Cheating with My Big Brother

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Cheating With My Big Brother
Rodrigo’s place was in a part of the city that Bil usually avoided, but he had agreed to watch the game there. He also missed his big brother. Their relationship had never been the same after Bil’s coming out.
He knocked on the front door and Rodrigo came quickly, shook his hand, and took him to his small living room. The place was neat, small, the walls brown, and there was a pleasant smell. It was better than what you would assume he could afford. Rodrigo was a physical education teacher in a high school.
When he wanted to be, Rodrigo was cool and funny, and Bil liked being around him. He brought beer, and they started to drink before the game. He asked Bil how his boyfriend was.
“Yeah, he’s sick, but it’s not the virus,” Bil said. “Anyway, he still preferred to be isolated, so he’s staying in a small apartment his family bought.”
Rodrigo nodded, asking nothing else. Bil watched him for a while, noticing how his big brother matured, and somehow his handsome face only got better.
For a while, after Bil came out, Rodrigo had hated him. He went from homophobic and hating his gay brother, to being civil, and nowadays they were starting to recover. It made Bil feel better, like their family was healing.
The first half of the game passed without excitement. Soccer was something they had in common, although they rooted for different teams.
Bil thought it was a good opportunity to invite Rodrigo to watch the next game in his house – his brother and boyfriend didn’t get along at all, but now he could bring him without problems. Rodrigo gave Bil a funny look and complained that he has never been invited before.
Bil sensed some resentment. But Rodrigo accepted the invitation a few minutes later. Bil’s boyfriend and friends wouldn’t enjoy Rodrigo’s company – and his brother knew that, so why would he be mad now? Did Bil really play a part in pushing his brother away? He was so ashamed with the possibility.
“Sorry, man,” he said. “I should’ve been more insistent.”
“Don’t worry. Come on, bro. It’s fine.”
His words and his mannerisms were saying different things. Rodrigo didn’t even want to look at Bil.
The second half of the game was about to start.
All of a sudden, Rodrigo took off his shirt. I watched. His body was impressive. His skin was dark but a bit pale. His arms, chest and back had bulging muscles, and naturally gleamed. He had received their father’s dark complexion, while Bil, their mother’s whiteness.
Bil drank his beer to satiate a sudden thirst. He knew that Rodrigo thought his little brother was a sexual deviant because of his sexuality. So he had always been self-aware about it when close to him. Looking at his brother’s body, and appreciating, brought back all those conflicting emotions.
Bil even got the sense that his brother wanted to be looked at, and felt like he was in some kind of dangerous test. His heart raced.
Bil’s team scored. His brother didn’t take it well, and started to insult them.
Bil told him that he was a sore loser, that he was full of bullshit, and that his team was the worst. He said all those things while smiling, expecting it to be the usual trash talking banter, all friendly.
But Rodrigo stared at him, and seemed to take things personal. He called his little brother a sissy who thought too highly of himself. Then, he turned back to the game in silence.
What the hell? The silence heightened the absurdity of his outburst. The game kept going.
Bil wanted to defend himself, so he looked at Rodrigo, and his brother’s hand was on his crotch. His shorts were small, so it looked like the abnormal bulge was about to burst out and tear the fabric apart. Holy shit, he didn’t know his brother had such a big cock. Touching his bulge, scratching his nuts, that was a normal behavior for a guy. Rodrigo was shirtless, grabbing his large volume, intent on the game.
Bil’s anger dissipated. He was trying to peek at his own brother. Something was wrong with him. Brothers didn’t try to peek.
Rodrigo was still not looking at him, and he felt dirty each time he stole a glance at his big brother’s manhood. He was feeling very small compared to him. Wait, was Rodrigo’s volume bigger? Getting hard?
Rodrigo said something.
“Your team. A bunch of pussies.”
Bil couldn’t answer back. Rodrigo laughed and looked at his little brother, making him vulnerable. He kept attacking with offensive comments, Bil’s team were a bunch of pussies, the kind of guys that liked to bend over, bite the pillows. He was talking about Bil too. It was getting on his nerves. He wanted to say something, to fight him. Instead, his cock got hard.
At that moment, Rodrigo’s team scored a goal. As he jumped, he got closer to his little brother. Bil took a deep breath.
Rodrigo was next to him, trashtalking his team, calling them fags, men who liked to have their asses creamed. He knew it was affecting Bil. He knew what he was doing… but knowing these things didn’t help.
“Your cock is hard, little brother,” he said.
“I-I don’t,” Bil began, but his voice abandoned him. Rodrigo took his hand and placed on top of his huge bulge. It was so insane that all Bil thought about was how much bigger it was than his boyfriend’s cock.
Bil squeezed, filling his hand with his brother’s bulge. It felt thick and hot. The shape and size of that cock were clear to his touch, and it was throbbing. It was unbelievably hot. He removed his hand.
The game was going on. Bil’s team was losing now. He missed that development but wasn’t even mad. He could still feel the impression of his brother’s cock on his empty hand.
