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Megan came home from college in early May and promptly landed a job for the summer as a lifeguard at the town pool.
My busty, bright, energetic daughter drove my car home around 3:30. She had two hours of free time before picking me up at school, where I was giving a final.
She drove home in her red onesie swimsuit and still had her whistle around her neck on a lanyard. With nobody home, brunette Megan kicked off her sneakers and peeled down her bathing suit as soon as she stepped through our kitchen doorway.
She stepped out of her spandex and walked to the fridge. She held the door opened and grabbed a blueberry yogurt, reaching for a spoon in the silverware drawer under the counter. The cool air felt good against her flesh and her ruby nipples perked erectly as she savored her snack.
She turned from the fridge and came face-to-face with my brother, Brian.
"Uncle Brian?" my brown-eyed girl screamed and dropped the spoon, which hit the floor with a clank.
"Wow, you're beautiful, Meg." My brother arrogantly stood in place, taking in the sight of his niece's nudity.
Megan didn't know whether to cover her full, round breasts or her hairy pubis. Her indecisiveness left all her charms in full view for her lascivious uncle.
"When did you grow up anyway?" Brian asked rhetorically, smirking and walking toward the twenty-one year old woman he had known since the day she was born.
"I didn't know you were coming over," Megan said lamely, now shaking with tension, but not knowing why.
Brian Hager stepped closer to his big brother's eldest daughter. He was wearing jeans and an undershirt, which really wasn't his style. She caught a vague hint of his perspiration odor and found it strangely enticing.
"I used to change your diapers," he said with a snarky laugh. Brian put his hand on Megan's plump butt cheek and she made no effort to break away when he wrapped his arm around her broad shoulder. Her cocoa-colored eyes fluttered as he lightly kissed her cheek.
My little brother has always played the bad boy to my good boy. He was the cool kid and I was the studious one. He was the risk-taker and I was the rational actor. He wore sandals and cutoffs and I dressed for success.
We are bonded as brothers for life, but did have one rather large bone of contention: I stole his college girlfriend—my wife, Judith.
Megan eyed the tent in front of Uncle Brian's blue denims as her traced the outline of her butt and the crease of her thigh. The pretty young athlete closed her eyes as she felt his fingertip touch her pudental dent.
She moaned in agonized pleasure as my brother swabbed his niece's vulva with his forefinger. My daughter shuddered when Brian dabbed his lips to taste her essence.
Suddenly, there came the patter of footsteps descending the stairs and Megan sprinted in the direction of the downstairs bathroom.
"Is Megan here?" Megan heard her mother's voice. She grabbed a fluffy towel from the linen closet and emerged from the bathroom to find her mother standing in the kitchen, wearing a silky robe, her face flushed, her eyes baggy, and her hair disheveled.
My daughter looked at my wife and my brother, swiveling her head from one to the other. Then she exclaimed, "Are you serious? Oh my freakin' god, Mom! You were having sex…with Uncle Brian."
Calmly, Judy informed her daughter, "Remember, I knew Brian first, before I met your father. You know the story. It's no big deal."
"Really?" Meg shrilled. "Does Dad know his brother is doin' his wife?"
"He doesn't need to know that," Brian said.
"Why would you hurt your father by telling him?" Judith asked dispassionately, adding, "What were you doing in the kitchen before I came down?"
Megan, mortified, stuttered, "N-n-nothin'."
Judith snorted, "Mm-hmm. Go get dressed. You have to pick up Dad soon."
Megan ducked back into the downstairs half-bath and tried to resist the surging urge to masturbate, but failed, sticking two fingers in her soupy cunny while the shower spray beat down on her head. My lusty cherub sprayed, peed, and came again.
Meggie wrapped her luxurious chestnut-colored hair and her flat midsection in towels and observed Brian and Judith her mother and uncle, talking animatedly in the kitchen, standing too closely together for in-laws.
Daddy's little girl gave no hint of things being out of kilter in her world when she came to pick me up at the community college.
"How was your final, Dad?" she asked, sounding chipper.
"Ha-ha, I always get nervous till I realize the student's asses are on the line, not mine."
"Oh, good, I hope he stays for supper."
"Me, too," Megan said. "He's always been my favorite uncle."
Dinner consisted of pizza, salad, and subs—all takeout, of course. Meg and her younger sibs—Melissa, Molly and Mack—were there normal, goofy, silly selves.
After cleaning up, Judy downloaded her fave miniseries from Cineflix and watched an episode with Melissa, while the rest of us played an interactive, multiplayer game, Cannibals in the City. Everybody died. Meg and Bri were especially competitive. Hence, Megan announced she was going for a run.
"Hey, I'll go with you," Brian offered enthusiastically.
My dearest darling daughter changed into her blue warmups, while Brian borrowed a pair of my shorts. They were two sized too big, and so he needed to hold them up with a belt—also borrowed from me.
