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Hi all my name is vijay, I am 40 now. I am narrating an incident that happened 10 years back in my life. I am a doctor by profession. this happened when I was working in a small clinic in kerala. I was renting a house there. though I was married, my wife was at banglore doing her pg. so I was all alone at the house.
I had a neighbour who was working in a bank, he was a nice person in his early 50 s. he was very friendly with me and gradually I became there family doctor.His wife is a housewife and they had two daughters. the eldest, Shiny, was 20 years old and the youngest,Jenny, was 12. Shiny was doing her final year degree. she was a cute beautiful girl and was really active.
she always travelled in her scooter and she used to drive very fast.One day she met with an accident infront of her house and her father took her to my clinic.She had only small bruises at her knee and palm. So nothing serious had to be done, it was then that I noticed her perfect boobs which was mouth watering and also her shape. though she was bit dark she had the best boobs and buttocks that I had ever seen.
I masturbated that day thinking of her. From that day onwards she started talking to me whenever we see each other. She even offered me lift in her scooter which I didnt accept knowing the people in her area. Then my wife had her x mas vaccation and she came down to kottayam. I introduced her to shiny and my wife invited her to our house.
She came and had a long chat with my wife and she took my wife for shopping MY wife was really fond of this girl. My wife returned to banglore after 10 days. I got more friendly with shiny. Those were the times when mobile phones were real expensive. Her parents got her a mobile phone and I got her number from her. I USED TO SEND MESSAGES TO HER ONCE IN A WHILE AND SHE ALSO FORWARDED JOKES.
Then I called her in her mobile oneday and we started talking. initially it was like 5 to 10 mts maximum and gradually it turned to couple of hours.We enjoyed talking to each other and then I got a new card for her and started calling her late night.Our calls lasted for hours and we started talking freely. I asked her questions about sex and she was ignorant about most of the things.
I explained to her everything and we joked a lot. There was a one day trip by the residential association and I too joined them because shiny insisted tht I have to come. there were around 10 family in the bus. we went to thommamnkuthu waterfalls and had good time there. Shiny became real friendly with me and when I went for a walk thorouh the rocks she accompanied me.
At some places I had to help her climb the rocks and whenever my body touched her breasts and buttocks I had an instant hardon. Then I started touching her body purposefully. On the way back in the bus she sat besides me and was sleepy. I could feel her breast pressed against my hand and I enjoyed it a lot. Later in the night we talked till 4 am. I told her I loved her company.
Then it was exam time for her so our talks were upto maximum of 10 mts and fewmessages a day. I moved house from there to a place 6 kms from there. One afternoon shiny came to my new house and we werechatting there. When she was about to go, I asked her what did she buy for me? she told nothing and asked me what I want. I told her a kiss.
She was stunned and she was about to say something, I asked her to giv a kiss in my cheek. She agreed and when she gave the kiss I turned my face and she kised my lips.It felt really good. And I too kissed her. I kissed her on her cheek and lips and also lifted her top and kissed on her navel. She was enjoying it.
I turned her around and started kissing her ear and neck and with one hand I was fondling her breasts softly and the other hand was exploring her cunt over her pant. When I tried to put my hands inside her pant,she piushed me and went. Later that night we talked for hours and I explained to her about masturbation, oral sexanal sex and all.
Some where we were feeling a mental and physical intimacy. She came to my house once more and that day wedidnt do anything, she slept in my hands for two hours. We started using the free time meeting or phoning each other. her parents got really worried about it and they contacted me. I toldher its only a friendship. But they didnt allow her to use the phone for two months and we started chatting using yahoo chat.
After two months I got a job in a hospital in dubai.and they give me three weeks time to join in that hospital. When I told shiny about this she was crying like a small kid, I didnt knew how to console her. I leftto banglore on the second day. we couldnt meet before I left.I LEFT TO DUBAI ON second week.I was really busy with the work, but couldnt forget this lovely lady.
I called her on the 10 th day after reaching dubai. I could feel my adrenalin rushing when I heard her sound and later she told me that she also felt it the same day. Sincce I had two days off per week, we used to video chat through yahoo. We became really close and when ever she bought a new dress she used to wear it in front of the camera for me.
We became so close that we didnt mind dressing and undressing infront of the camera allowing each other to comment about the body. I told her how beautful her boobs are and she has a perfect round ass and shapeherLater she got admission in one of the prestegious institutes in pune. So no more video chatting, it was limited to regular phone calls and email. I sent her new dress and lingerie for her birthday.
when I went for my vaccation, I decided to go and see shiny. I could sense her excitement when I called her to tell tht im coming. WE decided to meet at bombay airport. I reached airport by 9 am. She was already waiting there. She hugged me and I kissed her cheek. She was wearing a tight t shirt and jeans. I had an errection at the sight of the big breasts and shapelt thighs.
