Cheating Wife And Her Boyfriend Pay The Price

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By Husband With A Plan Warning this is a very dirty story about how I had my wife and her boyfriend raped by two filthy old street thugs. This event changed our lives foreve

This is a story of how my mature wife of 15 years cheated on me and had an affair with another man.
This all started after my wife started staying late after work. My wife’s company always closed early on Fridays too give it’s employees a little bit of a longer weekend to spend with their families, but my wife wanted to use this early dismissal time to spend time fucking an older man who owed the business nextdoor to her company.

My wife met this man at a social event that had all of the businesses in her industrial park, have a get together for a meet and greet picnic. They all got together for a evening to have the meet and greet party in the parking lot of my wife’s company parking lot. This event had food and beverages for everyone that attended it. My wife is a very attractive 55 year old brunette woman. My wife the type of woman that men zero in on at an event like this because of her beautiful body and her personality. My wife has always been the type of woman that can start talking with you and if you are a man you instantly think that she is interested in you, with her magnetic personality.

My wife came home at about 10:00 pm. After attending this party and I could tell that she had been drinking a few drinks and I asked her what did she have to drink tonight and she said that she had a wonderful time meeting everyone in her business park, and she said that she drank about 4 mixed drinks. My wife said that she met a really nice man who owed the business next door to theirs. She said that he had been there for a few years now and she said that he had always wanted to know what our business did and she asked him what his business did. My wife told me that she met others that were in her business park and she had a good time tonight meeting everyone.

I was joking knowing how my wife was around other men, and I asked her did she find another dick tonight, and she said that I always think that everytime that I talk to a man that I want to fuck one of them. I looked at her and said, I’m sure that they would definitely like to fuck you if they ever got the chance. My wife said you just don’t trust me, that’s the problem with me.

Shortly after this social event I started noticing that my wife was coming home late on Fridays when her company closed early for the weekend. I asked my wife when she came home one Friday evening, why she was not at home at 2:00 pm when I knew her company closed early on Fridays, and she was walking in our door at 7:00 pm. My wife said that she was catching up on a lot of work that she couldn’t do while the other employees were there. I asked her was she the only one working that late, and she said yes that everyone had left her building at 1:30 and she was there by herself. This happened for the next two Fridays in a row and I started wondering what was really happening. I started wondering now what my wife was really doing after everyone had left her building on Fridays so I drove to her work place and I noticed that my wife’s car was parked in the parking lot of her company and another BMW was parked beside her car.

My wife had mentioned that the nice old man that owned the business beside her company drove a new experience BMW, and she told me that it was a beautiful white car with leather seats. My wife told me that she wished that she had one like it, in one of our conversations.This was at about 4 pm. On a Friday after everyone had left her building.

I parked down the road across from my wife’s business behind a big box truck and I could see the front door of my wife’s company and she wouldn’t be able to see me when she walked out. I waited from 4:00 pm. until 6:30 pm. And I noticed my wife and an older white man walking out of my wife’s company. He walked her over to her car with his arms around her. When they got to her car he hugged her and was kissing her feeling her ass with his hand beside her car. My wife got in her car with the door open, and I saw this old man unzipping his pants, and I saw what I didn’t want to see and that was my wife sucking his cock in the parking lot of her business. This old man was standing with my wife’s car door open and he was holding the back of her head looking around to make sure that no one was coming as my wife gave him a blow job. I was now very mad and I thought about confronting both of them, but I decided against that. My wife sucked his cock and she must have given him a good blow job because he quickly shot his load, and I was certain that my wife must have swallowed it, because I never saw her spitting it out.

I drove home after they both pulled out of the parking lot and I walked in our house at around 7:30 pm. and my wife had just pulled up in our driveway. I was furious about what I had just seen my wife do. When she walked in our house I asked her why she was coming home so late again and she said that another woman had quit her job and that she was now having to do her work and some else’s work and she was sorry for coming home this late. I looked at my wife knowing damn well that she was fucking lieing to me, because I had seen her sucking the old man’s cock in the parking lot of her company and I knew that she was in that building with this old man fucking around on me.

