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"It's not about Cognitive Dissonance," a voice in my head said as my Father's tongue wiggled around inside me. "Right there, Daddy," I heard my mouth say, although I doubt he could hear me with my legs wrapped around his head, holding his face, mouth, and slithering tongue to my throbbing cunt. I ignored my inner voice as my attention returned and focused on my Father's tongue flickering in and out of my cramping vagina.
The mental conflict between enjoying what my Father was doing between my legs and the imaginary conversation I might have with my ethics professor fell aside. The nagging feeling that had been beeping in the back of my head since the day I sucked JJ's cock and forced myself on Dad faded away to silence. The other voice in my head suggesting I wasn't a victim of cognitive dissonance was right; "It's not a question of if what we were doing was right or wrong," I told myself, rationalizing a case for situational ethics. The electric tentacles exploding from my Father's nose pressed to my clit, and his skilled tongue slipping and sliding around my inner lips added enough evidence to tips the scales of the moral debate going on in or around my brain's cingulate cortex.
I could feel everything he was doing, especially inside me. My legs and feet elevated above his scalp, cramping from the lack of blood flow while simultaneously spasming from the trembling climax his mouth induced. His beard stubble and his fingers digging into my skin, even his short fingernails almost penetrating my tender flesh, was far more sexually stimulating than painful.
My fingers had entangled themselves in his thick hair, desperate to enhance the sensation of his face grinding on my cunt, and his tongue struggling to reach my cervix. My voice box ached from my strained efforts to silence the screams I unrealistically believed someone outside my family might hear, worried they might discover our secret… my secret.
Weakened beyond their ability to remain locked around my Father's head, my legs naturally drifted apart. I spread myself open for him as I had done more times than I could remember since I sucked my Brother's cock for the first time, the same day I lost all control of my sexual needs.
My Father's oral skills are beyond amazing, and thinking back, remembering how exhausted Mom seemed to be every weekend morning when I was a kid… well, it makes sense now. Dad loves eating pussy, and since I returned from Costa Rica, I've been making my Dad munch on my cunt when he's not fucking me. JJ is not as experienced, but what he lacked in the oral department he makes up for with stamina, strength, and a sexual drive almost as intense as mine has become.
I felt like I was about to fall up from the bed when Dad's mouth captured my clit. His tongue was so intense, the flickering vibration resonating throughout my entire body. Even my fingers felt like they were twitching when they release their grip on his head, reaching out to dig into the sheets to prevent me from flying up to the ceiling. Through my Father's orgasmic induced haze, I felt the lower half of my legs flailing about as my hips danced around his entrapment of my ready to explode clit.
The nirvanic state his oral efforts had induced seemed to separate my thoughts from my body's forced pleasure. That was when I realized, "I can only think when I'm climaxing." My mind flashed through a flickering of the events that occurred since the day I walked in on my Brother, begging to let me watch him jerk off, then allowing my desire to taste his penis and his cum to consume me. That was the first time I lost myself to my sexual desires. Everything I knew or wanted no longer mattered. I had this uncontrollable need to see, touch, and taste his sex. It didn't take long. JJ's soft rock-hard cock felt so good in my mouth, and I savored every drop of pre-cum I stroked from his erection. When he grunted and shoved his cock to the back of my mouth, I gagged and lost most of his cum. His cock squirting spasmodically, and my stomach trying to dislodge his goo from my uvula and tonsils worked against me.
Enough of his cum remained in my mouth to allow me to taste and experience his salty-sweet jelly-like spunk. My inexperience left a puddle of saliva and cum around the bottom of his shaft. Some of our combined fluids oozing down onto and around his balls. I was a bit of a neat freak before my sickness manifested, which may be why I started licking and sucking up every gooey drop I could. I must have looked like an animal to my Brother as I voraciously sucked his cock clean, then kissed, sucked, and licked his entire groin; even the crevasse between his sweaty balls and muscular thighs smelled and tasted better than any meal I had before.
