Chaperone Fail: The Bonfire

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Chaperone Fail:
The Bonfire
All characters depicted in this story are legal adults.
This story is fiction; it's cobbled together from my deranged imagination and some salacious rumors that ran around my home town many years ago.
This story contains depictions of sexual acts between an older woman and college-age people, group sex, and fully-consensual incestuous relations.
Don't try any of this at home.
I do not intend to write a direct sequel to this story. I'm not saying I won't, I'm just saying that I don't intend to. Sequels are never as good as the originals, and anything the reader's imagination comes up with regarding the future adventures of these characters is likely to be better than what I could produce.
When you live out in the country, there's always an excuse for a bonfire party on a warm summer night. After the last one, though, when my two sons had gotten stupid drunk and had to be deposited on our doorstep by the police, I was leery of letting them attend another. Matt was 19, and his brother Tom was 20; neither were legal to drink, and I impressed upon them just how much trouble they could have been in if this community weren't small enough that the cops were also family friends.
"Come on, mom," Matt begged. "It's the last one of the summer!"
"It'll be next year before everyone's back in town together!" Tom added.
"And you promise me there won't be any alcohol?" I asked, my eyes narrowing. Neither boy met my eyes. "Yeah, that's what I thought. The answer is no."
"What if we could promise there'd be an adult there this time?" Matt asked. I looked at him skeptically; his deep brown eyes radiated honesty and truthfulness, which made me even more suspicious.
"What adult?" I asked. "Let me guess, your old wrestling coach from high school. Who will totally be supervising you and absolutely not trying to sneak off into the bushes with some girl."
Matt looked away, and Tom piped up. "How about my old football coach, then?" He asked. "I could get him to come."
Tom's idea sounded better, and I softened a little bit. There hadn't been any scandalous rumors around town about Coach Tagget, but I still wasn't sure. Neither of my boys, as handsome and as smart as they were, seemed to really grasp just what kind of consequences could follow them home from a gathering like this.
"The only way I'm going to allow this is if I'm there personally to chaperone," I said finally. Both boys groaned, and I figured the matter was solved. There's no way they'd take their mom to a bonfire, and there was no way I'd let them go without supervision I could trust.
"What about dad instead?" Tom asked. I laughed.
"Sure, if you can find him and drag him out of whatever rehab he's in this time, be my guest. Better get started real quick; I haven't kept track of him since the divorce was final, so I can't even tell you where to start looking."
Tom and Matt looked at each other, and some silent conversation passed between them. That was a normal thing, I'd discovered. I was an only child, so I never got to experience that kind of wordless connection that siblings apparently learned very early. Finally Matt nodded. "Ok, mom. You win. We'll take you with us and you can chaperone."
I was surprised. "You don't think I'm going to ruin your party?"
"You might," Tom said slowly, "But we don't want to miss this chance to hang out with everyone."
I hadn't really expected to be invited, but in spite of my misgivings, the idea didn't sound as bad as it had when I'd first suggested it. Marshmallows, hot dogs, and a few beers around a country bonfire sounded pretty relaxing, and I figured that my presence alone would forestall any serious drama.
"Where is it?" I asked.
"It's in the Glicut's woodlot," Matt replied, and I nodded. Kids had been fooling around out in the Gilcut's back forty since I was a kid. The woodlot was a five- or six-acre stand of trees back behind a row of hay fields, accessible only by a half-mile-long packed-dirt service road. It only saw regular use about once a year, when a selection of trees were harvested and turned into firewood. It wasn't the first choice of party spot, since it was harder to get to than most, but its seclusion had been attracting young people for at least my whole life.
"I know the spot," I said. "When are we leaving?"
Matt looked at his watch. "About an hour, I guess, so we can be there and get set up before it gets too dark."
"Then I'd better get ready," I replied, heading towards my bedroom.
I took a quick shower and did my makeup like I was going out for a night on the town. I was forty years old, and had spent the year since my divorce taking better care of myself. I wasn't quite ripped yet by any means, but my waistline was more defined than it had been in years, my curves had a nice shape to them, and I wasn't too far off from having at least a couple visible abs.
