Charity begins at Home… Or does it?

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tagIncest/TabooCharity begins at Home… Or does it?

Charity begins at home. Or does it?
Firstly I must say thank you to Nikkiejanesfor helping me with the editing of this story.
Mum. Do I really know her, who is she, what goes on in her mind, can a woman have changed so much, or has she always kept her secret needs and desires well hidden?
All thoughts that were going on in my head. A lot of things have changed in our lives recently. Things that we have both enjoyed and long may that continue, but mum has changed in a way that I couldn't and I'm not sure that I wanted to understand. Well up until now anyway.
A while back mum started to volunteer at a charity shop in town, which was owned by her father, my grandad. He also runs a small garage. Both are just down the road from where we live. I had no idea why mum started to volunteer, but it seemed to be making her happy. These days that seems to be something more and more difficult to do.
The charity shop was mainly to raise money for animal welfare, but recently they started trying to help a local family who had been flooded from their home. They had lost absolutely everything. Their insurance company was claiming "Act of God" and so were refusing to pay out. Bastards. A lot of money needed to be raised quickly.
So who is Mum?
Mum is Beckie, – just your average mum and housewife. She's forty-one years old, good looking and still has a lovely figure, actually a bloody good figure. I had caught glimpses of her, occasionally, secretly, admiring herself naked in front of a mirror.
Boring in her dress choice, skirts always below her knees, woolly tops that hide the fact that she has lovely tits. Never likes to attract attention to herself when she is out.
She doesn't get treated very well at home, not by dad anyway. I love my mum, she has always been there for me and has kept me on the straight and narrow for the eighteen years since I was born. Dad, on the other hand, treats her like his slave. Well, that's the way it seems to me. She wasn't, isn't, allowed to go out and get a job, so far as dad is concerned, her job is cooking, cleaning and pandering to his every need.
Never going out much other than to do the weekly shop. God forbid that she would go out and buy new clothes on her own, dad has to be with her for that, she can only buy what dad approves of.
As I said, mum started volunteering at the charity shop, at about the same time that they started the campaign for the flood victims. Dad wouldn't let her go there during the day, but so long as his dinner was on the table when he got in, she could go there a couple of evenings during the week and Sunday afternoons. Dad couldn't object to that, also I think he is a bit frightened of granddad.
That was OK. She was just sorting donations to see what was saleable and what wasn't. She was also doing admin, granddad had given her a laptop so that she could do that at home.
Friends were a thing of the past for mum, all the girls she knew before she married, have long gone, dad always claimed that they were a bad influence on her, so she wasn't allowed to see them anymore. I was hoping that she would now make some new friends while working in the shop. Although that did appear to be unlikely. The only other person likely to be there in the evenings was her dad.
So, what makes me think that mum's newfound life would make a story For WRIST
Well, let me take you back a couple of weeks.
Oh for fuck sake, not again! I watched as my laptop screen went blue, another visit to the repairer. Right now I need to get this report finished and in by the morning. This bloody lockdown is going to be the death of me. I hate working from home, I end up working all hours, as my boss thinks he can call or email me any time day or night.
"DAD!" I yelled from my bedroom door.
"What do you want, I'm busy?" Yeah busy doing nothing.
"My laptop has blue screened, can I borrow yours? I've got to get this job finished tonight."
"I'm using mine, use your mum's, it's in the bedroom."
"OK, thanks, dad." Thanks for nothing. I knew he was watching porn.
Dad doesn't object to mum going to the shop a couple of evenings a week, but is always in a bad mood when she's not at home, tending to his every need. He has to make his own cup of tea, poor sod.
I rushed into their bedroom and found mum's laptop, took it back to my room and switched it on. Fuck, it's passworded. What the hell am I going to do now?
"Dad! What's mum's password, please?" I shouted, from the top of the stairs.
"How the fuck should I know, I didn't know she had one. Why would she need one?"
That is what I was wondering, after all, she's only got it for shop work.
I had a couple of guesses at possible passwords, but then got the message "You have one try left."
I didn't want to lock mum out, so I thought I'd better ring her. It was Wednesday evening, so mum was down at the shop.
