Chastity Ch. 01

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This is my love story between two consenting adults over the age of nineteen during the early 1960s, based on true and fictitious information. I hope you will enjoy their love story. I plan to write several additional chapters. I'm also the author of Mom & Me.
The Day I Met Chastity
My name is Joseph Johnson. I was born in 1944 on April 1, 1945, and I graduated from Xavier University in 1962, with a B.S. in Psychology, with an emphasis in counseling at the age of 22. I matriculated to The Ohio State University College of Education and earned a Master's Degree in Education, with an emphasis on psychology and counseling. I graduated two years later earning a Master's degree. Since I was only 24 years old, I decided to remain a graduate student at The Ohio State University and earn a PhD as well. Upon my graduation in 1959, I applied for employment positions at several colleges in states where I wouldn't mind residing. I received several letters from prominent colleges requesting interviews. I interviewed at five prestigious universities, (Miami University in Oxford, Ohio, University of Florida, located in Gainesville, Florida, Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia, University of Kentucky in Lexington, Kentucky, and The Ohio State University in Columbus, Ohio, where I currently live. I was offered contracts from three of the above universities and decided to stay in Columbus, Ohio.
I've been an undergraduate counselor with the Buckeyes for the past two years. I'm now 27 years of age. I'm currently not married, neither am I dating anyone seriously. I loved my work and being surrounded by an enthusiastic and spirited student body.
It's the end of August and the humidity has been torturously hot in central Ohio all month. The students have returned to campus and are beginning to get settled in their dormitories and apartment buildings.
I decided to walk over to St. John's Arena, the home of the Buckeye's basketball team and see if I could be of any assistance to any of the new students entering the university. I stood off to the side watching the students scurrying from table to table, picking up forms and other important papers. Many were trying to schedule appointments with academic advisors and counselors.
That's when I saw her standing alone, some twenty feet from me looking at some papers she was holding. She appeared to be about 5' 6" tall, slender in built, with beautiful silky blonde hair that flowed down around her shoulders. She was wearing a red blouse and a very short pelted gray skirt. She looked a little bit frustrated and confused. She looked up, sighed, and took a deep breath, and her eyes began searching the area around her when she spotted me standing off by myself.
She approached me and said, "Sir, are you a student, or do you work here?"
I nodded and said, "I work here. How can I help you?"
"My name is Chastity Morgan. I'm a freshman student from Fairborn, Ohio. I would like to know how I could make an appointment to see a counselor to help me with my schedule. I need to make some changes in my class schedule, if that's possible. I had applied for work on campus and was able to get a part-time job with the Geology Department located in Orton Hall. I will be working in the Geological Museum there. I really need to talk with an academic counselor that can help me set up a four-year undergraduate program that will prepare me for graduate school. Can you tell me where I can go to find an advisor who can assist me?"
"Chastity, my name is Joseph Johnson, and I'm an academic advisor. Have you declared a major here at the University?"
"No, I declared 'undecided', but I've always been interested in pursuing a science degree, but I don't know what field I'm really interested in pursuing."
"Well, OSU offers over 200 majors. It can be intimidating for incoming students to decided on a specific major. You don't have to declare a major right away. Over 20% of our student body starts their classes undecided. Rest assured Chastity, we're well prepared to help you find a great fit. What science classes did you take in high school?"
"I had biology in my freshman year, AP Chemistry in my sophomore year, Physic in my junior year, and AP Physic in my senior year."
"Wow! You took a strong academic program. What grades did you earn in those tough classes?"
"I earned an A in biology, a B in AP Chemistry, an A- in Physic, and an A in AP Physic."
Wow! You must have graduated at the top of your class."
"I was valedictorian."
"I congratulate you on your success in high school. I'm sure you will find it challenging here at OSU and I believe you will be successful based on what you did during your four-years of high school."
"Thank you Mr. Johnson. I appreciate that."
"I would be honored to help you with your academic program during your four years here at The Ohio State University, if you want me as your advisor."
"Oh, that would be wonderful. I'm so glad I've met you, Mr. Johnson. You're very kind and I like that you listen so attenatively to what I've shared with you. I would love to have you guide me through my next four years here at The Ohio State University. How can I make an appointment with you Mr. Johnson?"
"It's almost 4 p.m. Are you hungry Chastity? "
"I had a doughnut and a cup of coffee early this morning. I'm a little hungry."
