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After the initial sex with mom described in Pt.02, laying with mother became regular. Every evening we went to bed together with 5 of the 7 nights being fuck nights. Generally mom did not want sex before going to work but occasionally she wanted a quickie to get her day started.
For such times she purchased some open crouch panties and pantyhose. She's get dressed and have her make up applied eat breakfast then say, "I have time Blake for a quickie." Then bending over the kitchen table she would hoist her skirt while I took little Blake out of his stall. It was fast rabbit fucking until I climaxed in her. When my last string went into her, she's wipe off and put a pad between her legs to catch drips, check her make-up again then say, "Love you." to all of us. After we responded with, "Love you more mom", she'd blow a kiss, grab her purse and keys and be gone.
I wondered if she was fucking at work. So a couple of times I checked her pad when she came home to see if there were stains over laying mine but since there were none, I assumed she was faithful.
The effect of those early morning public fucks with mom were hard on their egos. I could see their hands under their robes stroking their pussies and fingering themselves till they reached climax. On such days the kitchen reeked of sex and in need of a good airing.
As for Susan, shortly after out liaison, she found a gentleman friend who satisfied her sexual needs. So we didn't see or hear much from her for a good long while till one day mom announced she was going over to Susan's to console her on the loss of her lover.
Did I mention mom and Susan worked in the same office? They did, if I didn't. Mom had a higher position then Susan but she was not Susan's supervisor, so that didn't deter them from being friends both at home and at work.
One evening mom had Susan over for dinner. At bedtime mom asked Susan if she wanted to lay with us, she snapped up the offer. We had a couple of threesome, and I fucked Susan & mom separately as well. I was beat the next morning. It also dawned on me why women lived longer then men.
But this chapter is not about those things, it is about the reconciling of myself to my sister Catherine.
Catherine turned 18 during the time we were all still grieving for dad. We had a party for her but nothing like the one I had not the one being planned for Penny. I felt sorry for her thinking she had been cheated. But that gave me an in to approach her.
"Catherine, would you go out on a date with me?"
She was startled. "Blake did I hear you correctly? You want to take ME out on a date."
"Yes, why does that shake you."
"We never get along, do we?"
"Sis, we were always arguing about kid stuff. Who would get the last cupcake? Or, you had your turn last time, now it is my turn." She was looking at me intently. "It's about time we stop that baby stuff. I will 21 in a few months. You'll be 20.
"Before too long some guy, I approve of, is going to realize what I know now he will be seeing you as the attractive, intelligent, compassionate, and level headed woman."
"So, Catherine, will you let me take you to dinner at Stafford's, a movie of your choosing and a night under the stars talking about our brat Baby Sister, Penny, who is listening in by the way being rude, that fate saddled us with."
"Yes I will accept."
"But while Penny can be a pain, but she is a much better person then you think."
"I'll take your word on Cathy.
"6:30 on Saturday down in the living room then."
"I will be there Blake."
It is hard to believe that the stunning young woman standing before me now was that spindly gum chewing tomboy I use to fight with just a couple of years ago. She wore a dark blue dress with a modest neckline exposing a bit of cleavage, a hem just a couple of inches above her knees, cut snug with daring slits up the sides. dark blue hose and shoes.
"I am ready Blake."
When she got into the car the hem rode up and the slit opened revealing her beautiful legs. She caught me looking. As I got in the car she looks over and says to me, "Blake I am only going to tell you this once."
"My feelings for you are stronger then a sister should feel for her brother."
"Okay. Comment noted.
"Buy I have a confession to make as well.
"What is it?"
"When you sat out sunbathing with your two girlfriends, I got aroused seeing you n that skimpy bikini."
"You did?"
"Yes of course I did. You are a stunning woman Catherine. I wish we could marry. But whatever our feelings we both know I need to find a wife and you a husband. Still, you turn me on."
"You are kidding me?"
"No, I am not. You and our sister should be less provocative around me."
"Here we are." I give her a kiss on the cheek then hand her out of the car.
The dinner was excellent and our table chatter more so. We talked about mutual acquaintances, her girl friends, the jerks who have asked her out and few she decided to date from, our baby sister and, of course, our dearly departed father and our widowed mother.
"She still misses him," I said.
"Of course she does. They loved each other deeply and it's only been two years."
"Yeah, you are right."
"Plus she is afraid of your reaction."
I expressed, "???????????"
"O come on Blake, mom, Penny and I know that if she brings home someone you don't like and or approve of or both, you will go ballistic."
"We'll talk about this later. We've better go now if we're going to catch the 9:00 show.
It was a girl flick she wanted to see as I guessed. I was sitting beside her breathing in her perfume, sensing her presence and getting horny. I wondered how far she would let me go up her leg. She made no protest ,when I placed my hand at her hem, still none when I moved it up to mid-thigh, when I move up to her panties, she closed her legs withdrew my hand then she held it within hers for the rest of the movie.
"Want to get a drink?"
"No, let's go home and get comfortable."
We were just a few miles from home do in minutes we were in the house.
"Mom's only got three beers left."
"I don't want one, but if you do."
"I'll skip it. I owe her a 6-pack already."
Pulling the zipper down released her breast. When they were free of the cup in the I take them in my hands squeezing them from the rear playing with her nipples with my fingers feeling them getting turgid. I am drawn to kiss her neck as I fondle her breast and that action send wave of pleasure over her because she says, "O my god," several times.
