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Have you ever heard of a middle-aged college professor who seduces the wide-eyed idealism and innocence of barely post-pubescent female students? Well, that's me. I guess I'm the cockmeister of Granite State Community College, something of a big dick in a little pond of fishies.
One of my favorite little fish last semester was a coconut colored Latina with a beautifully laughing smile, cute softball-sized breasts, a button nose, and childlike awe and wonder at all she was learning.
I imagined her undulating young pussy wrapped around my cock, riding me cowgirl style, piercing her baby hymen in her first time at the rodeo. One week late in the term, after fantasizing about Marlena during class, I ran to the faculty men's room and whacked off my hard-on.
After the next week's class—where I deliberately positioned myself in front of her desk, which puts the bulging manhood in my crotch at her eye level—she asked to speak to me privately. "I'm worried about my grade," she elaborated.
That kind of request was usually my opening. She watched me pack my briefcase and walked with me to my office, chatting about the evening's topic in class. I would call that the epistemological foreplay.
Marlena sat alongside me at my desk as I ran my finger across her line in my grade book. I breathed in her delightful scent of bubblegum, herbal shampoo, and flowery perfume. She wore a tight orange blouse and denim jeans and was looking at me eagerly.
"You have all A's and B's and an A-minus on the mid-term exam," I told her.
"I'm worried about the term paper," she spoke with shakiness in her voice.
"You write very, very well, Marlena."
She bubbled with laughter. "Last year writing was my worst class. It was very hard for me because I'm an ESL student."
"You write better the most of the kids whose first language is English."
"Oh!" she said, expressing delight as if I had complimented her beauty, averting her eyes, looking downward, and smiling. "But you make so many corrections on my papers."
"That's to help you," I said as I covered her hands with mine. She viewed me with wide questioning eyes as I lifted her hands and brought them to my lips. I kissed one hand and then the other.
When I let go of her hands, she held them up to my face and traced her finger against my cheek. I smiled at her and she leaned forward to kiss me on the cheek. Her full lips were soft and wet.
She startled me by saying, "I'm a virgin, Professor." She paused, licked her lips, and sighed. "I want you to open my flower."
I wrapped my arms across her shoulders, pulled her boyish body toward my chest, and kissed her on the mouth. She immediately began to rock and hum as we held a long, breathy kiss.
She was the most delectable nubile creature I ever beheld. I unbuttoned the top button of her blouse while she unbuckled her belt. My ardor grew as every swath of her golden brown flesh was revealed till she cuddled in my arms wearing only a pink tulip-cupped bra and matching undies.
I stood before her and she anxiously watched me take off my shirt, undershirt, shoes, socks, and slacks. I took her delicate hand and brought it to the slit in my boxers. I told her, "Touch me."
She made a soft groaning noise as her fingers gingerly danced inside my drawers and made contact with my swelling penis. She clutched my cock's head with two fingers and pulled it through the opening. My pecker was getting longer and harder as she did, and she seemed fascinated with it.
"It's so big!" she exclaimed with a twinge of laughter. "Will it hurt me?"
I laughed gently. "No, it won't hurt you … I won't hurt you." I held my cock up to her face, rubbed her cheeks and chin, and then rubbed my tool against her lips. She kissed the tip and I ran my probe up and down her neck, poked it at the base of her throat, and touched each of her little round breasts with it.
I again raised my cock to her mouth, now wide open, and she closed her luscious lips around my shaft. I rubbed the crown against her tongue and teeth inside her warm wetness while she yanked down her bra and exposed her oversized puffy areolas, all pinky and purplish.
I reached down and twisted her nipples, growing as hard as black onyx pebbles, as she vigorously sucked my cock, swallowing my sweat and her spit with loud, slurpy gulps.
The sight of this beautiful, supple goddess sucking my fat cock with her big eyes gazing up at me was as awesome as the feeling of her oral worshipping. I watched my cock sliding between her lips and could have popped in less than a minute.
