Catching the Feels: A Sequel Ch. 01

tagIncest/TabooCatching the Feels: A Sequel Ch. 01

Catching the Feels: A Sequel
*DISCLAIMER: This is a sequel to "I Want Daddy to Catch Me" which should be read before this story. This story is a work of fiction. Any situations or scenarios similar to real life is pure coincidence. Please be advised this story contains incest themes. I also plan on incorporating mpreg into the story at some point. You have been warned.
Chapter 1: Reminiscing
As I'm sitting in my office at work I can hardly get any work done. All I can think about is my son Oliver and how much our relationship has changed in the past year. Our anniversary was coming up in about a week. Well, the anniversary of the day we had sex with each other for the first time.
It was an experience I'll never forget. Over the past year we have tried many new things in bed but there's one thing we hadn't done; a threesome. Oli was my boy and I never felt the desire to bring someone else into the bedroom with us. If he did, he never said.
I keep reminiscing about some of our earliest sexcapades together and a minor detail comes to mind. Something I said randomly but was never acknowledged by either of us. I had alluded to the fact that I had sucked a cock before being with Oli.
What Oli didn't know was that it was my brother's cock that I had sucked. It was many, many years before having kids and a family were even in my mind. Toby, my brother, taught me a few things one summer when we were both home from college.
We were only a year apart in age, so we had a lot of the same friends. We went out one night with some of them and got super drunk. One thing led to another and the next thing I knew he was between my legs on my bed with my dick in his mouth. I don't really remember much of those times with Toby anymore because after that summer it never happened again. Especially since that during the following holiday break he came out to our family.
I didn't have any problems with him being gay, but that fact just made it weird for me to want to get with him again sexually. Luckily, it didn't change our relationship at all. We hung out during breaks and talked all the time online and on the phone during college. Shortly after I graduated I moved to a different state for work and eventually met Oliver's mother and went on with my life.
Thinking back on it now, I wish I did do more with Toby. Even once we were sobered up after that one night neither of us thought it was wrong. We were two guys helping each other out, we just happened to be brothers.
It was finally time to head home and boy was I ready see Oli and take these clothes off. I had planned on stopping by a jewelry store on the way home to get some ideas on a present for my boy but I was way too wound up for that now. I had to get home.
Oli and I had kind of fell into a nice routine over the past year. I would get home from work around 6:30PM and he would be working on dinner for us. I never wanted Oli to feel like he had to make me dinner every night, I was perfectly happy throwing in a frozen pizza or ordering take-out but, as he has told me numerous times, he likes taking care of me.
And take care of me he did. He took care of the cooking, the cleaning, and me. He had become somewhat of a Housewife. I guess "Houselover" would be more appropriate, although I had thought many times about how great it would be to make him my husband. Yes, that's right. I was really catching the feels for my son. I loved him so much, not just sexually but personally too. I would really love to make him my husband one day. If only that were even possible.
That night, Oli and I had the best sex I had ever had in my life. That's not hyperbole, either. It was honestly the best sex ever. I was so horned up after reminiscing about my brother and the thought of your sex-iversary coming up soon that I couldn't even make it all the way through dinner.
I was about halfway done and just couldn't take it anymore. My 9" cock was throbbing under the dinner table. I probably should have left some clothes on but then any fabric rubbing against my hard-on wouldn't have helped the situation any.
Eventually, I became ravenous for my boy. It took everything I had to calmly stand up and step over to my son, who was just sitting 90 degrees away from me at the other side of the same table corner. I asked him to stand up before taking my arm quickly pushing everything on the dining table onto the floor.
Oli looked at me stunned and asked if everything was OK. Rather than speak, I picked up and slammed him on the table before taking him semi-hard award worthy cock in my mouth.
"Daddy! What has gotten into you?!," he asked. All I could do was mumble while sucking on his now rigid dick.
After a few minutes I came up for air huskily said, "I need you so bad son! I couldn't get any work done today thinking about you. I'm sorry if I hurt you, I just can't hold it back anymore. I need to fuck you hard tonight. Is that OK?" In between each sentence I gave him a kiss on various areas of his body; his lips, his left earlobe, his right nipple, the nape of his neck, and back to his lips.
Oli's eyes lit up like a menorah on the eighth night of Chanukah, "Yes, Daddy, yes! Take me here, take me there, take me everywhere! Take me in the hall, or up against the wall! Give me your big hot daddy cock and fuck the cum that made me into my hole!"
That was it, I pushed my cock right into his tanned bubble but and fucked him hard and good. I didn't last long but I recuperated quickly as we moved on to our next destination.
Just as I was picking Oli up again to move to the fuck against the front door the doorbell rang.
"Fuck! Who could that be at this hour?" I asked angrily but still with a soft voice so whomever was at door didn't hear me.
"Oh my Gods! Daddy, I forgot to tell you. Uncle Toby called today."
At the mention of his name I dropped Oli to his feet and stood there stunned. While Toby and I have always had a good relationship, we haven't actually talked in a couple years, life just got in the way, I guess.
"Oh…um. OK…uh," pointing to the bedroom I asked Oli to bring me my robe and then go get changed.
To the front door, I loudly said, "be right there!"
Oliver ran off to get me my robe then went to put some presentable clothes on. Just as I was tying the robe the person at the door, who had to be Toby, knocked.
"Fuck. Me." I said quietly to myself before answering the door.
I am back with another story to tell about this father/son duo! Look for mpreg to make an appearance at some point. It's something that I find so fascinating and really wanted to work into this story.
(c) iHeywood 2020.

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