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After hearing Susan's comments I was distraught about my mother. Back when I was a teen 13 she was happy and bubbling. Now she is living under a dark cloud not happy or bubbling in the least. I know dad's drinking is hurting everyone in the family including me. Sometimes he'll come staggering in drunk during the family meal talking like a fool and acting like an idiot. But what to do?
The what to do part was settled by dad himself when driving drunk he failed to make a curve and an oak tree stopped him. He was so mangled up and charred by the ensuing fire that we were forced to have a closed casket with a picture of him in a happier time on top of the coffin.
Mother was shattered. She loved him in spite of his abusing her emotionally and maybe physically. She was inconsolable widow bewailing the loss of her loved one snatched from her arms unexpectedly.
I sat by her during the wake and funeral like a dutiful son letting her head rest on my shoulder as the tears fell and getting tissues for her and my sisters who were just as broken as mom consoling each other by hugging one another and by my hugging them kissing them on the cheek letting them cry on my shoulder as well.
The house was packed to overflowing and beyond. It wouldn't have surprised me if the Fire Marshall would have stopped by and cite us. Dad had a large family as did mom not to mention all of mom's friends and dad's before he became an alcoholic. His boss and work associates dropped by as well.
Finally the funeral came and things came back to an uneasy normal after the service. One of mom's brothers gave her an old car he had fixed up so at least we could get around in. As 'man of the house' I was overwhelm. Fortunately for me
one of dad's brother's was an attorney who relieved me of all that
One night shortly after the funeral I hear a tap on tap door. "Blake, its mom can I come in?"
"Sure mom."
"Blake, I am so lonely."
She wearing a negligee, I didn't think she had one, I got up to hold her finding that she was braless. Her nipples were pressing into my chest and that activated my cock.
"Mom let's sit on the bed."
She complied and I sat beside her.
"Kiss me my baby boy."
I kissed her head, cheeks but she pulled my head down to her mouth giving me a good full kiss. I followed suit and soon we were kissing with a passion. Her hand were all over my back and mine all over hers. I felt her hand touch my cock then she gripped it as I let my hand drift to her butt caressing it and rather the giving me a rebuke, she told me how much she likes it and to continue but not to go between her legs. she moving against me and I thought she was going to want to fuck. No she wasn't that night.
Next night, "Blake I love you, Catherin and Penny. Never forget momma loves all three of you. My babies.
"Dear come to be with me. Take off all your clothes then hop in."
Once I am naked I do hop in.
This time when our bodies touch I find she'd total naked.
"Susan tell me you are a great lover," mom said, "so love your mom fucking her senseless. My stud."
When threw her leg over me I could feel how wet she was when her pussy touched my my leg. She was on me sideways on me kissing me as she slid her pussy up and down my leg scooting herself up my leg so her knee could touch cock and balls.
"O my baby I have such a great need for a man. Your father couldn't have sex with me for eight years due to a medical condition. I need your cock as soon as it gets hard. Shove it in your mommy."
There was like a an electric field round her pussy because just with that rubbing on my leg I was ready to fuck her. My cock was hot and ready to go.
I put her on her back, kissing her, "Ma part your legs I am ready to enter you now."
When my cock entered her vaginal opening she let out such a loud gasp the whole neighborhood probably heard.
"O baby be gentle as you open me."
"I'll be very gentle mom. I love you so much."
I pushed the head in slowly feeling her pussy accept more and more of me.
It struck me as ironic that the same canal brought me into to world nearly 20 years ago was helping to carry my mom back into the world nearly 20 years later after her no fucking trauma. I reach bottom then begin slide in and out of her super wet pussy.
"Are you okay mom?"
"Yes dear. I am enjoying your cock in me. It feels so good. You don't have to go so slow baby."
I speed it up to normal speed i fuck at.
"O yes baby that's it. Fuck mom."
Fucking her felt so good. I was fulfilling a desire I've had shortly after I began puberty. Yes, I am a pervert. I have desired my mom since 13. I've snuck around the house trying to catch her naked, look u her shirt, or look down her blouse. I wanted to see her naked body and while I saw her nude a few weeks back, it was being stations between her legs cock in hand ready to plunge in was my maddening desire.
She got more vocal suddenly, "Fuck me James. I adore your cock in me."
I gave it to her faster.
"O yes. I am going to have an orgasm."
I kept fucking her hot wet cunt feeling her tense up then scream at the top of her lungs.
"James kiss me."
I kept fucking her feeling in heaven with each thrust. The tightness in my balls got more severe and I could feel it getting ready to explode into her.
"Mom I am getting ready to cum in you."
"Wait for me honey. I getting ready for another orgasm."
She screamed but not nearly as loud as the first time. The convulsing of her pussy sent me over the edge.
"Here it comes mom. Agh!"
I felt the semen burst out of my balls racing through my cock then into mom's awaiting pussy. I gave her three loads and I felt spent.
"Baby thank you for you little jimmy's. Aha that felt so good. Honey we are doing that again very soon."
I dismounted her then lay beside her kissing her.
"Did you like fucking this old woman?"
"Mom it was beyond fantastic."
"It was a very loving but sexual relieving as well. I love my baby.
"Thank you my son." She then kisses me very tenderly..
I return her kisses then go to pet her pussy but she takes my hand away.
"I am sore down there. We'll make love tonight.
"I am making changes to reflect the new order in the house.
"The man of the house will start sleeping with the mistress of the house effectively immediately.
"Catherin will take your bedroom and Penny will take hers.
"I want you to deflower Catherin."
"You heard me, you will take Catherin's virginity."
"Ma she'll kill me."
"No she won't I have talked to her about it and she is all for it. She and Penny love you. If you would stop going out of your way to devise new ways to aggravate them, you would feel their sisterly love."
"I suppose."
"James do something for each one then tell her you love her as a dear sister. That means a lot to a woman."
"Mom I want to fuck Penny as well."
"She's not of age."
"Susan wants you to service her," James "What I am thinking is watching you fuck Susan on her king sized bed then after we've all rested, do a threesome. Does that appeal to you?"
"Yes mom, very much. But do you think she'll go fir it?"
"Baby she loves sex more then life."
To be continued

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