I had to hold off, so I gently pulled my organ out of her mouth. She moaned in disappointment as a stream of saliva mixed with pre-lube dribbled onto her chin. I kissed her on the lips and she shoved her tongue into my mouth, simulating coitus with a seesaw motion.
She was shivering with nervous passion and droplets of sweat beaded up on her chest, neck, and forehead. I lapped up her salty dew and she whispered, "I love you, Professor."
I knelt in front of my demitasse and slipped my fingers in the waistband of her panties and slipped them down to mid thigh, revealing her pubis, veiled by a trimmed patch of black fuzz. I sniffed, kissed, and licked her bouquet while probing her pink pussy lips with my fingers.
Her hips swayed as her juices flowed onto my lips and hands. I sifted her fleshy labia between my teeth and tucked the tip of my tongue in her young, tight Venus. She had thrown her head back and was moaning from deep in her throat. Her baby cunt tasted like butter and salt.
With my tongue fluttering inside her delicious cave, I sucked her fleshy and damp mons and labia with my lips as her thighs rolled with an in-and-out rhythm and a never-ending vibrato note sprang from her throat.
My virginal cherub wiggled and sweated in an orgasmic dance as I clutched the rounds of her buttocks and feasted on her spewing nectar.
Without missing a beat, my little rabbit turned tiger and forced me flat on my back, cuddled up on my lap, put both of her hands between her legs, and dithered her lady parts while she took my throbbing dick in her mouth.
She licked it like a lollipop, nibbled my dick's flesh, and pulled on the head with her reddish brown lips until I ejaculated a foaming stream of semen into her anxious mouth, which she ingested with loud, musical swallows.
Marlena looked me squarely in the eye and said "I love you" again. She also said she needed to use the bathroom. After I accompanied her down the hall to the faculty restroom, both of us in our nudies, I checked my cell phone.
My wife, Lilly, had texted me: "WORKING LATE. STAYING OVERNIGHT @ THE OFFICE. LOVE, LILLY." Translation? My cougar wife was hooking up with either her co-worker, Rodney, or her young stud former client, Eric. So much for guilt! I was free to pursue my infidelity with my candy girl.
When Marlena returned, she brazenly juggled her smallish boobies, pinched her nipples with the fingers of each hand simultaneously, and beckoned me to suckle.
As I wrapped my mouth around her left nip, she puckered her lips and made a long drawn-out sucking noise. She swung her legs like a cross-country skier as I sucked her titties. Meanwhile, I pulled on my cockman and she twirled her pussywillow. Her pretty body wrapped in a wave of pleasure and she repeated, "I love you, Professor."
Examining, touching, and smelling her up close, Marlena was no fragile buttercup. Her arms and legs were sinewy; her buttocks, groin, and abdominal muscles were taut; and her shoulders were broad and almost masculine. Except for the strongly feminine odor of her underarm sweat and cunt juice, her body could be a small boy's.
Her attitude hence turned aggressive. Marlena kissed me breathily on the mouth, yanked my cock and balls in her cupped hand, and pushed against me, belly-to-belly, knocking backwards onto my office couch.
Delirium set in. My cock drilled her soft, sopping, pussy—as she shrieked loudly—till I fucked her hymen veil to shreds, blood splattering our inner thighs along with streams of my white goop, pooling in her ass crack. I went down on her and cleaned up her nether reaches with my big fat tongue, as I heard and felt her dainty but strong frame wracked in multiple O's.
My cock had no problem resurrecting and coming once more when she climbed on top and resumed fucking me.
Still telling me she loved me amid her grunting and moaning, thumped and humped like a couple of retro cha-cha dancers. When my penis was drained, she clamped her legs around mine and held me inside her delicate sponge.
"Why don't you say you love me, too?" she asked, tightening her grip on me. "I know you do. The way you look at me. The way you make love to me now. Why won't you say it to me?"
