Choosing My Sister’s Partners Ch. 03

tagIncest/TabooChoosing My Sister's Partners Ch. 03

I press the buzzer to call my sister to let us in. Only 10 seconds passes this time before she answers in her sweet, nerve filled voice.
"H..Hello?" She nervously answers.
"Sis, it's me already!" It must have been less than 2 hours since I left her dorm.
"Oh my, yes!" She's sounding both excited and terrified. The door comes free.
I beckon Bruce into the stairwell and we head up the stairs to the top floor. Jenna is standing in the doorway holding it open once again. She's got her pyjamas on, very inviting & soft pink heart top and bottoms. Well played sis. I embrace her and kiss her gently on the cheek. Bruce is in tow behind me.
"Sis! You look amazing. Here, meet our new friend Bruce!" We step inside the door and Bruce follows. I stand to her side and wave Bruce to come closer. He puts out his right hand to my sister.
"Wow, so nice to meet you Jenna!" He can't manage much more probably due to how strikingly inviting my sister looks, never mind her pyjamas increasing the sexual tension. Jenna delicately places her little hand into his big strong one and they shake hands. Bruce does a great job by straight away moving in for a polite embrace, and Jenna allows it. He does seem into her straight away, and her body language is already positive as well.
"Ok this is great, I'll go to the living room, you guys let me know if you need anything." I lift my hand towards Jenna's bedroom door as I move off to the living room, indicating to them to go in together. Jenna looks at me nervously and I reassure her with a nod and a stroke of her upper arm. She turns and opens her door allowing Bruce to walk in to her room quietly grateful that he has agreed to this, after which she locks eyes with me and mouths 'I love you' before going in and drawing the door shut.
That's it, I've done it. My sister will have sex now. I walk through to the kitchen diner, a long room with a kitchen and living room which has a full length, wide window to view the city from an eagles perspective. None of her room mates are here at the moment, so I sit down and pull out my phone. I try not to think about what my sister is doing at this very moment, as I struggle to keep my protective and lustful feelings for her at bay. My phone is still showing her pictures as I turn the screen on, which makes me feel strongly jealous. I shake my head and will my thoughts to change.
So instead I think about Tracey and what an amazing few minutes she gave me. Not 15 minutes ago I was deep inside her, giving her a quick cream pie. Huh. I wonder if the cafe is listed online. I search it and sure enough, it's listed on the map with a phone number. Hmm, should I call back, especially this soon? I to and fro on deciding to call, but then I think, what if she finishes her shift and isn't there? I need to get her personal number. So I dial the cafe.
"Hello, Corner Cafe, can I help you?" It's Tracey for sure, I feel warmth and relief fill my veins.
"Tracey, it's Elpy, I'm back at my sister's now! I'm thinking about you."
"Oh, hi Elpy! Yes, I am too. I.. What can I do for you today?" She seems to have to keep it professional sounding, well she is in a cafe I suppose.
"Sorry, I know you can't talk about it just now, but you are so hot, I'd like to meet you outside of your work. Can I give you my chat ID?"
"Oh, yes, of course I will take down that information, go ahead!" She continues with the formal guise.
"Add me, it's Elpy11, and my phone number is this… Also, you are incredibly sexy and I want to taste you." I tease her with heavy flirting.
"Ooh, oh great, yes I have that information, I'll get back to you soon, thank youuuu!" Her slightly smoky voice cracks occasionally when she sounds excited, and it's extremely hot.
"Bye sexy lady!" I flirt at her as we end the call. Now, I guess I wait some more and hope she chats me soon. I pocket my phone and decide to be a bit nosy. I sneak around into the hall way that has the bedroom doors and tilt my ear towards Jenna's room. Sound doesn't really travel that well through the bedroom doors, by design, so I don't really hear anything. I snap myself out of it and walk back to the couch. Just then, one of the girls comes through the front door and strides into the kitchen diner with a backpack and a bag of food. It's Marsa, who I have met several times before and is really friendly with Jenna and I.
"Hi, Marsa, so good to see you again!" I get up and approach her for an embrace. She drops her bags and accepts my hug.
"Elpy, great to see you! Is Jenna here?" She wonders.
"Yeah, but she's… busy in her room at the moment. You don't mind me waiting here? I can go out if needs be." I explain.
