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I am Seema, I am going to tell you lucky and my story, I walked upstairs and into his room, not there. I continued down the hallway peeking in my room and then the bathroom. Finally I found him standing in front of the mirror combing his hair.

“What are you doing?” I said full knowing what he was really doing.

“I’m getting ready for my date tonight.” he said.

“What date?” I said not knowing that he had a date tonight.

“I made a date today with Radha.” he said.

“Oh.” I said looking a bit disappointed.

“What’s wrong?” he said looking at me with a look of concern.

“Oh nothing.” I said.

“Come on something’s wrong, tell me what it is.” he said.

“Oh nothing, I just stopped at the video store and rented us a couple movies coz I didn’t know you had a date tonight. I thought we could stay in and watch them but if you have a date I’ll just watch them by myself.” I said.

“Oh Reena, I’m sorry. I didn’t know you were going to get some videos. I’ll call Radha and tell her I can’t make It.” he said.

“No, you go on your date. I’ll be fine.” I said as I walked out of the bathroom disappointed.

I walked downstairs and sat down on the couch thinking about all the fun lucky was going be having tonight with Radha Joshi.

I moved in with my brother a year ago when our parents died in a car wreck. Lucky, who was 21 at the time of the death, had been living on his own for only a month when they died. He agreed to take me in after the courts decided that it would be ok for me to live with him since I was going to be 18 soon anyway. Lucky did well getting over our parent’s death but I took it extremely hard and now that the one year anniversary is coming up I’m starting to fall into a depression again.

Lucky came downstairs and sat beside me on the couch and put his arm around me.

“I called Reena and told her that I can’t make it” he said.

“Why did you do that?” I said, with a look of concern.

“You need me more then she does.” he said.

A smile came over my face as I reached over and gave him a hug.

“Thanks lucky.” I said. “You’re the greatest big brother a girl could have.”

Lucky reached over and gave me another hug and held me in his arms so I would feel better. As he held me in his arms a strange sensation started to overcome my body. It was a feeling that I had never felt before in my life. It was a feeling as though I were falling in love. I laid there with his arms wrapped around my body, my head against his chest, my eyes closed. I felt safe and warm in his arms. And without any hesitation I looked up from the warm sensations that were filling my body and planted my soft moist lips on his passionately kissing him like I had never kissed anyone before. The sensations that had filled my body before were stronger then ever when he kissed me back. His lips were soft and moist as he let his tongue slip into my mouth. We were now embraced in a warm passionate kiss as our arms wrapped around one another embracing each other tighter then before. And then, as if he had finally realized he was doing something wrong, lucky stopped kissing me. He pulled his lips away from mine and we looked deep into each other’s eyes.

“I think I’m starting to feel something for you.” he said quietly. “Something that only lovers should feel toward each other.” he continued.

“I feel the same way.” I said.

“What does this mean?” he said.

I laid there thinking about the words that had just come out of his mouth.

“I think…” I stopped to think about what I was about to say. “I think it means we’re in love.” I said.

“That’s what I thought it meant.” he said.

Then as if we were thinking the same thoughts we once again embraced one another in a long passionate kiss. We laid in each other’s arms for what seemed like an eternity, passionately kissing one another like only two lovers should. Lucky began running his soft fingers through my hair and down my back. I felt so safe in his arms and I didn’t want this time together too ever end. He ran his hands up the back of my shirt and began to gently rub my back. We stopped kissing as I sat in his arms enjoying the feeling of him rubbing my back. As he rubbed my back he slowly brought his other hand under my shirt and pulled me closer to him. I could feel an erection starting to form in his pants and I could only wonder what thoughts were running through his mind. As my mind slipped away into a dream of what was about to come he took his hands and undid my bra pulling it out from underneath my shirt. He pulled his hands around my body as he found my warm breasts. He began to slowly massage both my breasts as he looked deep into my eyes and we met in yet another passionate kiss. He continued to massage my breasts gently pinching my erect nipples as we kissed.

