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By Clair Referring to a story from Kathy ( Horny Grandma 24/7), I was so taken in by her as you rarely get storeys from females, congratulations to her well done. I don’t understand why more females don’t tell there stories as I have known a lot of horny ladies like myself over the years and I’m 71 and have nice long saggy tits, fat nibbles and a nice wet shave cunt and I’m still very sexually Active, So I am going to give it a go. I live in Western Australia and absolutely enjoy reading all types of sex stories and watching porn as it is so easily available these days ware it was rather hard getting it back when I was younger, Silly old VHS tapes. I especially love Zoophilia which is my favourite as I have a wonderful Dog of my own Leo who looks after his mummy.

I was no angel growing up and used to spy on my parents at night fucking as they always had a night light on, I was about 12 and enjoyed watching my fathers cock fucking Mum doggy and listening to her mourn, even at 12 I got wet. I would go back to bed and play with my cunt sliding my dolls leg in and out. And when I got older I used to have friends over after school while Mum and Dad we’re still at work and get them to fuck me. Mum found out what I was up to but never went mad on me and put me on the pill. I was known as the slut at 46 Kent St and the word soon got around town and I didn’t care less as I loved that feeling of a cock slipping in and out.

Got Married at 21 and my husband new all about me and treated me like his whore and would bring home men from the club ware he worked, just to watch them fuck me. He would ring me up about nine O clock and tell me to just ware my skirt as he was bringing home a few Guys to play cards, They would arrive and my tits would be on display for them. I used to get so fucked over the card table and some would stay the night and fuck me in the morning while my husband stayed in bed listening to me getting fucked in the room next door waiting his turn. He told me to never ware a bra and only ware nickers if I had to, as he used to lift my skirt up to show his friends my shaved cunt often. We only had one child a girl and she’s grown up and has children of her own. We were a open family and hardly wore clothes around and our daughter saw us fuck so many times in the lounge or over the kitchen table. Buy the time she was13 her tits were a lot bigger then mine at her age.

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I remember when we had party’s and our daughter was staying at a friends and I used to milk the men and shoot there cum into a glass and at the end of the night I would pour it into a ice cube maker and when I had a drink the next day I would put them in, so tasty, iced cum. I came home one day and made myself a drink and went to put the iced cum in and there was none. My husband had no idea ware it had vanished to, l asked my daughter if she had used the ice and yes she had, so funny as she told me the ice tasted funny, told her I often mix some lime in the water. She was only about 14 and didn’t realise she just Swallowed a shit load of cum from nine different men including her father’s.

My husband got me a dog when I was 46, I don’t need to tell you why. I worked at a local Pub for over 36 years and got so fucked during that time, hands up my skirt grabbing my cunt as I never wore nickers and had my tits squeezed. As well as my tits slapped about as I was topples and Raped six times over the years after work in the car park as I was last to leave at around 1am and when I arrived home and told my husband he just fucked me, so I never went to the police. I-am a huge exhibitionist and love to flash my cunt and do my gardening topples. I am getting on now in my seventies but still love a good cock pumping my cunt. My husband passed away a few years ago now so I’m home alone, me and my mate Leo. I manage to find a guy at the club now and then and still have my fantastic dog Leo, come on ladies get out there and tell your stories, don’t leave it up to all those horny guys.

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By Clair #Group #Incest #Zoophilia