"Are you kidding? Then I'd be on my own in this huge living room!" Marsa jokes and makes me feel warmly welcome. "Actually you could help me cook? I want to make some Polish snacks. Marsa is from Poland. She's as tall as me, 5 feet 11 inches, with dark brown neck length hair, blue eyes, long legs and arms, and a cute, round yet defined face. Her chest is ample too, a bit bigger than Jenna in fact. Her thigh gap is incredible, she's wearing leggings and a thin vertically blue striped light cream shirt.
"I love food, I'd be glad to help but you need to direct me, I know and love Polish food but never made any." I explain as I agree to help.
"Great, I'm making a special doughnuts!" She starts emptying her shopping bag, there is flour, sugar, icing sugar, eggs, and other things.
We go over to the kitchen worktop and begin making her recipe. She gets me to sieve icing sugar and stir the mixture while she measures and prepares the correct ingredients. She tells me about her day, one of study, and I consider telling her what I have been up to when she asks me.
"Well this morning I was out at a client…" Before I can continue she is already inquisitive.
"Oh, your business, how is that going? Fixing computers yes? Actually I have a problem with my one too!" She rambles.
"Yeah it's really good, and yes, computer reliably break all the time don't they." I mirth at how profit involves the misfortune of other people sometimes.
"Yes it's so true!" She laughs. "I wanted to load my pictures yesterday night and they just didn't. I couldn't see them. I was upset even!" She sweetly explains in her soft eastern European tone, which is delightful.
"Oh, it doesn't sound too serious, I'm sure it will work fine when you try again." I reassure her.
"How much is it to fix problems from you?" She bluntly queries.
"Depends on the issue, I try to offer set prices for well used services and an hourly rate for general work. Which is £30 an hour."
"Fuck! That's a nice amount. I can't afford that one!" I've heard that before. But she is sweet and I humour her.
"There are other ways to pay for my help you know." As I say that, I realise it sounds ridiculously inappropriate.
"Oh really, like what?" Maybe it's the different languages, but she fortunately did not pick up on the innuendo of my words.
"If you let me eat some of these donuts, consider it a free assist." I throw her a flirting smile.
"I would like to accept your trade offer!" Marsa stands straight and offers a bow of her head with her hands flat together to respect my offer.
"I'm not doing anything so we can have a look after this." I seal the trade. "What was that by the way? It looked like a Japanese greeting." I allude to the little bow she just did.
"Japanese Samurai. I'm studying culture at university. Imagine me in a kimono for full effect." She explains. I look up at the ceiling and imagine.
"I like it!" I proclaim, sticking my finger upwards and looking at her. She giggles and blushes a little.
Once we have finished cooking the Polish donuts and sprinkled icing sugar on them we both go and sit on the couch and munch a few of them. We both check our phones in a quiet moment. Tracey has added me as a contact and sent a message so I load it up and have a look.
'Hi, I'm off shift now and about to head home. Look at what you did by the way…' her message is followed by a picture that I do a double take on seeing. She has stretched the front of her panties out and down to reveal her clit and labia smeared in semen, her panties in a total mess. The picture is unbelievably sexy.
"Wow…" I accidentally react out loud to the pic.
"What's happen?" Marsa chuckles.
"Oh nothing, haha just um, a message from a client." I lie.
"Is Jenna going to finish what she is doing soon?" Marsa figures she can't stay in her room all day.
"Good question, I don't actually know!" I can tell the truth there. "I should be here when she does though. We have a lot to talk about and catch up with!" I explain.
"Ooo, tell me instead!" Marsa sticks her nose in. I look Marsa in the eyes and consider how much to say.
"Okay, well in my news, I got um, well a waitress hit on me today which was interesting." I cover the truth slightly.
"Oh? Did you get her number?" Marsa probes again.
"Yes! I'm considering meeting up with her at some point, I don't know yet." I play it cool.
"I thought you weren't single Elpy?" She wrongly assumes.
"Oh? No, I have been single for quite a while, just having some fun in life at the moment." I explain.
"Being with someone is not fun?" She puzzles.
"Not necessarily… it depends what fun means to you at the time." I answer honestly.
"Oh! I didn't think of that. Doughnuts are fun." She jokes and munches her one.
"These are damn great by the way, you can have as much help from me as you like Marsa!" I slightly flirt again. "Why don't we go take a look at the issue now?" I suggest.
"Oh, okay! Thanks, yes, this is my favourite to eat. We made them together!" She offers to bump doughnuts together before we finish them and get up. We go and make coffee in the kitchen and then she leads me into her room, which is directly across from Jenna's room. Exactly the same layout, just furnished differently to her personal taste. As we go in I fire off a quick message to Tracey.