The moment my satisfaction kicked in, I ran out of his room and into our shared bathroom, embarrassed and naked. The images of my Brother's pulsating and leaking penis wouldn't leave my mind, like the death of a good friend; it lingered persistently, as did the feeling of his cock in my mouth and the salty-sweet flavor of his cum.
I don't remember the details of what happened next, just that I found Dad, or he found me. Before I knew it, I had him pinned to the hallway wall next to the garage door, franticly pulling down his shorts to get to his cock. Mom was yelling as Dad tried to stop me. I fought their efforts to keep me away from his sex, overwhelmed by a need to taste my father's penis and swallow his cum.
I remember myself screaming and crying as Dad held me back and Mom tried to get me to talk to her, but my only focus; the only thing I wanted or needed was to see, touch and taste my Father's penis. To get him hard and feel him inside me, and not just in my mouth. My cunt was cramping and itching more than it ever had before.
My memories flashed ahead to all three of them standing around me, finally acquiescing to my Brother's repeated suggestions to treat my symptoms and worry about the root cause later. Seeing my Father unzip his shorts in front of me, then exposing his mostly soft penis filled my body and brain with a relaxing and hope-fill rush, tempered by an ethical dilemma.
After sucking off both Dad and JJ two more times, I forced myself on Mom. While I ate her cunt for the first time, she agreed to let me give my father, her husband, my virginity. Mom's cunt was attached to my mouth, and my Brother's cock was held captive by one of my hands as Dad penetrated me for the first time. With my butt up in the air, sandwiched between my parents and holding on to JJ's cock, Dad fucked me as I screamed into my Mother's fur-capped smooth pussy.
After my first three or four orgasms, I rolled over, holding my legs open for Dad, then watched his guilt flushed face insert his not-yet soft erection into my quivering vagina, still itching to feel him inside me. He was so gentle, careful, and slow whenever he took me that day, so much so, it hurt inside every time, not from the pain of his penetration but from my desire to feel him filling me up as quickly and wholly as possible.
Mixing the past with the present, I reached out, taking hold of my legs from his open arms as I stared at his conflicted eyes. I pulled my knees back, locking my legs to the bed with my feet next to my ears.
Whenever Mom, Dad, and JJ were too tired to take care of me, securing me to my bed or the bathtub while they were sleeping, I had been fucking myself with dildos and vibrators, even the bedpost, and stretching and practicing for moments just like this. JJ's youthful desire to use me and my body as his sex toy (a role I relished) also expand my physical flexibility.
Those efforts paid off whenever I opened my groin to my Father, like I was now, as widespread as humanly possible. Partly to enhance my pleasure and maximize his depth, and partly to make sure Dad knew I was offering myself, my sex, to him freely, without reservation or hesitation.
I will admit, Dad's learned what I need from him and JJ, as demonstrated by the quick and deliberately forceful injection of his cock into my cunt. His balls slapping my ass, and the full feeling of his penetration mixed and merged with my memories of him over me that first day with and distant memories of all of them watching over and taking care of me. His expression was more determined and accepting now, and his gray-haired chest stronger, firmer, and more toned after all the physical exertion I had put him through. There was still a touch of regret on his face behind a determined insistence as he shoved his cock into his little girl's cunt.
It was a perfect moment; I barely had time to gasp when his hips retreated and then forced the air out of my lungs again when the head of his cock stretched my vagina to its limits, kissing the entrance to my womb.
JJ's cock is longer, but Dad's stretches me open inside, the wide-width of his cock's head touching and rubbing parts inside me JJ's cock can't. Forgetting I was on birth control, my body craved to feel my Father's seed impregnating me. My crazed mind visualized my eggs succumbing to a tsunami of his sperm squirting inside my womb. My imagination saw baby after baby spawned from our incestuous union popping out of my body, only to be quickly replaced by his cock repeating the cycle.
