Closeted Family Secrets Ch. 04

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tagIncest/TabooCloseted Family Secrets Ch. 04

It was Thursday evening when Ally and I shared a big hug in the concourse. "How was your flight," I enquired.
"Good," was all she offered. She looked a bit tired, so I figured that was why she was so quiet. I took her luggage and we headed to the car. My sister always looks very hot; she is built so much like my Mom but with fairer skin, somewhat skinnier, and light blond, cropped hair. That night, she sported a pixie cut with light brown streaks, her chopped tresses spiked with hair gel. She wore jeans with calf-high leather boots, and a woolen turtleneck, which made her tiny breasts indiscernible. I think she does that because she hates guys staring at what little boobs she does have. She probably would show them off a bit more, if it were a girl looking at her though.
I still fantasize about Ally, but since guys are taboo for her, I usually fill my sock with cum when I picture Meaghan letting me titty fuck her enormous breasts. Ally is so hot though, any guy would chase her, but she's been very clear since the age of 13 that she has no interest in boys at all. It also means that I can picture her face deep in her new friend, Jenna, even though we haven't met yet.
We've always been close, as close as any guy can get to her anyway, and we chatted a lot on our drive down the parkway. Ally told me how happy she is with Jenna, and asked me if Gina and I was still an item. When I told her she was at spring break all on her own, she did ask me if we were in an open relationship. I said that it's more of a 'don't ask, don't tell' kind of thing. It's not like we're married. I mentioned that Gina was due back on Monday so maybe we could grab some beers one night and catch up.
"What about you and Jenna?" I asked.
"We're tight. We do have some friends join us for sex, but we don't see anyone separately. We try to respect that each of us doesn't do anything sneaky, so as long as we are both good for it, we have been known to play with more than a few girls. "
"That's cool," I offered, " whatever floats your boat."
"So," she asked, "you two don't have anything kinky like Mom and Dad do?"
I sensed a fishing trip, so I played dumb. After all, I was totally clueless until only a week or so ago. "Kinky? I always thought Mom and Dad were pretty vanilla. What do you know?"
"Well, I think they may have the odd visitor over every so often," Ally confided.
"Really?" I enquired, "male or female?"
Her eyes widened as I awaited the answer. "Maybe both," she offered and giggled after.
"Wow, that's pretty hot. They've kept it on the down low as far as I've known. They had their friend, Jim, over last week, but it seemed pretty normal."
"So," she said, "you didn't answer my question."
"Oh," I really had forgotten the other part of her question, "Gina is pretty kinky, so she has brought a few friends over, to, uh, play a bit. So, I guess, yeah we are a bit on the freaky side too."
Before we knew it, the car was parked and I followed Ally into the house, dropping her luggage in the hallway. Dad got up from his chair in the front room, and was greeting her as I waited patiently. She gave Dad a requisite, but distant hug, avoiding any real body contact with him, and saved her excitement for when Mom entered from the kitchen.
"Mommy!" she exclaimed, extending her arms wide, to welcome Mom. The two kissed quickly and hugged for a long time, saying things to each other that were muffled by their embrace. Mom asked me to run Ally's luggage up to her room, and off I went. I whipped up the stairs and opened the door to her room. The bed was a bit messy so I straightened the top cover so it looked ready for her.
When I came back down, Dad was sat in his wingback chair once again, thumbing through various channels. The girls were in the kitchen, chatting over tea. I sat down with Dad, to give the girls time to talk, as I had my fair share with Ally in the car earlier.
Mom called from the kitchen, "Bill, are you still playing poker tomorrow night? Ally wants a car to go shopping."
"Yeah, I'm out of here at eight o'clock. I should be back around midnight."
"Okay then, she can have my car. Hey, Derek, are you going out to the bar tomorrow night with Ben?"
Mom told me not to make plans, so I figured this was part of her plan, so I followed her lead. "Yeah, that's the plan anyways. But I'll be walking there and back. I might be home late too. Why?'
"Just wondering," came her reply, "I guess I'll have the house to myself until Ally gets back." With plans firmly set, I figured I'd finish my night in my room, and said goodnight to everyone. Not long after, the others come upstairs as the creaking stair gave it away.
Friday morning, I heard the shower turn off and shortly after, a knock at my door. I was in boxers, so I opened it carefully, peeking between the door and the jamb. It was Mom, and she pushed her way inside, and closed the door behind her.
