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Sarah and I never talked about what happened during the physical examination. It was so embarrassing that I couldn't bear to bring it up. We were both more stressed after our grades plummeted and we fell in class rank. It also affected our sex lives, as we were constantly stressed and studying instead of fucking like rabbits as we'd done in college.
Two weeks after the physical, we took our first written exam. Sarah and I both studied relentlessly, hoping to improve our average. But when we received our grades, we both scored high C's. Apparently med school was harder than we thought.
In order to focus on studying, I had decided to drop out of intramural basketball. But I still went to the gym every couple of days to work out. Running on the treadmill and lifting a few weights was a good way to let off steam.
The day after Sarah and I received our written exam grades, I was working out at the gym when I noticed a basketball game going on. The cardio room had a clear line of sight to the basketball court through large, clear windows. Down below were med students and law students playing what looked to be a fierce game. As I jogged on the treadmill, I noticed Xander on the court, playing his usual position of point guard.
It looked like Xander was tearing it up—driving to the rim and scoring three-pointers almost at will. I was impressed that he still had time to hoop around, and jealous that his skills were still improving. I wish I could've joined a team, but was instead relegated to running on the treadmill.
When I went to the locker room after my workout, I was surprised to see Xander already changing. There was this scrawny kid who looked awkward and lanky, but his teammates were cheering him on for winning the game. "You scored 30 points!" someone screamed. "That was SICK!!!!"
The law and med students were both using the locker room and slowly stripping off their shirts and basketball shorts. Completely by chance, the locker I had chosen happened to be next to Xander's once again.
"Oh hey man!" he said when he noticed me. "Why weren't you out on the court today?"
"Oh you know…trying to spend more time studying and with the girlfriend," I replied.
"Well, we could've used your help dominating these law students even more," he joked. Apparently the med students had won by quite a lot.
"That would've been fun!" I replied.
As we made small talk, everyone around us started taking off their underwear and heading for the showers. Some people wrapped towels around their waists before they slid down their jockstraps, hiding any sight of their penises. But most of the med students and law students were so confident that they felt comfortable stripping completely naked. I had never been afraid to show off my dick back in college, but now I knew that my normally impressive cock looked pathetic in comparison to Xander's.
Shyer than usual, I placed my towel in front of my crotch as I followed Xander to the showers. As we walked through the locker room, with his towel hanging over his shoulders, nearly everyone gawked at this 5'7" teenage dude. He was the shortest and scrawniest guy in the locker room, but packing an anaconda where it counts, and clearly more hung than every law student that he had just dominated in basketball.
Once we got to the open showers, I was able to look more closely at the law students. While each of them looked tall and attractive with "pretty boy" good looks, their flaccid penises were only 2-3 inches long. Even my 4-inch softie looked big in comparison; but Xander truly put all of us to shame.
"It's no wonder we beat them on the basketball court," Xander joked when we hit the showers. I laughed as we both showered next to each other like two cocky med students.
"Hey man," Xander said, as we kept showering off and soaping up our cocks. "How'd you do on that written exam?"
"Oh, I did okay," I replied, somewhat dishonestly. "It could've gone better."
"Yeah, I thought so too," he said. "I felt pretty confident but the prof docked me a point on a couple of questions."
"Oh wow," I said, somewhat stunned. I had been docked dozens of points on many questions—not just a few.
"At least there was a curve," Xander continued, "so I could still get back up to 100%."
Fuck, I thought. This 19-year-old still had perfect grades and was at the very top of our class.
"Good for you, man," I said. This guy's such an asshole, I thought.
"Well let me know if you and your girlfriend want to study together sometime," Xander said. "It might be nice to team up on the next one."
"I'll keep that in mind," I replied. But in my head, I thought, yeah right. The last thing I wanted was to team up with this cocky asshole or let that massive, ridiculous cock come near my girlfriend ever again. With one last look at Xander's thick, low-hanging donkey dick, I went back to my locker, dried off, and left the gym.
As Sarah and I were preparing for our next exam later that week, I mentioned what happened in the locker room when I ran into Xander. Avoiding any mention of his basketball dominance or his absurdly large cock, I said that he scored 100% on the last exam.
"Holy shit!" Sarah said. "He must really be some kind of whiz kid."
I also accidentally let slip that Xander had renewed his offer to help us study. "Hmmm," she replied. "Maybe we should take him up on it."
