Caught in the Act

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My wife was putting my daughter to bed when she messaged me: “Get the toys ready; I am wet and horny.”

I went upstairs to our toy drawer and took out her vibrator and glass dildo. * Then I got undressed and climbed into bed, waiting for my beautiful wife to join me. I received a message saying she could be a while because my son was now awake, and she was trying to settle him down.

So I went back downstairs, thinking that I could do her on the breakfast bar. Five minutes later, I received another message.

“We are good to go!”

I walked back upstairs and got into bed with a really hard cock, waiting for my beautiful wife. She climbed into bed and kissed me passionately. I rubbed her boobs as I kissed her neck. Bec used her vibrator to buzz her clit while I inserted two fingers into her pussy. She was moaning good until we heard our bedroom door open and saw my son standing there.

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We were both extremely horny, so we quickly settled him into our bed and went into our en suite bathroom, closing the sliding door. Bec lifted one leg onto the toilet to give me access to finger her while she used her vibrator. I had to put my hand over her mouth as she was moaning loudly and didn’t want to wake up our son. But she managed a muffled scream as she squirted all over the bathroom tiles.

I put on my extender to make my cock a full ten inches so it fills my wife all up. We normally use lube because of the size of the toy, but as she was dripping wet by this time, so we didn’t need it. Sliding my enhanced cock up into her pussy, I pounded her until I came.

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