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I 32 was going along as usual for me, go to work come home and maybe get lucky with my wife 31. But we already had 3 children, we were fairly well off. My wife was a stay-at-home mother and had a internet business, she ran from home. With children aged 6, 3 and 1 we weren’t not looking to added to our family. But wife had other ideas, having me get her sister 37 pregnant. My wife is the youngest of 3 and her sister is the eldest and a lawyer and not in a relationship and not seeking a relationship. But wanting to have a child or maybe two and my wife was going to help her sister thru sperm donor minefield. Being single her sister had extra hoops to jump thru. That when my wife got her brilliant idea, have me proved the donation and cut out the middlemen. Her sister could live with us and get donations off me. But there was a problem, knowing how and when to collect and insert the sperm. It would be easy to collect, and my wife would do that and take it to her sister. Several tries and no results, her sister was getting disheartened and said she might as well go out pick up a man and get fucked. They were following the procedure they had researched; my wife had another idea. Have her sister join us in our bed and get straight sex from me. Her sister is an older version of my wife in looks and I wasn’t really sure. I went along with the donations, but fucking my sister-in-law was different. But not my wife, anyway I agreed, and her sister started sleeping with us. Awkward at first, but it improved greatly, and I got her pregnant. Once confirmed I expected her to go back to her own room. She didn’t, she stayed sharing our bed and me with my wife. Another idea of my wife, who saw the awkward start of the sex with her sister and decided to make it a longer arrangement, so when her sister was ready for the next child. There would no awkwardness at the start. The baby was born in March 2022 and my sister-in-law is just confirmed a pregnant again this week. Also, my wife is 7 months pregnant with our fourth child. Having her sister sleep with us meant more sex, not only for me. My wife also started having more sex with me and she got pregnant. It’s no secret in the family who the father of my sister-in-law’s child is. My wife says the children will have a father growing up. Her sister is staying with us after she has her second child, my wife will look after her children as well as ours. Also, I will have 2 women in my bed as we’re keeping it in the family. I’m quite happy to go along with their arrangements. It has changed our family lifestyle somewhat, but it all for the good I believe.

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