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It felt like everyone was staring at me. Tall guys, short guys, fat guys, skinny guys, all hungry for me, and I loved it. My husband, David, hadn't looked at me like that since my high school senior year. Fifteen years of marriage. More like fifteen years of boring vanilla sex, fake orgasms, and me secretly masturbating in the garage when he would fall asleep. I'd remember asking if we could spice it up. He'd always say, "that's unnecessary" Maybe turn up the heat a little bit? Well, let's just say that the heat was gone, the spark was gone, and I felt like we both knew it.
He didn't want kids even though we were both getting up there, so I decided I wanted to live a little. I wanted to go to a local dive bar, specifically one I'd never been to before. I threw on my sexiest outfit. I threw on a gold glitter tank crop top, a tight black button front corduroy skirt, and black heels. I completed the outfit with a simple gold necklace to match the top.
I walked to the bar and sat at the stool, giving the bartender a show as my nipples poked through the top's fabric. "What'll it be beautiful?" A tall man who had just sat next to me asked.
"Thanks, but I can pay for it myself."
I said, lying to myself and him. I wanted this attention. He then signaled for two beers and put a twenty on the table. "You gotta name miss?" The man asked as he ran his fingers through his slicked black hair.
"Christina. You?"
"Damien. Nice to meet you," He smiled. "I hope you don't mind me saying this, but I think you're gorgeous."
"Thanks. I try. You're not too bad yourself." I said, noticing his strong jawline and black business suit and pants.
"You wearing a bra?" He asked, staring straight at my breasts grinning. I quickly peaked at the growing erection in his pants.
"Nope," I said, smiling back. "You wearing any underwear?" I then lifted my leg and rubbed Damien's penis through his pants with my heel. His face turned beet red with embarrassment. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw the bartender put down our drinks while he also stared at my chest. I grabbed my beer and took a big swig, noticing two more guys walking up to me, my foot still on Damien's crotch. One was big, bald, and tan; the other looked like a Ken doll straight out of the box.
"Damien! Who's this little lady?" The bald man asked. Damien didn't respond, probably because he looked like he would explode if I moved my heel any faster. "Who're you?" I asked, taking another big swig of my beer.
"The names Julio," He said, big running his fingers over my shoulder. "And this is Micheal." He said, pointing towards his friend, who looked even more embarrassed than Damien.
"Is he shy?" I teased.
"I don't know what the fuck his problem is, but I've always had a thing for cute blondies like you." Julio patted my shoulder-length hair. I loved how straightforward he was being, touching me and staring straight at my legs and belly button.
"Y'know this bar doesn't get women like you." He said, grabbing my leg and taking it off Damien's crotch himself.
"What do you mean by that?" I asked, finishing off the rest of my bottle.
"I'm gonna be honest, this bar isn't used to smoking hot women who know what they want." Julio then ran his fingers over my pink lips. I kissed his thumb, feeling a long lost heat building up in me.
"Do you know what I want?" I smirked, licking his thumb popping it into my mouth. Julio then bent down and whispered into my ear. "You want to be fucked by every guy in this room. And you're gonna love it." He then bit my ear and pinched my nipple through my shirt. My pussy was fucking soaked already. I regained myself somewhat and took Julio's big hand off of my chest.
"Let's go somewhere else." I said, shooting off of my stool and readjusting my skirt. Julio smiled, took my hand, and we made our way to a private room hidden behind a black curtain. Purple light shone down on the beige couch that I sat on. Julio then grabbed my shoulders and kissed me down my neck. His warm breath on my skin made me even wetter.
"Let's get you a little more comfortable," I moaned as I unbuttoned his pants, revealing his nice hard cock jutting out right in front of my nose. "There. Does that feel better?" I asked seductively.
"Yeah much…" Julio groaned.
"Good good. Y'know Julio? I can't seem to put my finger on it but it seems like I'm under some sort of a spell… does that sound crazy?" I explained, stroking the base of his cock.
"Heh.. maybe I should get a magic wand." Julio said, smiling down at me.
"Ohh I think you've already got that covered. Think I could make it disappear?" I said, giggling. I didn't wait for his answer as I put my tongue on the tip of his cock, tasting his pre-cum. I ran my tongue around his sensitive head and caressed his balls with my left hand while finger fucking myself with my right.