Oh shit! She's got her phone turned off. There was nothing for it, I would have to go down there, I had to get that report finished.
I ran down the hill and across the park, the shop was in darkness, I went round to the back door, locked. I must have missed her, she must have gone along the road, while I cut across the park.
I decided to go back along the road, by now it was getting a bit dark for a girl to be walking through the park on her own. As I passed by granddads garage, I noticed the lights on and decided to go in and say hello, I don't get to see him often enough and I wasn't now going to get the report finished anyway.
The main entrance was locked so I went round to the back, and went in through the door that opens into the back office, and was about to open the door into the workshop, when I was stopped by voices from inside.
A male voice, "Come on you dirty little slut, let's get you dressed, you'll freeze standing around here naked, you've done well tonight.
Fuckin' hell that's granddads voice!
"Get yourself out to the toilet and get cleaned up first, your make-up is a mess, we can't send you home looking like that.
I heard the clicking of heels on the concrete floor, as whoever this woman was, crossed the workshop. I heard the familiar sound of a thumb latch on a wooden door, as it opened and closed on the far side.
Christ granddad isn't the only in there. He wasn't alone with whoever the naked woman was.
"She has done well this evening. We will make some good money from the website with the pictures and video we've got tonight. We'll reach our target in just a few weeks at this rate. Soon have that family moving back in, but we will have to think of a plausible story, in case anyone asks how we raised the money so quickly."
I didn't recognise that voice, it was muffled, wearing a covid mask I was guessing.
"We need to push her into doing other things though, while we can. She agreed to do this only until we reach the target, so we will only get maybe two or three more sessions in."
"What sort of things are you thinking of?"
"We should get her fucked by more than just us two. Maybe a bit more bondage and BDSM. She enjoyed it when I was whipping her tonight. Maybe get her gang banged. I think she would enjoy that, she's a dirty slut.
"Yeah, I was surprised, she hardly seemed to flinch when you were slapping her arse, I assume that is why you took your belt to her, fuck did that make her scream."
"Her arse was so fuckin' red, purple even, by the time I had finished."
"Yeah, she did scream, but she enjoyed it. I agree that we should do more, but not sure about the gang bang though.
"Why not? She would enjoy that, especially if it was a bit rough."
"It's a security thing, we are already taking one hell of a risk, just doing what we are. Getting other guy's involved would run the risk of them telling their mates, bragging about what they had done, to whom, and where."
"Yeah, maybe you're right, but let's talk to her about it at the weekend anyway."
Who the fuck is it in there? Whipping her! What the fuck is going on, what have I missed, who is the woman in there?
"OK, let's talk to her on Sunday afternoon. I've got a good idea for a video that I think she will enjoy making, especially after what she enjoyed tonight."
What's the hell is Granddad up to, and who the fuck is in there with him?
Again I heard the sound of that door and faltering steps on the concrete floor.
My mind was in a whirl, I suddenly felt sick, I thought my brain was going to explode as I heard the other guy, whoever he was, speak again.
"Come on Beckie, get yourself in there and get dressed, or I might have to give you another spanking."
"Oooh yes please."
OMG did I hear that correctly? NO NO NO! I must have imagined it. Mum can't be in there with them.
"Come on Beckie, hurry up I need to get home for my dinner."
I felt like I was going to pass out. I slid down the wall in the corner, staring across the office, unable to move.
I heard footsteps, the clicking of heels on the floor again. That second I realized, my mum's clothes were on the desk in front of me, and she was heading this way to get dressed.
There was nowhere in the office to hide, I had to get out of there and had to be fuckin' quick about it. I was up and out of the door, running up the hill as if my life depended on it. Into the house and up the stairs. I grabbed mum's laptop and put it back in her room.
Unable to finish the report, I went to bed. Did I sleep? Not a fuckin' wink. All the possibilities as to what was going on in the garage were churning around and around in my head.
All I knew for sure, was that it was mum in there, naked, allowing herself to be whipped with a belt, while photographs were being taken. I also knew from what I had heard, that she had been fucked by the pair of them.
