Cheating Wifes : The party girl

Now that the stage had been set by my husbands father and son bosses they both became regular visitors knowing as they did that I could not say no. Sometimes 1 or both may turn up in the middle of the day as my husband toiled away in their offices, Roger seemed to have a penchant for having a blow job, he found it amusing knowing that my husband would kiss me when he got home unbeknown that I had been sucking on his bosses cock and swallowing his cum only a few hours earlier. Dave on the other hand preferred to fuck me upstairs on the marital bed as he listened to me telling him how much I loved his thick cock inside me – in between my moans! – then emptying his balls deep inside me and watching his cum drip from my pussy as he dressed.
Many times they would catch me just before I would be leaving for work and whilst I would complain that I was in a rush I was inevitably gently pushed to my knees, watch as they unzipped their flies then suck them both to “satisfaction”, – both looking down at me, watching my head move back and forth, my mouth up and down their long pink shafts, my stifled moans of greedy pleasure as I waited to taste their salty cum – before quickly rushing to work having swallowed 2 loads of cum. They had probably never seen my husbands cock but they knew it was too small and I was now their whore to use. I remember on one visit I was between Daves legs as he lay on the bed, sucking on his dick when when my tongue went a little to far as I licked his balls, going behind his sack “do it again” he said this time raising his hips a little, My tongue flicked behind his balls and this time over his rim, I sensed he really approved of this and began to probe his arse ” you dirty slut” he murmured but it worked as minutes later he had a huge orgasm. It was during one of their visits that this story starts, whilst in the midst of being vigarously spit roasted I was asked if I wanted more, thinking they were talking about that moment in time, as I felt my body rising to climax I panted “Yes” – I had unknowingly just uttered my consent to being the star attraction at a party!
I was reminded a few days later, the idea seemed ridiculous, abhorrent even, but whilst my mind said “no” and the thoughts of my hardworking husband ran through my head deep down I felt a twinge of excitement and after all I could just not see it through and go home. I agreed to meeting at Rogers house 2 days later in the midst of the afternoon. On the day I decided I should look my sexiest and so turned to my silk lingerie drawer for inspiration eventually going for black silk – stockings, suspenders, lace knickers and bra, all barely covered by a mid thigh length skirt and blouse.
I got to the house around 3 and was ushered in by Dave who walked me through into the kitchen and offered me a glass of wine “We have your husband working overtime tonight so no need to rush the party” he said grinning.
“But before you get too involved I think I should get top billing”
I knew exactly what he meant and sank to my knees, gently kissing his skinny frame until I got to his swelling manhood, pushing back his foreskin I began to do what he wanted to use me for, looking up at him first before I began to worship his cock
“God that mouth of yours is so good” he said softly as my tongue worked on his cock
“Mmm tell me how you like it”
“You know how much I love your cock filling my mouth, the taste of your cum in my throat” I gasped as I massaged his balls.
“Fuck! here it comes babe” he said suddenly gripping my head as his semen began to flood my mouth, so much thicker than my husbands thin and watery efforts. I gagged first then swallowed hard of as some dripped from the corner of my mouth. His cock pumped hard 4 or 5 times before subsiding and begin to soften
“That was some load!” I said as I looked up
“I think you may have plenty more this afternoon” he replied
“Before we go through to the lounge let’s make you a little more comfortable” he said
He undid my blouse and took it off swiftly followed by skirt leaving me in just my silk lingerie, then put my overcoat back on me
“Come on, let’s go meet the party” he said as he led me to the lounge
He opened the door, I could not believe my eyes, there must have been 10 guys in there, some I recognised as they worked with my husband and some complete strangers. In one corner was a chap named Mike and his wife
“Hi Sam” she said “Mike said there was a party so I have tagged along, not many of us girls here yet though, some party eh” she said. I smiled nervously, she obviously had no idea of what was going on.
“Gents” said Dave ” here is our party girl!”
I scanned the room again and my eyes caught a black guy, probably in his 50’s and overweight, with very little body hair his black skin seemed to shimmer. My eyes were drawn to his crotch not only were the stories true in his case but also the size of his balls amazed me! a huge ball sack cradling to full balls. I looked up at him, he had caught my eyes looking at his crotch and just smiled.