"I bet you are. I would be starving, if all I had eaten were a doughnut and a cup of coffee today. I would like to take you to dinner. We can talk some more at the restaurant and I'll call my secretary while we are there and set up an appointment for you to see me in my office. Does that sound good to you Chastity?"
"Oh, yes, thank you Mr. Johnson. I would enjoy having dinner with you and getting to know you better."
"I would like to get to know you better too?"
Chastity smiled and said, "Where are we going for dinner Mr. Johnson?"
"I think I'll take you to the Guild House. It showcases tasty American cuisine in a sophisticated and beautiful environment."
"It sounds like a lovely setting for me to get to know you better, Mr. Johnson."
I told her my car was parked over near the football stadium. We began walking side by side and I began telling her about the different buildings that were located near us. She responded, "This campus is so large. I hope I'll be able to find my way around before classes begin."
"If you think it would be helpful to you, I'll give you a tour tomorrow if you like."
Chastity grabbed my hand and looked up at me and said, "I would like very much for you to show me round your university Mr. Johnson. You're so kind to me. I feel so very blessed to have you as my advisor."
"I'm happy too Chastity,"
"Really?" She squeezed my hand and smiled broadly.
"Yes, I'm happy I met you today. I've enjoyed every minute we've been together. You're so easy to be with Chastity. I feel very comfortable in your presence.
"Oh, that's wonderful to hear Mr. Johnson, because I feel the same about you. I feel were well on our way to becoming not only good friends, but close friends."
"Are you serious? Close friends? Would you really prefer spending time with me Chastity than boys your age? You must be nineteen. Is that correct?"
"Yes, Mr. Johnson, I'm nineteen."
I'm probably eight years older than you Chastity. That a big difference in our ages, don't you agree?"
"Not for me, Mr. Johnson. Chastity continued holding my hand in hers, and she continued smiling at me as if we had been friends for years.
She stopped and looked up into my eyes and said, "Mr. Johnson if you've enjoyed being with me today, and feel comfortable in my presence why shouldn't we be close friends, unless your married or going with another woman right now?"
"I'm not dating anyone Chastity, neither have I ever been married."
"Than I want you as my close friend, as well as my academic advisor. My eyes find you very pleasing, Mr. Johnson."
"Chastity, if we're going to be close friends from now on, please call me Joseph, or Joe."
She squeezed my hand again and smiled broadly. "Thank you Joe. I'm so happy to have you in my life right this minute." We walked quietly together to my car. I open the door and helped her get inside, and we drove toward the restaurant. Chastity leaned back in her seat and watched me as we rode together. She said, "I believe I'm the happiest person on campus today. No, I'm the happiest girl in the entire state of Ohio right now."
"How's that?"
"Because I met you by accident; and now I have you as a close personal friend in my life."
"Well, I feel the same Chastity. I believe we'll get along very well as friends."
"I know we will, Joe."
I pulled into the parking lot of the Guild House Restaurant and parked the car. I looked over at her looking at me. Her face was aglow and her smile captivating. She looked radiantly beautiful and I said, "Chastity you're an absolutely beautiful woman."
"Thank you Joe. You're a very handsome man and I'm thrilled to be with you this evening."
"Me too, Chastity," and I lean over and our lips met. Her lips were warm and soft and I put my right arm around her back and she touched my face with her hand and I thought to myself. What am I doing kissing a nineteen year old freshman student who I met for the first time a few hours ago."
"Thank you Joe for the sweet embrace and kiss. Joe, I liked how you kissed me just now."
"I couldn't help myself Chastity. You looked like an angel sitting there next to me. You're so beautiful and desirable, I just had to kiss your lips and hold you close to me Chastity even if it was only for a few seconds."
"I'm glad you wanted to kiss me, because all the way over here I wanted you to kiss me. Joe, I want you. I want to be your girl."
"I want you too, Chastity. You turned my world upside down today, but I'm the happiest I've been in years."
We kissed again and she smiled and said, "You're the man I've always dreamed about. Now I have you in my life. Let's go eat dinner, Joe."
I got out of the car and went around and opened the door for her."
When she got out of the car, she thanked me for being a gentleman. Then she put her right arm up around my neck and we had a long sweet wet kiss. "I like how you kiss me Joe."
We walked into the restaurant and the hostess took us to our table.
The waitress, named Jennifer, came over and asked us what we wanted to drink. We both told her water. She left to get our water and we looked over the menu.
