Caught Crossdressing

tagIncest/TabooCaught Crossdressing

I took ecstasy, adderal & viagra & wanted to dress up & edge myself. I had the whole house to myself this weekend & it was barely Friday. When daddy came home early from his business meeting he found me on all 4's facing away from the door watching faggot porn. I was dressed up like a slut in my little sister Nikki's clothes with a buttplug in my ass. I was really into this edging session as I moaned & listened & watched the tv, bucking my hips as the buttplug vibrated.
I had 1 hand behind my back pushing my buttplug deeper & my other hand was spreading my ass. Then I feel something grab both of my wrists as I panicked & tried to move. The strong stranger held me in place with ease. Then his deep voices echoed, "Hey relax faggot! You're already caught." He was right, so I relaxed. "That's a good boy. So you are a big gay faggot huh?" As he pushed the buttplug deeper I moaned loudly & arched my back as I pushed against the buttplug. "That's a good answer right there. Now don't move don't even look back & close your eyes."
I felt something cold go over my wrists as the stranger laughs. Then something over my head as the stranger returns behind me & pushes the plug deeper in my ass. "Now you could move and open your eyes sissy." I tried to but he pinned me down with 1 hand on the cuffs as he pulled the plug out. I opened my eyes but couldn't see. As soon as I was going to talk he covered my mouth & pushed the buttplug back inside me as I moaned in ecstasy. "Look how easy it is to control you with 1 hand while the other plays with your boy cunt faggot." As he pushed it back in slowly.
Then his hand came off my mouth & he said, "Do you like that faggot? Stretching your boy pussy with a stranger's cock?" I moaned & shook my head yes. He pulled my hair & choked me as he pushed the plug deeper inside me. "Say it faggot. Say you love daddy fucking you bitch." I felt him grab my sides & thrust his hips into mine, stretching me out like a bitch.
That's when I realized this man tricked me * was fucking me instead of using the plug which made me horny. "Yes. I love your cock. Fuck me. Fuck me." He continued to pound me. The he stopped suddenly. "Dont stop. Please dont stop daddy." He slapped my ass & told me to open my mouth so he can put a dildo in to shut me up as he laughed. I did what I was told like a good faggot.
I felt something on my lips as I opened wide. It was soft texture like a dildo. I licked it & put more in my mouth. I felt a hand on the back of my head force me deeper. "Take it deeper faggot. You want to act like a bitch then we will treat you as 1 as he slammed my mouth on the dildo. I panicked again & tried to struggle but he pounded my boypussy harder as the dildo was making me gag with every thrust. My mascara was runny eyes water. "Ever thought you would be in this position? Spit roasted like a good sissy faggot?" I tried to answer but he forced me to take his cock balls deep which forced me to take the dildo balls deep. I felt broken & used up
Then I heard the moaning from right in front of me. I hear him say he was going to cum & pulls the blindfold off. It was Olivia's father & my dad's business partner fucking my mouth. A couple seconds later the stranger which I haven't seen yet, me says he's going to cum too. I struggled to break free as the both held me in place, using me. Pushing me back & forth between them both like a game of human tug-o-war. When Olivia's daddy thrust towards my throat, the momentum would push me on the stranger's cock & vice versa.
Daddy's business partner started shooting down the back of my throat. I never seen this side of Olivia's father. He is usually so nice & sweet, she would've loved being a part of this. I felt all his warm jizz going down my throat as they forced me to continue taking their cocks I feel the stranger behind me unload in my boy pussy as he started fucking me harder & harder moaning out loud.
I felt both of them filling me up. I've heard about girls loving a guy cum in them & loving it because of the feeling. As my daddy's business partner slowly pumped my mouth he forced me to look up at him, he wraps his hand around my throat & forces me off my knees to look him in the eyes as the stranger slowly pumped my ass. "You are mine now. I am going to whore your son slash daughter out. Do you understand?"
I was confused as he forces me to look back at the stranger who is stretching my boy pussy out, I was shocked to see my own daddy looking straight into my eyes as he thrust deeper & deeper into his crossdressing son's boy cunt. My daddy replied to him saying, "Yes sir." I started cumming as I thrust back harder & harder. "Oh fuck daddy. Im cumming daddy. Im cumming." He continued to pound me harder & deeper as he choked me harder & harder as he pulled my hair to look to the door where I heard the giggling earlier & I see 4 men jerking off. He kept choking me & I was struggling to breathe before I passed out.
I woke up from movement & pressure. I opened my eyes & saw fuzzy vision before it focused & i got a clear head again. As daddy fucked my mouth while he choked me, "I can feel my cock pounding your throat, you fucking faggot." It must've turned him on because he went deeper into my throat. I could feel his balls on my chin as he pushed deeper into me. I struggled to put his nuts in my mouth. I looked around & saw his boss & other board members watching me get treated like a fucking slutty faggot.
It was so hot being caught dressed up, & then fucked by the stranger who caught me, turns out to be my daddy. Now he has me completely submitted & under his control. He pulled my hair & said, "Open wide faggot. This is what you wanted right? To get caught by your daddy's boss & CEO? I caught my faggot son dressed like you, & we fucked his boy pussy & pass him around just like what your daddy is doing to you. I moaned & bucked my hips as he thrust deeper inside. "We want to cum on your face faggot. But daddy wants to be the last 1 because he has a surprise. Do you want a surprise faggot?"
I quickly dropped to my knees as they 4 men & daddy jerked their cocks over my face. They spit on me & called me names as the degraded me. They all took turns cumming on me. Then daddy was last, he said, "Look up at daddy faggot. Open wide." He slid his cock in as his board members watched him get sucked off by his sissy crossdressing faggot son.
"Do you like daddy's cock fucking your mouth while you dress up in your sister's slutty clothes?" I gagged & moaned as he talked. "Daddy catching you on all 4's like a bitch watching faggot porn." As he went deeper he changed his rhythm. "Imagine if this is how your gf & sister found out you were a faggot." What he said pushed me further into the abyss. "Is that what you want to happen faggot. To get caught like that? Like the sissy bitch you are?" I moaned & nodded my head yes.
Daddy pulled out from my mouth & slapped me like a bitch, "Say it. Say thats what you want." I pulled his cock out & stroked it with both hands & played with his big saggy balls as I struggled to catch my breath. I looked up at daddy as he pulls my hair to the side & brings me closer while he steps back forcing me to crawl.
"Yes daddy. I want to get caught by Nikki & Olivia. I want them to catch me like how you did. I want them to turn me out. To force me to do anything they want & to degrade me like a faggot & a bitch." He moaned that he was cumming as I deepthroated his 8 inch cock. He squirted & I wasn't stopping til he told me. I twisted my wrists as I sucked him off. He told me to stop & looked down at me.
I looked around at the board members as they were chuckling & slowly jerking their cocks. I look back up at daddy & he grabbed me by my hair like a bitch & forced me to face towards the door. "Here is your surprise faggot." My sister Nikki & my girlfriend Olivia stood there in their underwear, looking at me dressed like a girl, with my ass full of cum, & my face still had their nut on it & my make up was running. I looked broken & used. Daddy looked at all of us & said, "Is this your faggot boyfriend & your faggot brother?" & walked out. Leaving me shaking, leaking cum, dressed up in Nikki's clothes, with a facial & still wanting to go jerk off.

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