"Blake you are making me wet. Take off my pantyhose"
Pulling them down uncover her light brown pussy hair which she closely cropped. Her slit could be seen and the temptation was to great to resist so I began to eat her pussy. Licking the slit from bottom to top.
"O god that feels so good."
"Blake take them off. Then you get naked. Let e see your hard cock."
I took the hose off her feet allowing Catherine to part her legs. The scent of her arousal fill the room with the smell of musk.
I need to get out of these clothes. My cock is so hard is it pressing the material and might split it. When my shorts come down and the cock comes into view Catherine exclaims, "O Blake it is so beautiful."
"Be my guest Catherine."
She takes the whole cock into her mouth sucking on it
"Blake let me suck it. I want to taste you"
I lay down to give her better access and she takes the organ in her mouth bobbing her head up and down.
"I've never sucked a cock before. Did I do it right?"
"It felt good to me. Mom will give you pointer to make it feel better but for your first time at bat, that felt very good.
"Now I a going to eat you pussy so lay down and part your legs to give me access to your pussy."
"Is this far enough Blake?"
"That's good Catherine."
With my head between he legs and the licking begins as does her moaning.
"O god Blake, what are you doing to me."
"Making you feel happy."
"You are making me feel very happy."
My cock is so hard it aches, "Catherine you are ready to be penetrated, so you want to do it now?" and there is dried woman before. I've heard it hurts you when I break through and that there's blood. So you better lay on something."
Out of the air mom appears with a towel, some lube, and some motherly love. She's also naked with dried cum on her pussy."
"Hey mom."
"Hey kids,"
"Continuing before mom came in, after I open you I will enter you slowly and not shove the entire cock in at once.
"I want you to feel pleasure Cathy so we'll make is as easy as we can on you. Ready?"
"Okay Catherine here it is."
I push into her and I felt her womanhood accept me.
"O momma it hurts."
"Just for a bit dear, as he pushes in deeper the pleasure over power the pain."
I push in deeper…
"Blake I feel you inside and it feels wonderful. Does it feel good for you to?"
"Feels spectacular."
"Cathy, it is all in. Now we fuck."
I drew out the plunged in again and again and again
"O fuck that feels good. Faster fuck faster."
We pick up speed as requested she moan and groans.
"Fuck. O fuck me, fuck me."
I feel her tense up then release… she orgasmed.
I kept fucking as she spasmed with the result that her finger nails are digging into my back.
"Damn this feel so good… fuck me, fuck me… Cum in me, fill my pussy."
Cathy begins to counter thrust and that gives my balls a signal to full to capacity and beyond.
"Cathy I am going to cu,"
"Yes cum. Fill my pussy."
In just a few trust I feel my sperm race up with the first string surging into her, "O god Blake I love it."
I give her 4 strings before collapsing on top of her.
"Blake that was better then I ever imagined." She kisses me.
"Thank you Catherine for letting me fuck you."
"My pleasure Blake."
We rest for a bit talking love whe she pops up, "I want to clean your cock."
The fell of her lips ad my mounting lust harden my member making it ready for her.
"Are you ready to fuck or do you want to suck."
"I want to fuck.
"Can I mount you and ride your cock?"
"Sure, of course you can."
She straddles me then aligns my cock with her vagina. She has it right, my cock disappears into her ass.
I feel my cock head touching her womb as she finished lowering herself down.
"Give me a bit to get use to this."
She moves herself adjusting the position or whatever she was doing before she announces, "I am ready." With that she rises up, then lower herself down.
"I don't want you to slip out."
"If I do, the just put me back in."
"Yes, yes , yes.
"I cannot kiss you and keep you in can I"
"We'll cannot kiss in this position without out is slipping out."
"Let's kiss and if it slip out put it back in."
Catherine bends down and we do kiss for a few minutes.
"Do you and mother use this position?"
"Are you kidding? It is her favorite way to make love. Most times she wants to start out with Cowgirl.
"Just relax and enjoy the feeling and the movement which you control."
"What do you like about this way of fucking?"
"I feel you pussy walls clasping my cock as well as it appearing and disappearing in side you."
"I really like this Blake. I want to do it everyday.
"We'll set up a time when you and I meet to fuck.
"Do forget that I am mom's lover as well."
"I won't and if I do, she'll remind me that she has first call."
"Catherine, not only are you a good sister but also a great fuck."
"Thank you."
"Sis pick up speed so I can fill you again."
"When I am ready. I am enjoying this Blake, and I won't be rushed."
It seemed like she was caught in her own world enjoying having my cock embedded in her. As for me, it was relaxing almost like a lullaby with the slow rhythmic movement putting me into very dreamy state. Then she picks up the pace as she slams her pelvis into mine with greater impact.
"Blake make me cum.
"Blake I need to orgasm again."
I tried to counter thrust buy she was moving so fast.
"Catherine I am going to cum."
"Me to. Lets cum together."
Her "AAAaaaaa" and my "Ugh!!" came together. My sperm enter her pulsating pussy it felt great. When she fell on my chest I grabbed hold of her rolling over with her my cock still in, then I humped her sending another shot of sperm into her. After that my spent cock slipped out of her
"Are you getting tired?
"Yes I wonder what the time is?"
"Almost 3. "
"I am going to sleep."
"In my bed with me?"
"Okay. We need to straighten this bed out."
That didn't take her to long. We got between the sheet and I took her in my arms then sleep over took us. Catherine was still in my arms when we awoke.
"It's 11 lovers," mom said, "brunch is ready."
The end of Pt. 03
To be continued…

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