Off they ran—and went no further than the path in the woods behind our neighbor's house. Megan jumped on top of her uncle after practically tackling him. She pinned his hips underneath her sinewy, spread legs and humped him, as she lifted off his shirt, unzipped her fleece warm-up jacket, and yanked down her elastic sport bra.
She took her reddened, ripe boob in hand and her nipples raw against his spiky chin stubble. My brother bit my daughter's tannish pink areola and she squeaked in ecstacy.
When Meg dropped her leggings, the aroma of her roiling sex pot singed her favorite uncle's nostrils. She rolled onto her side and produced a condom from her fanny pack.
"Like a fuckin' girl scout…be prepared," Brian kidded.
"Prepared to fuck!" she howled in heat.
My brother and my firstborn child consummated their incestuous lust as Brian drilled his dick in her nubile Venus for ten minutes, maybe more. After my brother's snake slithered out of my girlie's precious pussy, Brian enjoyed watching her pee a puddle of post-coital piss on the ground. Spent, the newly intimate ones kissed and cuddled for a moment, and each resisted blurting out words of love.
Upon their return for coffee and dessert with the fam, Brian reminded us he had no car and needed a ride. My slutty wife had fetched him. She called their afternoon romp in the hay "car fare." .
Megan chimed, "I'll bring you home, Uncle Bri," and I unwittingly played pimp by offering, "Take my car, sweetheart."
Discretely, Brian waited until they reached the parking lot of his condo complex before pulling out his cock and asking his lovely niece to blow him. Did she ever! Megan devoured his hard-rock member like a hungry lioness, sucking and chewing his balls and rubbing her cheeks in his gamey pubies. She took every millimeter of his boner in her mouth and noisily gulped every drop of his salty lava.
The next afternoon, Megan lied to say she was going to hang with her friends, but instead showed up on her uncle's doorstep. She spent the evening naked in her father's brother's bed—getting her cunt licked, her ass kissed, sucking some juicy dick, and going gaga for multiple-O's. Brian used three rubbers on my kid, twice in her puss and once in her butt hole.
"We have to stop, Uncle Bri. I'm ovulating, and if we do it bareback, we'll end up with mutants."
"I hear you," my brother told my daughter sadly.
By the end of week, Judy told her daughter they needed to talk. She knew Meg had been fucking Brian and wanted to make sure they ended it.
"I'm tired and sore from lifeguarding every day," Megan moaned.
"Good, go get dressed and I'll give you a nice massage."
Megan stretched out on her bed, sweaty and naked, with a beach towel draped across her sweet apple-bottom derriere. She thought nothing of Judith joining her topless, wearing only her wide-cut granny panties.
"Just close your eyes and relax, honey buns."
Judy squeezed a glob into her hands and rubbed some baby oil onto Meg's back. Two minutes of slow kneading, then deeper massaging, led to caressing the top of her daughter's neck and shoulders to the base of her spine, and then the backs of her thighs, knees, and calves.
Judy's baby girl gave an involuntary moan when her mommy's hands soothed one butt cheek and the other. She scarcely noticed Judith kissing the fleshy triangle above her ass crack. Then my wife started licking our daughter's bum.
Rapt in mutual passion, Judy rolled Meg over and felt her fully blossoming tits, pushing the heel of her hand against her daughter's swelling nipples. When Judith ran her tongue from Megan's cleavage to her belly, navel, and groin, the woman-child crooned, "Oh, mama, mama!"
Next, Judy put her mouth on Megan's hot, buttery vulva, wagging her tongue between the pulpy labia. Using the baby oil for lube, Judith inserted all four fingers of her left hand in our little girly's cunt and did the same with her right hand in the young chickadee's anus.
As her matronly mother stretched out her two holes with vigorous digital stimulation, snarling and biting her lower lips, Megan let out a primal cry, "Ahh!"
Megan proceeded to squirt vaginal liquid all over the bedspread and in her mother's face. Laughing, and licking her womanly juice, Judith told Megan, "It's my turn now."
Mom climbed on top of Meggie, her pendulous titties swaying and demanding suckling.
"You were one hungry cub when you were a babe, always looking for mommy's boobies—biting, pinching, and scratching my nippies." Judith peered admiringly at her daughter on her breast once more. "You made me come all the time."
A few minutes passed and Megan sat up to rub baby oil all over Judy's unshaven cunt and then ate out her mother. She came in spasmodic waves.
"O.M.G., Mom, we committed incest." Megan seemed horrified after belatedly coming to her senses. "It's like a crime. It's a sin, isn't it?"
"No," Judy scoffed, waving her hand dismissively while kissing and fondling Megan's breasts.
"Well, then, what would you call it?"
"Chicken soup for the vagina."
Mother and daughter snogged and laughed, savoring each other's sweat, funk, and overheated flesh.
In a flash, rapid footsteps pounded the stairs and 18 year-old Melissa came barging into the room.
Melissa stood there, stunned, silent. The younger sister-daughter opened her mouth to speak, forming an "O," but no sound emitted.
Judy, in her most authoritatively maternal voice, spoke. "Don't just stand there, Missy…Get naked and join us."

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