What I really couldn't understand though, from what I had heard, she had been fucked by her dad and it seemed not for the first time. Jesus Christ, that's illegal. What is she playing at?
The campaign to raise money for the flood victims had started some while ago, about the time mum began volunteering at the shop. Was that a coincidence, or has she been pulling the wool over dad's eyes all this time?
My head was awash with scenarios, they were trampling my brain to a pulp.
There was something stranger than that though, I found myself getting turned on by the thought of what she might have been doing and maybe, going to do.
I had heard Granddad being told by the other guy, (I still hadn't a clue who he was) that they should push mum further. What else might they do to her? I couldn't help thinking about that.
OMG, what was happening. My cunt was starting to run like a river. With so many thoughts in my head, I found myself masturbating aggressively. I had to get into that laptop, the guy mentioned a website, it must be on there. I had to find out what was going on.
I sat at the breakfast table, yawning, needing matchsticks to hold my eyes open.
"Mum, I need to password a website I've registered with. I need one I can remember easily. Any ideas?"
I was hoping she didn't know my laptop had crashed.
"Well darling, you could use your car registration number."
"Is that what you did mum?"
"Not quite darling, I used the number of the Ford we had a few years ago."
"That's a good idea mum, thank you."
That didn't help, I hadn't a clue what that registration number was.
Several times throughout the day I tried subtly to find out the registration number of that bloody Ford.
By that evening I was becoming very frustrated. Not just because I needed to find out the registration number, I was also getting seriously horny, thinking about what was going on.
Yes, all right, I know I should have been disgusted, even outraged at the thought of what mum was doing, especially now, knowing that she was being fucked by her dad. That wasn't what was happening in my head though. I was walking around with a permanently dripping cunt. I didn't just want thoughts of what I had heard. Fuck that, no! I want to see mum being abused.
Later that evening mum went down the shop again, she had told dad that a lot of stuff had been dumped outside of the shop.
"People just can't wait until the shop opens," she told dad, "they dump the stuff on the pavement outside."
Granddad couldn't be there, so she would have to go down and sort it out. She said that she wouldn't be very long. a likely fuckin' story. Dad just grunted in recognition that he had heard her.
I was undecided, should I follow her? If I did, I might be able to hear what was happening from the office, but might not hear someone coming this time. I couldn't risk getting caught.
I decided that I needed to get into that bloody laptop. In any case, I had heard them saying that they would talk to mum at the weekend, about what they wanted her to do. So maybe nothing was happening tonight, maybe she was just being honest about the stuff outside the shop.
I was on my bed with two fingers in my, well you know where they were.
"Go into the bedroom, get my diary and throw it down to me." Dad's voice boomed from the bottom of the stairs.
You could say "please" dad, you arrogant bastard. I have learned that it is a waste of time saying anything.
I went into their bedroom and picked up the diary. OMG, a light bulb went on in my brain. Why hadn't I remembered it before? There on the dressing table was a picture of mum sitting on the bonnet of their old car, with the registration number clearly visible.
I threw the diary down to dad, he swore at me because, in my excitement, I didn't throw it straight, so he missed it. The poor bugger had to bend down and pick it up. Serves you fuckin' right.
I rushed back to their bedroom, grabbed mum's laptop and took it back to my room.
Yes, yes, yes! I'm in.
I was disappointed though. The photo folder was empty, and so was the download folder. There were no other folders on the desktop. If she's doing admin, she's not doing it on here.
Almost out of habit I clicked on Chrome, there were two saved links there, one for Gmail and one for a website, "The mechanic's", I clicked on the email icon. Bugger, it was logged out, I would need a username and password, so instead, I tried the website, again logged out.
I decided that I couldn't get mum locked out if I got the password wrong, so guessing that she would use the same one, I typed it in. Her username was filled in automatically (dirtylittleminx) Does she use the same username for her emails? That could wait, I wanted to look at the website.
OMG! I'm in, now let's see what she has been up to.
The front page opened filling the screen. Bloody hell! Looking back at me was mum, sitting on a filthy wooden bench in the middle of the workshop, fucking herself with a large dildo, the words across the page reading.
