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Just a short little story/product review today:

A year or two ago, a fellow MHer rmended that we try chocolate lube. We immediately got some that was nice, but the other day, I saw on the ad at the top of the MH homepage that AloeCadabra now has chocolate-flavored lube. So I clicked on the link and bought the new flavor, along with unflavored and gingerbread-flavored! (The latter is for Christmas. A surprise for Melody!)

Due to a temporary condition, Melody (my kind and sexy wife) can’t use the flavored lubes right now. The unflavored one worked well this morning. And I found a great way to still get my cummy chocolate cream pie. Let me briefly tell you.

We have had the house to ourselves for a few days. Our daughter and her family (whom we live with) were on an “end of summer” camp out. Whenever we have the house to ourselves  the lovemaking is more prolonged and relaxed. It’s still great when the family is home, but even better when we know that no grandchildren will be interrupting us by banging on our locked apartment door.

We showered this morning, then Melody donned a sexy soft lace teddy with no panties. I donned my birthday suit. She did an erotic dance and posed for me as she stroked her nipples and ran her hands all over the soft lace.

When she lay down next to me, we had some great tongue tonsillectomy kisses as I also discovered how nice it was to rub my hand all over her boobies through the uber-soft lace. I still slipped the teddy down to orally love on her nipples.

“It’s fun to make ‘em hard!” I told my wife, who affirmed she liked me doing that.

I mixed some coconut oil with the unflavored AloeCadabra and applied it on and IN her sensitive pussy. Her pelvic condition is getting better, but she’s still overly sensitive down there. But no problem because I was very gentle.

Melody’s erotic dance and then her passionate kisses had told me that she wanted and needed this sex session! It’s interesting that the last two times, she came with her Doc Johnson iVibe set on low. Previously she always has set it to high.

We did some great mutual lips on nips as Melody buzzed her pussy with our mini wand. When she orally worked my man-nips we took turns pumping my rod. It all felt so sexually intoxicating!!!

Next I added some of the new chocolate flavored lube to her nipples. This was our second time using it, and the first time I had discovered that it’s best thinly coated on. So, I rubbed it in and all over her nipples.

“Why the chocolate lube on my nipples?” asked my aroused but still curiouswife.

“To have my protein-infused chocolate creampie!” I said.

“Oh,” she said, not particularly impressed at the time. (More on this later.)

I handed her the iVibe, and she began sighing as I sucked, tongue-flicked, and licked each nipple. My wife has beautiful breasts or “boobies!” Our honeymoon turned me into an obsessed boob man. (Obsessed with HER boobies!) That obsession has only increased in our 30 or so years of a sex-and-love-filled marriage!

Anyway, we took turns pumping me as she titillated my man-nips. As she pumped my cock, she could feel how hard and how big I had gotten. “Remember the rule,” she said. “If you can, you should!” (Meaning seize the day as far as when I’m ready to start intercourse.)

“Why do you say that?” I asked her jokingly. “Do you want my big hard cock to fuck you?”

She let out a big sigh as she squirmed on the bed. “I want Fred in my puuuusssy! Right now!”

I had gotten her started by lovng on her nips. Sucking my nipples and pumping my rod had turned her on even more.

I slid down into our right angle cuissade sex position. It felt sooooo gooood entering her that I exclaimed, “I LOVE fucking your pussy!”

“I love – having you – inside me!,” she said between my thrusts deep up in her caressing pussy! I could feel the vibrations from the iVibe too!

After several amazing sex-bonding minutes I exploded into her caressing cunt. (Caressing cunt because she was using her Kegal muscles to give my erection the ultimate marriage hug.) Melodie had been pinching her nipples and kind of wiped the chocolate lube off. So she handed me the AloeCadabra Chocolate lube so I could re-apply it to her nipples. Obviously, she was warming up to me eating our chocolate creampie off her tits.

I stayed inside her pulsating pussy for a minute longer, just relishing the experience. Then I carefully slid my now waning cock out and used two fingers to quickly scoop out our creamy and cummy love-sauce from her leaking pussy. I mixed the pussy-churned cream with the chocolate lube on her nipple.

For her part, Melody was still buzzing her clit, and to me she really looked like she was my honeymooning young bride. When aroused, I swear my Melody looks like a 25-year-old babe! It’s quite a turn on and a real blessing! In fact, this photo I chose is how I see my wife.

Moving on: after mixing the love-cream with the chocolate lube on her nipples, I dove in and feasted on the chocolate creampie! It was incredibly delicious! In less than a minute of my feasting in her chocolate cream tits, my Melody’s back arched as her body began violently jerking like she was getting repetitively tazed.

I briefly paused licking, flicking, and sucking her tit and rhetorically asked, “Are you cumming?”

“YES!” she called out in her sexy and husky sex-crazed voice. (I only hear that voice when she’s super horny!)

I immediately returned to my ministrations on he chocolate-cream boobies!

Melody purports to feel kind of weird about me eating our flavored creampies, but she finds that when I do it, she gets even more turned on and it almost always triggers her orgasm. In fact, as we cuddled in the afterglow, she told me that was the strongest and best orgasm she’d had in a while. She also told me that her clitoris had been able to handle the iVibe turned up to high, hence me feeling those amazing vibrations throughout her pussy as we fucked.

Later, we talked during breakfast and prayed to thank Father in Heaven for our very imperfect old bodies stilll being able to make love!

In conclusion, the AloeCadabra Chocolate flavored lube is awesome! Just spread it on thin and enjoy! I should add that we will undoubtedly be able to eventually apply the flavored lubes in my wife’s pussy, and then our flavored creampies will be pussy-mixed. Many times, I’ve eaten our tasty creampie directly from my wife’s cum-filled-pussy original source. But rubbing the cream onto her already flavored boobies works great too!

Also, the Doc Johnson iVibe has a looped handle that makes it a bullet vibrator that works well and is easy to hold onto.


P.S. I started getting turned on as we cuddled in afterglow, and so I returned to orally cleaning up the last of our chocolate creampie off of Melody’s hard nipples and all around her adorable areola. This got me hard again, so Melody orally loved on my man-nips as I used “Julia” to pump my cock.

Melody likes to talk for Julia, the vibrating male stroker she bought for me. Melody paused a few times with her oral ministrations on my nipples, and said, (talking for Julia), “Oooooo! I love having you inside my pussy! I like to think that I’m in charge when I’m riding your cock!” (Melody made several more similarments speaking as Julia.) Needless to say, I had a huge second orgasm!

A final note: Washing off in the shower and even hours later today, I could still taste our chocolate creampie on my lips.