"Thanks for going along with me last night. I forgot to fill you in. So, Bill is going out around 8:00 and Ally is leaving for the mall just after 7:00. So, if you can bugger off somewhere until maybe 7:30, I'll fill you in on the details when you get home. Okay?"
"Sure. You're not going to give any hints?"
"And ruin your surprise? No sir!"
"Oh," I added, "by the way, Ally mentioned about you and Dad being kinky, but I played dumb. I mentioned Jim, but said it all seemed pretty normal."
"Okay, that's good to know," she said, turning toward the door. Mom slipped the door open enough to peek out and make sure nobody else would see her coming from my room, and crept back to her room. I then called Ben and he agreed to meet for a beer after supper, so all was good.
Just after cleaning up the dishes, I looked at the clock, which showed 6:15. I called out a goodbye to Mom and Dad as they sat in the front room, and hollered up to tell Ally to enjoy her outing. I purposely used the word outing, knowing she would get a chuckle out of it. She laughed and call me an asshole.
It was good to catch up with Ben for a bit, and before I knew it, it was almost seven-thirty. I bought Ben his next beer and headed for home.
When I got in, Mom was upstairs and called down to me. I went up the stairs, two at a time. At the landing, Mom was just coming out her bedroom to greet me. She wore a pair of beige, pleated slacks that displayed a thin bikini panty line through the fabric, and a translucent off-white blouse that was unbuttoned midway between her breasts. Her feet were bare and her toenails painted hot pink, yet her lips were natural. I got caught staring at the dark brown shadows of her nipples freely moving beneath.
"Hi Baby!" she said, smiling brightly, hugging me tight and kissing my cheek. "Come on in." She took my hand and pulled me to her room.
We entered and she had lit the room with numerous candles in every corner — so much so, that I had thought her bedside lamps were turned on when I first looked in.
"Nice, Mom. All this for me?" I pressed my semi-hard cock into the filmy material covering her small ass, and reached around her waifish tummy to pull her in. I pushed aside her hair and nibbled at her neck.
"Well, I guess you could say that. I hope you enjoy what I have planned." She turned in my arms to face me, and our lips met. My hands dropped to caress her ass, weighing each globe and enjoying the feeling of the undies beneath. Our kiss was slow and passionate. I felt myself harden just being in her arms.
"So, Ally should be back in a little while, and I've prepared a very familiar place for you." Mom turned and walked to the foot of her bed and opened her mirrored closet door. Inside, the corner had been cleared of some of the items both on the floor and hung on the hanger bar. In place was the chair that Dad normally sits in when he watches Mom with other men.
As the pieces linked together in my brain, I looked at Mom, who was gleaming with pride. "You and Ally?" I asked, unbelieving.
"Yes, Baby," she said, leaning against the foot of her bed. "It's time you get to see how close we really are." I realized my jaw was hung open and tried to relax and be cool to what I was learning.
"How long, Mom?"
Her hand took mine and she said, "Last summer, just before she met Jenna."
She seemed pleased with herself, and I was still speechless. I had no idea what was going on in my own house.
'Derek, it's really important that you don't make noise tonight. I don't know what she would do if she found out that I let you in here, okay?"
"I promise, Mom. She won't know."
I checked out the chair and noticed that a light green thong lay on the floor beside it. Mom saw me checking them out and offered, "I know how much you like to go in hampers. Just make sure you get them back into Ally's before she notices them missing. Oh, and don't make a mess in them. Ally would find that really repugnant." Mom just seems to know how to take things one level past what you expect.
Just then, we both heard a car pulling into the driveway. "Quick, get in." She added, "And no jerking off in here. Just enjoy the show." As I sat, Mom closed the door over until only a shaft of light entered my hiding place. I reached down and raised Ally's panties to my mouth and nose, inhaling her scent, realizing she would have worn them all day yesterday.
Mom went downstairs and I was left in my quiet, dim place for probably ten minutes or so. When I heard the stair creak, I knew my wait was over. The girls walked in, each with a half-finished glass of wine. Mom set hers down on her nightstand, just inside the door. Ally looked around the room, taking in the ambiance that her mother had created for them.
My sister was dressed in black dress slacks and a matching cotton blouse, which was buttoned more conservatively than her mother. Her shoes were off, but her feet were still covered in black hose. Ally is probably ten to fifteen pounds less than Mom, as she has virtually no boobs or ass, which I think is more from her diet than from her genes.