I told Sarah I had zero interest in ever talking to him again and thought we'd be better off studying on our own, as we'd always done in college. But Sarah was persistent. "Come onnnnnnn," she said. "He must be doing something we're not, which is why he's scoring such good grades! Let's just study with him one time to discover his secret. Then we can go back to doing our own thing."
When my girlfriend makes her mind up, she's extremely compelling, so I decided to agree and invite Xander over to study. Sarah then picked up her phone and called him.
"Oh hey," he replied. "Of course I'd love to come over! It'd be a real honor to study with you guys." Sarah gave him our address and Xander said he'd be over later that night.
When Xander arrived, Sarah and I were already actively hitting the books. We had been cramming for several days and nights, but for some reason the information wasn't sticking. Now that the test was tomorrow, it was serious crunch time.
Xander was actually quite a gentleman when he arrived. He brought energy drinks, homemade brownies, and flash cards that he'd been using to study. Once he showed up, we dove right into quizzing each other and discussing the material. Xander gave me and Sarah quite a few tips on how to retain information. After a couple hours, Sarah had mastered most of the material, but I was still lagging just a bit behind.
Feeling frustrated, I went into the kitchen and saw the homemade brownies that Xander made. I'm a life-long stress eater and nothing makes me feel better than eating a bunch of junk food. So I took a bite, then another, and another. Pretty soon I'd stuffed five brownies down my mouth trying to sooth my stress and frustration.
When I walked back to the living room, where Sarah and Xander were studying, I felt a bit dizzy. "I need to sit down," I said.
"Oh no!" Xander exclaimed. "Did you eat a brownie?"
"Of course," I replied. "Isn't that what they were for?"
"No!" he said. "I brought those for after the exam! They're completely full of weed!"
"What?!" I exclaimed. The room now felt even dizzier as my head tried to wrap itself around Xander's words.
"How many did you have, dude?" he asked. "You look super baked."
"Ummm…" I couldn't even remember. "Five or six?"
"Holy shit, man, that's way more than normal!"
While Xander seemed impressed by my brownie exploits, Sarah seemed pissed. "Why the fuck did you eat so many brownies?! Couldn't you taste the pot in them?"
I didn't even respond and just sat there in silence. While I had smoked weed a handful of times before, I had never had this much. Now I felt super calm, relaxed, and unable to focus on what was happening.
Meanwhile, Sarah still seemed stressed about the exam and was constantly rubbing her neck. "Are you doing okay?" Xander asked her. "Is your neck sore?"
"Oh, I'm fine," she said. "My neck's just been really stiff these past few days."
"Would you want me to help with that?" he asked. "I used to be a professional masseuse."
I couldn't believe that this 19-year-old kid used to be a professional-anything, but the pot brownies had completely mellowed me out. Meanwhile, Sarah just smiled and said "that'd be great!"
While I stared blankly at the wall, Xander made his way over to Sarah. As she sat on the floor with her back to the couch, he sat behind her and started gently massaging her shoulders.
"Oooooh!" she screamed in delight. "That feels amazing!!"
Xander pressed down firmer in response. "Your shoulders feel so tight!" he said. "When's the last time you got a massage?"
"Well, my boyfriend usually gives them to me but we've both been so busy and stressed lately."
"That's too bad," Xander said. "A gorgeous girl like you needs constant massages."
I kept sitting there as Xander massaged my girlfriend, but the words all sorta just washed over me.
Sarah's eyes were closed and she looked like she was in utter bliss as Xander massaged her shoulders. Maybe he had been a masseuse, because he sure seemed to know what he was doing.
"These shoulders are so tight that I think we might need to use massage oil," he said. Sarah just moaned in response.
"Do you have any massage oil?" Xander asked, looking at me.
"I don't think so," I replied, still in a haze.
"What about cocoa butter or something like that?"
"Ummm…." I replied, hesitantly. I knew that Sarah kept cocoa butter by the bed and felt so relaxed from the brownies that I decided to go and get it. Couldn't hurt, I thought.
When I brought back the cocoa butter, Xander thanked me and asked Sarah to lie down on the living room rug. "You might also want to take your shirt off," he added, nonchalantly.
Without waiting a beat, Sarah started taking off her shirt. "What?!" I asked through my internal fog. "Why do you need to do that!?"