I wanted to make sure that my wife had had sex with this old man so I asked my wife that I wanted to fuck her before dinner and she said let’s do it tonight. I said that I wanted it now and I had to shove my wife down the hall to our bedroom and I threw her on our bed. I quickly lifted her skirt up and I pulled her pantyhose and panties off of her. I then took off all of my clothes and I felt between my wife’s legs and I rubbed her pussy lips. My wife’s pussy hair was sticking together at the entrance to her pussy and her pussy was much wetter than normal. I opened my wife’s legs wide and I noticed that her pussy hole was larger and it looked like she had just been fucked recently.

I asked my wife to suck my cock and she started licking it with her tongue. I wanted what she had given this old man and that was a good blow job with my cock in her mouth, but my wife would only lick the outside of mine, and jerk me off. The whole time that my wife was sucking my cock I was thinking about what I had seen her doing earlier and I shot my load, and my wife pulled away from my cock, and I shot it on my stomach. I told my wife that I would satisfy her later tonight after supper because I didn’t want to stick my cock in her used pussy hole that had the old man’s cum deep in it.

That night came and I never did fuck my wife because I was still furious about what I had seen her do. The next day I purchased a GPS tracker and I hid it in my wife’s car. The next week I noticed that after work my wife was going to a cheap hotel up the road from her company. I went to the location and I saw my wife’s car and the old man’s BMW parked out front of one of the motel rooms. I waited across the street and saw both my wife and this old man leaving one of the rooms after three hours or so. As usual my wife came home from work that night saying that she had to work late again. I was now fed up with her lieing to me, and I decided that if my wife liked fucking someone else so much that I was going to find someone to really fuck her and he wouldn’t be what she would want.

The next day I was driving home from my job and I have to drive through a rough part of town to get home. This part of town has many homeless people, prostitutes, and it has a run down poro theater in town. As I was at the stop light I noticed a old trashy looking man walking out of the front door of this theater. I pulled over to the front of this porno theater, and I asked him to come over to my car because I wanted to talk to him. I asked this old man would he like to see some naked photos of my wife that I had on my cell phone and he said yes. He got in my car and I drove over to the side parking lot. I turned my cell phone on and went to my pictures and I had about 30 of them on my cell phone showing my wife totally naked and posing in different positions on our bed. My wife thought that I had long ago deleted them from my phone but I kept them, along with many dirty videos that I had on my home computer of us fucking and her licking my dick. This old hobo really enjoyed looking at my wife’s naked photos with her hairy pussy spread wide open and her small firm tits on her beautiful 55 year old body. This old man was rubbing his crotch as he went through my photos telling me how he would like to fuck her. I explained that my wife had been fucking around on me and I wanted to find someone who would like to hurt fuck her for me. This old man said, you want someone to rape her for you and I said yes, and hurt her good doing it.

This old man said that he knew a man that was just released from prison for raping a woman years ago and he was certain that he would like to do it again. I told this old man that I would even pay whoever did this, to make sure that she was properly fucked and abused good. This old man said would I let him fuck my wife also and I said yes, you can have some of that bitch also. He asked me to show him my wife’s photos again, and as he looked at them he asked me if I would mind if he jerked off looking at them, and I said help yourself. He unzipped his dirty pants pulling them down to the floor board in my car and he started jerking off his average sized cut hard cock. He was telling me the whole time what he was going to do to my wife, like make her suck his dick, turn her over and fuck her asshole and then fuck and cum in her beautiful hairy pussy. It wasn’t long after this that this old trashy looking hobo shot a big heavy load of cum all over his dirty shirt that he was wearing.

I gave this old hobo $20.00 and I gave him my cell phone number and I told him to find the friend of his that was just released from prison for raping a woman, and get him to call me so that I could set this up it up for my wife, and he said that he would definitely get him to call me this evening.