Ally took one more sip, and set her glass down beside the other. She moved to Mom and wrapped her arms around her. "I've missed you, Mommy." Mom embraced her daughter, cheeks lightly touching one another.
""I've missed your touch, Ally. No one else is like you," Mom offered and they pulled back to a sensuous kiss. I was already stoked to hardness without touching myself, and as I watched how tender their lips moved on each other, I just wanted to pull my cock out.
Mom stepped back, her back now facing me, and said, "We've got lots of time. Dad won't be back from poker until after eleven.
Ally responded without thinking, "Yeah, poker, right." Mom was puzzled by her response.
"What does that mean, Ally?"
"Um, nothing, really. I know you and Dad have your kinks, and it's all fine."
Mom rested a butt cheek on her bed and said, "I don't know what you're talking about." Ally had a look of discomfort on her face.
"Mom, I don't want to get in the middle of things. I shouldn't have said anything. I know you and Dad are in the cuck lifestyle, and, well look at me, nobody is kinkier than I am."
"So, you don't think your Dad is playing poker tonight?"
Ally sat similarly, and got really serious. "Mom, I assumed you sent Dad out places on nights you wanted to play on your own."
"Okay, but what kind of places, Ally?"
"Well, let's just say that he likes the girly boy type."
I'm sure Mom was more intrigued than I was, and she just sat there in silence. Ally waited for a bit, and then added, "So, remember the last weekend that I was home, and Dad went out to play poker?"
"Well, I went to the Kitty Liquor bar to cruise for a bit. It was pretty slow that night so I left to try another place that was livelier. When I turned on to 4th street, I saw Dad's car at the end of the block pulling to the curb, and there was a transvestite on the corner. I had to drive by, because I had nowhere to turn off. As I passed the car, the "girl" (Ally used the finger quotes gesture) was leaning in his window talking, and soon after she opened the passenger door and got in.
"Hmm. Okay…" was all that Mom could say.
"So, I was stuck at a light one block ahead and I thought Dad was going to pull up right behind me. But then they turned into the Walmart parking lot and parked right in the back corner, where there isn't any lighting."
Ally waited for a response, and after a short pause, uttered, "I'm sorry, Mom, if…"
Mom interjected, "No, Ally. It's all good. I'm fine with it. Like you said, we all have kinks." Ally extended an arm and placed it on Mom's thigh, and Mom placed her hand on Ally's.
My arousal was back to a one out of ten, but I did picture Dad in that parking lot, having his own fun. When I looked out once again, Ally and Mom were now kissing, still sat on the edge of the bed. Each was removing the buttons of the other. Mom's blouse was the first one off, and her back was now bare, with only the tiniest of side boob was visible. They stood up and Mom lifted Ally's blouse from her shoulders, but blocked my view. Then, as if on cue, Mom moved beside her and turned Ally's shoulders so she faced the bed. Mom looked into the mirror, or was she looking at me, and unfastened the filmy bra that covered Ally's tiny buds.
The garment fell free along her arms and onto the carpet below. Ally's profile looked so boyish. Her nipples, the palest of pink, pointed straight from her flat chest, barely any roundness of flesh. Each nipple had a small silver barbell pierced through the button, looking as if they weighed more than the nipple itself. Mom glided her hands along Ally's rib cage and her fingers slid along her daughter's chest until they found her very erect teats.
Ally closed her eyes and leaned her head back into her mother's forehead, savoring the excitement of Mom's delicate hands. One hand remained pulling the jewelry and the nipple with it, taut, stretching it to its limit, while the other fanned across the flatness of my sister's belly. Ally's breath became almost pulsing, absorbing the ticklish touch over her diaphragm as she breathed in and out ever so slowly.
My cock became almost rigid, though I kept my hands to myself as Mom welcomed her little girl into her bedroom. Soon, the lower hand found the clasp above the zipper to Ally's slacks. Her thumb and finger deftly released the catch and the only sound in the room other than labored breathing was the subtle clicking of the zipper, as it neared the lower limit.
"Ohh, Mommy," cooed my baby sister, her head now beside Mom's, nuzzling the dark curls, her lips brushing the erogenous rim of Mom's earlobe. Mom moved her tummy back from Ally's hips, allowing the black material to fall free to Ally's ankles. Into my view came Ally's baby blue boy short panties, the waistband advertising PINK all around it. She stepped free from her slacks.