My cunt clenched, contracting around his penis, moving back and forth inside me. Sucking the life from me when he pulled out, then filling me up again with static electricity, making the hair on my arms stand up every time his cock advanced deeper into my swollen and inflamed pussy. The orgasms his repeated thrusting penetrations induced once again separated my rational thoughts from my base sexual instincts.
Everything stopped for a moment, or at least time seemed to slow way down. My Dad was still fucking me, as hard and as determined as he ever had, almost as if he had something to prove to himself. My body trembled, shook, and spasmed as electric sparks of physical stimulation pacified the perverted sex-obsessed parts of my brain. Once again, my cognitive thoughts separate, watching from a distance, yet up close at the same time.
It was a cathartic moment, seeing everything from a third-person perspective. Not just my Father above me, doing his best to satisfy his Daughter's incestuous cravings, but the path that led us, me specifically, to this point. A moment of perfect clarity slipped from my mental grasp as my mind fell backward into the valley of lust. A pit of unsatisfied incestual lust I struggled to escape from, catching glimpses of the life I used to live from the top of every orgasmic peak I climbed.
Somehow, I held on to that particular mental respite, falling backward into the foggy mindscape below me with new knowledge, or at least a hypothesis to test. A parable about weeds, a tree, and the wind changed my way of thinking as I accepted and embraced the monster I had been fighting for so long.
Maybe I had been suffering from Cognitive Dissonance, and maybe it was more than merely accepting what had happened to me; maybe I needed to embrace it. To allow the constant thoughts of sex, fucking, sucking, and licking flow through me and become part of me. If I did, maybe I could learn to moderate and appease my desires, knowing I'd ever gain full control over my unquenchable lust, instead, finding a middle ground between rationality and the insanity wanting to consume me.
Like a motion picture of still images, visions of all of the various sex acts I had performed on or with my family passed through my mind's eye. One particular penetrative act stood out. Before this sickness took me over, I remember being disgusted by anal sex, at least appalled by the idea of a man's penis, a dildo, or some other penetrative toy entering what's supposed to be an exit. But now, having experienced it with both my Dad and my Brother and the butt-plugs they used to appease my hunger, I found that I enjoyed anal sex far, far more than I expected.
Embracing my perversions, I heard my mouth begging, "Daddy! Daddy!… Please, Daddy… Fuck my ass… Please fuck my ass… I want to feel your cum in my ass, Daddy!"
My Father was almost as lost in his lust-rage as I was. It took several attempts of me pleading, "Please, Daddy, fuck my ass… fuck my ass until you cum inside me again. As hard as you can… as deep as you can… I need to feel you inside me," which was more accurate than I realized. As I begged and pleaded outside, while inside, I could feel my sphincter clenching; wanting, needing, to feel something, someone unnaturally penetrating my rectum.
"That's not quite right," my inner thoughts corrected, "Anal sex is not unnatural. Recreational and sexual anal penetration occurs in several primates species; Bonobos in particular… like the white Bonobos of Costa Rica…"
Without direction or specific guidance from me, my body rolled over upon feeling his penis withdraw from my vagina. I allowed my butt to raise to meet his hot slippery penis and gave myself to my Father by reaching back with my hands, spreading my cheeks, exposing my vulnerable, freely offered anus.
My rational thoughts evaporated, steamed away by the frustration of my Father's pre-fuck preparatory penetration. I was expecting, and denied, the same rapid, forceful invasion when he pushed his erect penis into my pussy. This time, like every time before, he was slow, purposeful, easing his cock into my rectum with frustrating temerity. I pushed back to speed up my impalement, but he backed off, exacerbating my exasperation.
My anal ring clamped down and around his cock, and I was fully cognitive of the fact that both my body and mind were in agreement, clenching his cock as tight as my puckered asshole could. My body fed my brain a steady stream of painful pleasure, peaking for a moment when his fully inserted cock pushed me forward on the bed. My body and mind relaxed into the same comfortably secure engulfment as his larger body entombed me under his.