All that effort sometimes felt like it had been wasted; I hadn't been on a date yet, mostly because confidence takes longer to build than muscle. I looked at myself in the mirror as I squeezed into a pair of tight cutoff jean shorts and threw on a cream-colored sleeveless short top, and impishly decided that this little event would be a great test run. If I could turn the heads of a bunch of high school seniors and college freshmen, I could certainly compete in the world of older adult dating. I quickly brushed my back-length black hair, and went back downstairs with just minutes to spare.
My boys met me at the front door, and couldn't hide their surprise at how much work I'd put into my appearance for the night.
"What's up with this?" Tom asked, gesturing at my outfit.
"I figured you didn't want some old woman bringing down the vibe," I said with a smile.
"You're going to show up everyone's girlfriends," Matt laughed.
I smacked him lightly on the shoulder. "Is that any way to talk about your mother?" I teased.
"Only if my mother is hot," Matt grinned back. I couldn't hide a blush.
We piled into Tom's pickup truck; as I was shorter and narrower than either of them, I ended up in the middle seat. I was acutely aware of how the bare skin of my freshly-shaved legs felt rubbing against the denim of their jeans with every bump we passed, and I chided myself for having such inappropriate thoughts. It was probably natural, after having deprived myself of male attention for so long, that I would be hyper-aware of the young, athletic men around me, but I was a grown woman above my baser nature. Even with that thought firmly in mind, however, I couldn't help but be flattered by the furtive glances both boys stole of my thighs and my cleavage.
We arrived at the bonfire site as the daylight began to fade. The kids had picked one of the most recent clearings in towards the middle of the woodlot for their fire, to be even less visible from the road. We weren't the first to arrive; Tom's girlfriend Andrea was already there. Andrea was a short, cheerful 19-year-old brunette who had been Tom's high school sweetheart. She spent more time at our house over the years than she did at her own, and I felt proud of myself that I had helped to raise such a bright young girl alongside my own sons.
She greeted me happily as I unfolded myself from the truck. "Hi Ms. Turner!" she said as she arranged big rocks in a rough circle around the growing pile of dead wood. "Are you going to keep us out of trouble tonight?"
"You can call me April, Andrea," I said with a smile. "And I plan on trying my best to."
"Does that mean no drinking?" Andrea asked sadly.
"You and the boys can do a little bit of drinking," I said guardedly.
"What about our friends?" Matt asked.
"I'll think about it," I said.
We began to unload the lawn chairs and extra firewood from the back of Tom's truck as another pickup pulled off the road. Matt's friends David and Jim got out, waving and smiling.
"There's the beer now!" Matt grinned as he went over to greet them. David and Jim were both freshly-graduated seniors from the high school, and were headed off to college on track and field scholarships. They were tall and well-muscled, both with short-cropped blonde hair and laughing eyes that looked me over as if they were seeing me for the first time. I felt myself blushing again; these two young men had spent just about every weekend at my house since they were kids, and it was intensely flattering to have caught their attention now that they were technically adults.
"Hi Ms Turner!" David called out as he pulled a cooler from the bed of the truck. Jim grabbed ahold of a second cooler and both boys walked towards the fire pit.
"Call me April, David," I repeated. "We're all adults now. Set those coolers down over on the far side of the fire." I followed them over and set my chair down in front of the coolers, then opened them up to take a look inside. One was filled with cans of cheap beer, and the other was full of wine coolers. I looked back at the truck and saw there were two more coolers yet to be unloaded.
"That's a lot of booze, David," I said as I inspected the contents. "How many people are you expecting to be here?"
"Ten or twelve?" David said.
I raised my eyebrow. "That's still a lot of booze."
"One of those coolers is for food, though," David protested weakly.
"You're going to let us drink, right?" Jim asked, wandering over and setting his chair next to mine.
I sighed. "I suppose it wouldn't be fair not to. But I'm the keeper of the coolers tonight. Anyone who wants a drink after their first has to come through me."
"That's a good idea!" David said, setting his chair down on the other side of mine. "Too many people getting too drunk is what got us fucked up last time."
"Yeah," Jim said as he headed back to the truck to get the last of the alcohol. "I'm glad you're here tonight Ms. Turn — I mean, April."
"How'd you get all this?" I asked.
