watch another one, she will be here soon.
We sat together for a minute more with him fidgeting…
"Are you gong to be alright Jerome?"
"Yeah… it happens sometimes… Mamma says it just happens to boys my age and to not worry about it. She says not to pull on it until I am in the car with her because I could get in trouble if I take my cock out where anyone but she can see it…"
I could not argue with that..
So… I figured to take the next step…
"You know buddy… I could teach you a couple of knots that might help you and give her more of a challenge… "
He looked at me sideways.
"Yeah, when I was a kid I was a boy scout for a while and I learned some good knots,,, I could show them too you if you want."
"Cool… but… we don't have any rope… "
"No… nope, we don't."
A couple of short moments later and he brightens up…
"I have rope at my house… you could come over and show me there…"
"Well hell yeah, why didn't I think of that! Maybe this weekend would be good?"
"I don't know… I haven't ever had anyone come over to the house… I would have to ask mom if it was ok."
"Sure… I get it… just tell he you have a friend and you want to have him over for dinner and to watch a movie or something… see what she says. Don't tell her about the knots though… that should be a surprise… won't she be surprised when you use a new knot that she didn't teach you? That should show her that you really care about her safety."
His face lit up with that last statement.
"Oooo… yeah… It's her birthday coming up… that would make a really good surprise! You would really help me?"
"Yeah, we share a secret… helping each other is what we do now."
He started putting his tablet away and putting his back pack on…
"Here she comes now.." and a stunning brunette pulled up in a very sleek black Mercedes sedan. He jumped up and began limping over to the car… (I am not usually one for cock measuring… mostly because there isn't all that much competition… but he had some serious meat hanging and it was impeding his usual gate.)
His mom kept looking from him to me as he made his way over to the car… then she watched me as I stood up and flexed while I stretched out… then Jerome got in the car next to her and they left. She seemed to be talking his ear off as they drove away. I walked over to the bus stop and waited for the city bus. I had a dinner date with Wanda's mom Jackie tonight and I wanted a shower before so I headed home to get cleaned up.

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