At that moment Dave removed my coat, the room fell silent as their eyes caught sight of me in my sexy underwear, some were friends of my husband but I got the feeling it wasn’t going to matter this afternoon!
3 guys stood up and walked over to me “Very nice” said one as I felt their hands begin to explore my body, one working up my inner thigh, over my stocking tops and gently rubbing my pussy through my knickers before I felt him push inside my knickers and ease a finger into my dampening pussy. My firm tits were pulled from the cups of my bra and 2 mouths began to tease and suck on my nipples, hardening them.

I reached down with both hands and felt 2 hardening bulges waiting for my attention “What the hell are you doing Sam!” cried Emma, Mikes wife. She may aswell been talking to someone else as her words fell on deaf ears.
One of them pulled his hands from my knickers and kneeled in front of me, he eased my pants over my stockings and I stepped out as they reached the floor, my trimmed pussy in front of him, I parted my legs a little as I stood there and watched as he buried his face in my crotch, I felt his tongue eagerly trying to explore my willing pussy, I held his head and rubbed against his mouth. Another released my nipple from his mouth and knelt behind me, he began kissin my butt cheeks then I moaned with pleasure as I felt my arse cheeks parted and his tongue tracing around my rim then probing a little, I felt dizzy with dirty desire, lustful, greedy for cock as I was lead across to a couch. Sat down my legs were parted and his tongue now easily found my pussy as he began to tease my clit, circling it and licking my now soaking pussy.
I hardly heard Dave’s next announcement
“Gents” he declared “please remember that our girl loves to swallow so if her pussy is full don’t be shy”
With that 2 off my husbands workmates climbed onto the couch, their hands rubbing their hardening shafts, even though I knew them both (and their wives for that matter) I knew that complaining was futile, instead I reached up, taking each in my hands and drawing them towards my mouth, they needed no encouragement as I began to suck each one in turn.
The guy between my legs was licking eagerly, I wrapped my stockinged thighs around his head, he slipped his hands under my arse and held my pussy tightly against his mouth. I could feel an orgasm building, my hips moved up and down and I held his head tighter with my thighs, taking my mouth off a cock quickly I began to moan as I came, my juices soaking his tongue but quickly my moans were stifled, the guy using my mouth had been close to cumming too, he pulled my head back on his cock, his first heavy ejaculation filling my mouth as his thick end slid towards my throat, swallowing hard his pumping cock quickly filled my mouth again, his cream was thick and warm, my hand massage the cum from his balls.
My own orgasm subsided about the same time as his, as he rubbed the last drips from his cock over my lips I watched as I released the guy from between my legs, still kneeling between them he pushed my legs apart, I could see his thick hard cock waiting to enter me. I had no idea who he was, I was about to let a stranger fuck me, I closed my eyes as I felt my pussy lips being parted by his manhood, he eased himself inside me slowly, pushing 7″ into me, I wrapped my legs around his waist and utter the words
“Fuck me hard”
His hips moved faster, cock ramming in and out as I sucked greedily on another
“Wow she’s hot” I heard him say, “thank God your old man is work so you can suck my cock”, he pulled his cock out, “c’mon babe, give these balls a good suck” with that he held his cock against his belly and pushed my face to his balls. I did as I was told, my body rocking from the hard fucking I was taking, here I was, a married cock slut entertaining
my husbands friends and strangers.
Deep inside me I felt the warm flood of cum, the stranger was emptying his seed into me and I could do nothing about it. As he jerked and grunted in me the guy on the couch began to wank his hard cock next to my face then releasing his hot cum over me face and tits, soaking into the black lace bra I was still wearing.
Picking some cum off my cheek with his cock he wiped it over my lips
“That taste good babe?” he said “better than your old mans I bet”
“Mmm, yes” I replied breathlessly as I licked him clean.
I looked up waiting for the next
“Do you mind fellas?”