I drove home and was out in my shop working when my cell phone rang and a man told me that his friend told him to call me about doing something dirty to his wife. I said yes I am the person and I told him, and that I really didn’t want to discuss this on my cell phone with him but if we could meet tomorrow evening on my way home from work at about 5:30 pm. in front of the porno theater. He said ok that he would be waiting for me, and his name was Crow. I asked him how did he get a name like that, and he said that he was a black man, and that everyone said that he was as black as a Crow, and it was now his nickname.

That night I down loaded a few of my dirty videos of my wife and I having sex, to my tablet and I took it to work with me to show Crow what my wife looked like in action having sex with me. The next day I was on my way home and I parked out front of the porno theater and the old white hobo and a old black man started walking over to my car and I let them in. Crow got in the back seat and the old white hobo got in my front seat of my car and I pulled over to the side parking area. I told Crow about my wife fucking around on me and that I wanted to find someone to treat her rough and rape her good for me. I showed him the photos of my naked wife on my cell phone and he said hell yes what a pretty woman and he definitely wanted to rape her for me. I told Crow that if he did this and made a video of it that I would pay him $500.00 and him and his friend up here in my front seat could split the he money up and split my wife’s pussy also between them.

Crow said hell yeah I will fuck this bitches brains out, as he scrolled through her photos on my phone. I turned my tablet computer on and I found one of the dirty movies that my wife and I had made a few months ago, and I let the old do dirty white hobo watch that, as I discussed my plans, and what I expected from both of them. I told Crow that he could do anything that he wanted to my wife but I didn’t want him to kill her or anything but he could roughen her up if he liked. I told him that after he did this to my bitch wife, I was going to divorce her anyway for cheating on me. I told him that I would give him a video camera and a tripod to set it up at the end of the bed and show him how to use the camera before he got started on my wife. I said when you get through treating my bitch like a whore, I will meet up with you and I will pay both of you the $500.00 to split up between the both of you, and get my video camera and tripod back from you.

Crow said let him see the dirty video of me fucking my wife, and he said this bitch is a really nice looking white bitch, and he couldn’t wait to sink his big black cock in her holes. I asked Crow did he know of a place to rape my wife, and he said that he knew a man that owned a really run down motel just up the road from the porno theater, and that he and his friend could use it, to treat my wife to a good old fashioned rape. I said that I wanted to get even with her for fucking around on me with an old man that worked in an adjacent building to my wife’s workplace. The old white hobo said do you want us to take care of him also, and I said if you do I will give you each $500.00 a piece as long as you video it for me. The old hobo said that we have a deal. He said I will fuck him in his ass good. I said that you can do anything you want to both of them for me.

I told Crow and the old white hobo that I wanted this to happen Friday because I knew that every Friday my wife and her old boyfriend would be fucking each other at my wife’s workplace, and I told Crow that I would pick him up in front of the porno theater at 3:00 pm and give him and his old hobo friend a ride to my wife’s workplace to abduct both her and her old boyfriend. I asked him if he wanted to rob the old man, that this would be good also. He could force my wife and her old boyfriend to take them to the motel to rape my wife and the old man that had been fucking her.

I gave Crow the video camera and a tripod and told him not to lose it, because if I didn’t get the video that I wanted they wouldn’t get paid. I showed Crown and the old hobo how to use the camera and they both said that they couldn’t wait until Friday. I gave both of them $20.00 each and I told them that I would pick them up on Friday at 3:00 pm.

