Co Passenger

Hey guys this is Letshookup. I am a 27 yr old guy from Kerala and the main character is a beautiful 24 year old Muslim lady who got widowed around 2 years back. I usually travel by train to get to work and it is on this route that I met her the first time around. She boards the same train as me at the starting point and gets off at the same station as I do.
The first time I saw her, both of us were running to catch the train and just as I passed her I saw her falling down as her legs got entangled on her burqa (Muslim ladies use this black gown to cover from head to toe) seeing her struggling I stopped and asked her if she was okay. She replied that she was and tried to get up but I could see that she clearly was in pain. In the meanwhile the train had left the platform and I conveyed the same to her.
I asked to get up gently as we both had plenty of time before the next train came in. I then asked her if she wanted me to hold her bag while she straightened herself out. She looked skeptically at me as she dint understand why a stranger was being nice to her beyond a certain limit. I also took the cue and excused myself. I then went on my way and din’t think too much into the incident as its quite normal on stations to see people falling over.
After this incident, I remember seeing her on the station a couple of times over a period of 2 to 3 weeks. However there wasn’t much interaction between us, all we did was pass an awkward smile or so and then one day we ended up in the same compartment sitting opposite to each other in those single seats. That was the first time I actually noticed that she was really beautiful.
All I could see in her dress was her face and that too, only from her forehead to her jaw but her fair skin had a remarkable contrast with her black burqa. We both smiled at each other and then slowly got talking. She actually thanked me for that day when I was kind enough to stop over and help her out.
She further clarified that she was suspicious of me initially as not many people would even pass a second glance to help someone out. She further stated that she had seen me a couple of times after that incident and every time all I was doing was listening to music lost in my own world and not bothered about talking to anyone else and so she took it that, I was genuinely trying to help her.
Soon we started learning more about each other and I realized that she was actually quite well informed and educated. She told me that she was widowed about 2 years back and so was now working in order to support her family. She further explained to me that she was looking after her hubby’s business. She did not have any kids and she was a graduate who had to leave her masters education due to her marriage.
Thereafter we use to meet every now and then on the same route and we used to talk like good friends. Soon we became quite free with each other and both of us enjoyed each other’s company while travelling. One day while travelling together in the evening we both were standing as the train was full and we ended up standing quite close to each other by the corridor close to the door. Neither of us could move and so we continued like that.
Soon the train reached a station and with people boarding and getting off she was pushed from behind and ended up pressing her body against me. This was the first time I felt her body and that gave me an instant hard on. I looked at her face and I could sense that she also was feeling the same. Her eyes were kind of closed and her face was turning red for the next hour or so till our station reached we were enjoying the situation.
Neither of us was talking but both of us were enjoying the grinding of our bodies on getting down we both said our goodbyes and parted ways on reaching home I had to jack off twice to calm my throbbing penis. The next day on the way to work not much was spoken and finally just before getting off I asked her if she was angry at me for some reason. She replied no and that it’s just been a while since she’s been with someone.
I then let her know that whatever transpired between us and whatever might ever in the future happen there will never be a string attached to any of it. After a couple of days with us travelling normally once again we ended up travelling quite close to each other on this occasion neither of us felt awkward like last time. We continued talking while my penis was grinding against her belly.
I even managed to brush against her boobs a couple of times but we couldn’t proceed any further than that. Now this became a routine for us and this had been going on for the past couple of weeks but sexual frustration was building inside us and we both wanted to explore each other more. Finally we decided to meet up somewhere outside.
I took leave from my work and she too managed to jump out from work. We both had a whole day to spend and so we had quite a lot of time. Also with her covering her face completely with her burqa she didn’t have to worry about people recognizing her. The first thing I did was get a place to take her. I called one of my friends.
His parents were visiting his sister in the states and since he would be working all day I had the place all to myself. I then picked her up from the station and we went to her place in my car. On reaching the place we quickly got in and shut the door as soon as I shut the door she just hugged me from behind and whispered to me that she wanted me to treat her anyway I wanted.
This was enough for me and I just turned around and smooched her lips like there was no tomorrow. Weeks of sexual frustration was boiling over for both of us and all we wanted was to explore each other’s body. I removed her burqa and for the first time I saw her in a white salwar kameez. She looked like an angel in that. She started taking her top off but I stopped her as I wanted to do this real slow.
