Choosing My Sister’s Partners Ch. 04

tagIncest/TabooChoosing My Sister's Partners Ch. 04

It's late evening by the time I wake up. Marsa is still naked underneath my own naked body. Her room is warm and I don't feel any bite on the air despite being nude for so long. I want to try and check to see if Jenna seems okay so far since she is probably getting bred very often by Bruce. I peel myself from Marsa's curves and my fat eel like schlong unburies itself from inside her hot little vagina. She remains slumberous and looks stunning and vulnerable laying across her bed post sex. Her ass is a slippery mess and my front is the same.
I gently cover her with a blanket and put on my boxers and t-shirt and quietly exit Marsa's boudoir with my phone in hand and tip toe over to my sister's door. Placing an ear to it, I can hear muffled sounds of which are absolutely intercourse related. I just shiver with anticipation at the thought that it will be me inside my sister tomorrow. Jenna's gentle soft grunts as she gets laid sound so good. Bruce is incredibly lucky to get a taste of my little sister. I snap away from my jealous thoughts again and force myself to go to the kitchen for some water.
I stroll through like I own the place and apparently I've forgotten that this is an all girls dorm apartment and sitting on the couch are two of Jenna's friends, Eilidh and Alison, who are suddenly presented with their dorm friend's brother in a tshirt and boxers that don't leave much to the imagination.
"Oh god sorry, what am I doing!" I stumble to a halt and half cover my boxer shorts area due to it being very present and stinking of sexual intercourse. Eilidh and Alison stare at me and then each other in a moment of disbelief before immediately both downplaying the tension in the room.
"Haha! No no, make yourself at home why not?" Eilidh laughs confidently and Alison follows along.
"Yeah our place is your place, we love your sister!" Alison adds.
"I love her too, I really shouldn't behave like this but, hell you guys seem chill, thanks!" I excuse my presentation and accept their downplay.
"I'm so thirsty, grah!" I swan towards the sink. A few silent moments pass, probably as they watch my ass moving.
"Soo, we heard some things as we came in," Eilidh pries.
"In Jenna's room?" I turn and raise an eyebrow, thinking me and Marsa were probably asleep when they arrived.
"Yeah! So and you come in like this, what were you up to with your sister?!" Eilidh doesn't muck around and her question surprises me. I have to think quick to reply.
"Oh, I wasn't in my sister's room. She's with someone at the moment." I casually mention she is with a man and their eyes widen as I gulp a glass of water.
"Oh my fucking god really? Isn't that a first?" Alison gasps and covers her mouth, also watching my pectorals flex as I drink.
"Today is her first time finally, yep! You guys must be pretty close if you know that about her." I explain.
"Yeah, well she did say about her anxiety…" Alison confirms. "I wonder how she finally dealt with it?" She wants me to answer if I know.
"I'll let her tell you all that in her own words." I tease them dreadfully by refraining from gossiping about my beloved sister too much. But I also hear Eilidh whisper to Alison about something.
"But what about her thing about him?" Eilidh whispers followed by a dead giveaway glance towards me by Alison, which she sees me notice.
"Aaahmmm…" Alison blinks at me and look at Eilidh like she is a dummy. I wonder to myself if Jenna has revealed even more to them than I even know. What a day this is becoming. I raise my eyebrows and taunt them for more.
"I doubt there's anything about Jenna that you know that I don't!" I bait heavily for answers. Alison avoids eye contact but Eilidh is hooked to my gaze and is clearly desperate to gossip.
"Normally… Yeah that would maybe be true, but maybe not this." Eilidh looks worried as well now that she says that much.
"Is everything okay though?" I frame my curiosity as worry, because it could be something I don't know and that isn't good.
"Well yeah, it's not like bad or something, well I mean it's strange, let's say." Alison tries to mediate as she gets involved.
"Yo by the way if you weren't in your sister's room then where were you?" Eilidh suddenly sleuths back to how I ended up walking in half naked.
"Okay, okay slow down. I'll tell you were I was but what's this thing about my sister?" I bargain with these girls to let me know, I really want to hear it now. A measurable silence carries for some seconds before Eilidh breaks it.
"She's crushing on you man, like super hard, for a long time." Hearing it like that batters my chest hard, that she has felt so strongly to tell another person that she is attracted to her own brother is incredibly brave, foolhardy even. It resonates like thunder with my emotions. How do I respond to that except truthfully? I remain stunned that I've heard this from her friend.
