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Written by The peeper,
on 2023-06-10,
genre incest

My mother left my father 3 years after I was born and left me with him. He worked hard to give a good life and it took a toll on his health and he had a heart attack and died at 49. I went to live my aunt; I was almost 18 at the time and learning to be a plumber. I wasn’t great at school and plumbing pays well. My aunt was 51 and never married and quite good looking for her age. Her managed a model agency and still done some modelling herself. I concentrated on my job while getting over my father’s death. About 3 months after my 18th birthday, I was ready to move on with my life and started taking notices of things around me. Like my aunt wearing only lingerie around the house, not that it was a new thing she done it regularly. Because I was now taking notice, I started getting hard-ons. So, I started to spy on my aunt undressing, dressing and showering and then would masturbate. This went on for a few months and one day while watching her undressing, I started masturbating while watching her. I took my eyes off her as I got close to Cumming, and she must have heard me as came to where I was and caught me. I thought I was for it and instead she took me into her room had me undress and then fuck her. Fucking her became a regular part of us living together, she also liked to be on top and to start any sexual relations we had. That was 6 years ago and I’m still living with and fucking my aunt. But I do date and have scored a few times, haven’t found my soulmate yet. But I’m always willing to fuck my horny aunt.

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