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Introduction: This story has a lot that is nostalgic. The names are Greek — Helen, her son Jason, Helen's mother Effie, her husband Pericles. And her oldest son, poor Orestes.
Chapter 1
If you've read Homer, you know about Helen — the face that launched a thousand ships. It was because of her that Sparta, then a city state, went to war against Troy. Helen in that story was fair, slim, and very beautiful. It was said that she was so beautiful that every woman wanted to lie with her, and do things to her, and even Homer was embarrassed to describe the lurid acts these women did. But because war is a guy thing, and it's all about shoving spears up a guy's ass, Homer in his Iliad writes about war.
Helen in our story is a much more voluptuous woman, a woman who derives her pleasure from servicing hard-ons, making guys want to fuck anything that moves, and putting pussy licking on the back burner. You can't call her matronly, because she had an hour glass figure. She looked much younger because she spent a lot of money on skin care, ointments and creams, much of it organic and natural. She had two sons, one named Orestes, and one named Jason. Orestes, her oldest, was a simpleton and spent most of his time beating his meat. He was home schooled, as much as you can home school an idiot. He usually kept his door closed but his sheets were crusted with dried sperm. Helen sometimes blamed herself for giving birth to a son like Orestes, who was retarded, but she also believed that in a past life he must have been a thief. This gave her some peace of mind.
Her second son, Jason, was 20, a good looking guy and a college sophomore. He adored his mother. In fact, he fantasized about his mother because she looked like a walking wet dream. Like most normal guys, he choked the chicken, and quite often. He had a quickness about him, and knew his cock would be his claim to fame. At least in his own mind. It was a massive cock, a cock as big as a woman's forearm. And he knew how to use it.
Helen was married to a man much older than herself. He was very old, and very wealthy, and wore a hearing aid. You had to shout at him when you spoke to him. He doesn't play much part in this story, because any sex he had with Helen was in his own imagination, a myth. This left Helen very horny, to put it mildly, because Helen's hormones were overactive, especially at that time of month, with her vagina always throbbing, and her nipples tingling.
Helen was a housewife because Pericles (she called him Perry) pampered her and did not want her to work. She was of medium height, and busty. She was only 38 years old and in her sexual prime. Her breasts were magnificent, and were capped with huge reddish-brown nipples. When she read her romance novels, she toyed with her nipples, imagining someone (hopefully Jason) was sucking on them.
Perry adored his wife, but was afraid to approach her for sex. She tried to tell him to calm down, that he was too old, that he had a bad heart, and she tried to make herself heard even with the gadget plugged into his ear. During which time he would whimper and wheeze and flay about, his limp pecker left to dangle uselessly.
When Helen was aroused, her entire body resonated — her ears were hot, the veins in her neck throbbed, her nipples expanded, her breasts swelled, and the lips
in her cunt unfurled like a fleshy gateway, oozing pussy juice. She needed someone to love her, not just anyone, but a virile young man with a fat cock, a man with good lungs, who preferable is a non-smoker. She wanted someone who could fuck her until she saw stars, until she came over and over, crying hysterically. She wanted her son.
She didn't set out deliberately to seduce him. As she told herself later, it just happened.
Jason wasn't a pervert, he respected all females, especially his mother. To him, she was a goddess and he often thought about how lucky he was to have a mother like Helen. Sure, he ogled her, he stared at her ass when she moved, and watched her bottom cheeks roll. When she sat she displayed lots of thigh, and often he caught a glimpse of her panties. If he looked carefully, and we can assume he did, dark pubic hairs were seen trying to escape the hairy nest between her legs.
Chapter 2
She had cooked a nice roast lamb for dinner. They had a fine wine, several glasses, which released their inhibitions and nature simply took its natural course.
It was a warm Sunday evening and they were sitting together in the living room. Jason was leafing through a fishing magazine and Helen was idly watching him, marveling at how handsome he looked in the glow of the lamplight.
Breaking the silence, she said, "Jason. I bought a sexy new outfit today."
"You did?" He looked up from the magazine. Did she say sexy?
"Yes, I'm going to a wedding next month. Would you like me to model it for you?"
He knew a woman usually bought something new for a wedding. It was a time to show off, to show other women how sexy she was. Usually women dress to impress women. Not men.
"Yeah, sure."
