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It was late on a Friday afternoon and I was loading the last of our overnight bags and Tiffany's cheer bag into our car. This had become so routine over the years, I could pack me, my wife and my step-daughter for her cheer weekend trips in my sleep. Tiffany had been doing cheer since 6th grade and had made the Varsity cheer squad in High School as a sophomore. But this was her last cheer comp, her last time putting on her cheer outfit and competing as she was now a senior and graduation was only a mere 25 days away now. After football comes basket, which she cheers for both, but something I learned early on, cheer is an almost year-round sport. Early spring, they had competitions, called Comp Season. Which we were heading to this weekend. The trips were never very far, but a few of them a year were just far enough away we would stay overnight in a hotel. She had been accepted to Clemson back in December, just turned 18 in January and was busting at the seams to graduate and move off.
"Hey dad… are we all packed?" Tiffany asked as she walked out of the garage, but not looking up, staring at her phone.
"Yea honey…" I grunted, closing the back of our Explorer.
My step-daughter walked slowly towards the car. She was wearing a pair of short khaki shorts and a white V-neck soft cotton t-shirt that was probably one size to small, as it rode just across her belly button. She was very petite but had developed over the past year. She was only 5'1 and at most 110 lbs. soaking wet. Her size helped her make Varsity as a sophomore as she was perfect to be what they called the "flyer". The top of the pyramids and the one they throw in the air during their stunts. But her body had slowly developed with very tone and tan legs, small, but noticeable ass, and just smaller than handful cup size, about a B-cup? I am a guy after all, lol. She looked up at me, flashing me her gorgeous smile.
" Oh… I'm so nervous, excited, sad" she said, hugging herself… "this my last comp, but I'm also going to college." She opened the car door hopping in giddy.
For this particular weekend, the competition was scheduled to begin at 9 AM, which meant the girls had to be at the gym by 6:30. The drive wasn't exactly that far, roughly two hours, however, it was the end of March, and March Madness was almost over, and my favorite team was playing in the Final Four tonight and I was NOT going to miss… that came on late, since we are on the east coast and the game was being played in California, so I had decided we would leave right after we got home from work on Friday. I had also looked ahead and done a bit of research and picked out a hotel that also had a restaurant and bar and was only 5 minutes to the stadium. My wife, Melissa, came out of the house, looking much less downtrodden than Tiffany.
"Come here…" I said, holding out my arms, taking her into a hug.
"It's her last one," she said with bitterness.
Our embrace was interrupted by Tiffany knocking on the window from inside the car using her hands to motion us. I gave my wife a kiss on her forehead as we climbed into the car.
The ride was only about 2 hours, but traffic was slowing be down just a bit and I was getting more and more anxious as it was ticking closer and closer to tip-off. Ahead I saw the sign for our exit coming up.
"Finally," I said with a sigh of relief, to no one. Looking over, my wife had dozed off and in the rear-view, Tiffany had her headphones in zoned out. We checked in, the whole time I was anxiously tapping my foot and as soon as they handed us our room keys, I turned towards the bar.
"You sure you got the bags babe?" I looked back, a pleading looking in my eye.
"Yes, yes…it's only an overnight bag, go… go… watch your game…".
"Thanks…" I muttered as I made a bee-line to the bar. My wife and step-daughter grabbed their overnight bags and went up to the room. Showering and changing with plans to come down after and eat dinner with me.
The bar was empty when I showed up and the count-down to tip-off read 2:43. I had made it. I ordered a beer and settled into the stool for the game. A few minutes after tip-off another gentleman sat down next to me. Turns out, we were fans of the same team and quickly struck up conversation making small talk. Right before half-time, I eyed my wife and step-daughter coming through the lobby. I turned towards my new friend. "
Well, there's my wife and daughter," nodding in their direction, "but, if you're still here watching after we eat, next drink is on me?"
He smiled, "Sure."
We sat and had dinner, Tiffany completely engrossed in her phone the whole time. My wife made a few attempts to chat with me, but my attention was glued to the game only making the short "not paying attention" "uh-huh" yea… right" comments. Dinner was quick, my wife hadn't much of an appetite all day, with her feelings of apprehension about this being the last cheer trip. I looked at my wife.
"I'm sorry honey… I know you're feeling down, I don't mean to be rude tonight." Kissing her cheek.
"No, no… it's OK. But I think I am ready for bed…I just don't have an appetite."
They left to turn in for the night and since the restaurant and bar were an open setting, with no other customers, the bartender was also our waitress, so I moved back to the bar, where my new friend was still watching.
"Just add our dinner to my bar tab please, if you can?" I said to the bartender.
She nodded and held up an empty glass.
"Yes, please…" I said, taking my stool next to my new bar-friend, "well, I said next beers on me if you're still here? Mike." I said, holding out my hand. He nodded, smiled.
