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Mom and dad had gone out for the night and left my sister and I in charge of the house for the evening. We didn’t know what we wanted to do so we decided to just hang out in the pool house together and watch some TV.

Ruchi had gone into her room to put on a bathing suit for it was a hot summer night. I put on some board shorts and a tank top. We both met in the pool house.

When she got there I had noticed that she looked great in that bikini of hers. My sister’s a hottie I thought to myself. Short brown hair put into a braided pig tails, 5’7”, physically fit, a belly button piercing, a nice rack, and a great ass. I got so turned on and ran into the bathroom to relieve myself.

I was jerkin off in the bathroom to the site of my sister in a bikini and blew my load into the sink. I washed up quick and thought to myself what kind of fun Ruchi and I would have tonight. So I ran back into the house and grabbed some porn from my room. I also grabbed a sack of weed I’d been stashing.

“Look what I got. . . ” showing her the weed and porn, “want some Ruchi?”

“Cool, roll me a joint and pop in the video!” she replied.

I popped in the video while my sister rolled us a joint and lit up. I dunno what my weed was laced with, but my sister was fucked up beyond belief. I guess she never really smoked before cuz she was out of it. She was giggling and smiling at me while we watched the porno. The she asked, “when was the last time you and I ever hugged?” Typical question one would ask when fucked up like my sister was. I replied, “I dunno?” with that she stood me up and she gave me a big hug.

“Man you’re toasted Ruchi!!!” I said laughingly.

“I know!” she giggled.

She then gave me a kiss on the lips and said, “I love you bro, kiss me again. ”

So I kissed her again and the fun started. I kissed my sister slow at first and then I gradually slipped my tongue in. She acknowledged by massaging my tongue with hers.

“Hold that thought bro. ” she said. She stepped back and looked at me with a devilish smile on her face. She took her thumbs and placed them between the lace of her bikini bottoms and slowly pulled them off.

“Sit down. ” she said. So I sat down and watched her hitting my joint.

She started to strip for me. Slowly like a stripper would. I got so turned on and my cock got immediately hard at the sight of my sister’s shaved pussy. She took her fingers and started to play with herself. I got so turned on my pre-cum was soaking my shorts and I saw a spot of it bleeding through the cloth. She smiled at me and continued to play with herself. She rubbed her clit and moaned. She stopped for a while and completely took off he bikini and she started to rub her clit again. She played with herself for the longest time in front of me and she knew hat she was doing to me. I just stayed there and hit my joint. She eventually played herself into a climax and she came all over the wood floors. She then came over to me and stood over my face.

“Eat me out bro!” she demanded.

Without any hesitation, I ate her sweet pussy out while she grinded her pussy into my face. She tasted so fucking good. I thrust my tongue deep inside of her. She liked this a lot. Ruchi continued to grind her pussy into my face and she hit her next orgasm. She jumped up and started to rub her clit right in front my face.

“Open your mouth!!” Ruchi screamed as she hither orgasm.

I opened up and she came into my mouth. She bent down and sucked my mouth as we both swallowed her juices.

“Your turn bro. ” Ruchi smiled at me.

She took off my shorts and my cock was still at full attention splirting out pre-cum. She got on her knees in between my legs and she licked the pre-cum off the tip of my rock hard throbbing member. She teased me for a longtime while she was down there. She would lick the tip of my prick and lick my shaft up and down the side, but she never put it completely into her mouth. She knew what she was doing to me. She grabbed my dick and started to stoke me off slowly. I moaned in pleasure as she did this. She slowly stroked my cock up and down with her hands using her pussy juice as lube.

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After about 15 minutes of playing with my cock, she stood up and aimed her cunt over my hard and ready prick.

“Ready?” she asked.

I nodded with anticipation. She slowly slid my cock into her pussy putting the head in at first. Then she slowly slid down some more and then some more until it was completely in. Then she just sat there with my cock in her. She rocked back and forth for a while and she looked at me.

“Having fun bro? I sure am. ” she said.

“How come we’re going at this so slow?” I asked.

“Because I want it slow. If we went fast you’d cum and the fun would be over. I want this to last till mom and dad get home. ” she explained.

“You want mom and dad to see us?” I asked.

“mmhmmm. . . Oh god this feels good. . . Mom and dad don’t care about us. They don’t care what we do. Mom knew that I fucked in their bed before and she just looked at me like she didn’t care. . . Keep going bro this is good. I’m gonna cum again. . . . “she said

I sucked on her titties and I gave her hickies all over her body. She loved every moment.

She stood up all of a sudden and she moved forward and guided my cock into her tight ass. This surprised me so much. She liked it in the pooper!!! I fucked my darling little sister in her ass and all she could do was moan louder and louder with every thrust. She took my hand and placed it onto her titties and I massaged both of them as my cock slid in and out of her tight asshole.

She screamed and I covered her mouth cuz I didn’t want the neighbors to hear us fucking in the pool house. She sucked on my finger to keep herself from screaming. Then all of a sudden I felt that moment of impact where I knew I would cum very soon. I thrust farther into her asshole and I blew my load. It felt like I never stopped cumming cuz my orgasm lasted for such a long time. My sister was the best fucker I’ve ever fucked before.

My sister slid off of my cock and she sucked every last drop of cum from my dick. Then she got back up and sat next to me and started to lick my body. We watched the porno and she started to get horny again. Then she took my cock and slid it in her pussy and sat there again.

“Get hard inside of me. ” she said.

She grinded on my lap and I felt my cock getting harder and harder inside of her. When she noticed I was at full length she started to ride me hard and fast like I like it. My sister’s tits were bouncing up and down as she bounced up and down on my dick.

“YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES. . . . ” is all I heard that entire night for hours on end. At one point my sister got so kinky she collected all my cum into a cup. We fucked so much that night I came half way up a beer mug. She kept it underneath the bar. And we slept on the couch. She decided the best way to sleep is with my cock in her ass. So I stroked my cock hard again and I slid my cock into her ass and we both fell asleep.

The next morning my sister woke me up by grinding her ass into my cock. I woke up and I saw my sis walking over to the cum underneath the bar. She took a big gulp, kept it in her mouth, and she walked over to me and we kissed. We snowballed all that cum. I didn’t mind the taste. I’ve ate my cum out of curiosity before so I was used to it. Then we fucked again over and over. We knew that mom and dad saw us a sleep in the pool house that night. But Ruchi was so sure that they didn’t care that she walked into the house naked sipping the last drop of cum in front of mother as she cooked breakfast.

“Did you and Rahul have a good night last night Ruchi?” I heard mom ask Ruchi in the dining room while I sat in the lounge chair in the patio.

“mmhmmmm. . . . . Can’t you see the dried cum on my face?” she said.

Mom looked at her and smiled. “It’s good you two are getting a long. ”

With that, the relationship my sister and I had from here on out have strictly been sexual. She even told me stories of how she watched dad fuck mom. If I had known that this type of shit happened in the family, I would’ve lost my virginity long ago. Instead I had to wait for my sister to take it from me last night.


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