"All right, I will. I'd like to get your honest opinion. It's a bit revealing, but Perry won't be going and I want to dance, and have some fun." She finished her brandy and stood up. "Okay. Just give me five minutes and then come up to my room. Oh, and fix us another round of drinks."
Burning with anticipation, Helen hurried upstairs to her bedroom and began getting undressed. She had caught the glint in Jason's eye and knew that he shared her sense of excitement.
Helen enjoyed playing a sort of game with her son, a time of erotic teasing. She liked to spice up breakfast, for instance, by leaning across the table to give him a glimpse down the front of her nightgown. Or she would wiggle her shapely ass and hips when she wore shorts. It was something she did almost unconsciously, and they both behaved as if neither was aware of what was really going on. And she knew he was at that age when almost anything she did would give him a boner. Even putting on lipstick which she did using her long tongue, licking, sighing, and rolling her ass to keep her balance.
A knock sounded at her door, which she had left ajar. She finished tying her belt and said, "Come on in …"
The door swung open and Jason stepped into the room, a fresh sniffer of brandy in each hand. He stopped short when he saw his mother with her legs together, one hand on her hips and the other hand across her tit. .
"Well, now …" he said with a leer. Helen was dressed in a knee-length dress of black chiffon. It was belted tightly at the waist to accentuate the proud thrust of her tits. The plunging neckline, with accents of black frills, revealed the valley of deep cleavage between her bulging bosom. The overall effect was stunning — and Helen knew it.
"Well? What do you think?" She spun around for him.
"Fantastic," Jason said. He held out her drink. "You look fantastic, Mom!"
"Tell me the truth. Do you really like it? Not too revealing?"
"Yeah, I really do."
Helen downed about half of her drink and set the glass on her vanity table. "Well, you better sit down, kiddo. You ain't seen nothin' yet!"
Somewhat mystified, Jason sank down into a chair, his eyes never leaving his mother.
Helen slowly untied her belt and unbuttoned the front of the dress. She slipped it back off her shoulders, caught it as it fell behind her, and draped it across the foot of her bed. Then, placing her hands on her hips and shifted her weight to one hip,
"There now," she said. "How's this?"
"Wow!" Jason gasped.
His mother was wearing a lace-up overbust corset bustier, black. Her arms and shoulders were bare, but her body was encased in shiny satin from the high white mounds of her tits down to the flaring curves of her hips. Black mesh stockings and high-heeled pumps completed the striking outfit.
Hands away from her hips, Helen pivoted, showing off her curvy figure, striking poses like a model. Then she turned her back on her son to give him the full view of her bottom cheeks. She knew her backside was her best asset. The cheeks of her ass bulged provocatively from beneath the lacy corset.
"What do you think?" she asked, smiling at him over her shoulder. "Pretty racy, eh?"
"Awesome," Jason said, obviously unnerved. He suddenly looked down at the drink in his hand and blinked as if he had forgotten it was there. He took a big gulp.
"Not too racy, I hope." She turned around to face him.
"Not at all!" He took another big gulp of his drunk, finishing it, and set the empty glass on the floor beside him. "No, I'm a firm believer in the freedom of sexual expression."
"Yes, so I've heard," she said wryly. Helen was aware that her son enjoyed quite a reputation as a fraternity stud. Jason had supposedly fucked half the girls in his graduating class.
"So you like the outfit, then?"
"I love the outfit, Mom!"
"Well, OK! It can also be worn without the corset. Would you like to see?"
"Yeah!" Jason exclaimed. His speech was becoming slurred. "This is getting better and better! Take it off, Mom! Take it all off!"
"All right, all right," Helen said, laughing. She put her hand behind her back. "You'll have to help me with this zipper. It's hard to reach."
Somewhat unsteadily, Jason stood up from the chair and came forward. Though normally tall and straight, he hobbled and weaved his way toward his mother. He was bent over at the waist. Helen wondered what was wrong until she saw what the problem was — the poor guy was trying to conceal an enormous bulge in his crotch.
Helen quickly turned her back and faced her vanity mirror. The fact that she had given her own son an erection gave her a warm and tingly feeling. She could see his reflection in the mirror as he came and stood close behind her. His face was flushed, and she could almost guess what was going through his mind. His hands were shaking as he fumbled with the corset hook and then pulled down the zipper.
Helen took a step forward, and the corset peeled away. She pulled it completely off and tossed it onto the bed on top of the dressing gown. Her heavy tits were still constrained by a lacy black bra, but they hung down more naturally now. Her broad curving belly was bare. A frilly black garter belt held her stockings in place, and a tiny triangle of lacy black panties hugged her cunt.
