Chloe’s Prerogative

Life is crazy sometimes. My wife and I had been married for a couple decades. Her career
became more of a priority since having Chloe, my auburn-haired, hazel-eyed daughter.
Since my work was usually seasonal, and I could choose my hours, I usually had the most
opportunity to drive Chloe for social events and practices. Over the years, she enjoyed many
activities, such as dance classes, soccer, music lessons, art classes and parties… my least
favorite. She had a good head on her shoulders, but she often seemed naive and a tad klutzy.
To her credit, she was usually optimistic, even during the awkward growth period in her
mid-teens, when she transformed from the lanky and tomboyish kid I knew to a voluptuous
young woman in less than a year. Seemingly overnight, her curves and taut, supple skin were
impossible to ignore, especially when she wore old clothing that no longer contained her
feminine form. We’d discussed her clothing, and she wore the newer, more appropriate options
whenever she left the house, but she liked wearing her old clothes at home, because “they’re
more comfy,” she’d say. I never argued with her over comfort at home, because I knew I’d wind up
with an eyeful… eye candy I wasn’t getting otherwise.
As smart as Chloe was, she was painfully naive when it came to knowledge about sex, so much so
that I worried whenever she went to a party that was lacking sufficient oversight. We’d had many
conversations, and I always promised to be an open book for her questions and curiosities. As much
as I wanted to keep her safe and happy, I feared divulging too much would be overwhelming. Movies
and television shows with adult situations were usually good for prompting conversations. Every few
nights, we’d relax on the sofa and watch something together. She often had something in mind, but
sometimes I’d choose something a bit more risqué to stoke her curiosity.
One night in October, the air took a chill as the seasons started to shift. Chloe asked me to pick a movie,
and for whatever reason, I chose Thor. She was excited, because she hadn’t seen it yet and wanted to
see it, based on discussions she’d had with her girlfriends. About thirty minutes into the movie, as I
reclined at one end of the sofa, she laid down across the sofa, draped a blanket over her body and rested
her head on my lap. We weren’t physical much with each other, beyond hugs and playful banter, so I
was a bit surprised as she snugged her head in my lap. She’d previously showered, so her hair was still
slightly damp and smelled like coconut, a smell that reminded me of the lotion she’d smear on her
skin for summer sessions in the sun. … Her lightly tanned skin would glisten in the sunlight, bathed in
the glow of youthful vigor and luring my gaze. …
My attention drifted just long enough for a bulge to form in my shorts near Chloe’s ear. I tried to think
it away, but then I looked over at Chloe’s chest and saw her ample bosom peering out of a stretched
and recently torn V-neck. The rip was almost as deep as her cleavage, of which I saw every inch. Her
cherry pit-sized nipple casually rested against the softened edge of the torn neck line. Any hope of
squelching an erection faded hopelessly when I saw the blanket moving near her abdomen. I stroked
her hair and asked if she was comfy. Chloe seemed a bit startled when I touched her head, but she
quickly relaxed again, turned slightly to look up at me with her big, beautiful, wild eyes and said, “I’m
nearly there. Just don’t move.”
I wasn’t quite sure how to take that, but curiosity made me compliant. Her eyes returned to the
glowing radiance of Thor, and the blanket started moving again. Chloe’s wrist was making the blanket
bulge pulsate, and it sounded like her fingers were enjoying a wild, wet adventure enveloped in the
folds of her eager pussy. My erection was now rock hard, and not only pressing against the side of her
head, but leaking into my thin, loose-fitting shorts. I caressed the edge of her ear with a finger as her
quickened, hot and heavy breath wafted down my thigh. As her pace quickened, her body became
more rigid, and her chest was almost completely bare. I pinched her earlobe and pushed down lightly
on her head, making firm contact with my heated bulge. The combination coaxed her climax to completion,
and she unknowingly bit down on my thigh to keep from crying out. Her chest took on a pinkish hue,
as it heaved with large, controlled breaths. Her body shook a couple times, as she struggled to maintain
some control.
As her breathing slowed, Chloe turned to look up at me with subtle tears in her eyes. Her face was
red with embarrassment. She whispered, “I’m sorry daddy. I didn’t mean to. I didn’t know that…” I
interrupted her and said, “No, honey, don’t be embarrassed. I’m glad you felt comfortable enough to
be yourself with me. Don’t hide your feelings, and don’t be afraid. I’m happy we’re together, so we
can talk about this and whatever else becomes of it. I know you don’t quite understand what all
happened yet, but I want you to just enjoy the feelings you have right now. They’re good feelings,
and I hope you want to feel them again, whether I’m with you or not.” With that, she turned back
toward the movie. I could tell she was still struggling with her thoughts. Her mind was surely racing
through many different ideas and consequences.
After her body calmed down, Chloe covered herself and snugged back into the sofa. Her ear met
my bulge, which was making my lap lumpy, so she slid a hand between her head and my thigh. After
a couple minutes, she pawed at the remote and switched off the television. I’d been stroking her hair
unaware, as if routine, but as uncommon as it was, it seemed to put us both at ease. She looked at
the bite mark on my leg and asked what it was. I confessed that she bit me. Chloe traced the teeth
marks with her finger, as if making a memory to save for later. She said, “Did I really do that? Does
it hurt?” I affirmed begrudgingly, only because she wouldn’t let me shrug it off. She said, “How can I
make it up to you, daddy?” I said, “It’s okay honey. I don’t mind it a bit… no pun intended. Actually,
I like knowing why it’s there and that it’s from you, so don’t feel bad at all.”
Chloe then tenderly kissed the marks on my thigh and rubbed them with her hand. My erection
immediately twitched as her head settled back onto my bulge. She rocked her head a little bit, rubbing
it through my shorts. It twitched again, so she slid a hand under her head and felt my hardness. After
it twitched again from her touch, she slid her hand down my thigh and up into my shorts. My body
tensed up as she gripped my cock. Then she softly said, “I know you have to say something right now,
but I really wish you wouldn’t. … Just … wait … … If you say it, this will never happen again. … …
Just …

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