Caught continues | incest story from Elliot junior

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Still fucking Iris whenever she wants and Joan as the chances come up. I managed to bed my mother Elizabeth at Christmas albeit she was drunk and got her pregnant, the baby girl is due shortly. My father Elliot was also very drunk and doesn’t remember Christmas or the day before or after much if at all. Iris and Elizabeth know I’m the father, so I get sex from Iris the most and Joan when we’re alone, I was getting sex from my mother till last month, when she stopped the sex with due to getting close to giving birth. But I do still shower with my mother, my father only said one thing about Elizabeth getting pregnant and that was she should get tubes tied, which she told him to get the snip. Nothing more said as yet, the baby girl is healthy according to all test results according to the doctors. I can’t wait until my sister/daughter arrives and I’m able to fuck my mother again. My father for a man in his fifties doesn’t seem to have much if any interest in sex with his wife. Maybe he has another woman, but he is overweight and plays golf a lot. A sure sign your past it in the bedroom and so he plays golf and overeats. I’ve also got a girlfriend Robyn 24 lives across the street from us, we met at a Star Wars expo and have hung out together ever since, no actual intercourse yet. But head jobs and fingering and lots feeling up and kisses and showered together several times. I’m not in a hurry to fuck her, as I’ve Iris, Joan and soon to have Elizabeth again. Robyn wants to take it slow and I’m willing to do that, but plan to take her virginity before this coming Christmas.

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