I did not resist, surrendering wholly, both body and mind, as his arms entrapped me under his, locking me and my ass in place before unleashing a wonderfully intense anal fuck I hope I never forget. Both my lust and my self-aware-self twisting my head slightly, wanting to allow my Father's suckling on my neck to leave his brand on me. His deep, rapid, wonderfully intense anal penetrations forged a bond between the craven sexual needs that had taken me over and my previously isolated and ignored intellect.
As I surrendered to my libido's desires, I felt my lust submitting, not only to my Father's repeated anal penetration but to my restored rational awareness as well. I imagined a long, unbreakable tether anchoring my sane-self as I rose above the orgasmic bliss my body began to experience. Pulsations of pleasure racing up the infinitely long strand as my intellect began to float up, paralleling then surpassing the climatic peak of my body's overlapping orgasms until what I had only glimpsed before came into full view.
Everything I knew, or was, before what happened, happened returned to me. The intelligence I had forged and smithed growing up, learning from my parents, my teachers, and the close relationships I had with several of my professors returned, as well as insights that had eluded me since my return from Costa Rica. Everything suddenly made sense, and the etheric bond between my sex-crazed self hiding in the mist below and my sentient self above the clouds began to allow for two-way communication. We negotiated peace and, for the lack of a better term, a shared-use agreement for the body we both occupied.
Father's grunts into our ears and his hot breath on our neck, coupled with the panicked thrusts of his ejaculating penis in our ass, sealed our cooperated agreement. Together we used our arms and elbows to push our father's limp body up enough to allow us to breathe, and we both, for different reasons, panted, "More Daddy… Please… fuck me again… Please, Daddy."
Disappointingly he rolled of us, and we could hear Mother saying, "You need a break. I'll take care of her until Junior wakes up from his nap, then he can take over for a while."
The peace agreement forged between us allowed us to roll over onto our back. Passively accepting our parent's self-defensive obligation to restrain us, knowing the bindings that held us in place when our family needed a break from our needs were no longer a necessity.
Our Mother penetrated our vagina with a rubbery yet firm dildo, filling the void inside us after our Father pulled out of our ass. Sharing control, we turned our head to look at our Mother, and being somewhat out of practice, we spoke as rationally, as coherently as we could, whimpering, "Thank you, Mommy."
Our Mother smiled, maternally strapping a massager to our thigh. Both of us, me and my hunger, savored, accepted, and embraced the stimulation feeding our shared body's sexual needs. Mother manipulated the device's placement until the rounded head pressed to our clit and rested on the exposed end of the vibrator placating the constant itch inside our cunt. We both relaxed, surfing wave after wave of orgasmic pleasure together. With our legs spread open almost as wide as our arms, we could feel our breasts rolling in sync with our thighs clenching and relaxing, rocking back and forth, finding a rhythm we both could dance to inside the body we shared.
Mother's soothing voice reassuring us, "It's ok. We'll get through this just like we have everything else life has thrown at us, " then telling Father, "I made some sandwiches for lunch. Get something to eat and sleep as long as you can. I'll keep an eye on her while I edit the video and post it. If she gets to be too much for me, I'll wake Junior and let him take over. There are some cold-packs in the freezer. The coldest ones are on top; the one Junior used before his nap is on the bottom."
I explained my understanding of the conversation we overheard to my guest, and then we both agreed we had put our family through too much if Mother was having to provide ice packs for Dad and JJ. We made a bad situation worse, having exhausted our family to the point they needed to alternate their sleeping schedules to take care of us.
We felt the warmth of our mother's naked body lying down next to us. She caressed our hair, then teased one of our hypersensitive nipples, reaffirming her love for us and our love for her as she caressed one of our breasts. Our artificially induced climaxes were enhanced by Mother's finger rising and falling as it traced across our food-deprived ribs before circling, then venturing inside the patch of pubic hair above our massager vibrating groin.
"Mommy," we asked quietly, turning to look at her concerned yet ever-loving face and eyes, "Will you help us go to the bathroom? We need to pee."

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