"Dude," Xander responded. "You're the one who brought us the cocoa butter. Did you think I was just gonna rub it all over her shirt?"
His argument made perfect sense as I realized that no one can use massage oil while wearing a shirt. "Oh, okay," I replied.
As Sarah removed her shirt, I was shocked to discover that she wasn't wearing a bra underneath. We had both been studying in sweatshirts, and apparently she wanted to keep it comfortable by not constraining her massive breasts.
Now her enormous tits hung proudly as they greeted me and Xander. "Holy fuck," he responded. "I'd forgotten how beautiful these things are."
I watched in horror as this 19-year-old stud gawked openly at my girlfriend's rack. Even though he'd already felt every centimeter of her incredible breasts, this time felt different. After giving us a long, extended view, Sarah finally lied down on her two gigantic boobs and let Xander do his work.
Xander slowly spread cocoa butter over my girlfriend's back and shoulders. As his fingers started gliding across her, he had her moaning in no time. "Ugggghhhhh," Sarah groaned. "That feels soooooo goooooooood."
Although I'd given Sarah massages countless times, they were nothing like this. Xander had Sarah writhing and moaning from all the pleasure he was eliciting. "Just relax," he urged her. "Let my hands sink in. Become like water as you give yourself to me."
Xander's voice was almost hypnotic as it washed over both me and Sarah. While she was much more relaxed, I just sat there in a daze. Without realizing it, I ended up staring at the floor for several minutes—probably as a result of sleepless nights and the pot-filled brownies.
When I looked back at Sarah and Xander, I noticed that something looked different. But it took me a few seconds to realize what had changed. Sarah's jeans had disappeared and Xander was now massaging her legs.
"Oooooh," she cooed, as his hands roamed up and down her legs. "You're soooo goooood at this."
"Just wait for it, baby," he replied. "We've gotta work your whole body."
Right then, this teenage stud gently tugged at Sarah's panties, slipping them down her incredible ass. To my surprise, Sarah lifted up her hips so that Xander could pull her panties right off. Without saying a word, Xander started massaging her firm and toned butt. Sarah just kept moaning as Xander pressed into her.
"Okay, baby," he whispered into her ear. "It's time to flip over."
At this point, I should've put a stop to this "professional massage." Any boyfriend worth his salt would've stepped in and told this scrawny little kid to fuck off. No one had given him permission to go this far and the whole thing had gotten far too sexual. Besides, we still had studying to do for the morning exam!
Perhaps the brownies had taken a toll or perhaps I was just curious about what might happen next. But for some reason, I kept quiet as Sarah turned over underneath Xander's body, exposing for him her breasts and cleanly shaven pussy.
I stared in awe as my girlfriend—the most beautiful girl I had ever seen—now fully exposed herself in front of Xander, who remained completely clothed. It was a strange juxtaposition, seeing this drop-dead gorgeous girl showing off her tits and pussy to this scrawny, awkward kid wearing baggy clothes.
Without touching Sarah's body, Xander leaned over and whispered something in her ear. I couldn't hear what was said but saw her nod her head enthusiastically in response. Then Xander did something that shocked me. Without asking me for permission, he dove down and pressed his lips to Sarah's vagina. Only a few feet away from me, he started eating out my girlfriend.
"UGHHHHHHH!" Sarah moaned, as he found her clit. "YESSSSSSSSS!"
I was flabbergasted that Xander had literally dove at my girlfriend's vagina, but there was little I could do. It seems that Sarah had given him permission to utilize his massage techniques on her clit and labia, and he was doing and fan-fucking-tastic job.
For the next 10 minutes, Xander kept Sarah moaning and writing on the floor. With the work of his tongue and a few of his fingers, he brought her to two, three, four mind-shattering orgasms. Although I had eaten Sarah out hundreds of times, I had never made her explode like this. Xander's tongue was giving her much more intense orgasms at a far faster rate. Sarah barely had any time to recover before Xander set off fireworks inside her again.
After the fifth orgasm in 15 minutes—a record for Sarah—Xander whispered something else in her ear. Once again, she eagerly nodded her head.
Still fully clothed, Xander stood up and walked over to me. Leaning over to whisper in my ear, he quietly said, "I'm about to fuck your sexy girlfriend. And if you want to watch, I need you fully naked in the bedroom in the next 60 seconds."