"Ho-Holy shit." He groaned as I pumped my mouth around his throbbing cock. Imagining how it'd feel inside of me. So thick and rugged. I could almost feel it inside of me as the spittle and drool from my blowjob fell on my necklace and top. The girth section just pushing its way in. All those lumps and bumps, stirring everything around so good… so fucking good. Julio grabbed the back of my head and nearly shoved me all the way down to his balls. Feeling his cock-head stab the back of my throat with each quick thrust made me tear up and choke all over his huge cock. Thick drops of drool leaked down my chin and neck. Julio used his left hand to hold my head down on his spit-caked cock and his right to rip my crop top clean off of me, exposing my breasts.
"You're gonna spit all over those glorious tits you got. Ya understand?" He said as he slapped my hand away from my sopping pussy. I looked up at him and nodded. The buildup of saliva started to spill out my mouth as he fucked my throat slow but hard. Every thrust felt like it was going to dislocate my jaw as his heavy balls slapped against my chin. Julio then pulled himself out of my mouth quickly and nearly threw up on myself. The giant globs of spit fell all over my large breasts. I thought of what David would say when I asked if he wanted a blowjob. It would always be "too gross" or he'd finish in damn near two minutes. I laughed out loud at the thought as I smothered my breasts in saliva. Julio then pushed me down to the couch and pressed his cock in-between my chest.
"You're gonna take this dick you slut!" He said, pressing my tits together over his rigid cock and thrust back and forth. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw more men walk in. One of them was the bartender. He immediately pulled out his cock and shoved it into my mouth without warning. Damien stood next to me, waiting his turn, and another man I didn't meet stood outside the curtain also waiting. I guess Julio was right. Everyone wanted to come in here and use me. And I was going to let them. Every single one of them. David never wanted a slut. Now they'll leave me aching in all the right places. I can't wait.
As the bartender fucked me in my mouth and Julio fucked my tits, it felt like my pussy was on fire. I think Damien knew it as well because he walked up to my legs and slipped off my heels and skirt, finally freeing my pussy. The only thing still on me was my necklace. Damien instantly got down on his knees, went down on me, and fucked me with his tongue. "That's it! God I'm gonna make a mess!" Julio screamed as I pulled myself off the bartender's wet dick and wrapped my lips around Julio's. I swallowed every single drop of his salty cum. The sensation of his throbbing member in my mouth and Damien's huge tongue lapping up my pussy made me squirt right down Damien's mouth as my whole body shook.
Julio climbed off me, and Damien stood up and stroked his cock. I flipped myself over onto my stomach and went back to blowing the bartender. I grabbed his hips and forced him in, slobbering all over his dick. I knew he'd come quickly with a simple tongue drag from base to tip. Just as I predicted, the bartender let out a low moan that turned into a growl as he fired his seed into my mouth. I swallowed every thick rope that went down my gullet and gave the bartender's softening dick a goodbye kiss. "Goddamn!" I heard Julio shout. "You love drinking nut don't you girl!" I smiled at what I thought was a compliment as I flipped over to my back.
Damien stood right over me as he rubbed his dick over my soaked slit. I made him rock hard. He slowly pressed himself inside me, inciting a low animalistic groan that escaped his lips. "Mmmhh Holy Shit!" I shouted as he instantly went balls deep inside of me, slamming down as hard and as fast as he could. "OHH FUCK!" I screamed as I came the hardest I'd had in years. Sweat and fluids flew everywhere as Damien pounded me with everything he had. My tits bounced on my chest, and his balls kept hitting my asshole every time. He pinched my nipple and put his middle finger in my mouth to mouth to quiet my guttural moans.
Damien pushed me further back into the couch as he wrecked my pussy. "G-goddamn… someone g-get over here and let me t-take her asshole!" He said through gritted teeth before picking me up, continuing to fuck me wrapped up in his arms. Another completely naked man walked in and quickly laid down on the couch. "Suck his cock while I prep your hole." Damien said, pulling out and licking his fingers. I did as I was told and dropped to my knees. I then spat all over the mystery man's member and slipped him into my mouth. As I massaged his balls and lubricated his base, Damien planted a tongue kiss right on my asshole.