"So, this is complicated girls and I had no intention of telling you anything, but if she's said that to you…" The girls faces light up with a curious confusion as what I am saying wasn't at all what they were expecting to hear I guess.
"Today we discovered our feelings for each other… as you mentioned. I feel like the luckiest guy alive…" I begin.
"Wow, that's saucy!" Eilidh is getting off on the drama.
"So it was her room you came from? You were having sex right? We heard it…" Alison tries and gets it wrong.
"Nope, I refused to take her virginity so we made a pact." I explain.
"Holy cow, what? What pact?" I can almost taste Eilidh getting aroused as she probes for more gossip.
"Shut up let him talk!" Alison is also peaked and I have their utmost attention as I walk over and sit opposite them.
"Okay well, I will sleep with her after she let me choose someone to take her virginity." They both gasp and make weird noises as I explain.
"I went out and found a guy and he's in there having sex with her right now. Also I came from Marsa's room." I drop an additional bombshell on them that was part of the bargain.
"Is Marsa home? Oh… What, did you guys?" Alison looks unsettled as my long fat cock can be seen through my boxer short legs.
"Mmhmm. This is all a secret though, let them tell you themselves should they want to." I demand.
"I'll try… I mean, yes, a secret!" Eilidh is a wild one. Alison just nods seriously at me, which is more the reaction I was after. They are both staring at my crotch, trying to get as much eyeful of dick as possible through my boxers. I sit there quietly for a minute and think about everything.
I wonder if Bruce will stay all 24 hours. I want to know my sister carnally as soon as possible, I am struggling to think about anything else. Of course he will, she has no choice and he is just a man. Trying to get my mind off my sister, I flip back to my phone messages with Tracey. Those pics are just great. I should send her a picture of me as well. Today was the day this story started for a good reason. Normally I will bring a girl home at the weekend for a night and then continue my life. Today has been a series of encounters resulting in fucking two women and starting a sexual pact with my sister. That should be enough excitement for anyone but I seem to be somewhat addicted already.
'Tracey, I was just thinking about earlier again, sorry no pics yet I am with company. Send me more of you please?' My text sends but sits unread for now.
"Elpy?" I hear Eilidh pipe up nervously and I look at them as they sit timidly opposite me.
"Can you do that for Alison too? The matchmaking thing?" Eilidh asks on Alison's behalf as Alison shies from my gaze.
"Oh! Man, well… That's a complicated question." Do I have time to headhunt her a mate? What are her preferences, why does she need that from me.. The question has more questions than answers. I try to explain.
"Alison, Are you having trouble approaching men?" Alison remains shy from me. Eilidh tries to cover for her.
"Men and women actually. Yeah our Alison here has had trouble. Like when we are out and she is pointing out someone she likes, she never follows through and I try to encourage her or even be her wingman… Person, she's always too awkward to let anything happen."
"Oh, well, that answers some questions. Sorry to hear that and I'll help if I can. What's in it for me?" I give Eilidh a thorough look as my cock gradually awakens and becomes more visible to them, a dark silhouette of an unmistakable shape lingers inside my boxers.
"Oh, ummm I…" Eilidh isn't sure what to offer in return for my help. A sexual favour at this point may seem of no value to a guy who has plenty of access to females already.
"Well why not just sleep with Alison yourself? That would satisfy everyone right?" Eilidh reasons. I think about the idea and gauge Alison's reaction. Her eyes have lit up and seems keen on the idea. I wonder to myself, what is this day, is it a blood moon or something? Alison shuffles on her seat impatiently for my answer.
"I'd be honoured to know Alison intimately, so that works, but since we are keeping things among friends, that means you should sleep with her too, Eilidh." They both take shock and look at each other wildly. Alison with a more searched reaction and Eilidh with a genuine recoil.
"Oh… I'm really not into women though…" Eilidh doesn't want to try lesbian sex with her friend. Alison looks defeated as the whole deal could fall apart.
"Alright alright, what about…" I rethink a solution.
"Eilidh sleeps with me if I sleep with Alison. If that all goes well, we can try a threesome if Eilidh is feeling more open to it." Alison's eyes sparkle and she nods her head excitedly. I throw her a coy smile as if I read her mind. Eilidh is thinking about it.
"Okay… I'll do it, if it feels right then we can try all together…" Eilidh is pensive but keen to give things a chance.