“You’re thinking about it, aren’t you?” Rodrigo asked. Bil looked at his smile, then smiled back, shaking his head, giving himself away. It was hot. It was wrong… But it was hot. “Look at it.”
His left arm went behind Bil’s shoulder, hugging him. His free hand grabbed his shorts and slowly pushed it down, liberating his dark cock.
“Please, Rodrigo. This is insane. I don’t wanna look.”
“Yes, you do. There you go. Just look at it. Bro, you want it. You’re drooling.”
“I’m not,” Bil said weakly. “I have a boyfriend.” Shit. This was the wrong thing to say. Rodrigo laughed.
“It doesn’t matter. You looked at my cock and you got hard. You’re craving. Keep looking at my cock. I didn’t tell you to stop, pussy.”
Bil wanted to deny each of his assumptions, but that bulging dick kept getting my attention. He wanted to look at his brother’s shaft, the dark skin, the huge red head, the pulsing veins. It was hard to admit he was right. Bil looked at the TV for a moment, where his team was being humiliated.
“Shit,” he said.
“Yeah, they’re a bunch of cocksuckers like you. That team sucks and you suck.”
“I think I better go, dude,” Bil said.
“Have a taste, at least.”
Bil couldn’t believe that this was his brother, that he was offering this horrible thing, and that Bil was considering.
Bil looked down at that beautiful cock again, so long and thick… shit, his mouth was watering. This couldn’t be happening. But it was. He wanted to suck his brother’s cock.
The smell of armpit invaded his nostrils, and instead of being repulsed by it like he should, Bil’s cock began to lurch, each intake of his brother’s manly musk resulted on a twitch that denounced him. The game was almost over. Bil was losing. Losing the game. Losing time. His cock knew what he wanted.
Bil gently handled his brother’s cock. Rodrigo waited. Bil squeezed, feeling the throbbing and the warmth. He was scared by how good it felt to hold it. It was so much bigger than mine. He mentally asked for his boyfriend’s forgiveness.He bent over his brother, and put that big cock in his mouth.
“There you go,” Rodrigo said triumphantly, pushing Bil’s neck down. “Make your dream come true… cocksucker. I always knew you wanted it.”
Bil was offended, but… he was a cocksucker, and he was sucking his own brother.
The sensation was crazy and unreal. He needed to be careful, but also wanted to suck hard. He couldn’t put his whole length inside, so he stayed on the top, it was too big. He deep-throated his boyfriend’s easily, but his brother… what the fuck? Where did he hide this cock all this time?
“Tell me what you are,” he said.
Bil mumbled on his cock. Rodrigo forcefully removed his cock from his mouth.
“Say it so I can hear, cocksucker.”
“I’m a cocksucker…” Bil was looking at him, already missing the big cock in his mouth.
“And do you like it?”
“Yeah,” Bil said. “I love being a cocksucker,” That earned him the cock back.
Rodrigo relaxed under him, called him his bitch. He pulled on his hair and made him suck his cock slowly, then faster, on the head, on the balls. Bil smelled his sweat, his cock, his balls and his pubes – it was strong, manly, big and powerful.
He kept sucking after the game was over and received a big load on his face while he was being called a cocksucker.
Bil went home with the taste of his brother’s cum, and he had to look people in the eyes and pretend nothing had happened. His boyfriend wanted to see him, but he couldn’t look at him. He feared his boyfriend would be able to tell.
The next few days were weird. Bil had a boyfriend, and thought himself a respectful and faithful man, but he had sucked his brother’s cock, a big juicy cock, and loved it. It was a new reality, hard to assimilate. His voice calling Bil a cocksucker ringed in his memories. He had long term erections thinking about Rodrigo.
Bil broke the quarantine many times after that first time. He was a newly made cocksucker slut for his brother and wanted to please. He visited Rodrigo at his place after saying goodbye to his sick boyfriend, feeling shitty about himself, but eager to suck cock his brother’s cock and eat his cum.
But the next big step they took was anal. Rodrigo told Bil he wanted to fuck him in his own house, where he lived with his boyfriend, while he was sick. Bil arranged a day. A part of him was happy that he was again close to his big brother, even if in a twisted way.
Rodrigo arrived. The brothers greeted each other normally, and Bil served him a beer. His house was bigger, the TV larger, but he was waiting for his big brother’s approval. They sat close to each other. No need to pretend now, right? But they still acted like two brothers hanging out. It only made the anticipation grow. The game was about to begin.
Rodrigo told him to get another beer. Bil obeyed quickly, only to come back and find his big brother with his cock exposed. The sight of that black mast with its red head almost drove Bil nuts. He still managed to walk calmly to his side and handed him the beer. Rodrigo started to drink. Bil glanced at the exposed cock a few times, to show him that he wanted to start, but Rodrigo ignored him. Bil knew his brother wanted him to take the initiative. He went for it. He grabbed the big wood and stroked slowly. Those first strokes were magical. He saw pre-cum leaking out of it and his mouth watered. How did he turn into such a slut for his brother so fast? It was crazy.