"Sure. I'm Greg" he smiled, as we shook hands. I turned back to the bartender.
"And Greg's next beer is on me as well."
"I saw the game was getting tight" I mentioned, looking up at the screen, taking in the score.
"Yea, Simmons had 1 foul in the first half and then picked up 2 quick, and quite dumb fouls within the first 5 minutes of the second half, so they had to take him out for a while" Greg explained.
Simmons, being our best player, being out allowed the other team to make a comeback. I had fully expected to have a beer and watch the game, however, with Greg now to chat with, being quite a pleasant surprise, the beers seemed to go down much easier. The game ended up being tied and going into over-time making Greg and I anxious and louder. Our team finally pulled out the win, making two free throws with .7 seconds left to win by two. We celebrated with two shots of whiskey.
After it was over, Greg and I said our goodbyes with high-five cheers and I settled by bar/dinner tab. Looking at my tab, I was a bit surprised at the total, running my finger down the check… I had definitely drunk more beers than I thought I had. (But, isn't that usually the case? Lol)
I could tell that I wasn't quite drunk… yet… but that with those last two shots, I would be wobbly very soon. As I entered the lobby, I quickly realized, I hadn't even been to the room yet. I pulled my room key out, looking for a number, but Melissa had taken the sleeve with the Room number and Wi-Fi password with her and all I had was just the plastic key. I went to the desk to ask, quickly feeling the buzz of the night's excitement fading into a groggy confusion. I had to repeat my room number to myself as I walked feeling my concentration skills fading as well.
I finally made it to the room, easing it quietly. It was dark, with the shades pulled and I could hear the soft sounds of Tiffany and Melissa sleeping. I didn't want to turn on a light, so I clumsily and not very quietly, stripped down to my boxers… and climbed into bed. I was fully filling the shots now, feeling more than tipsy and the excitement of my team winning had quickly turned into a playful friskiness as I snuggled up behind my wife.
I was behind her, scooching forward to spoon her, so I could press my body into hers, but close enough to run my hand around her waist, up shirt and across her breast. As my hand grabbed her breast… I froze… my eyes opened… this was NOT my wife.
In my clumsy buzzed stupor, and having not been to the room beforehand, paid zero attention when I walked in at who was in which bed.
I laid there, frozen. Afraid to move. But, my cock, already growing hard…obviously didn't understand and was almost fully hard and beginning to press up against her ass behind her. She moved a bit, just a little wiggled and a little yawn. I guess from feeling me, but she didn't wake up, that I knew of, but her little wiggle did make her ass press into my cock more. I was hard now, and my cock was stick up in my boxers, the head poking at the opening in my boxers, my shaft slighting resting between her cheeks through our boxers and panties. My hand hadn't moved, but it was still against her breast and in under my palm, I could feel nipple starting to get hard.
My brain was spinning through the fog as I began to take notice of more things around me. Tiffany was only wearing an old over-sized t-shirt, that when standing would come down to her knees, and a pair of soft blue cotton panties. Her t-shirt had ridden up in bed and was now bunched around her waist. And from where my hand was, I knew she wasn't wearing a bra. Up until this point, it had been completely accidental, but…I couldn't believe how hot it also felt at the moment. I was half thinking, slowly sneak out of the bed, but now, I was half thinking… maybe act like I haven't noticed yet and I started kissing the back of her neck and ear… while rubbing my hard cock against her ass from behind. She was still asleep at this point, I'm pretty sure. Not positive. She was moving a bit, but I'm pretty sure she was still asleep.
At this point, my cock as rock hard and the head was beginning to poke out through the front of my boxers against her ass through her panties. She gave a soft moan as I slide my hand from nipple to nipple now, licking and kissing the back of her neck. I even made sure I whispered, "mmm…Melissa…" as to play into the I didn't realize who it was.
Let me point out here, that Tiffany and my wife are very similar. Very petite. My wife maybe a few inches taller and a few pounds heavier. But their bodies aren't so different that I wouldn't notice, but my wife if definitely more busty. Which is why it wasn't until I had my hand under her shirt, I hadn't quite noticed. Had I been completely sober, I probably still would have climbed into the wrong bed but would haven't made my hand as far as it did.
I pressed a bit hard with my waist from behind her, making small short pumping motions. The head of my thick cock was now completely out through the front of my boxers and rubbing against her soft panties. I slid my hand down her stomach, slowly, but careful not to tickle her, to the top of her panty line, keeping my fingers on top of her panties… I slid my fingers down over her mound between her legs. God, it was so hot and warm between her legs and felt very damp. This time she moaned a bit again, pressing her ass against my cock and turning her head just a bit more into her pillow. (I was starting to think she was a bit aware now of what was going on) When moved…her legs parted ever so slightly, giving me enough room to slip my cock down between the back of her thighs. Pushing my cock forward as I spooned her, the length of my shaft slid up against the back of her ass while the head started massaging into her cunt.