Just like that, Xander and Sarah stood up and walked to the bedroom. Seconds ticked by as I wondered what to do. Should I stay out here or go inside? What's gonna happen? And most importantly: what do I want to happen?
I tried to work through all the possibilities in my head but there really wasn't time to make a decision. After 45 seconds ticked by, something inside me snapped and I raced to the bedroom. Shucking off my clothes, I barely stripped off my underwear just in time. Glancing at his watch, Xander looked at me and smiled.
"Good choice, kid" he said. "You won't regret this."
The power dynamic in the room could not have been more apparent. As Xander stood up fully clothed, Sarah and I were both completely naked, anxiously waiting for his instructions. To make matters worse, my 6.5-inch dick was also fully erect. I don't know if it was the brownies or the sight of this cocky kid eating out my sexy girlfriend, but my penis was currently throbbing in the direction of Xander and Sarah.
"It looks like someone's excited!" Xander joked. "I didn't mean to make you cum so quickly during the prostate exam. Maybe you'll last a bit longer this time."
Sarah and Xander both giggled as I stood awkwardly in silence. But despite the teasing, my dick was still throbbing with anticipation and now leaking pre-cum.
Xander walked over to me and looked down at my penis. "I was gonna ask Sarah if she'd want to suck you off to get you hard," he said, "but it looks like that won't be a problem. You are not allowed to cum until I tell you to. Got it? That means no jerking your little penis, no masturbating, nothing. Just watch me make love to your sweet, sexy girlfriend."
Still in a haze from the brownies, I nodded my head and obeyed Xander's instructions. It felt so embarrassing to be standing there completely naked, penis fully erect, while this shorter, scrawny kid was totally clothed. But Xander exuded power over both me and Sarah, and even though my penis was aching for relief, I kept my hands by my sides and obeyed his every word.
Xander moved over to the bed and started kissing Sarah passionately. Inserting his tongue deep inside her mouth, he fondled her breasts and rubbed his growing bulge against her crotch.
"Undress me," he told her.
My sexy girlfriend dove at Xander with abandon and quickly pulled off his shirt. She then grabbed his belt buckle and started to loosen it.
"That a girl," Xander said. "I bet you've been wanting this cock since you first laid eyes on it."
Sarah just moaned as she unbuckled Xander's shorts and lowered them to the floor. He now stood in a pair of black Calvin Klein boxer briefs with a monster of a bulge straining to be released. Sarah dove on it and started licking the massive snake through Xander's underwear.
"Good girl!" he prodded. "Get it nice and wet before I fuck your pussy!"
Ten feet away, my penis was now leaking pre-cum at an alarming rate. But no matter how horny I felt, I didn't want to risk the consequences of disobeying Xander's instructions and tried to keep myself from cumming prematurely.
My dick lurched forward when Sarah finally lowered Xander's underwear using only her mouth. His colossal dick slapped her in the chin then leapt upwards along her face. Sarah and I both gasped at the size.
"It's fucking hugeeeeee!" she screamed.
Sure enough, Xander's dick was longer than Sarah's head was tall. Straining towards the sky, it was obvious that Xander was a shower *and* a grower. He completley blew us away when it came to cock size.
Sarah dove on it and started making love to the mammoth head of Xander's cock. "Mmmmmm," he moaned. "Suck that dick."
Xander looked over at me and locked eyes as my girlfriend choked on his dick. Glancing down at my aching cock, he smiled and said, "Your girlfriend sucks good dick!"
I simply nodded as Xander grabbed Sarah's hair and started inserting his manmeat deeper and deeper into her mouth. Sarah never had a problem swallowing my entire penis, but it was clear that Xander was in a league of his own.
"Come on, baby," he chided her. "I know you can take all of it."
Sarah moaned as she kept struggling to swallow his dick. Her massive boobs were bobbing up and down and her entire body was sweating as she took more and more of his cock, inch by inch.
Pretty soon, Xander reached over and started fingering her pussy. "That's it, baby," he said. "Keep at it."
My girlfriend moaned louder as Xander inserted two of his fingers into her vagina. By this point, she had swallowed nearly 8 inches of his thick hunk of meat down her throat, but there was still another inch or two to spare. Her entire body was writhing on Xander's fingers, and it was clear that this stud was getting her nice and wet for his massive shaft.

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