"Alright, suits me too!" I confirm some more girl action is icing on today's cake for me.
"Who's coming with me first?" I don't waste time. Both girls offer a hand to each-other suggestively, showing grace and politeness. Both insist on the other going first, I wonder if out of fear somewhat.
"Hey let's flip a coin." I stand up and pat my non existent pockets and my cock presses hard against my boxers, giving an impression of my ever present size.
"Fuck, haha! Well, you got a coin?"
"Uhhhmm… We are students, we got nothin!" Eilidh manages after catching her breath from sudden bulge exposure.
"No problem, just play rock paper scissors with each other. Best of 3!" I suggest they play against each other for the prize in front of them. They look awkwardly and nervously at each other and get ready to play.
"3, 2, 1, go…" They chant, Eilidh winning with her rock to Alison's scissors. Wow Alison, that is subtle for a bisexual.
"3, 2, 1 , go…" This time Alison wins with paper to rock, now it's sudden death and Eilidh audibly winces at losing her lead.
"3, 2, 1, go…" They both draw rock, with Alison switching each time and Eilidh sticking to 1 choice. The mind game intensifies.
"3, 2, 1, go…"
"No!" Eilidh cries as Alison covers her rock hand with her paper one.
"Yes!" Alison delights at securing an early encounter with me.
"Sorry…" She feels bad for beating Eilidh. They hug briefly and then look at me standing across their coffee table.
"Okay, lead the way to your room Alison." I offer my hand to Alison to help her up, her knees must be jelly now if she has struggled with making intimacy happen. As she eases herself up off of the comfy couch I get a good look at her. Sky blue eyes, neck length black hair, busty chest hidden modestly in warm clothes and a thin waist with really substantial thighs and strong smooth legs. Definitely going to be a winner for cuddly intimacy. The kind of girl you should have in your bed on a cold night.
I usher her in front of me towards the hallway after kissing her cheek, grabbing my phone and following her. Before I leave, I turn to Eilidh and give her a quick show of my meat by stretching my boxers nearside leg hole. She sees my full phallus profile and smiles wickedly knowing she is going to get her turn.
I follow Alison into her room, it's next to Marsa's room just 1 door away. Inside are some rainbow themes with a touch of a princessy feel alongside. Her single bed is messy and unmade, there are 2 girly magazines strewn across it sprawled open and some clothes laying around.
"This is unique, feels nice." I go to flick through one of her magazines as she tides up a bit.
"Sorry, I wasn't expecting anyone…" She jokes nervously.
"You reckon you like girls or boys more?" I warm the conversation towards intimate subjects.
"I really don't know, depends on who it is right?" She puts value in the individual which I like.
"I like that. Come here Alison." I beckon her over as I put my phone and her magazine on her dresser. She takes timid steps towards me as if she is ready to bolt.
"Let me soak up your nerves with a back massage. Take off your top half and lay on the bed, I'll cover my eyes until you are ready ok?" I put my hand over my eyes and smile bashfully turning towards the door.
"Oh, yeah, that sounds nice." I hear her pause for a moment before the sound of clothes sliding off of her body. I Feel the gentle rumble of the floor as she lays front down on her bed and adjusts herself to be comfortable.
"Okay, you can come now…" Alison still sounds timid but she's pushing forward for our adventure into each other to begin. I pull off my shirt and move onto her bed. Her back is soft looking with a few freckles and matte skin. Her yummy thighs serve themselves as the most pronounced curves, veiled under her black leggings. I gently kneel next to her waist and make sure my hands are warm before starting with a slow palm stroke along the back of her shoulders.
I start to feel for any tension in her body and firmly work it out of her with my hands. She moans as my hands encourage her to release her shoulder tensions and work her dainty hood muscle. I note a good eyeful of her breast as it is unable to reside under her and softly balloons out as a tantalising pink orb with a hidden nipple under there somewhere.
Eventually I reach the small of her back after much pressing, gentle twisting and stroking of her skin. Not to mention her intensified moans as both of my hands tend to every surface on her.
"Where do you want my hands next Alison. Anywhere you like." I offer with a heavy side of suggestive intimacy. Alison moans softly and begins sliding her leggings and panties over her thighs. I help her straight away and make sure my hands lightly drift over her tender butt as the last of her clothes fall off. Alison is quite happy to lay there in heaven and let my hands do things to her body.