It was Friday morning and I watched my wife getting dressed and she made sure that she wore her really sexy panties and bra she put her pantyhose on and a nice skirt and blouse. I was thinking you bitch, you get really dressed up sexy for your boyfriend, but this evening after you have your fun with him, you are going to feel what it’s like having your pretty body used by two filthy old hobo men, who probably haven’t watched their cocks in a year. My wife left for work and I waited until about 2:30 to pick my rapist up, and drive them over to my wife’s workplace. I pulled up in front of the porno theater, and Crow and the old white hobo got in my car, and we drove to my wife’s workplace, and sure enough my wife’s car and her boyfriends BMW were the only cars in her company’s parking lot. I parked across the street and I told Crow, and the old Hobo, to wait around the corner of my wife’s workplace building and wait for both of them to leave her building. Crow pulled out a 38 caliber revolver and said this should convince the both of them that I mean business. I asked Crow to make sure that he videod it, and he said that he already had the video camera set up in the motel.

Both men got out of my car and they walked across the street and waited for my wife and her old boyfriend to leave. At about 4:00 pm. My wife and the old man that she was fucking walked out of the building and started walking over to my wife’s car. My wife got in her car and the old man stood at the door of my wife’s car and he looked around, and he pulled his pants down to the ground, and my wife started sucking his cock again in the parking lot. I saw Crow and the old hobo walk from around the corner of the building and run over to the old man and my wife. He put the gun to the old man’s head and pulled him with his pants down down on the ground, with his old stiff cock sticking straight out, over to the passenger side of my wife’s car, as the old white hobo got in the back seat of my wife’s car behind her with a knife to her head. Both men were now in my wife’s car and they drove out of the parking lot.

I followed them across town and my wife’s car pulled in front of a old run down motel. I saw Crow and the old white hobo walk her boyfriend and my wife in the motel and I sat there for awhile wondering what these filthy bastards were now doing to both of them. I drove home and waited for Crow to call me.

At about 12:00 pm that night Crow called me and he said that he was through with the both of them and he said that him and his friend fixed both my wife and her boyfriend up good tonight. He said that he was ready to give me my camera and tripod back, and get paid. I jumped in my car, and met Crow in front of the porno theater. He gave me the camera, and the tripod. I wanted to check the camera and the video before I paid the two men. I fast forwarded it to several seens of my wife naked on the bed sucking Crow’s big black uncut cock and the old white hobo fucking her old boyfriend in his ass. I paid both of them the $500.00 each, and I drove back home as fast as I could because I couldn’t wait to watch the video of them raping my wife and her boyfriend. I heard my wife’s car pulling up in our driveway at about 2:00 am, as I was just getting started watching the video, so I cut the camera off, and I got in our bed, and i was acting like I was asleep. My wife went into our shower and she stayed in it for about 2 hours washing her filthy used up pussy. She threw all of her clothes in a trash bag and threw them in our outside trash can, and she slept in our other bedroom for the night.

I got up and I took the video camera down in my basement and I hooked it up to the big screen TV. I turned on the TV, and the video camera, and I saw Crow with a gun to my wife’s head, and the old white hobo with a knife to her boyfriends neck walking in this old rundown motel room. Crow pointed the gun to her boyfriend and told him to empty his pockets. Crow went through his wallet and put some cash in his pants pocket. My wife gave him her purse and he took her cash out of hers.

I heard Crow tell my wife’s boyfriend to take off all of his clothes and he did. The old hobo told him to get on the bed and lay face down. Crow ordered my wife to remove her skirt and blouse. My wife started crying as she removed them. Crow told my wife to go over on the bed and that he wanted her to lick her old boyfriends asshole and get his asshole good and wet. My wife crying said no, and Crow put the gun to her head and she went over to the bed, and spread her old boyfriends ass cheeks open and she started licking his old puckered asshole with her tongue. As she did this Crow and the old white hobo removed their clothes.

Crow was an old rough looking black man and he was very black skinned, he was about 65 years old and he was sporting a 12 inch uncut cock. The old white hobo was about 70 years old and he was sporting a 7 inch uncut cock. He was very dirty looking with a gray beard and tattoos on his body. He was very skinny and his old uncut cock was rock hard sticking straight out.