I then turned her around and hugged her from behind cupping her boobs. I realized they were indeed a handful and asked her what size they were. She told me to find it out by myself and then started pressing my penis over my jeans. I then started to nibble and suck on her neck while my hands explored her belly and navel.
I slowly took my right hand and stroked my way down from her bare navel. On reaching her salwar knot I slowly tugged at it. In the mean while my left hand was busy fondling her left boob under her top. I could feel her nipple hardening over her flimsy and thin bra. She could no longer control her excitement and started pleading with me to fuck her and but making her wait for it would increase the pleasure tenfold when I finally get there.
I then pushed her onto the sofa and took off her salwar and kameez. She was in a matching set of light blue lingerie. The bra could barely hold her full boobs. I realized they were at least 36 inches in size and that aroused me even more as I am a boob man. She straightaway started to unhook her bra but I pinned her hands and started to suck on her nipples over her bra with my teeth I started to nibble away at the cups of her bra in order to free her boobs out.
She kept watching me unable to do anything with her hands. She was struggling to keep her composure. It was close to 2 and half years since she had a man and now when she was finally getting some action I was taking my own time making her wait. This was cruel but I knew the end result would be much more satisfying. Finally I let go of her hand.
She started to take off my clothes. With my t shirt and jeans gone she could see my penis straining against my jockey as soon as she took my underwear off she put my dick in her mouth. I was already so aroused that her warm mouth almost made me spill my cum into her mouth. She started sucking me really good and she held my balls with her warm hands while she sucked my dick.
I had to finally stop her as I did not want to cum in her mouth just yet. I then made her lie on the sofa and started sucking her cunt. I started out really slow concentrating on her inner thighs and pussy lips more than her clit. Then slowly I licked her pussy really deep as soon as I did that she let out a loud moan. I realized that she would probably have never experienced this before.
I then started licking her deep again and again inserting my tongue as deep as possible within a few minutes. I could feel her having an orgasm and squirting a big load into my mouth. I gulped it all down and continued further. She wanted me to stop after the first one but once I started sucking her clit again she pushed my head deep into her pussy.
She wrapped her legs around my head and started moaning every time I licked her clit within minutes she had another orgasm. I then lifted her and took her into my friend’s bedroom and made her lie on the bed. I then went back into the hall to get the condoms form my jeans when I came back I saw her lying on the bed with her legs spread out.
Her clean shaven pussy was glistening with her cum and my saliva. She wanted me to enter her. I put on a condom and placed my dick on her pussy’s entrance as soon as I did that she took hold of my dick and slid it into her pussy. Her pussy was really tight. She was experiencing a bit of pain as it had been a long time.
Gradually her pussy got used to my dick and she started shoving her hips to accommodate my dick even further. I then started stroking in and out first really slow. Soon I gathered some momentum and my balls were slapping against her pussy lips every time I pushed my dick in. I then lifted her off her back while my dick was still in her and made her sit cross legged on me while I was also sitting.
This excited her even more as my dick was really penetrating every inch of her vagina now. She started riding me now with some speed and soon her pussy started dripping. I could feel some liquid on my thighs and I realized that she had just had another orgasm. I then turned her around in doggie position and entered her from behind. My hands were on her full hips and I could sense me getting close to climax myself.
I told her the same and she said that she wanted to drink my cum. So after pounding her pussy for another minute or 2, I took my dick out and took off the condom. She then started giving me a handjob while sucking my balls. Her warm mouth on my balls was like magic and I realized I couldn’t hold on much longer. Then she took my dick in her mouth and started giving me some deep blows.
That pushed me over the edge and I started cumming in her mouth with a huge groan. Surprisingly she drank every drop of it and sucked me dry after that great session which lasted close to 2 hours we both were pretty exhausted and just lied down. We never realized when we dozed off.
We then woke up after an hour or so and another round of sex after that we spent the whole afternoon lying naked in bed talking and caressing each other. I then dropped her back at the station.
This happened about 2 weeks ago and since then we haven’t hooked up yet. We just continue to travel with each other with a bit of touching whenever possible. We hope to hook up again soon. I hope you all liked this experience of mine. Please post your comments. Thanks.