Cochin was so hot

The phone bell rang when I was having my dinner at home, the other side it was Shana, It’s been so many days since I talked to her as I couldn’t contact her. Oh sorry I for got to give an introduction, I am Richie 23 year old from Kerala. This is an incident happened in my days on last month. I was longing to have sex with some one even though I’ve contacts with gals I couldn’t get a chance to do it. Shana was the cost when I was working in a telecommunication organization. She used her uncles mobile and was staying with her uncle and aunt in a flat .I noticed her when she first came to my office .She was so sexy and was wearing a light blue saree when I saw her for the First time.

I got the chance to solve her problems with her phone and we talked for some time. At the end of the day while I was following up the things that I had to do then only I came to know that I wanted a bill receipt number from her. So I messaged her for the receipt number.

Then she called me back and we talked so long. She told me that she was alone at her home. I really wanted to go and take her in my arms but I knew it was not so fair to be like that so early .There after I used to call her and we chatted so long then only I came to know that she was engaged and her fiancé is abroad and she came here to study a software course.

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After this I couldn’t meet or contact her for long .At this time her call came .She told me that her uncle was using her phone and that’s why she couldn’t sms to call back. She told me that her uncle and aunt have gone to their place that is at Calicut she was feeling so lonely .I told her I would come there tomorrow to meet her and I was longing to meet her and was missing her badly. She agreed and told me to come to her flat at 11am. I went to her flat at 11 and she was waiting for me in the balcony .She waved her had when she saw me .I went to her flat door, it was no 22.

I went inside and she was only out after a bath, she was wearing a cream chudi and had wrapped the towel on her hair to dry it .Oh gosh she was looking so sexy and I wanted to take her in my arms at that moment I was getting a hard on .She asked me to sit in the sofa and went to get me some juice and snacks. She came with that and sat opposite to me .I looked into her eyes and she asked why are u looking like this .I told her I missed her so much and was longing to see her .I told her to sit a bit closer to me first she denied and at last she came and sat a bit closer .I then advanced and sat close to her and I took her hands in my arms then she was trembling, I don’t know why then I just caressed her hands till shoulders .Then suddenly a phone came it was her uncle’s phone I was cursing her uncle. She went to her bed room. I also went to her bedroom after her. After the call she was surprised to see me in her bed room , then we sat there and talked , while talking a took her hand and placed it in mine the slowly I started moving my fingers through her hand and a place our hand on her left thigh .I was feeling so hot and also she was taking deep breaths .But always she was trying to defend it .I then told her I am feeling pain on head and would like to lay on her lap and asked her to give me a head massage. First she denied for that also and then she agreed. I laid on her lap and she was giving me a good massage on my fore head .Then I slowly turned my head to side so that my face touch her bottom of the breast and her belly, she tried to stop me and told to get up from her lap and lay beside her so that I cant do any mischief, she told me that I am so naughty , that was I waiting for I laid on her side again I took her hand in my hand and slowly I hugged her this time she tried but I just used some force and told her I wont do any thing else , then I slowly started to give my warm breath on her neck, I knew it was turning her on , she said ‘please don’t do that rich’ in that voice there was her willingness, her voice had turned so sexy that was making me so crazy, I slowly move more closer to her neck and I slowly touched my lips on her neck she was trembling like any thing and she couldn’t talk my hairs of my half shaven beard was tingling her and she was getting in mood . She was repeating again and again ‘Don’t do that rich’ it was making me so crazy.

She tried to push me but when I kissed her deeply she slowly hugged me she didn’t want to happen that but my kiss made her to hug me and there I started I moved my lips through her neck and was slowly caressing her breast over the chudi her cleavage was now visible and my lips running through her bottom part of the ears and I reached her lips .That was the sweetest and longest kiss I ever had we kissed and licked and sucked each others lips and was rolling our tongues.

I was squeezing and crushing her breast , she told she loved it to be crushed like any thing ,I then laid her and I started to un hook her chudi with my mouth I bitted on the hooks and removed each one , she asked me not to tease her like that . I removed he all hooks and with my teeth I stripped he chudi from while my lips were brushing through her breast and whole body. With my bite itself I untied the string of her pants also and I moved through her pussy.

Then I started to come up from her toes to up licking slowly, she was longing like any thing and I reached her pussy I started to roll my tongue on it I licked it I bitted it I sucked it and I made her come on my face ,It was so tasty and I enjoyed it with all I again kissed her and I laid her and opened her legs to get in .I applied some saliva on my cock and I slid it very slowly she was moving shaking her head and said me to get in deep inside ,I got in slowly so deep that when my whole cock was inside she opened her mouth and was screaming she kept saying ‘ Love U I Love U I Love u and was yelling ,’do it ,do it do it , faster ,Take me ,take me’ and a lot .I moved so fastly and at last we climaxed . She grabbed me on her arms and she kissed me on my lips .She again and again was whispering on my ears “I LOVE YOU DEAR.”

Think u enjoyed the incident; I had two more session with her same day I’ll write it after wards. I would like to get feedbacks and would like to have relations with aunt’s n gals from kerala or any where feel free to mail me at [email protected] Take care. Do gimme the feedbacks