My wife was busy licking her old boyfriends asshole and his 6 inch cock was very hard underneath him. The old hobo said that is enough, to my wife, and he told her to get on the other bed with Crow. He then got on the bed with his knife to her boyfriends throat and he said you like fucking married woman don’t you. He said you know that that bitch is married don’t you. The old man didn’t say anything. The old hobo said since you like fucking married woman I think that you should see what it’s like getting fucked, and he said get on your knees you mother fucker, and my wife’s old boyfriend did what he was told. The old dirty hobo then pushed his very hard cock deep in the old man’s asshole making him scream in agony. This old hobo fucked my wife’s boyfriend in his asshole for about 10 minutes and he quickly shot his load up his old asshole.

As he was fucking my wife’s boyfriend, Crow was making my crying wife suck his big black uncut cock. Crow was humping my wife’s face with his big black balls slapping her chin until he grunted and groaned and he shot his load in my wife’s mouth holding her head tight against his body making her swallow his load.

The old dirty hobo walked over to the bed that my wife was on and he made my wife lick the shit off of his dirty cock from fucking her old boyfriend in his asshole. Now hard again he took his knife and he cut my wife’s pantyhose open along with her panties. He put the knife to my wife’s throat and he started kissing her running his filthy tongue down her throat as he guided his stiff uncut cock in her hairy pussy. The old filthy hobo’s hard cock was running in and out of her hairy pussy in a bow hog grinding fashion, his old dirty gray haired balls were slapping her asshole with his every stroke. He eventually grunting and groaned and I noticed his old puckered asshole winking as he emptied his balls deep inside of my wife’s hairy pussy.

Crow then wife to get on the bed with her boyfriend and make him clean her hairy pussy with his tongue. My wife got on the bed on top of her boyfriend and she squatted over his face with her hairy pussy dripping the old dirty hobo’s cum, and Crow pointed the gun at him, and ordered him to lick my wife’s hairy pussy clean.

Crow was very hard, and he ordered my wife to get on her knees above her boyfriends face and he mounted her hairy pussy as her boyfriend was looking up at Crow’s big black balls slapping her hairy triangle. He fucked my crying wife for almost an hour, until he grunted and groaned, and I saw his old asshole winking, and saw his white cum oozing out of my wife’s hairy pussy all over her boyfriends face.

The old hobo was hard watching this, and as soon as Crow removed his big black uncut cock from my wife’s well used pussy, he took a position behind my wife’s ass, and he told her boyfriend under her to suck his dirty cock again. Her old boyfriend opened his mouth under my wifes dripping pussy and he started sucking the old hobo’s cock. He then positioned his very hard cock up to my wife’s asshole, and he forcefully pushed it into her, making her scream in pain. The old dirty hobo fucked my wife in her asshole for 10 minutes, and he grunted and groaned, and he emptied his gray haired balls deep in my wife’s asshole. He then pulled his shitty dick out of my wife’s asshole and he made her boyfriend suck it clean for him.

Crow then did the exact same thing to my crying wife. He shoved his 12 inch uncut cock balls deep in my wife’s asshole and he fucked her with her boyfriend underneath them. He had a perfect view of this big black cock running in and out of her now gapped open asshole. He grunted and groaned and he also emptied his big black balls inside of my wife’s now bleeding asshole.

Both men violently raped her boyfriend and my wife wife two more times that night. After they were though with them, they both told each of them that if they reported this to the police, that they would show the video of both of them getting raped in their assholes to the employees at their workplace. Both my wife and her boyfriend begged both of these dirty hobo’s, not to ever do that, and they both promised them that they would never report them to the police. All four of them got dressed and left the old dirty motel. I watch this video many times watching these two filthy hobo’s rape both my wife and her boyfriend. My wife and I got a divorce a few months later and I still have this dirty video that I can use against both of them as anytime that I want, but for now I will just keep it and jerk off watching my pretty wife have her holes torn open.
The End

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By Husband With A Plan #Bisexual #Cuckold #Interracial #Pics #Rape