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Then he reached down to my waist and slowly whisked my shirt from my body and over my head. I was now in his arms with my naked breasts in his face. Lucky picked me up in his arms and gently rolled out from under me and laid me down on my back. He climbed on top of me laying the full weight of his body on mine. He took my breast into his mouth gently swirling his tongue around my nipples. I could feel my pussy starting to get wet from the wonderful sensations he was sending my body. He began kissing his way down my naked chest stopping only when he came to the top of my pants. He unbuckled them, pulling them from my waist and off my body leaving me lying there in just my white satin panties. Then, before I could make a move he pulled my panties down to my ankles. He left them dangling at my ankles as he quickly moved his mouth to my wet pussy. Without any hesitation he drove his hot tongue into my love whole licking up all of my sweet juices. I closed my eyes and laid my head back on the armrest lost in sweet pleasure. He continued pleasuring my pussy as more and more juices began to flow. There was nothing I could do, the sweet sensations of his tongue swirling around in my love whole sent me over the edge moaning and groaning in sweet pleasure as I reached my first orgasm.

The cum came pouring out of my pussy faster then lucky could lick. He tried but he couldn’t keep up. I was still moaning for all I was worth. Finally the cum stopped but lucky kept licking and he kept licking until my pussy was once again dry. The wonderful sensations that he had sent through my body was wonderful but I wanted more. I grabbed his head and pulled it up from my pussy. I looked deep into his eyes.

“Take me lucky. Take me now.” I said.

He didn’t waste any time. He quickly got up off the couch and took off his shirt and pants now standing there in just his boxer shorts. His erection larger then ever was pushing through the fabric dying to get out. He pulled his boxers up and over his erection pushing them to the floor. Stepping out of his boxers he got back on the couch laying on top of me in all his glory. My body was running wild.

“Take me lucky. Take me now.” I said again.

He took his large shaved cock in his hand and held it over my love whole. He pushed his cock through his hand until he was at the edge of my whole and then he stopped.

“I can’t fuck you unprotected.” he said as he got off the couch.

He quickly ran upstairs to his room. I lay on the couch in anticipation of his return wishing he had taken me unprotected. I wanted to feel his hard cock deep inside the walls of my pussy.

Lucky was in his room rummaging through all his drawers looking for the box of condoms. He found them in the top drawer. He grabbed the box fumbling to get it open. He pulled at the condoms all of them stuck together. He ripped one off the string and quickly rushed out the door stopping at the edge of the steps. He ran back to his room opening the condom he had in his hand. He reached in the top drawer that he had forgot to close searching for the pair of scissors he kept in there. Finally he found them. He rolled the condom onto his rock hard cock pulling it down to the base. He held the condom with one hand and quickly poked two small holes in the end of the condom. He put the scissors back and looked at the condom to see the holes he poked. He ran back out of the room and down the stairs almost falling on the last step. He regained his balance.

I was still waiting on the couch for lucky’s return. I ran my hands all over my body slipping my finger deep into my pussy thinking of lucky’s cock. Lucky ran over to the couch and climbed back on top of me.

“Oh lucky! Lucky! Take me! Take me now!” I yelled in desperate anticipation of his now protected cock.

He once again took his cock into his hand and guided it toward my wet pussy. He let his cock slowly slide through his hand and enter my love whole. He pushed his cock all the way in until he was stopped by the hymen. He didn’t waste anytime and partially thrust out of my pussy and with a little more force; thrust forward breaking through the hymen. I moaned in extreme pleasure as he broke through the hymen. He rocked back and again drove his cock into my pussy. The feeling of his cock deep inside me was wonderful and the sensation of the condom rubbing against the walls of my vagina was incredible. I was lost in the wonderful sensations that were running through my body. I lay there letting lucky do all the work. He was pumping his cock in and out of my pussy in a fast paced motion. I did everything I could to make it last but I felt his cock start to swell and I knew that moment of truth was fast approaching. I grabbed lucky around his back and pulled him in close to me his cock going deeper into my pussy. I started to moan.

“Oh lucky! Lucky!” I yelled. “Do me harder!”

And then his cock swelled to an enormous size as he unloaded his hot seed into the condom and I started yelling even louder then before.

“Oh god lucky! Get me pregnant! Get me pregnant!” I yelled without thinking that his penis was protected.

As he continued to shoot his load he sent me over the edge and I started to cum all over the condom that was deep inside my pussy. The juices spilled out of my vagina running down my buttocks and all over the couch. Finally we both stopped cumming and the moment was over. Lucky pulled me into his body and we embraced in a long passionate kiss as his penis started to go limp inside my pussy. He pulled the cum filled and cum covered condom out of my pussy and he laid his penis on the edge of my pussy. He then pulled the condom off his penis and turned it inside out inserting it on his first two fingers. He inserted the cum covered condom back into my pussy and began to wipe all his cum all over the inside. This sensation sent me over the edge again and I was lost in my third orgasm of the day you can write me at [email protected].