Ally spun around, hands reaching out to relieve Mom of her own pants. Mom looked down at the smoothness of her daughter's blue fabric panties as it sheathed the exquisite sex beneath. Ally's tummy heaved with excitement while her hands worked Mom's slacks free, and moaned softly when she exposed Mom's black bikinis. The slacks fell easily and Ally toyed with both of Mom's cocoa brown nipples while her eyes peered at the feminine softness of Mom's hips. Mom was pulling on the silvery barbells, stretching the taut, pink nipples to their limit.
Their mouths met once again. "I've missed you," Mom whispered. Ally led the way, caressing her mother's torso and shoulders, slithering up and down over her mother's back muscles.
They kissed again, this time their tongue discovering each other's wet mouth. Mom reached out to Ally's panties and brushed her fingers across the delicate cotton fabric, sensing the plump mound enshrouding her vaginal entrance. She cupped her fingers to match the natural curve of Ally's vulva, her middle finger finding the silken cleft through the thin material. Ally leaned back on the bed, parting her knees to give Mom better access.
My underwear was wet with the secretions of my dribbling cock head while I watched them; my hardness tugging against my jockey shorts. Mom's finger crept beneath the elastic of Ally's sweet boy shorts, delving into the damp, delicious labia beneath. Ally rested on her elbows, her fingers working her own perky nipples.
Mom hooked the shorts at each hip and teasingly slowly slid them down, and over her feet. She took Ally's sweet panties to her nose, inhaling deeply. When she opened her eyes she softly said, "Oh, this is new!"
Ally slid her hands from her boobs and peeled apart her vaginal lips, allowing Mom to take in another silver barbell that adorned the hood of her clit. "Do you like it, Mommy? It was Jenna's idea."
My mother dropped to her knees and placed her hands on her daughter's thighs, near each knee. Her thumbs stretched wide and down along the insides of Ally's thighs, moving toward the furnace of arousal. "I love it," she replied. Ally rested again on her elbows, allowing Mom to move at her own pace toward the luscious prize.
Mom pushed Allys' thighs wider as she neared the heat, and licked her lips as her thumbs touched the meaty folds of her daughter's womanhood. She parted them slightly on her way to the jeweled button. Her thumb strummed the silver metal, causing Ally to moan, her eyes feasting on her mother's intense look at her vaginal opening. Mom thumbed up and down over the erect nubbin while she stared at Ally for her response. Ally raised her feet up off the bed and set them on the edge of the mattress, framing her intimate slit.
"Pull on it, Mommy," she begged. Mom, instead of grasping the jewel with a hand, moved her face toward the sex on display and extended her tongue obscenely, looking at her daughter all the while. As she did that, I drew the Ally's green thong to my face, imagining myself in the same place as my mother was right then.
Mom's first contact was on the underside of Ally's clit, licking up the shaft, and then she pursed her lips and dipped her mouth over the top of the metal piercing. She closed her mouth once the jewel entered, and pulled her head back gently from her daughter, inhaling the pheromones that were similar to her own.
One finger of her right hand parted the pinkish petals and, with hand facing up, the middle finger toured the cleft between opening and clitoris, and back again to enjoy the wetness of the vestibule of her vagina. As she pulled and released, then pulled again at the sensitive clit with her lips, her finger entered the well-lubricated orifice.
Ally combed one hand through the soft curls of her lover's hair and moaned more heavily at the intense pleasure she was receiving. Then she pushed her mom away and said, "Get up here," drawing my mother up to kiss her once more, tasting her own flavor from Mom's lips. Their kiss held, and I couldn't imagine remaining here without ripping my pants off and pulling my huge cock out to get some relief.
When their kiss ended, Ally whispered something indiscernible and Mom immediately rose up from her knees, while Ally laid flat on the bed, knees still raised. Mom raised one leg and straddled her thin daughter's torso, her panties still in place. Ally's hands pulled Mom's hips forward until she sat upon her chest, the gusset stretched snugly across her mons, so very near to her daughter's hungry mouth.
Ally wrapped both arms around Mom's thighs and it was her turn to use thumbs to slip beneath the tensioned fabric, and find the sodden lips beneath. Mom's panties must have been soaked through, and after some teasing, Ally again reached around her mother's bottom and pulled her ample ass forward once more.
Mom moved each knee from Ally's armpit, up and over her shoulders, and down just below her ears, providing her lesbian daughter with the taste she has been longing for. Ally's face moved into the wet fabric, her tongue trying to push its way to the female-scented flesh below. Her hands were firmly placed over Mom's panty-clad butt, gliding up and down and occasionally delving beneath the elastic.

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