Across the room the fat black guy was getting up
“Not at all Ben” one of them said “bet the slut has never had black before”
He walked toward me smiling, his long black cock swinging, his big balls hanging between his legs. I realised I was out of my depth now but still looked on, mesmerised, even though he was overweight with a far belly it didnt seem to matter now. He stopped in front of me, lazily wanking his hardening cock
“Hope hubby wont mind if I give his wife a nice bit of black dick” he said as he climbed onto the couch. He rubbed the purple end over my face
“Let me see you suck on my big black cock babe”
I opened my mouth wide, my lips stretched around him, I felt so dirty as I took a few more inches, my tongue working on his shaft, the whole room watching as my hands move up the back of his thighs and onto his buttocks, my white skin caressing his black arse, my face hidden from view, they all listened as he spoke to me
“That’s it babe, you love sucking my cock don’t you babe, how about taking some more in that nice soft mouth of yours, mmmm that’s good, now tell me you want my black cock inside your pussy”
I couldn’t answer obviously, instead I just tried to nod my head
He pulled from my mouth and moved off the settee, he pulled me down onto the floor then knelt between my legs, he moved his body over mine, his heavy belly resting on me. I reached down and grabbed his cock, guiding it to my pussy
“Oooh, someone’s greedy isn’t she” he said, “tell me what you want”
“I want your big black cock to fuck me” I moaned
“Course you do babe, and that’s what I’m gonna do”
I bit my lip as my pussy began to stretch around his girth, even when I thought I was full I reached down and realised he still had a few inches to push inside me.
Slowly he began to fuck me on the floor in front of them all, I looked across the room and noticed Mike was fucking his wife, maybe she had told him he couldn’t have me or maybe he couldn’t wait any longer, either way she had her legs tightly wrapped around him as he pounded her
Ben began to fuck me harder now, I knew I was going to cum again and soak his dick
“Fuck me, I’m cumming” I moaned “fuck me hard, breed me and empty those big black balls inside me”
That must have tipped him over the edge, he buried his face in my neck, pushed every inch of his cock in me hard before gasping and releasing his seed. His big balls were certainly full, I could feel his cock pumping, squirting their thick seed deep inside me. Soon he had finished, he pulled his spent cock out of me, I looked down at it, the black shaft glistened with a mixture of my juices and his creamy white cum
“Thank you” I said as I began to clean
him infront of the room
I was totally unprepared for what happened next, lying back expecting another of my husbands friends I looked up to see Mikes wife standing over me
“A lovely show so far Sam” she said ” now it’s my turn”
I had never had a lesbian tendency in my life I just watched helplessly as she began to lower her cunt over my face, I could see Mikes cum dripping out, she lowered herself over my mouth
“This is the only way you are going to get Mikes cum you slut now lick me” she ordered

I pushed my tongue into her and began to lick Mikes cum from her soaking pussy, she rubbed back and forth over my mouth slowly bringing herself to orgasm. As Mikes cum oozed into my mouth her breathing became heavier, her hands on my head she moaned loudly as she climaxed over my tongue and face.
There were still around 5 guys who I had not pleasured but they were all so aroused they could hardly wait their turn. As one lay on the floor I impaled myself on his waiting cock and began to ride him, he pulled me forward, I felt someone behind me and moving between his legs, my arse cheeks were parted and a stiff cock circled my tight arse then began to push, within seconds I was taking 2 cocks, 1 in my cunt another in my arse. On each side of me a guy was wanking his hard cock.
“Oh fuck” I heard the guy behind me moan, he gripped my suspender belt and began creaming into my arse
“Every time I see you with you hubbie I want to fuck you” said one wanking to the side of me, ” but you are so prim and proper, aloof, ignoring us, but look at you now, taking cock like a married whore” with that he pushed his cock into my mouth, mouthfucking me briefly before cumming hard in my throat, gagging me, “here’s some for your old man when he gets home” he gasped
My cunt was being flooded again now too, my third load inside me. 2 guys remained and I knelt as they both came over my face, in my hair, over my tits.

The room smelt of the pungent odour of sex and cum but they were now all satisfied as I lay exhausted, I could hear beer cans being opened as I pulled on my knickers, I needed to get home and clean before my husband got back. I tried to sneak out but stopped at the door “Maybe we will meet again” said the black guy as he reached up between my legs “I reckon that pussy wants more cock than hubby can give and needs proper fucking and filling” I smiled nervously before walking slowly home.