'Tracey, that right there is art. We created art together. I'm helping my sister with something at the moment, I'll send you a pic back as soon as I can! Please send me more if you want, it's extremely sexy x'
Marsa has opened her laptop and it's starting. I come over and sit next to her on the bed, which is the only place to sit other than the floor.
"Okay, you see this, all pictures are just a black square?" She shows me her problem. I hold out my hand and she gives me the laptop. I work on the problem, which takes just a minute, after which her photos all start appearing in various windows on the screen from when she has tried loading them up before.
"Oh!" She exclaims as some more intimate selfies start showing up on the screen. She's pulling off a lot of saucy poses in just underwear or pyjamas, and some well framed shots of her nude with the edge of the photo just above her mons pubis.
"Mmmm Oh!" I am hypnotized for a second as her intimate body is shown to me before I cover my mouth and exclaim.
Marsa is embarrassed into a silent shame with both hands over her mouth.
"Sorry Marsa! I look between her and the screen. "These are incredible, beautiful pictures!" I opine where I possibly shouldn't have, but this seems to bring Marsa back from the brink of permanent shame.
"Oi, stop looking!" She tries to cover my eyes with her hands.
"Sorry, I couldn't help it… Marsa you are stunning!" I hammer home how impressed I am by her pictures. I turn away from the screen and begin setting my eyes up and down on Marsa.
"You… You really think it?" Marsa seems surprised that I am not offended or think she is awful or something.
"Honestly Marsa, I might die and go to heaven for seeing those. You are so toasty." Marsa closes the laptop.
"Thanks I guess, oh and thanks for fixing it too I guess!" Marsa does well to stand on ceremony for receiving my help. "What means toasty?" She asks.
"I think you are a really hot, very beautiful woman." I deeply flirt with her now, looking longingly at her torso, having seen a preview of what is under her shirt and leggings. Marsa thinks about that for a second and stares at me somewhat expectantly.
"I…" She hasn't the words as her hand brushes along her collarbone in a shy seductive stroke. My eyes bear down on her and my body language is intense and lustful. I move my right hand across to place it on top of her left hand with which she is covering her collarbone. My warm hand on hers melts her inhibitions almost immediately, her eyes changing from alert and wide to lustful and dopey. I lean in to kiss her cheek as I collect her hand in mine.
After I kiss her cheek, she turns herself towards me slightly and moves her lips into my own. Our sweet doughnut breath intertwines and our lips tease against each other as we try to hold off on the first lustful kiss. My near side arm collects around the small of her back and my fingers press into her soft, toned stomach, her slenderness easily circumscribed by my thick, muscly arm. Her bottom lip falls between mine and I suck gently on it, feeling her lungs flow warm air over my face. Everything about her is so soft and gentle yet definite and toned. She responds in kind to take my top lip between hers and lick it with her tongue. Each beat of my heart must be pumping several cubic centilitres of blood directly into my penis now as it reaches full size in seconds.
As I continue kneading her belly, she guides my other hand with hers and places it on her chest, right over her left breast, then encourages my hand to stroke down into her shirt as we suck each other's lips intensely. My senses are electrified and feel the skin down her chest turn increasingly cottony soft as my fingers approach the bulk of her left breast. As my fingers collect her nipple she moans and leans back to lay on her bed. Her shirt and bra and strained as my big hand cups her left breast and my arm intrudes through her clothing. I gently lay her down and take my left arm from under her back. She's lying on her bed now with me bearing down on her as I drag my tongue past hers and over her teeth, tasting her sweet breath and soft mouth inside. I stroke her breast and squeeze it in my right hand while my left hand slides down her right flank inside her leggings, but outside of her briefs. We are both kicking off our shoes and positioning ourselves on the bed properly as my left hand drags across her thighs and threatens towards her pubic mound.
We are both moaning together loudly in anticipation and the sheer pleasure of our touch. Marsa starts pulling my trousers off to expose my black boxer shorts and the frighteningly thick pole straining inside them. I kick my trousers and socks off as I lightly touch across Marsa's panty covered pubic mound. She tries to remove my jumper and shirt too, but that requires me to release my hands from her body and my lips from hers which I resist for a moment. But I relent and my hands appear from inside her disheveled clothing to swiftly throw my clothes away.