He told Bil to take off his clothes.
“I want to see my baby faggy brother’s bum. I hope you’re excited.”
“I am.”
“What about your cuck boyfriend?”
“He’s still at the apartment, isolating himself,” Bil said, guiltily, while removing his shorts and showing him his white ass. He was grabbed, groped, with enough strength to leave some marks. His big brother was very strong.
“Are you ready to take my big cock up your ass?”
“I think I am,” I said.
“I know you are… Look at this pussy, it’s so tight,” he said, pressing a finger against it. Bil never thought he would be so aroused in his life. He finally admitted to himself that he had always felt something for his hot brother. “See, you love getting something up your ass, don’t you? I knew you were a slut, pussy boy.”
“Hmmm, that feels good.”
With a slap on his buttcheek, Rodrigo told him to kneel and prepare his cock first.
Bil knelt between his legs, as he was called names. And he worshipped his brother’s cock with his mouth.
Rodrigo reached for his ass with a finger and massaged his tight hole.
“Don’t stop sucking, I’m just making you ready…”
Bil mumbled on his cock, nodding. He was drooling all over his big brother. He told Bil to suck his balls. The smell of his balls invaded Bil’s nostrils, but he wanted even more, so he pressed his nose on them, inhaling as much as he could. He sucked each nut, then both.
Rodrigo pushed his face hard, completely drawing Bil in by his masculine musk, the smell of manly sweat. Bil’s cock was dripping cum on the ground, he was very close. Everything was good, the taste of skin and the weight of cock against his cheek.
Rodrigo pushed his brother away.
Bil looked up at him, sitting back, lips throbbing.
“Fuck! You’re good… , my own cocksucker, such a good little brother,” he said.
“Thank you.” Bil missed his cock already.
At his command, Bil bent over the little table on the center. He spread his buttcheeks apart and rejoiced at his compliments. Bil had to admit aloud that he always wanted to get fucked by his big brother. Bil didn’t think it was true before, but now he couldn’t be sure. Rodrigo began to touch his hole, then slipped a finger inside.
He used his tongue too. And that provoked a squeaky moan out of Bil, recoiling from the pleasure.
“You love it, don’t you?”
“Yes, I do, damn…”
As he was fucked by Rodrigo’s tongue, he looked up at the TV screen, and his team was losing again.
For some reason, that made his cock lurch and twitch, and he realized too late that he was cumming.
Bil moaned loudly, and Rodrigo, when he realized his little brother came without his authorization, got mad . But all Rodrigo had to do was keep working on the hole, and his little brother’s cock was hard again, ready for another go. He still slapped Bil’s ass a few times as punishment. Bil thanked him for each one.
Rodrigo announced he was going to fuck him now. It was crazy. Bil was so afraid, and so excited. Then, he felt two more fingers slipping inside his ass. He let out a big ‘fuck’.
“Say what you want, pussy boy… Tell me and I’ll give it to you.”
“Fuck the shit outta me, brother… I’m ready.”
“That’s how I like it,” he said, and his slaps kept coming.
He spent a lot of time grooming Bil’s ass. It worked. He found himself needing more and more. Rodrigo said his ass was ready, and just like that, his cock entered him.
Bil laid face down on the table and closed his eyes. He tried not to make much noise, but couldn’t stop the squeals and begging and painful moans.
He could feel his brother’s whole length, the thrusts were slow, first going balls deep, but then Rodrigo started fucking, and he was a good fucker. You looked at Rodrigo and could imagine that he was good, but what Bil felt was pure bliss. That cock was magical. His boyfriend could never make him feel that way with his small cock. He knew for the first time how it felt to get pounded by a big cock.
When he came, his creamy juice filled me up. Bil felt incredibly dirty. Rodrigo’s cum was warm too. He opened Bil’s ass and watched closely as his cum flowed out of his little brother’s, and all Bil could do was close his eyes and enjoy the sensations. His whole body was shaking.
A few moments later, Bil put his clothes back on. He thought about all that he had to lose by doing this with his own brother: his boyfriend, respect from friends and society, especially the rest of his family. It terrified him. But he didn’t want to stop.
Rodrigo turned to Bil then, saying that now that he had fucked him, he didn’t want anything to do with him anymore.
“Why?” Bil said, hurt. He didn’t know what he had done wrong. His brother’s serious face broke into a sly smile.
“Nah, I’m just fucking with you, bro… I just wanted to remind you what you had to lose.”
Bil couldn’t even say he was mad at his brother’s arrogance, because it now was a turn on.
They took a shower together, bantering like two brothers, while their cocks got hard. Bil felt more and more confident, knowing that Rodrigo only wanted this to go on as a secret, but also a way of connecting to his little brother.
When they left the bathroom, Rodrigo asked Bil if they would be using the couples’ bedroom next.

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