While we were waiting for Jennifer to return with our water I asked Chastity what month and day she was born. She replied, "I was born on January 1, 1952." I said. "That makes you 19 years old. I'm 27 years old, eight years older than you. Are you ok with that Chastity?
As I said before, "Not a problem for me. I prefer being around older men than kids my age."
"I called my office and talked with my secretary, Dorothy, and made an appointment to see Chastity at 9:30 a.m. I also asked my secretary if I had any other appointments tomorrow. She said, "No, Mr. Johnson. You don't have any other appointments. I told Dorothy to not make any additional appointments for me tomorrow.
Jennifer returned and took our order. Chastity ordered Chicken Roulade and I ordered Scallops. After Jennifer left, I looked across the table and Chastity was beaming. She has a beautiful smile and than she reached across the table and I took my hand. "Thank you Joe, for offering to take me out to get something to eat. This is a nice place and I'm so hungry."
"I'm glad you wanted to go and have something to eat with me. I think you told me you graduated from Fairborn High School. Tell me Chastity something about your family."
"My dad's name is Samuel Morgan and he works as an engineer at Wright Patterson Air Force Base and my mother's name is Dorothy, and she teaches fourth grade at Dellwood Elementary School. I have an older brother named Theodore who is a senior at The Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs, Colorado, and an older sister named Purity who is a sophomore at Miami University in Oxford, Ohio. What about you Joe? Where do your parents live, and do you have any siblings?"
"My father and mother were killed ten years ago in an automobile accident when I was seventeen years old and I was in the 11th grade. After the funeral I went to live with my older sister, Darlene who was living in Beavercreek, Ohio, and teaching shorthand, typing, accounting classes at Fairborn High School. Darlene was seven years older than me, so she was 24 years old when I went to live with her. She was still single and was in her second or third year of teaching. After I graduated in 1958, I enrolled as a student here at The Ohio State University."
"Joe, I had Miss Johnson for typing! She's a wonderful teacher and she loves being a teacher. I can't believe it, I was one of your sister's students, and now her brother is my academic advisor. It's a small world isn't it Joe?"
"Yes, it is. We both graduated from the same high school."
"I wonder what Miss Johnson would think if she knew I was with you right now."
"I don't have a clue. What do you think she would say if she knew you were with a man eight years older than you?"
"I think she would be pleased. I hope we can go see her sometime together."
"Did you go steady with anyone while you were in high school Chastity?"
"I went steady with a boy named Charles in my junior year, but I stopped going out with him because I found out he was dating another girl at the same time we were suppose to be going steady. I dated, off and on, two or three different guys during the rest of my junior and senior years, mostly school dances etc."
We continued talking as we finished our meal and after Jennifer cleared our plates she asked if we wanted dessert. I ordered two chocolate cherry sundaes. I asked Chastity where she was staying since she hadn't leased an apartment or signed up to live in one of the dormitories. She said, "Right now I'm staying at my Aunt Sara and Uncle John's house on Acton Road, off of north High Street. I've been taking the bus to get to campus each day."
"What time do they expect you to be home today?"
"I told them I wasn't sure when I would be home today. What time is it now Joe?"
"It's 6:45 p.m. right now."
"Joe, am I keeping you from your schedule? You must have other commitments today."
"No, Chastity, I have no other commitments. Would you like me to drive you around the area?"
"Joe, I would like to do whatever you want to do if I can be a part of it."
"Let me call my Aunt and I'll tell her I have a date tonight with a wonderful man who wants to take me to dinner and maybe go dancing or to a movie."
I watched as Chastity called her Aunt and told her excitedly that a man asked her to go have dinner with him and perhaps do something afterwards. She said, "The man's name is Joe Johnson and he graduated from Fairborn High School too, and his sister was my typing teacher. Isn't that incredible Aunt Sara?" After she turned her phone off she smiled and said, "I'm ready for anything you want to do Joe," Than she gave me that wonderful smile. As we left, I slipped thirty dollars into Jennifer's hand and told her I appreciated her service. She smiled and said, "Thank you so much, Mr. Johnson."
When we got outside Chastity took my hand as we walked to our car. Before I opened the door I bent down and kissed her lips and we stood their several minutes kissing one another passionately. "Oh, Joe, I love how you kiss me."
I said, "Chastity, there are places along the Olentangy River where we can park and talk. Would you like for me to take you there. It's a very popular spot for couples."
