Claire and Her Three Navy SEALs

tagGroup SexClaire and Her Three Navy SEALs

Claire would remember that night for the rest of her days. She was young, 19, and an aircrewman in a U.S. Navy combat search and rescue unit. Her unit was on deployment to the jungles of South America doing counter drug operations. They'd been in country for about two months when the call came in that would change her life, set fire to her dreams, and open her mind to the forbidden ranks of lust in the armed forces. Forever would the lines between duty, desire, and danger be blurred.
She'd been asleep in her hammock outside of the barracks when the call came in: a 3-man Navy SEAL element was calling for egress and her crew had to go get them out of harm's way. Claire slid her flight suit over her sports bra and running shorts; the Nomex cloth of the flight suit clung to her sweaty skin, but she managed.
In what seemed like record time, Claire and her two pilots were in their Blackhawk helicopter (the standard military helicopter used in almost all movies) and soring low over the dark jungle under the cloudy night sky. The stars were beautiful, but the mood was lost behind clouds.
Claire was the crew chief in charge of the main cabin, so seeing to the SEALs would be her responsibility and she spoke with her pilots on her radio headset from the vacant main cabin behind the cockpit. The back of the helicopter was empty of all seats and gear to make it like a small room where soldiers and crew could move about at will without bumping into things. The only bad part was that in order to sit, one had to sit on the floor which vibrated to the frequency of the rotor blades.
Until they reached the landing zone, she sat on the vibrating floor with both big side doors open and enjoyed the hot jungle air surging around her and the humidity of that air causing her to sweat.
By the time the helicopter began to orbit the landing zone, Claire had nearly sweated through her flight. Claire saw muzzle flashes in the jungle below her and the pilots said they were going to land to pick up the SEALs.
The helicopter touched down in a small, dark clearing surrounded by Jungle. The rotor blades spun, swirled the air violently, and blew the tall grass and jungle as Claire searched the darkness for the warriors. The men emerged from the darkness with tactical clothing and machine guns at the ready, looking around in all directions as they walked toward the aircraft.
Once the men were onboard, Claire told the pilots they were ready and the helicopter took off, banking hard right to turn back to base.
The red cabin lights remained off and the only light inside was from the stars. The moon had yet to show its glowing head that night. The doors remained open, allowing the rotators and speed of the aircraft to swirl the hot, humid air inside of the cabin.
All Claire could see was movement in the windy darkness and starlight glistening on sweaty wet flesh as the SEALs moved about the cabin, stripping down to their UDT dive trunks and stowing their wet gear and weapons in their packs. They were laughing and joking with each other above the noise of the engines and rotators, and Claire wondered if they even knew they'd just striped down to their small dive trunks in front of a woman.
One of the SEALs began moving the packs to the back of the cabin and stood next to where Claire sat on the floor he did. The aircraft bumped on turbulence and the young SEAL lost his balance and landed on Claire's lap.
They caught each other. She felt his warm skin and hard body. Laughing, he moved to push himself off of her, until he felt her hips. In the darkness, his hands move on her body until he touched her side and felt the seam of her sports bra. They were almost nose to nose in the hot darkness, but Claire couldn't see his face. In the wind she couldn't feel his breath on her cheek, although she knew she otherwise would. She moved her hands over his sculpted shoulders, and he moved his hands over her back, not seeming to care that she'd sweat through her flight.
In the darkness, she felt the hard body change from touching her, to holding her. Then his shoulders moved closer and his lips touched hers. Her heart pounded but she didn't move away as the soft warrior's lips touched hers in a nibbling kiss again and again. When she kissed him back the kiss became deep and passionate. Her hands ran down his muscular back to his hips as his kissed moved to her neck then shoulder. His hands moved to the front zipper of her flight suit and unzipped ahead of his kisses down her chest.
Her hands explored his remarkable body in the darkness as she embraced his lips down her front, when another set of lips kissed her neck just under her ear. A third set of hands began massaging her left calf through her flight suit just above the boot.
For a moment, the moon shown through a break in the clouds as if to illuminate what she was about to achieve: the three Navy SEALs in all of their physical glory. All three were nude except for their small canvass diving trunks, which did nothing to hide their strong and egar erections. Where these three warriors aroused because of her? Could she bring these three Navy SEALs pleasure by allowing them to give her pleasure? Would she, or any woman, ever deny their own body and soul to be serviced by three physically perfect young warriors who had known battle just a short time ago?
She reached out and touched the hard chest of the two newcomers as the SEAL in her lap finished unzipping her flight suit past her navel and shorts. The moonlight reflected off his muscular back as his hands and lips moved her shorts to the side and began to touch her in the way she loved to be touched.
The clouds once again concealed the moon and the cabin once again was engulfed in darkness.
Claire was now in a black void of blowing hot wind, dripping humidity, and hard flesh. Hands and lips moved over bodies and removed clothes while welcoming advances.
Once her flight suit was off her shoulders and down past her hips, the SEAL in her lap slid her shorts down far enough for his mouth to lick and suck her unimpeded. He was a true veteran as his wandering mouth didn't take long to find the right spot and begin moving her toward orgasm.
She lost track of who was where, but one of the two others removed his shorts and placed her hand on his amazingly perfect cock. She wanted to feel it touch the back of her throat and, most of all, she wanted to taste the hot seed of such a man in her mouth.
She gently guided the cock closer as the SEAL between her legs rounded the finial bend with his tongue.
Claire slid her mouth around the SEALs hardness and gently moved her tongue and sucked as she moved her hand around the shaft. She immediately felt it throb and expand, then as her own orgasm erupted from deep within her, the SEAL in her mouth came long and hard in creamy jets, filling her mouth with his warm, salty essence. She swallowed him as her orgasm reached a crescendo and she shook and stifled her screams with the cock in her mouth.
He was quickly replaced by the other SEAL who wasn't between her legs. It must have been just as long since this flawless man had known the touch of a woman, because no sooner did he enter Claire's mouth then he too was flowing hot and long down her throat in rope after rope of thick cum.
Claire was still swallowing and milking the warrior in her mouth when, in the noisy darkness, she felt the lips on her pussy be replaced with the tip of a penis.
She slid her hands down the back of the SEAL positioned for conquest between her legs, gripped his tight ass, and gently pulled him into her all the way to the base of her womb with one slow thrust.
She felt him divide her, split her in two as he reached the bottom of her. Then, the ass in her hands tensed as a hot wetness erupted inside of her. The SEAL's ass flexed again and again as he let go and pumped all he had into Claire, who wrapped her legs around his waist to keep him still as she flexed and milked every drop from this killer inside of her. He kissed her breasts through her sports bra, then worked his way to her neck. She swallowed the last trop of cum from the cock in her mouth, then licked her lips in time to kiss him back.
The pilots called for 10 minutes out from base and the four-some quickly got dressed. The SEALs walked straight from the helicopter to the C-130 transport plane and Claire never even learned their names.
Yet, she never forgot her three SEALs, or the burning night of passion in the aircraft she had at their hand. Claire would remember that night for the rest of her days.

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