We walked out of the airport and my upper arm were brushing her boobs. We took a taxi and had breakfast from Central park hotel. I told her that I am feeling tired and we will rest for an hour or two and then will roam around the city to which she agreed. After having breakfast we went into the room. As soon as the room boy left and I closed the door.
Shiny just jumped and clung to me kissing me in my cheek, forehead and eyes.I kissed on her lips and made her lie on the bed. I kissed her neck and also felt her cunt over her pant. I inserted my hand into her stomach and circled around her navel. Then slowly I pushed my hands up into her bra and pressed on that beautiful melons. made her sit on the bed and removed her top.
She was wearinga black bra. I REmoved that too and saw her black but small nipples. I kissed on her breast and also sucked her nipples. She was moaning. circling the areola of her one breast I started kissing her down to stomach and then downwards. She removed her belt and unbuckled her jeans. I pulled her jeans out. Sh was wearing the same panties which I sent as gift from dubai.
She looked really sexy in that.I kissedher thighs and kissed down till her ankle, then I kissed up towards her cunt.I KISSED HER CUNT OVER HER PANTIES, she was pulling my hair, then I slided her panty a bit from her cunt and licked her cunt. I tasted her pre cum. that was sweet to me. I inserted my tongue deep in her love hole and started stimulating her with my tongue.
she was really enjoying it and asked me to do more. I removed her panty and asked her to lie on her stomach. I bite on her soft buttocks amd started fingering her cunt from back, she told me that its painful. She asked me to remove my shirt, and she sucked my nipples. man it was one of the best feeling that I ever got,. asked her to suck my nipples. meanwhile I removed my pant and underwear.
I asked her to hold my rod and told her to move it back and fro. she did it for few minutes and then again I asked her to lie on her back. I INSERTED MY FINGER VERY SLOWLY INTO HER CUNT. SHE TOLD ITS painful. I did it few more times and slowly she started enjoying it. I made her stand facing the mirror, my fully errct penis was poking her buttocks.
i kissed her ear and neck and with the other hand started fingering her cunt. She got wild and told me to take her to climax.I asked wheather its okay for me to put my dick inside her cunt, she told its ok.i again made her lie on the bed and startred licking her cunt. she was moaning and was asking to place my dick inside, instaed of that I asked her to open her mouth and placed my dick inside her mouth and we did69.
she was sucking my penis so wildly that I couldnt take it out before it exploded inside her mouth. she swollowed the whole semen. meanwhile I continued licking her cunt after 4 to 5 minutes she exploded with the wildest orgasm I ve ever seen. We then slept for an hour. when I woke up, my dick was ready for the action. I started fingering shiny and she also reached the mood.
I licked her cunt and after few minutes I pumped her with my was painful for her, but she asked me to continue, after few minutes she started reciprocating to my thrusts. and the it was like 2 minutes of licking her cunt and one minute of pumping, we repeated the sequence for 2 times and in the third attempt I just came, I tok my tool out of her cunt and sprayed the semen on her stomach.
then I continued licking her cunt to take her to orgasm. she reached orgasm in 3 to 4 minutes. We had dinner and we went out to see iindia gate. We returned to room by 10 pm and I did doggie with her. it was really good,but couldnt take her up to climax. We slept and I slept sucking her nipple through out the night. she returned by 6 00 in the morning and I returned to banglore by 11 00. it was a wonderful experience.
But things changed drastically after that. She had lot of guilt and she wouldnt talk to me and I tried to convince her. But she wouldnt let her guilt wade off.She told me that SHE HAD cheated her future husband and all the sort of things and even said that she wont see me ever. I tried to see her when ever I went on vaccation to india. but couldnt.
Later came to know that she is working as a journalist and she is maried to a bank employee. Truth is I loved her like anything and I never told anyone these incidents. Last week when I was in india travelling in the new namma metro in banglore, I saw shiny. I didnt knew wht to do, she saw me came to me sat with me a nd talked a lot.
then we went to the ccd in mg road and she told me how much she missed me and my love and our physical intimacy. She told meher husband who is in bank is only thinkinh of making money. HE has affair with two other ladies, which she came to know recently and he doesnt care to have sex with her.She invited me to her house. I went there next day and had a good time there.
Now I am sure I loved this ladyAND OUR PHYSICAL INTIMACY INCREASED MY LOVE TO HER. And I remeber the last sentence which she said when I went to her banglore house – She just wasted her years with unwanted guilt.And we should have made the maximum use of it whenevr time permitted.
So friends please comment and then only I cant pen down our last encounter at her house in banglore.I am writing these with her consent only,just to remind my young friends to do what ever they wishes to do without any guilt.But dont betray them, LOVE you SHINY.