"There now," she said. She struck another sexy pose, bending forward from the waist, giving him a good view of the crinkled bud of her bottom hole.
"What do you think?"
Jason could hardly contain himself. "God, you've got a nice figure!" he croaked. He'd done at lot of peeking at his mother, but here she was practically shoving it into his face.
Helen giggled lightly. "Not bad for an old broad, huh?"
"Oh, come off it, Mom," Jason said. "You know you're hot!"
"Who, me, hot? Compare to all those chickies you've been chasing all over campus?"
"Hell, yes!" he gasped, though his face flushed red. "They're just girls. But you're a real woman!"
"You noticed that, did you?"
"Mom," he said, "you're the most beautiful woman I've ever seen!"
Helen paused and took a breath. "Am I really, dear?"
"Mom — you're like a goddess to me. You're the sexiest woman in the world!"
"Jason, you have a way with words …"
Her heart seemed to swell within her chest. She felt an almost irresistible urge to take him in her arms, kiss him passionately, pull his face down between her fat tits and thrust her belly against his big hard cock. Jason nervously cleared his throat.
"Well, I guess I better get going," he said. His voice was choked, his breathing labored. "It's getting kinda late."
He turned as if to leave, still hunched over with the discomfort of his hard-on.
"No, wait …" his mother said softly.
And suddenly Helen was no longer deceiving herself. This was no harmless flirtation. She really wanted him. She'd been harboring salacious thoughts about her son for months. She needed to feel him naked in her arms, thrusting his big hard cock again and again into her glowing flesh. She wanted him. And Helen wasn't the sort of woman to deny herself anything she wanted.
"Honey, wait a second. Will you do me another favor?"
"Sure, Mom. What is it?"
"Unhook this bra for me, will you?" She turned her back again. "I have trouble with the clasp."
Jason blinked at her, took a faltering step forward, and extended his arms. His trembling hands were warm against her skin as he easily unfastened the clasp.
The bra popped loose, and her heavy jugs flopped forward. She drew her shoulders together and nonchalantly shrugged off the bra. It dropped down onto her vanity table.
Jason's mouth fell open.
"Don't look so shocked," she said, eyeing his reflection in the mirror. "You've seen me naked before. Lots of times."
"Yeah," Jason said huskily, "but not like this."
"Oh, really?" The picture of innocence, she pretended to fix her hair.
"Yeah, really," Jason said. He licked his lips. "You've got awesome boobs!"
Helen turned around to look at him. Her tit-globes were truly magnificent. Three quarter profile, the nipples erect and pointing.
"Why, thank you, sir!" She turned back to the mirror. "You've got an eye for beauty I suppose. Are you a breast man or a leg man?"
Jason could no longer control himself. Suddenly his hot breath was on her neck, his arms were around her body and his hands were squeezing and fondling her naked titties. Helen groaned, almost swooning with arousal, and eased herself back against him. She pressed her bare ass against the rock-hard bulge in his crotch. While Jason rolled her nipples between his forefingers, Helen did a slow grind with her hips and pushed against the head of his cock with her asscheeks.
"Fuck!" Jason whispered, hugging her tight. "Mom, I don't know what's going on, but I hope –!"
"I know, baby, I know!" she moaned, covering his hands with her own and pressing them against her tits. "I can't believe it either! All I know is I want you!"
"Yes!" he rasped. "I want it too, I want to fuck you, Mom!" He was amazed by his choice of words.
Helen took him by the hand and led him over to the bed. She lay down on her back, her fleshy tits spilling out to either side, and drew up her legs seductively.
"Then do it," she said, gazing up at him. "Take off your clothes and do it! I'm ready!"
Jason opened his fly and in one quick movement yanked down his jeans and underwear. His massive prick sprang straight out, not curving upwards, but like a torpedo launcher. Helen hadn't seen it fully erect since Jason had gone on to college, and his thick limb was even larger than she had anticipated. The shaft was nearly as long as her forearm, the purple knob glistening with precum. She shivered at the thought of the gorgeous prick sliding into her pussy.
Naked, Jason climbed onto the bed, his stiff prick swinging wildly. Suddenly losing control, he flung himself down on top of her and gathered her voluptuous body into his arms. Sliding his mouth across her tit, he found her swollen left nipple and began sucking it passionately. Helen shuddered as a thrill of pleasure ran down to her pussy like an electric shock, centering on the tingling bud of her clit.
