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I smiled as I put the final decorations up. Thanks to the pandemic, our usual Halloween party had been canceled, but that didn't mean Cheryl and I couldn't have a good time. We had dressed up — she as a sexy witch, me as an old-style Edward G. Robinson-type gangster — and decorated our isolated house to look like a spooky old castle. In spite of being married to each other for 20 years, we still lusted for each other just as much as in the first flush of the relationship. Doing dress-up, which we did for other occasions as well, had helped keep things fresh, but the fact of the matter is that we had always had plenty of sex and spice in our relationship just because we found each other so darn attractive.
"Looking hot, as always, Tom," Cheryl purred, striding over to me. She gave me a quick kiss and rubbed her hand on my crotch. "Looks like I won't need to sneak you that love potion."
I wrapped an arm around my gorgeous wife. "You look magnificent, sweetie."
She did, too. Her D-cup breasts were practically hanging out the top of her costume. Her shoulder-length wavy black hair and her dark eyes made her look like a perfect spooky yet sexy witch. Her long legs, thick frame, and plump, round butt were other aspects of her that made her physically attractive.
I knew what she liked about me. My clean-shaven, rugged face, short brown hair, and strong, muscular torso. My legs were skinnier than hers, but my seven-inch-long cock fit nicely in her mouth, her pussy or her bumhole. Though we did the last only when she was particularly horny.
The flickering candles gave the living room a definite Halloween touch. Cheryl had a book in her hand. "I should cast a spell to make tonight even more special."
I helped her draw the pentagram, put five more candles in place at the five points, and put the materials in the center.
"Now," she said, "we just need to light these, and when I say the words, the vapors will make us be able to go all night once we breathe them in."
We lit the materials (they were in a brazier), and Cheryl said some words in a language I didn't recognize. With a puff of smoke, a naked woman with horns on her head, wings, and a long tail was standing before us.
"Ooooh, my favorite night of the year," the woman purred. "And a couple. Normally I'm called by single men."
"Uh, we didn't call you," I said. "We just wanted some vapors so we could, um, boost our stamina for tonight."
The woman removed the book from Cheryl's hand. "Let me see." She quickly read through the instruction for the spell. "Ah, I understand. If you mispronounce this word as…"
She whispered quickly to Cheryl for a moment. "So, your first time," she concluded, raising her voice back up to a level I could hear. "And you hadn't actually heard anything pronounced, because you're not actually a witch, just dressed as one."
"Correct," my wife agreed. "So, now what?"
"First, I should introduce myself," the woman said. "I am the succubus Kira. Since I'm here anyway, and you two were planning on getting frisky, we may as well continue on. I'll give you both plenty of stamina."
Kira strode towards the bedroom, and we followed. We slipped out of our costumes and joined the succubus on the bed. Kira was in the middle, and there was plenty of room for the three of us. Her body was much slimmer than Cheryl's, with smaller breasts that fit her frame perfectly. Kira's skin was of course red all over and hot, though not painfully so, to the touch — at first. She adjusted something and it cooled to warm. Her eyes glowed red and her tongue was red, long, and forked, as I noticed when Kira stuck it out at us. Her legs were longer than both mine and my wife's.
"Let's start slow," Kira smiled. "After all, we have all night. Oh, and since it's Halloween and you didn't intentionally call me, you can have sex with me and not be dead in the morning. Your souls will become mine, of course, whenever you do pass away, but I very much doubt either of you will object to an eternity in bed with me having hot sex, dying when you cum and being instantly resurrected to have more hot sex with me. I may even invite my friends over to join us. But for now, let's focus on tonight."
Kira was right: that did sound like not a bad way to spend eternity. Cheryl smiled at me and I knew she was thinking the same thing.
Kira reached over and tilted Cheryl's face towards hers. The two of them kissed, maintaining the lip-lock for a good thirty seconds. Then Kira tilted my face towards hers as she pivoted towards me, and gave me a deep kiss. Her tongue seemed to send jolts of pleasure shooting through me. I started to understand why succubi were so hard to resist.
Kira slid her body upwards slightly, and Cheryl and I each kissed her neck. Kira's arms gently held us in place. "Mmmmmm." Her slim body shivered. Cheryl and I both started trailing our tongues downwards, towards Kira's chest. The succubus made encouraging noises.
First Cheryl, then myself, kissed through Kira's cleavage. Then we each took a nipple to suckle on. Kira sighed with pleasure. The nipple in my mouth released a bit of fluid, which I swallowed. Kira's body shuddered and her flesh went from warm back to almost uncomfortably hot before she got herself under control and re-regulated it.
"Just like that," the succubus purred. We kept suckling, and my hand explored farther down, caressing one of Kira's thighs. Her legs spread a bit. I noticed Cheryl was caressing Kira's other thigh. More liquid emerged from Kira's nipple, which I eagerly gulped down.
"You two should now both be able to go all night," Kira grinned. "Shall we get started?"