"Uncle Rico bought it for me, out of my last paycheck," David said.
"And you're glad I'm here to keep you from drinking it all?" I asked, feeling inexplicably like I was being fed a line of bull.
"He's glad you're here in those shorts, mom," Matt laughed as he dropped a pile of wood into the circle of rocks.
"Shut up!" David said. He turned quickly and walked back towards the truck, but not before I saw him blush.
The bonfire was lit as darkness finally fell over the fields, and in short order several more vehicles drove up the dirt road and parked inside the tree line. David had underestimated the attendance; I handed the first drinks to at least twenty young men and women who had all showed up to have one last good time before fall dragged them away from home.
Everyone was having a great time, eating s'mores and laughing with their friends. A couple of boys had brought acoustic guitars, and an impromptu jam session became the background music of the evening. I started out doing a great job of metering their alcohol consumption, and mine. As the night got longer, some of the attendees began to lose interest and drift away, presumably to other parties where the beer was not so carefully distributed.
As the crowd winnowed down to just my boys, Andrea, and a half-dozen or so other people, I became a little freer with the booze. Jim and David didn't leave my side all night, and they were very pleasant company; for some reason, they took especial care to make sure I always had a beer or a wine cooler in my hand as the night went on. One of the guitar players was still with us, and he struck up an upbeat, fast-tempo tune that inspired me to get up and dance. It was at that point when I realized just how much alcohol I'd actually had. I was never a big drinker, so it didn't take a lot to get me tipsy, and as I tried to both dance and keep my balance at the same time, I found that I was just a little bit past tipsy.
Before I knew it, both Jim and David were up and dancing with me. Jim was in front of me with his hands on my waist, and David was behind me with his hands on my hips. I gave Jim and big smile.
"If I didn't know better, I'd say you were coming onto me," I teased.
"Just helping you stay upright," he replied.
I felt David press against me from behind, and I grinned wider.
"Feels like David is really enjoying keeping me upright," I whispered. "Are you enjoying it as much as he is?"
"Uhh…" he stammered. "Yes?"
My laugh turned into a surprised yell as my foot came down on a loose rock, and I pitched forwards into David. Neither of them were prepared for such a sudden accident, and we all ended up in a pile on the ground. I couldn't stop laughing at the absurdness of it, and soon everyone was laughing with me. As the boys helped me up off the dirt, I glanced around and realized that I didn't see Matt or Tom anywhere.
"Hey, where'd my kids go?" I asked, feeling instantly more alert.
"Uh," Jim said, looking around. "I'm sure they, uh, are just…"
"Off taking a leak?" David finished.
"Bullshit," I growled. "You little pricks were supposed to keep me distracted while they snuck off to do some nonsense, weren't you?"
"No!" David protested.
The guitar player stopped the music and looked up at me from across the fire. "Hey, April, I thought I saw Matt headed off into the woods in that direction," he said, pointing.
"Thank you!" I said, then turned to Jim and David. "Come on, you two are coming with me. I'm going to find out what those little sneaks are up to."
I went into the woods, following the directions I had been given, with Jim and David lagging uncertainly behind me. I felt a little wobbly, but I was still able to find and follow a narrow game trail leading away from the fire. The full moon dappled the ground with faint light, and I used the flashlight on my phone to keep myself on the path.
It wasn't long before I began to hear the soft, unmistakable sounds of sex coming from somewhere a little further ahead, and I slowed down. Of course. Tom and Andrea had stolen away for some private time, and here I was about to burst in on them. But why did the young man with the guitar say he saw Matt coming this way? I was missing a piece of this puzzle, and in my drunk state, I felt like solving this mystery was more important than giving my oldest some privacy with his girlfriend.
I turned off my flashlight continued on for another ten yards or so, until I came to a smaller clearing that was lit up by the moonlight. My eyes widened, and my hand came up to my mouth.
The first person I saw was Andrea, on all fours in the grass, her sundress bunched up around her middle. Sweat glinted on her back as her breasts swung with every movement. Tom was behind her, thrusting into her with a slow, steady rhythm. Matt was in front of her, pushing his hard cock into her mouth with a matching rhythm. I watched as my boys fucked her from both ends, their movements powerful but unhurried, while muffled moans came from her.