Reaching over, I pulled my hard-thick cock out through my boxers let the hot shaft slide between her legs from behind. My cock was throbbing. Reaching back around, I gently slipped my finger under her panty line this time, moving down over her mound to her clit. Pausing, giving it a little rub. When I did, I felt her body tense a bit and sounded like a bit of a muffled moan. I was sure she was awake at this point and was doing nothing to stop me. If anything, at times moving in a way to help me. My sunk lower. I almost moaned out loud when I felt her slit. Soaking wet. I dipped my finger into her sopping wet hole and again she moaned into the pillow… grinding back against me more.
I pulled my finger out and brought it to my mouth. Tasting her. So sweet and musky. I leaned down and began kissing her neck again continuing to rub my cock harder against her pussy through her panties. At this point I was leaking pre-cum all over her panties and she was soaking through them. I reached down, pulling her panties to the side, letting my thick mushroom head graze against her wet slit. I had to keep stifling moans myself since my head wasn't buried into a pillow like her.
I kept slowly humping, massaging her pussy with my cock, smearing my pre-cum all over her mound and clit now. I had to have her, and I placed the burning head of my cock against her. I could feel her body as she gasped slightly, feeling the large bulb head at her wet entrance. I began to rock into her, my cock parting her wet lips, her juices soaking the head of my cock. I could feel her tight pussy slowly stretching around my cock, opening for me, until the head popped in.
I moan and quickly placed my mouth on the back of her neck, looking at my wife. Making sure she didn't wake up. Tiffany's body had stiffened feeling the large head stretch her tight cunt open. I my hand still rubbing from nipple to nipple as I felt her relax a bit. I started pushing my cock deeper. It took everything I had to not ram my thick rod into her stomach. Her pussy gripping my cock taking it inch by inch. Her breathing ragged and quick now. I finally my cock bottom out inside of her. My balls pressed tight up against her clit getting soaked as she leaked. My cock felt like it was radiating inside of her. So long and think…I slid my hand down to her belly button, thinking it felt like the head was that deep.
After a moment or two, I started to pull back. Her back arched and she moaned. Her pussy now filling the void where my cock had just been. I only pulled halfway back before I pushed it back in. One stroke. Not hard, but firm and all the way. I could hear her gasping and I could fell her pussy leaking onto my balls and down our legs.
I placed my hands on her hips and began pumping into my step-daughter. Her tight dripping pussy sucking my cock into her body with each thrust. Not a quick pace, but a steady pace. Just enough you could hear the faint sound of that nasty wet pussy as my cock filled her. I started taking longer and longer strokes. My cock felt like it was pushing into her stomach each time.
She moaned into the pillow and I felt her pussy tense on my cock as her whole body stiffened. Her legs started quivering a bit as I kept pumping, letting her pussy cum all over my hard cock. Her moans going into the pillow. The bed between us now completely soaking wet. For such a petite girl, her pussy got wetter than I had ever seen.
Feeling my own lust growing, I rolled onto her a bit from where we were spooning. I was semi laying on her back while she laid prone under me. My large body above her pushing her down into the bed. Knowing my wife was only a few feet away, I started to fuck my step-daughter now. My balls smacking her pussy. It didn't take long until my own orgasm coming as I thrust into one last time. A long hard stroke. Holding my cock there as I erupted inside her stomach. My cock pulsing. Thick rope after rope of hot cum filled her tiny cunt spilling out around my cock into the bed between us.
As I lay down on top of her a bit, I could feel her leg quivering against my leg. When she felt my huge cock explode inside of her like a faucet, shooting hot jizz into her cunt, it made her cum again. I laid there until we both calmed down a bit, gently rolling off of her. She made no motion to move and I could hear my wife still softly snoring.
After a few minutes, I got up and went to the bathroom and cleaned up. I waited a few minutes. I wasn't sure if she was going to get up or what exactly would happen next. Eventually, I came out, it was still dark, and no one had moved. I climbed into bed, the correct bed this time, behind my wife. I felt spent and drifted off to sleep within a few minutes.
The next morning, I woke up just to catch a glimpse of Tiffany walking out the door and my wife shaking me,
"Come on, get up sleepy head. Get dressed and meet us for breakfast, we have to get a move on it" my wife said.
I got up… wondering if I was dreaming last night. I got dressed quickly and just as I was heading out, I noticed something on Tiffany's bed. I moved the covers a bit and there was a huge wet spot on her blanket. Mostly dried by now. Staring at it… I didn't how I was going to face Tiffany as I turned to go downstairs to meet them.
That's the end of the first part that I'm working on… if you enjoyed, please let me know, there will be more.

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