"Joe, I would love that! Is it very far from here?"
"No, actually the OSU campus borders the river."
"I didn't even know there was a river bordering the campus. I can't wait to be there with you Joe and enjoy the view."
I smiled and said, "I'm glad you want to see it, Chastity."
My1956 Chevy four-door sedan had a bench seat. After Chastity got in the car, she moved over and sat next to me. We made it out of the parking lot and in a few minutes we were turning on High Street heading north. I felt Chastity hand resting on my right thigh.
The campus was on the left side of the street, and the pubs, Long's Bookstore, and retail shops, fast-food restaurant were on the right side of the street. There were a lot of students milling around on the right side of High Street. I turned at the corner that would take us across the Olentangy River. After we crossed the bridge I turned south toward our destination. Chastity was smiling and we were sharing how humid and muggy the weather had been this afternoon. The front windows were down and she noticed a breeze and she thought the evening air was much pleasanter.
I said, "Look to the left and you will begin to see areas where people park their automobiles and sit and talk or watch the river flow. The Olentangy River is a 93 mile-long tributary that flows from the north down to Columbus and merges into the Scioto River in downtown Columbus. I think this area looks like a nice place to park. "Oh, yes, I can see the river now. It looks beautiful in the twilight, Joe."
I made a left into the parking area. There were already two other cars parked in the large area. I parked my car so she had a nice view of the river. "It's beautiful Joe!" I like your car Joe. You keep it so nice and clean and the inside of the car smells nice." I told her since it was still very warm I might keep the engine running the air conditioner would keep us cooler. Chastity smiled and said, "You don't have to waste your gas Joe. You don't have to run the air conditioning; I think it might be very romantic to get hot and sticky with you tonight. Turn the engine off, Joe.
I turned toward Chastity and looked lovingly at her. I'm so happy to be with you Chastity." I leaned into her lips and we kissed. She slid her tongue between my lips and our tongues began to play together. I caught her tongue and began to suck on it, moving my lips forward and back across its surface. My cock was getting hard and Chastity was beginning to get hot. She took her left hand and placed it on top where my cock was hard. She used her fingers to lightly massage my leg and the penis lying beneath the fabric of my trousers.
She whispered, "Joe I want to turn my back and lean against your body. Then I would like for you to take your hands and massage and play with my breasts. Would you do that for me Joe?"
She turned her body and leaned against my chest.
I leaned down and kissed the top of her head. My lips melted into her blonde sweet-smelling hair. "I would love to massage your breasts Chastity."
Chastity leaned forward and unbuttoned her blouse and removed it and laid it on the floor. "Help me remove my bra, Joe." I took my two fingers and unclasped her bra. It fell forward and she removed it and placed her bra on top of her blouse. She said, "I'm ready for my massage." She leaned her forehead back to look at me. Her face was beaming and her two beautiful firm breasts were exposed to my hot body. "Oh, Chastity your breasts are lovely."
"Joe, I hope you aren't too disappointed. My breasts are kind of small? They are only 34s. I know most girls have bigger boobs than me, but they're all yours to play with. You can kiss them, hold them, touch them, play with them, or massage them. They are yours Joe."
"Don't say anything negative about your boobs ever again Chastity. They're perfect. I love them and I know I will enjoy sucking them and holding them in my hands."
"Thank you Joe. Your words make me feel better. I just want to please you. Most boys like girls with only big tits. I'm glad you think they're perfect. She smiled and closed the lids to her eyes as I ran my hands over her perky firm breasts. I reached down with my hand and pulled the lever that made the seat go back away from the steering wheel. She was beginning to purr as I ran my hands over her breasts. I paused and placed my two fingers on both sides of her extended tit and squeezed it gently and a pleasing moan escaped from her lips. I moved my hands under her cups and held her boobs firmly in my hands. She was moaning pleasantly as I squeezed her breasts. She whispered, "Joe … oh, Joe, I'm feeling so loved by your touches. I've never had a man who was as loving and as caring as you are right now. I could lay here for hours and enjoy every second of your gentle touching." She continued to lay there with her eyelids closed and I loved the cooing sounds and purring sounds she was making as I played with each of her breasts. She opened the lids of her eyes a few times and smiled at me. "Help me sit up my sweet Joseph." Than she turned her body toward me and said, I want to feel your sweet lips sucking my tits. Will you suck my tits Joe?"

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