Tom leaned over her and said something to her, and the gentle night breeze brought his words faintly to my ears. "You ready for us to switch?"
Matt's cock came out of her mouth with a soft pop, and she nodded. Tom pulled out of her and she turned around, taking his dick between her lips while Matt guided himself into her pussy. They resumed fucking her, and in the moonlight I saw her eyes close in ecstasy.
I watched my sons fuck Andrea, becoming more aroused by the second. Their hard cocks pushed in and out of her; it was depraved and kinky and loving all at the same time. I watched for several minutes, until they switched again, and my drunk mind couldn't stop imagining that it was me, instead of Andrea, between them. I wondered what they would feel like, taking turns stretching my pussy; I wondered what they'd taste like on my tongue, what their hands would feel like in my hair or grabbing my hips.
I heard movement behind me, and realized that Jim and David were still with me. They were watching me as I watched my sons fuck Andrea. I backed up a step and bumped into David, who was closer than I had realized. I felt his hand clasp around my middle and I leaned my head back to look up at him.
"Is that how they always do?" I asked in a whisper.
"Yeah," David whispered back. "They've both been doing Andrea since high school. They're kind of a thruple. We thought you knew."
I glanced over at Jim, who was only a step away, and felt David's cock twitch under his jeans, against my ass. My breathing was heavy, and it was entirely obvious that I was turned on. David's hands slowly crept higher, until his fingers were rubbing the underside of my breasts.
"I want to try that," I whispered.
Jim and David looked at each other, then back at me.
"There's good spot just over here…" Jim said quietly, pointing to another trail. I stepped away from David and grabbed his hand to pull him along behind me; Jim led us both as I stumbled in the drunken darkness until we came out into another small cleared space.
As soon as Jim stopped I moved into him and he kissed me deeply. David caught up and pressed himself against me, his lips on my neck as his hands fumbled with the buttons on my top. I moaned softly as the two teenage boys explored my body with their hands, and took turns exploring my mouth with their tongues. My top fell onto the grass, and I wiggled my hips to help Jim slide my shorts to the ground, until I was standing there in just my lacy bra and panties. There was a pause, and I shivered with desire as both boys let their eyes rake over my skin; now that I was almost bare before them, they seemed to hesitate.
I took David's hand and put it under the waistband of my panties, and that broke the spell. His finger slipped inside me, and he whispered in my ear.
"God, you're so wet," he breathed.
"More," I gasped. "Please."
He complied, pushing another finger inside me as I let out a long, pent-up sigh. Jim unfastened my bra, letting it join the rest of my clothes on the ground, and his lips fastened on my right nipple. I groaned and ran my hand through his hair as his friend pumped his fingers in and out of me. David's other hand wrapped around and squeezed my left breast while Jim sucked on my right; my head was spinning, and I felt myself starting to lose my balance.
Carefully, I lowered myself to my knees. Two bulges greeted me, threatening to pop the buttons on the boys' jeans. My hands fumbled at their waistbands, and I pulled out their hard cocks. I licked my lips, then brought Jim's cock into my mouth, feeling it throb against my lips as I ran my tongue over it. I'd never felt a cock that hard before, tasted one that young and eager; I bobbed my head on him a couple of times, then let it fall out of my mouth and turned my head to take in David's. His was slightly wider than Jim's, and I opened wider to accommodate him. He groaned, and his hands grabbed my long hair.
Still sucking David's dick, I pulled myself up onto all fours, just like Andrea had been. My breasts were aching as they hung underneath me, and I took my mouth off of David just long enough to ask: "Who's first?"
There was another moment of hesitation, then David tightened his grip on my hair and pulled my face back to his cock. I opened wide for him, running my tongue along the shaft as I relaxed and let him push himself all the way into my throat. Jim's hands grabbed my hips, and I felt his cock push against me; I moaned around David's manhood as Jim buried himself into my pussy.
"You're so tight!" Jim groaned.
Their fucking was much more wild, much less controlled than Tom and Matt's had been when they were fucking Andrea, which I took to mean these eighteen-year-old's didn't have any practice with this sort of thing. I didn't care. My body was on fire, I needed their young cocks inside me more than I felt like I'd ever needed anything in my life.

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