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Written by GinniL,
on 2023-11-08,
genre lesbian

I could not believe the situation I was in,I was shaking,,quivering would be a better word,my eyes were watching the young women parading in front of me,They smiled as they each in turn stood before me adjusting the different style strapons they wore.I pulled against the ties that secured me to the frame I was fastened onto and there wicked lips glistened as I could see they knew I was as frightened as I was excited.The wet patch in my panties had given me away.First I shall explain how I ended up in this predicament.I had recently changed careers,in doing so I was working with a much younger crowd and I was feeling a little out of sorts.I had discovered that I was essentially working with women who were all into women sexually.I was certain I was not.I may have voiced it a little to much and so was feeling a little shunned.I was approached by one of the girls,Marissa,she asked if I was interested in spending a weekend at her families cabin as a group with everybody as they felt I needed to see that it’s okay to be into women,I stayed I was not interested in Leabian sex.She laughed and told me it wasn’t for that it was more for me to realise they are still nice I just needed to open up and widen my exposure to more liberal minded people.Reluctantly I agreed and so as I climbed into the minibus with them they all smiled and acted pleased to see that the ‘straight’ lady was coming.At the cabin I was happy to see that there was no open kissing or displays of affection that were to extreme.I relaxed and after a few wines I found I was laughing and enjoying the company,I had needed a break from a recent divorce and found the girls were just nice.After a nice feed I was given some more wines and ended up feeling very relaxed.The usual chit chat faded quickly and That’s when the subject of sex became the main topic.As the only straight woman there and the oldest I had many questions and they had questions for me,some of which made me blush and I also found some of the innuendo and suggestive things they were saying made my pulse quicken.I was I thought being coo but I soon found that I could feel my body starting to react to their smiles and attentions and after a few more wines I revealed that as a young teen I had a group of friends who had held me down to tickle me and as much as I was protesting I actually secretly loved those times.This was further discussed and I was getting turned on and tried to change the subject but even I could tell their was a shift in the room as the girls all eyes each other ,,that’s when they grabbed me and carried me off into the cellar as I writhed and begged them to stop I felt a rush of blood I had never experienced and It was as I writhed and tried to protest I felt myself getting wet and as my pants were removed They all squealed happpily at my obvious wet spot.Redfaced and shaking as my clothes were removed I was resisting but not fighting,And soon I was strapped onto what looked like an old exercise/weights Frame with my wrists firmly attached at one end and my ankles at the other .My nipples were hard and pointy as several sets of hands caresses and teased me and When a set of fingers teased my exposed anus and wet wet pussy lips I moaned loudly and the girls all smiles and whispered .It was then Marissa entered the cellar and opened a bag handing out A strapon to each girl,9 strapons of various colours and designs and sizes were passed around giggles and shown off to me teasingly.I shook with fear and lust as they paraded the hands caressing and teasing then the tounges each of them kissing me and my mouth ass and pussy were all kisses and tasted.I had never realised how tender the kiss would be between women and each kiss was an awakening after the first initial awkward moment I never felt so aroused and when they took turns to lick and pleasure my pussy and anus I cum very hard.Then one after the other I was treated to the most intense and amazing Fuck session I ever had,Cumming several times from each one.The girls would take it in turns sometimes I had one at each end cleaning my juices off the one that had been in me as another took its place.At the end I was then gently held and I tasted each pussy in turn tasting and savouring as I struggled to keep myself from collapsing.The next day,,,that will be another story ,,,But I definitely changed my mind about what type of sex I liked 💕

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