I'm kneeling over her now, flexing my biceps a little and gazing down at her with only my boxers on. She starts groping my chest with both hands and feeling my muscles against her palms. Her breath flutters as her hands run the length of my torso and reach the line my boxers draw across my abdomen. She sees the rod pressing along towards the left inside my boxer shorts, a silhouette of pure anticipation and breathtaking pleasure. She soaks in the sight of it and glances up at me as if to be reassured. I gently smile and nod at her as I begin running a finger along inside the top line of her briefs. I feel the start of her clean shaven pubic mound as my finger sensually drifts across her middle.
Her fingers finally hook into the top of my boxers and she drags them slowly down, making sure to pull forwards and allow my cock to bound outwards immediately, rising above her like a crane. She finishes pulling them down over my ass to half way down my thighs and stops to pay some attention to my cock.
"This is wonderful…" Marsa whims as she fills her hands with my cock and balls. I moan uncontrollably on feeling her soft dainty hands touching my brutal shaft. She watches it closely as she gently pulls back my sheath to reveal my glistening, slimy glans. She has my precum flowing liberally as she uses one hand to massage my balls and the other to slowly yet firmly tug back on my cock, simulating intercourse. My eyes half close and I exhale with a pleasured groan as she takes care of me so well with her hands. She's encouraged and begins to sit up towards me, her face now straight above my cock as she tugs it back more quickly. My hand awkwardly tries to push further into her briefs, trying to feel more of her pubic mound and beyond. She looks up at me with my cock under her chin and gazes at me with lust. I meet her gaze and bring my lips to meet hers once again. Our kissing is juicy, my cock is noisy as she forces my hood back and forth over my sticky glans.
I feel her release from our kissing as she turns her head down towards my cock that she has worked up into a precum flooded, frothy mess. The proximity of the sexual stench on my cock overwhelms her senses and she stops for a moment to absorb the hypnotic aura of my tip in her face. I brace myself for her next exquisite movement.
Pulling my hood all the way back, I feel her mouth slowly envelop my tip, sucking at it as it continues past her teeth and brushes along her flicking tongue. If I had not ejaculated into Tracey earlier, Marsa would be getting my load just right now.
"Oooh fuuuck!" I can't help myself as my glans reaches the back of her throat.
"Mmmmmh!" She stimulates me even more as her moaning resonates through my cock.
She sucks on me like I'm some hybrid of an ice lolly and a straw, getting all the taste of my cock that she can from my shaft, and thirsting for more of my precum to flow into her mouth.
"Marsa, mmm…" I massage her back with my hands as she sucks as hard as she can on my cock. Her hands are now brushing the top of my ass as her wrists dangle over my abs. She keeps down on my cock for a long time, breathing through her nose and massaging my shaft with her tongue. I rock gently against her which makes my glans tap against her throat as she sucks and swallows the precum she is harvesting from my meatus.
When we finally decide to try something else, considering we could both happily stay like this forever, she slowly lifts her head off of my cock, leaving an exposed, bubbling wet shaft with mixed spit and precum oozing down all sides. My balls are wet from the connection we made and her lips and chin are wet and slimy. She looks up at me once again and I move down for more kissing. I can taste my cock from inside her mouth.
I finally have the chance to remove her top clothes, so I bring my hands under her shirt which I already unbuttoned and lift it up over her head, her arms following up and the shirt fleeing her body swiftly and drifting to the floor. Then I unclasp her light pink bra and carefully drop it down and pull it away from her chest. I stand up briefly to throw off my boxers completely and she sits with her arms by her side, letting me look at her breasts and stomach in full.
"Incredibly beautiful…" I mount the bed again and push her on to her back as I begin kissing her lips once again. She feels my hands press up into the underside of her big round breasts and squeeze them firmly, my thumbs flicking over her small pink nipples and my wet dick dripping bubbly precum on to her bare stomach. She moans blissfully as I play with her breasts and suck her tongue. Her hands clamber blindly for my dick as it spills tendrils of precum over her belly button and paints her stomach in clear slime.
I take a moment to use a hand and push my cock between her thighs. The powerful erection presses up between her legs and pushes at her vagina, protected by briefs and leggings. She can feel my length and girth stroking through the fabric and she squirms in delirious pleasure as I bear down on her left nipple with my mouth. I suck on her as if I was starving and a lash her nipple with my tongue as my hands wrap around her body and my cock fights her thin fabric.

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