Just as the new man came into my mouth, Damien slipped the head of his cock in my rear. "MoOh fUCk" I moaned, causing the man's cum to fall out of the corner of my mouth and land all over his balls. Damien pushed in, stretching out my hole as I slurped up the cum. Suddenly I was yanked up by my hair, and I felt Damien's cock deep inside my rear. "J-je-Hol-"I simply couldn't speak. He brutally pumped my asshole with no remorse, and I loved it. My vision became blurry as Damien shot what felt like six spurts of cum in my ass before pulling out and dropping me face-first on the couch like a sack of potatoes. I felt three more shots hit my butt as my orgasm rocked my body.
Another unknown man flipped me over to my back, and I felt a spurt of cum hit my forehead and hairline. I was still temporarily blind, so every man over top of me looked like blurry shadows as I was blasted with their cum. Shot after shot drenched my tits, face, and stomach. I was intruded once again by another unknown cock rammed inside my pussy while another came on my lips, drops landing on the tip of my tongue. I greedily picked at every rope of cum on my face and sucked them down, quieting my squeals. If only David could see me now when I could tell the man pounding my pussy was close.
Globs of cum were now in between my eyes and going up my nose as the man inside of me filled me up with his seed. My groan was cut off with a large cock in my mouth. The man pulled my head into his pubes, skull fucking me for about ten seconds before coming straight down my throat. As that went on, another rough and dry entrance was made in my asshole. I felt every nerve in my body lock. A shock went through my body like I was getting put to death by the electric chair execution. I simply couldn't handle this orgasm, and I blacked out.
I heard one of the men mutter something unintelligible and laugh before hitting the back of my head on the couch.
I awoke sweaty and sticky. My hair was matted to the side of my face, slick with dried up cum. My ass and pussy were sore from the overuse when I was unconscious. Small amounts of watery fluid leaked out my pussy and my rear end like a faulty gardening hose. My necklace felt was pretty much glued down to my chest from the sweat and semen. I bent down to pick up my torn top and skirt. "You had a fun time last night didn't you?" I heard a familiar voice say behind me.
"Julio?" My throat was terribly sore, and my voice sounded like nails on a chalkboard.
"It's David," My heart dropped so fast I thought I'd pass out again. He grabbed my hair and yanked it back so hard I thought it'd tear off my scalp. "You forget about me already whore?!" He shouted, smacking my ass hard, which caused me to let out a high-pitched yelp straining my throat even more. The sting of his spank brought me to tears that he noticed immediately.
"Now you're crying. I thought this is what you wanted. You came here dressed like that because I didn't treat you like the whore you are." He whispered in my ear as I heard his pants falling down to his ankles. He then dragged me towards his hard clock by my hair and smacked me in the face with it. He forced my overworked mouth open and slammed his dick in it. The loud slaps that came from the sound of his pelvic collision to my face were more audible than his groans. He fucked my head with what I'd say was fifteen years of pent up sexual frustration, and it felt good.
Maybe those days when I'd be too tired from work were the days he'd want to rip my clothes off and tire me out. Perhaps those were the days when he'd like me to suck the soul out of him and drink his cum. Maybe just maybe, those days where I wanted action were the days he wasn't feeling it. My thoughts were cut off by a loud moan followed by multiple giant loads of my husband's seed rapid fired down my throat. I coughed and sputtered all over myself after he pulled out and wiped the spit from his dick on my forehead.
"I love you Christina," David said, pulling his pants back up, turning around, and leaving. "I'll see you at home."
"David wait," I pleaded. He stopped walking. I had to apologize. This was my chance. "I love you too. I really do. I'm so sorry I just felt like-"He cut me off.
"We'll talk about it when we get home." He walked away from me. I knew there was nothing I could do. So I put my skirt and heels back on and tied my torn top over my tits, turning it into a makeshift cum splattered tube top. I left the private room and entered the now empty bar. I saw David waiting inside the car out front. I clumsily walked to the front door and got in the passenger seat of the car, not saying a word.
To be continued.

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