Clubbing with my Mother 2

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My mother enjoyed herself so much we did it again.

The following week went by fast. My mother kept talking about the people she had fucked. Not just the ones she had met at the night club. She told me about the 17-year-old boy who lived next door to her when she was 15 and how he had popped her cherry. Then she ended up having threesomes with him and his 14-year-old brother. She had gone down on their 12-year-old sister after she had walked in on them. Their family moved and she lost contact with them. But quickly moved onto a new guy. She was 16 and started fucking a 24-year-old teacher at school.
The main reason my father had left he came and found my mother having sex with a woman. She had offered to let my father join in, but he was not interested.
Friday night came around and Mother got us both dressed up to go clubbing again.
Once again, she managed to get me in without showing ID.
Once in there she got me a drink. I took my time with the drink this time. My mother was already on the dance floor before I had finished my first drink.
I went out on the dance floor and found my mother hugging and kissing a woman. yes, there was some tongue involved in the kissing.
Mom then introduced me to Kylie and old friend of hers. She met Kylie on the internet and had a few threesomes with her and her husband Steve.
A little later I found myself dancing with Steve. Hs hands were all over me. While Mom and Kylie danced together.
After a while we sat down, and both my mother and Steve started getting drinks for me.
I was drunk but nowhere as bad as the first-time clubbing with mother.
We went back to Steve’s place.
Once there we went to the loungeroom and undressed. Kylie sat back on the couch and my mother went down on her. While I sat in an armchair and Steve went down on me. Then Steve pulled me on to the floor and started fucking me on the floor. Kylie vanished and returned with a box of sex toys.
Soon she was wearing a strap-on dildo and fucking my mother.
As I watched Kylie and my mother fuck, I felt Steve cum in my pussy. He lay beside me and cuddled me while sucking on my breasts.
I found myself closing my eyes and I started to fall asleep. I woke up a little later feeling myself being fucked. I opened my eyes and saw Kylie’s face in front of me. She was fucking me with the strap-on dildo. She started kissing me on the lips and her mouth tasted like pussy.
Her husband was now fucking my mother.
I saw him cum in her. The moment they had finished my mother came over and tapped Kylie on the shoulder. Kylie got off of me and gave the strap-on to my mother. Who then climbed on me and started fucking me.
Kylie then sat on my face. My only excuse at this point I was still drunk, and I started licking her pussy.
When I think back to the weekend before this one, I try to work out was I better off not knowing what had happened. Was there a point my mother went down on me in front of the two guys that weekend.
We all ended up going to sleep. The next day when we got home my mother showed me her toy collection.
At what point would I be willing to say no I will not do that. So, far I have not seen the line I would not cross maybe if I had been sober, I would have said no. But now I have gone so far where will it stop.

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#Bisexual #Group #Teen