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Hi my dear friends this is Hari again with a real true story which happens a week back a beautiful sex time with my Chithi and it was my dream for more than 5 years and it come true a week back and coming to story that my Chithi name in Selvi (name changed) she was in her mid 30’s and very sexy attractive face and good structured pair of boots and also a nice curve ass with cleanly shaved pussy. I like to receive comments and also if any girls like to have secret relationship and aunties also welcome and I assure secrecy will be maintained at most and feel free to contact me.
Actually my chithi’s husband is an Marketing manager in a leading company in trichy and due to his work schedule he will be in travel most of the days in a month and also whenever he returns to home he used a drink a lot and go to bed it seems so due to this my cChithi is very much in need of screw her pussy and even more than 5 yrs I used to masturbate in the dream of my lovable chithi and without knowing this she use to speak and behave very friendly with me.
About 7 days back I went to my chithi’s house and she has 2 kids and they went to school and when I entered home as not usual she invited me like normally and I confused by her behaviour and I watched TV there for some time and I slowly entered the kitchen and I sat in the left and just started my chat with het casually and her voice shows a vast difference and I enquired her about the matter but she refuse to tell at first then I continuously asked her and then she started crying .
I ask her what happens? Then she said the her husband not at all showing interest on her and he really refuse her a lot and always fight with her and she really not feeling to live and she is patient only for their kids like she cried and I somehow try to convince her but I failed and at last and I slowly took her to the hall and ask her to seat in the sofa and I really speak to lot to convince her and at last she slept in my lap and cried at that time her boobs pressed my thighs.
It really feel me much and my tool suddenly wakes up and make a huge bulge in my pant and her face should surely feels that and that day it’s just went like that and I convince her and I went to my home and that day I masturbate about 3 time that night and I slept and after days I received a call from her and she said that her kids are going for a educational tour form their school so she ask me to come tonight at 9:00 pm so that we can go and leave them in school. 
Also though she is alone she request me to stay with her for two days and I accepted that and I said I will come about 8:30pm I reached her home in my bike and they are getting ready to start and at that time I saw her she is in a black saree with a low cut blouse and at once I saw her my tool wakes up and it become hard and I am sorry I really forget to tell about her size and she is 32 30 36 and mine is 7.5” long and coming back and I took them and started by bike and we went to the school.
The bus is ready to start and we left them and we started back to home at that time when she sat itself she pressed her boob and it really a heaven feeling and we started the bike and when in travel we chat normally and many time she pressed her boobs and also she kept her hand round in my stomach it’s really a superb feeling and once we reach the house she open the door and I parked the bike and we enter the room and then she said that she change the dress and come and also you change.
She went to the bed room and I changed in to my night pant and in my top its bare and she too came in the same blouse and petticoat but a transparent and netted saree and I really become so hot and I very eager to fuck at that same place but I controlled and I said her that I will sleep in the hall and you and sleep in the room but she said no problem come to room and sleep she said and we enter the room and once we enter she asked cant you able understand anything.

I got the point but I simply said no then she simple slapped me naughtly and she immediately hug me by saying ene ennal mudiyathu and she give a deep kiss in my lips oh god antha feeling yapidi irrunthu chu thariyuma and I too respond her and said chithi then she said don’t call me chithi call me thangam and we both went to bed and started I started my kiss from her forehead then in eyes and then in lips we exchanged our saliva for more than 15 minutes.
I kissed her ears then in her cheeks and in her neck then I removed her saree and kissed her boob with blouse then played with her boobs and then I played in the stomach with my lips and then I opened her blouse wow what a show it apadiya renda gundu manga valia vanthu chu paru chance a illa appadiya ava bra pichu pottu ava kaya pidichu nalla sappu sappu nu sappi ava rendu parupaiyum apadiya sappi yaduthu tan then apadiya ava pavadaiya avilthu ava thodaiya nalla massage panni ava kal fulla 
Kiss panni then apdiya en vaiyal ava panty ya avilthu mathuva ava pussy outer layer a nakavachu appadiya nakki then I fingure fuck her for some then she really vibrate her body and her liquid came then apadiya ava pussy la en naakka   vittu apadiya fulla la naaka vachu vothu kittu irrukum pothu ava apadiya edupa atti second time she came and she really beg me to insert my pennies but I tell her just control for some more time.
I show you the heaven and then ava apadiya variyoda enna pidichu ennaku marubadiyum oru lip kiss for more than 10 min then she kissed my ear lobes and then she kissed my chest nipple appa apadiya sorgathil parukira mathiri irrunthuchu then ava en night pantah kalati en innerah pidichu kelechuta apadiya en pennies ah pichu nalla neevi viduva then she said that her husband pennies is so small and I am a big one such a nice pennies she greeted me then ava apadiya 
En peens ah ava vaila vachu lollypop sapiduramathiri sappu sappu nu sappi kadutha nan apadiya ava vailaya vanthutan atha ava full ah kudichuta the ava apadiya ava boobs en vaila sappa kudutha the I played with her boobs for some time mean while my tool again gain its strength then she said to insert my pennies in her pussy then I inserted her and for my surprise it was like a virgin pussy that much tight it was then I slowly inserted it first ava konjam valila monangina. 
I give one force short then my pennies fully enter apadiya light ah vittu vittu yaduthan then ava kama pasila monanga arambicha konja narathu la ava apadiya oru varri yoda vagama said a vaga ma emmmm haaa emmm haaaaa nalla nalla superb ah saira da ahhhhh then after 15min I felt like cuming and in the mean while she came twice and I slow my speed and after 1 minutes I stared with full speed at that time ava apadiya ava edupa thuki mulu uchathil emmmm ahhh haaa emmm monagi nanga rendu parum  Sarthu ora narathula vanthom then apadiya ava mala sangu paduthan ava enn nathila kiss panni en valkailaya epadi oru sogatha 
Anubavichathillainu solli rumba santhosa patta appadiya konjanaram paduthu irrunthom aparam doggy style like that we fucked that night for 3 time and in this 3 time she came almost 10 times and we slept naked that night and we wake up morning and in morning one small secession went and in that day afternoon one secession went and that day night also we fucked twice and then we used to call each other only Chellam and we eagerly waiting for another fucking chance. I like to receive comments and also if any girls like to have secret relationship and aunties also welcome and I assure secrecy will be maintained at most