"Come to the garage with me and watch as the mechanics give me a full service and lubricate me."
No fuckin' wonder granddad thinks it's too risky getting others involved. Anyone local who takes their car to be repaired would recognise the place and granddad. If they were to find this site.
Suddenly I was worried, dad watches porn, my God what if he were to find it. The urge to see what was going on was greater than my worries though.
There was a page dedicated to lists of paying members to the site, hundreds of them.
For the moment I was going to ignore that. There were pages of thumbnails linked to full-size images and sets of images. Then another page of short video clips linked to the full-length ones.
I went straight to the full-length videos. I was getting so bloody horny and very wet. Seeing mum naked on that bench fucking herself, was turning me on. I couldn't understand why, but I wanted to see the videos, I wanted to see mum being abused.
Skipping all the earlier ones, I went straight to the most recent one.
I couldn't believe what I was seeing. But instinctively my hand went between my legs, I was fingering my cunt, as I watched.
I'm afraid you'll have to excuse the language I use while telling this story, that is how it was making me feel.
I watched mum being dragged backwards by granddad, she was stumbling and tripping as she was dragged through the workshop by her hair. The other guy was hanging on to a rope that was tied around her wrists. Mum was flailing about trying to get free.
I nearly fell off the edge of the bed, the other guy turned and looked into the camera. Fuckin' hell! That's Jim, our bloody neighbour. I knew he took his car to granddad for servicing, but how the fuck? Sod that, it doesn't matter at the moment.
So who the fuck is filming, is it, another of our neighbours?
That didn't matter either right now, I was giving my cunt a fuckin' good workout with my fingers, I wanted to see what they were going to do to her.
Sorry I digress. Mum was held in front of that filthy bench, granddad's arm swept across it sweeping away the tools that were laying there, and in the process knocked over a can of what looked like dirty oil. Jim in the meantime took hold of mum's dress and literally ripped it off, buttons ricocheting off the concrete floor, her panties and bra were ripped off next and thrown, to join her dress, into a bin, at the end of the bench.
I wondered, do those who buy these videos think this is all for real?
I knew that it was all fake, because of what I had overheard from the office last night. Also, mum was dressed in clothes she would never wear normally, she looked like a slut, in a very tight, very short dress. Well all right not any more. I noticed mum wince as Jim ripped her bra off, I'm guessing that hurt, they are not easy to rip.
Sorry I digress again. Mum was spun round and forced face down onto the bench. The camera zoomed in as her tits hit and flattened on the filthy wooden top. OMG! I could feel the pain in my own nipples, as mum was dragged across the rough surface of the bench, gathering dirty oil on her tits, as Jim pressed down on her back, pushing her tit's harder onto the filthy wooden surface.
The rope around her wrists was pulled tight by granddad, then tied to the bottom rail on the far side of the bench.
"Spread your legs bitch," Jim ordered mum.
There was a loud crack as Jim's hand crashed down on her arse.
"I said spread them you stupid bitch."
I winced as I watched Jim and granddad take hold of mum's ankles and pulled her legs apart as far as they could get them. A rope was tied around each ankle, then looped around the legs at either end of the bench and pulled tight, spreading her legs even further.
The camera swung around behind mum giving the viewer a clear view of her dripping cunt. OMG, she shaves, I hadn't expected that. She never used too.
Sorry, I must stop wandering off, I'm sure you just want to know what happens next.
Jim looked as though he was enjoying himself as he started slapping mum's arse, harder and harder with each slap. The camera moved in close to show her arse as it reddened.
At this point, mum seemed to be OK with it, only the occasional yelp, despite what it looked and sounded like. I couldn't believe I was enjoying watching mum being spanked and spanked hard. My cunt was oozing, forming a puddle on the bed as I rammed my fingers in and out, getting very aggressive with myself.
It seemed that slapping wasn't enough for Jim. He took off his belt and brought it crashing down on mum's arse, fuck, did she scream! I nearly let the laptop fall to the floor as I sat back in shock. The belt landed on her arse again and again, the sound of screaming filling my bedroom.

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