Coffee Time Pt. 01

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How it got started.
I am named Blake. I am year old male 19 entering my sophomore year at a local community college..
My mom, Carol, and her friend, Susan, usually have a coffee break every day at 2PM. Susan is out next door neighbor so the girls alternate at being the coffee hour hostess.
On a day not too long ago I came in during coffee hour but they were not at the kitchen table but in ma's bedroom. From all the giggling it sounded like they were having a good time. I had to pass by the door to Mom's room to reach my room.. When I passed I saw both of them naked modeling swim suits because they left the door half open. I froze staring at the two. Both of their eyes looked at me looking back at me. Susan runs over to close the door which gave me an even better look at her tits and pussy.
Like a lot of guys my age, I looked at naked women in magazines all the time but that was the first time I ever saw one in real time. The two middle middle aged women were not as stunning as the professional models in the mags but they didn't look all that bad either. Both were attractive woman, a bit thick yet not fat, with breast that didn't sag and who's legs were pretty shapely yet. The seeing them like that got my cock rock hard.
The rest of the day image kept popping back into my mind and another thought also developed, I want to fuck both of them.
During dinner mom didn't say a thing nor did I but she did gave me one of those "mother knows" glances. After dinner I helped her clean up giving my sisters a break. I kept glancing at her as we talked seeing her covered breast in a new light and I know she caught me staring at least twice.
When we finished she asked if I was going to watch TV with the rest of the family, I declined going up to my room to read and to jack off. I was reading "A Tale of Two Cities" by Dickens when around 10PM I hear a tap at the door, "Blake. Can I come in."
"Sure mom, it's unlocked."
She entered my room dressed only in her nightgown. It wasn't sheer but is did show the shadow of her body.
"Blake I know you saw us nude this afternoon. What did you think of two naked old women."
"Honestly mom, I didn't see two naked old women at all. I did see two desirable mature women without clothes and it aroused me."
"By aroused, Blake, do you mean that the sight of us gave you a hard on?"
"Yes mother, I got and hard on and the image kept playing all day keeping me horny."
"So you would fuck Susan if she allowed you to?"
"Yes and I'd like to fuck you as well."
"Yes you."
She paused a pretty long while before saying, "I cannot say that the thought hasn't crossed my mind Blake. I see you as a son but also as a man.
"Susan has desired you sexually as well. because she's told me. She hasn't had a man since before her divorce four years ago."
She paused again thinking, "So if I arranged a date with you and Susan, you would take her."
"Yes mom, with pleasure."
"Good night Blake."
"Mom, kiss me."
I pulled her down kissing her on the mouth and invading her mouth with my tongue.
"Mom, I want you."
"I am your mother," was all she said then left.
Claiming Susan
A couple of days went by but nothing happened. Then one day as I was getting out of my car, Susan calls to me from out of her window, "Blake, can you come over to help me?"
"Sure Mrs. Harrison, be right over"
The back door was open.
"Please lock the door then come in here"
I did lock the door. Susan spoke again, "Here Blake." She was in her standing in her pink terrycloth robe.
"Blake, I need you. Please don't deny me."
She loosen the robe letting it fall to the floor. She is totally naked. Climbing into bed she motions for me to join her.
I strip fast with my cock already hard then I lay beside her.
"Blake, do you really find me attractive?"
"Yes I do Mrs…… "
"Call me Susan when we are alone like this."
"Yes I do Susan, I want to pleasure you."
I begin kissing her and fondling her tits they were not huge but as a C cup definitely not shabby either. Felt, her hand on my stiffening cock lightly squeezing it while she moved it up and down my shaft. My lips move down to her breast kissing each one all over then I sucked her nipples. Ii made me feel very good to hear sounds of her moaning as she was pleasured by my ministrations.
My hand was drifted to her mound trimmed then farther south her slit. Opening her outer lips I found her to be sopping wet when my fingers went pass the outer lips into inner sanctum. I kissed her when I was rubbing her clit between my two fingers. She moaned in my mouth. Susan gasped when two of my fingers violated her then started sliding in and out of her.
She grabbed my arm then said "Blake I cannot stand any more. Please fuck me."
I placed my knee on her than as if by magic her legs open wider giving me access to her most sacred parts and I was compelled to go up and kiss her. To date I have never been so passionately kissed as I was then.
"Blake please fuck me. Please don't make me wait longer."
I has never fucked a woman before but it seemed like instinct took over for me as I slid down so my cock was even with her pussy. I felt her hand take me lining me up with her opening.
"Thrust Blake. Enter me."
When I pushed through her vagina she gasped and I moaned when it closed down around me. That was a wonderful first experience.
"Blake, my love, enter me slow. It's been 5 years since a man has been inside me."
"Okay Susan we will do it at your speed."
"Slide more in," she gasp but says nothing. A little bit more goes in, she wants me to halt so she can accept more. In a bit Susan wants more in her. Then an acceptance time. Then the nod to proceed. That time I push the rest into her, I am now balls deep. "O Blake you've filled me. You are touching my womb."
I slid my cock out some then push back in.
"Yes Blake like that, fuck me."
The feel of my cock head rubbing against the walls of her birth canal feels so great it is no wonder why men like fucking women. But it is also filling my balls and they are feeling ready to explode.
"Susan loving you is do great I feel that my balls are getting ready to explode."
"Blake, stop thrusting so you can let your cock rest in me."
"I love you Susan."
"I love you Blake."
"Be my lover Blake claim me as your woman."
"Yes, you are my woman Susan.
"Things have quieted down, I'll begin fucking you again Susan my love."
I am thrusting faster. I feel her tightening up and her moans and groans have become request again.
"Keep fucking me Blake,"
"Fuck me faster"
"I am getting ready to cum. Please cum with me."
"O god I love your cock in me. Fuck me Blake, Fuck ME!"
Her orgasm sent me over the top making me flood her pussy with my semen.
When both our orgasms were finished, I dismounted her to lay beside her.
"That was great Susan. Thank you."
"I am glad you liked it Blake."
"We will do this again Susan. I want to love you, to be your man."
"I can live with that."
When I was visiting Susan, after fucking her, I asked my lover, "Was that incident when I caught both you and mom naked an accident or panned."
"It was a accident Blake. I said we should close the door to be safe. she told me don't worry my girls are still at school and Blake won't be home for awhile because he is at work. We got our suits out and began stripping in front of each other kidding one another as we did. You know, like I kidded her about her elongated nipples and she kidded me about my hairy pussy. Both of us had just let out panties fall to the floor when you walked by scaring the shit out of us until we realized it was you."
"It was a shock to me as well for a bit I couldn't believe what my eyes were telling me."
"One last question lover. I know ma tells you every thing and I think its vice versa. Mom gave me the impression that she's like to have an incestual relationship with me. Am I right?"
"Yes you are, then again you are not. Your mom is a terribly unhappy woman, she feels trapped in an marriage with a man she has come to hate. He's ignored her for a very long time and only seems to be happy when he's drunk. When he tries to fuck her, the smell of beer grosses her out and he cannot even get it up to get it in. She wants to be loved and fucked by a real man. You.
But her inhibitions block the way. You'll have to help her unblock her way.
"Poor mom.
"Do you want to have some fun in the bedroom?"rn the pill lover boy.
A Preview of thing to come
That same night when I came home from Susan's, I hear the sounds a woman enjoying herself sexually in our living room. I go to investigate and see my mom laying on her back. Her bath robe is beneath her and she's fucking herself with a Rabbit dildo.
To be continued.

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