I suddenly realized my cock was rock-hard. Cheryl's pussy was visibly dripping. "Sure."
We positioned ourselves so that Kira was lying on her back with her legs spread. I rubbed my cock against her slit and then eased in. Cheryl was sitting on Kira's face.
"Ooooh!" Cheryl suddenly gasped. I guessed that Kira's tongue was inside her. I began steadily thrusting into the succubus' tight pussy. Kira's internal muscles started squeezing my cock in ways that a human woman couldn't.
Cheryl leaned forwards, as did I, and we shared a deep kiss. "You're good, sweetie," she whispered, "but Kira's tongue reaches spots that yours can't."
I wasn't offended. Succubi are supposed to be better at sex than humans. "Her pussy is doing things that yours can't, too."
Cheryl nodded and we twined tongues. Cheryl's big body shivered violently and her lusty screech was muffled by my mouth. My own cock suddenly pulsed as I released a load of sperm into Kira's spasming pussy.
It was still rock-hard — Kira's doing, no doubt — and we switched around. Cheryl lay down and I now began fucking her, while she tongued Kira. It wasn't quite like being inside the succubus, but Cheryl's very wet box was a nice place for my cock. (She had hit menopause four years back, so there were no pregnancy concerns.) I reached a finger down to gently brush her clit as I made smooth, steady love to her.
Kira was moaning with pleasure. My wife wasn't totally inexperienced with women — she had had a fling or two in college with some members of her sorority — but it had been a while. I suppose it's a skill you never forget once you learn. I continued pumping into Cheryl, and made her cum twice. The second time, I filled her up.
We swapped positions again, and this time I was licking Kira's pussy while Cheryl bounced on my cock. Kira's juices made me even harder than I already was. I tongued her with great intensity, trying to brush her clit with a finger as well. She quickly came three times. Cheryl had climaxed four times before draining another load from my cock.
"You both lick pussy really well," Kira grinned. High praise from a succubus. Cheryl and I both blushed. "Now let's spice things up a bit."
Kira arranged us so that she and Cheryl were scissoring while Kira sucked on my cock. But the succubus began teasing my bumhole with her tail, then slid the tip of it inside me. I found myself shivering with excitement.
"Bet you didn't know that's where your G-spot is," Kira smirked. She sucked my cock and caressed my balls while twitching her tail inside me. It was a new experience for me, but surprisingly pleasant.
Cheryl, meanwhile, was screaming with pleasure as she and Kira ground their pussies together. The succubus' thin body was shivering, and any noises she was making were muffled by my pole in her mouth. She deep-throated me in order to induce me to cum, and soon I had pumped three loads into her.
The succubus excused herself to wash her tail, and Cheryl and I mad pit stops before returning to the bed. Then my wife got on her hands and knees and jiggled her thick, sexy rear at me. I lubed up her bumhole and my cock before carefully easing into her. Cheryl began lapping at Kira's pussy. The succubus moaned and slipped her tail into Cheryl's box.
Having both holes filled made Cheryl climax almost instantly. I groped her butt and continued to slowly ease in and out. Kira's body shivered and she visibly flooded Cheryl's face with her juices. Kira's thighs tightened around Cheryl's head, keeping my wife's tongue in Kira's box. I continued to move very slowly, as Cheryl didn't often take me in her ass. By the time I filled her, Cheryl had come about eight times from the DP and Kira had flooded her face about that often.
When I returned from washing up, the two women were engaged in a 69. Kira wrapped her tail around my cock and pumped it, making me shoot twice onto Cheryl's back. Judging by the amount of shuddering their bodies were doing, I guessed both ladies had climaxed multiple times as well.
The clock on my dresser read 5:30 a.m. We really had been going all night.
"Let's give him a treat before I have to go," Kira said, smiling at my wife. The two of them began kissing with my cock in the middle. With two tongues on it, I quickly was ready to cum again. Cheryl began sucking my balls, then switched with Kira. With the succubus' tongue on my nuts and my wife's mouth on my cock, I blasted a load down Cheryl's throat.
The first colors of sunrise started to show. Kira produced some parchment and a quill, and wrote something down.
"If you ever want to call me back, you say the words on this scroll," she smiled. "And I'll come for another night of pleasure. You pronounce it like…"
She whispered into my wife's ear, pointing at a word.
"You can summon me as often as you like," Kira purred. "I won't claim your souls early… unless you ask me to. Remember that in the afterlife, we'll literally be doing this all the time, forever."
My wife and I gave her a smile. "Thanks, Kira. We'll see you again soon."
And as the lip of the sun rose above the horizon, Kira vanished, leaving behind just a faint smell of sulfur. Cheryl and I suddenly felt exhausted.
When we woke up, it was the morning of November 2. We'd slept 24 straight hours to recover.
"Guess we'd better not call her unless we have no plans for the next day," Cheryl chuckled. I kissed her and nodded. As far as I knew, we had no plans for next weekend…

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