"Wow, Alison you are so much womanly beauty." I clasp and squeeze on her thighs and butt while I kick off my boxer shorts and let myself hang loose above her glowing naked figure. Her smell soaks into my lungs, her aroused vulva glistening between her legs and her tiny smooth asshole gently twitching with anticipation. There is a seriously inviting nature to her perineum, the untouched soft strip and carnal smell lures me in.
"I'll give my hands a rest and use my mouth here, okay?" I move back and simply cannot help myself. I have to lick her asshole right away. My massage has encouraged a light lubrication to layer over her pristine pink caverns.
"Mhh o..Okay… Ooohhhhh!" Alison perhaps didn't expect my tongue to scoop into her tasty asshole right away or for my lips to suck on her with intent. I clasp her abs firmly and drive my tongue deep to feel her rich hole squeeze tightly, reflexively trying to reject my sordid assault. The sounds of tongue and asshole wrestling are an aural delicacy. I do not stop and work into a pressured flicking repetition. My tongue passes up her perineum, slips into her asshole and flicks back out each time, sending bubbly juices up between her cheeks and making her roar into her pillow.
"Oh fuck, It's like a dream!" Alison gasps as I stop to take a breath or two.
"I've barely started with you, missy!" I hint she will need to shore up all of her stamina. "Do you like me licking you there?" I stroke her flank with my big hand and gently press the pad of my index finger against her tight, juicy asshole.
"Ooo, yes! Uh, how can it be nice for you?" She ponders at the counter intuition of pleasure from such a filthy act.
"You smell great, you taste sweet and you feel lovely there. If I didn't like it I wouldn't do it."
"I like you doing.. ooooh god!" I mind flay her as my finger dives into her asshole and starts stroking her inside. I kiss the small of her back and reach around to her left swell of breast to caress it in my palm. All this pleasure and I haven't even touched her vagina or delved her with my cock yet. I brush up along side her to bring myself level, my boxer shorts poorly shielding the drag of my cock up her flank. She turns her head to face me and blinks lustfully as I finger her ass slowly and deeply.
We engage in slow lip sucking kissing and I can feel her breath rush over my cheeks in sync with the stroking and probing I inflict on her asshole with my index finger. She pushes her pelvis wantingly against my finger and I flick her nipple gently as I feel her soft moundy breast in my hand. She sways her hips and continues encouraging my hand to explore her special secret places.
"Would you like to meet my penis?" I whisper playfully.
"Please yes, oh yes…" Alison is thoroughly out of inhibition already so I gently take my finger from her behind and slide off my boxer shorts to end up laying on my back, my erection pressing firmly into my toned belly, licking against my button. Her attention towards my middle is immediate, now she can fully see a proper male specimen in all it's visceral glory.
Her nearside hand raises almost automatically towards my threatening yet inviting meaty phallus. My hood poorly hides my glans and intensifies the visual tension and adventurous spirit for Alison. She begins to sit up slightly, bending across my chest and resting herself on it so that her face is inches from my tip.
"h..h…hey… big guy." Alison coos at the irresistible violence of a large erect penis.
"Take your time sexy." I stroke her back and feel her supple butt in my hands as she slowly begins touching various sections of my cock. I feel her warm steamy breath gently caress my shaft as she lightly pinches it between her thumb and index finger. She can feel how it's so smooth yet contoured. It's hard as rock but soft like silk. It glistens with moisture and glossy skin. Alison barely tightens her grip and her fingers run down my length, giving her a good sense of my geometry. Gently enough that only a few times does my sheath threaten to fold back as her fingers run down me, showing enough of my hidden glans to deeply awaken her carnal curiosity. But she seems unsure on the anatomy of a penis as she keeps her fingers away from the flared sheath that hugs the contours of my glans.
"You can draw it back baby… It's gonna go in you, here." I demonstrate by dipping my 2 middle fingers between her labia and gently press at her dripping vagina. She exhales and drops her pelvis onto my hand in acceptance of my fingers.
"Mmmh god…" The very idea is salaciously inviting for Alison. She seems to be drifting out of lucidity as she draws my sheath back slowly and my cock smell enters her respire. She closes and redraws my sheath, slowly to see how it moves and begins repeating it as I softly moan in pleasure. I take my slimed fingers from her labia and suck them to get a sample of her taste. Rich, strong pussy sweetness coats my tongue and I have to invite her to taste me now too.

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