"I don't want to hurt your feelings," I started to say. "You're the same age as my daughters."
She laughed with her childlike joyfulness. "I know that. I don't want to marry you and have babies. I just want you to teach me about love and sex like you teach me about literature and poetry."
My inner satyr took over and my hard-on returned one more time. Tentatively, I turned Marlena around and rubbed my mushroom cap up and down her rectum before pushing it against her tiny brown dot. I opened as she groaned and my shaft penetrated her anus and colon all the way to my sack. She shrieked, gasped, and howled.
"Am I hurting you, honey?"
"Yes, like you're cutting me in open … Don't stop!"
My ultimate orgasm of the night erupted from my buttocks through my phallus and into her buttocks. Her tight little anus almost hurt as the muscles and veins of my incubus impaled her succubus. I anchored myself by reaching from behind and crushing her breasts in my hands.
As we rocked and rolled, Marlena drooled snot, spittle, sweat, and tears onto my couch cushions before spilling a huge glob of bright red blood from her asshole when I withdrew my member with a loud sucking-wind sound.
There was a moment of silence and I whispered, "I do love you, Marlena."
Afterward, I brought her to the faculty center's gym, where she could shower and change into clean clothes before going home. I offered her a ride, but she said her father always picked her up in front of the student center. She called him on her cell phone and she left me with a sweet, little girlish peck on the lips.
Usually, my seductions are one-nighters and even repeat performances don't carry over to the next semester. So, I was surprised when I got a call from someone named Pinson the following spring.
"This is Miguel Pinson, Marlena's father. I would like to meet with you and talk with you."
I was terrified. I tried to tell Miguel how busy I was and planned a way to be previously engaged during any date, day, or time he suggested. I was sure he was going to confront me about deflowering his precious baby girl.
"I'm in the lobby now," he said with a stilted Spanish accent. Marlena told me he was from the Dominican Republic.
I mumbled agreement and looked anxiously around my office—defensive positions, weapons, and escape routes. If I locked the door, Miguel would kick it open. I was at a loss. Was he packing a gun, carrying a switchblade, or wielding a machete? Whichever, he would use the weapon to subdue me and proceed to beat me, maybe just short of fatally, before finishing me off.
If he was carrying any kind of a knife, I knew he would take off my cock and balls before the kill. If he was a sadistic brute, he would bend me over and fuck me in the ass before executing me. All for taking the honor of his beautiful doll of a daughter.
At my door, a slight man with graying hair and a thin moustache, bade me hello. I motioned for him to enter. He spoke nervously, "How do you do? I'm Miguel Pinson … Marlena Pinson is my daughter. You remember her, no?"
"Of course, I remember her." How could I forget fucking her juicy and delicious blossoming womanhood?
"She told me what you did for her," he said and I tensed up, waiting for him to accuse or pounce, although, now seeing him, I thought I could take him.
"What did she say?" I asked as calmly as I could manage.
"You were the professor that encouraged and inspired her and told her she was smart and a good student."
He smiled broadly and I saw wetness glistening in his eyes.
"She applied for a scholarship and she got it. She's transferring to the state university next fall. She's the first one in our family to get an education. You were the one who got her started and gave her confidence."
He walked up to me, crying, and hugged me.
"Thank you, Professor Norman."
I said, "You're welcome," and the fellow kissed me on the cheek just like his hot baby girl had done earlier.
After Miguel was gone, I went home and joined my wife, Lilly, for a dinner of reheated leftovers and more than one glass of cheap wine. Following dinner we headed to the bedroom, where we rocked and rolled for an hour. All the while, I relived my romp with virginal Marlena, when I fucked her freshly popped cherry pie with my rooster.
"What got into you?" asked Lilly, breathless. "You were so long and strong tonight. Wow!"
I held my wife in my arms—quite an attractive dish herself, a real MILF—and told her, "Everyone needs someone to encourage and inspire them."

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