"Oh, darling!" she murmured, writhing sensuously beneath him. "That's so good, bite harder!"
Jason rolled her nipple between her lips, nibbling with his teeth, laving it with his tongue, and then released it. He trailed is lips across her chest until he found her other nipple. He sucked it in the same way, slurping and smacking his lips, drawing the creamy tit-flesh into his mouth along with the turgid nipple.
"Ooooohhh …" she moaned.
And then Jason moved downward, his head bobbing as he licked his way down the center of her abdomen, dipping the tip of his tongue into the puckered dimple of her navel. He moved still lower, noisily kissing and licking her lower belly, until he came to the top edge of her black lace panties. Pausing, he drew back and sat on his haunches.
Helen watched her son in fascination. His eyes were downcast, his features thick with lust, as he stared intently at the lace-covered mound of her pussy. Leaning forward, he slid his hands along her sides and rolled her panties down across her thighs. Helen raised her hips, allowing Jason to remove the panties, pulling them off over her feet. She was still wearing the high-heeled pumps.
"You got a beautiful pussy!" Jason whispered, his wide eyes on her thick bush that sprouted boldly on the plump curving of her mound.
"Love it, baby," Helen said, spreading her legs in a wanton invitation. "Kiss my pussy!"
Shivers ran down her spine as Jason lowered his head between her legs, rubbing his cheeks against her inner thighs, and inhaling the apricot odor from her pussy. She used an organic gel on her privates, spending hours examine herself, playing with her vulva, and believing that a happy pussy was the stairway to paradise.
She could feel her pussy lips opening up for him as her juices flowed in response to his tongue action, and she laid her head back on her pillow with a deep throaty sigh of satisfaction.
He didn't immediately go for her clit. He began by licking her labia and thrusting his tongue into her hot, wet hole. When Jason's tongue finally flicked upward and tickled her clit, she cried out. Then he was back at her slippery cunt again, licking and lapping.
As her body heat mounted, Helen gripped his head between her thighs and raised her ass from the bed, jabbing at him with her hips and rubbing his face with her juicy flesh. Jason clutched at her creamy ass cheeks and thrust his face into her cunt, sucking and slurping at it, semi-gyrating to drown himself in her pussy juice like thirsty man at an Arizona water hole.
"Oh, sweetie!" she moaned. "That feels sooooo good! You've done this a lot, right? Do you lick pussy? I bet you love it!" She knew he'd licked lots of pussy and she wanted to talk about it. She licked a lot of pussy herself.
"Yeah, I love licking pussy …" he murmured. "I love a throbbing pussy …"
Helen knew Jason was just warming up. He was ready to fuck her. He had climbed up and was looming over her, fitting the tip of his torpedo launcher between her gaping pussy lips, easing the thick shaft into her slippery slit, deeper and deeper, filling her up. Helen cried out again with the exquisite, almost unendurable pleasure of being filled.
Reaching down past the hairy, sweat-soaked juncture of their bodies, she cupped his dangling balls in her hand and pressed her fingertips against the root of his cock-shaft. The last inch of his enormous prick sank into her pussy, and she felt the head of his cock butt up to her cervix. The sensation was so incredible that she let out another squeal.
Jason began to fuck her, pumping slowly back and forth, withdrawing his cock as far as he dared and then stuffing it back in again. Helen clamped her smooth thighs around his muscular body and held on, as Jason began to move faster and faster.
"Fuck me, you bastard!" she gasped. "Harder! Fuck my pussy! Oh God, I can't stand it! Oh, fuck me, fuck me!"
"Okay, Mom, okay! Just relax!" He continued to fuck her with hard, fast strokes. "How do you like it? Fast? Slow? Maybe up the ass?"
"Just do it! I'm coming, I'm coming!"
Suddenly Jason stopped fucking her and clutched at her bottom, his fingers biting into the soft flesh, and for a moment he held rigidly motionless. She could hear him gritting his teeth. At first, with a pang of disappointment, she thought that he was starting to come. But he had merely paused to compose himself. As soon as the crisis was past he resumed fucking her, making contact with her stiff clit with the same firm, solid strokes. Helen relaxed and surrendered herself completely, and allowed him to hammer her as she felt the tickling in her vulva, coming over and over.

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