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My cousin Janice is 9 years younger than me so, between that age difference and the fact that I only saw her a few times a year, we were not close when we were growing up. When social media, Facebook in particular, took off, it was a lot easier to keep in touch and stay caught up with each other. We'd both moved away from our home state and most of our family but nowhere near each other. When she and her husband had plans to be in our area, we got together and had a really fun time, which inspired them to come back a few more times. He was in the Navy so they'd moved around a number of times since the start of their relationship. When he was getting close to retiring, though, they started thinking about where they wanted to settle down. Since they enjoyed their visits with us, they picked our brains as part of the decision process and eventually decided to move out by us.
Rather than traveling back and forth, trying to find a house before moving, or signing a lease for an apartment while searching for a house, we invited them to stay with us while they were house hunting. We figured that, with the pressure off, they could take their time and find the perfect home. Besides that, we all enjoyed each other's company. After a few weeks of staying with us, Janice and I found another way to enjoy each other's company.
After the pandemic, when it was safe for most of us to go back to working in offices, it was no surprise that a lot of us had realized that we preferred working from home. I would still go into the office on occasion if I absolutely had to but I had a really nice home office and found that I could be even more productive there than in the open office layout provided by the company that I work for. One morning, Janice's husband Ryan had a job interview and my wife was out running some errands. I was working in my office when I heard Janice in the kitchen, pouring herself some coffee. A moment later, she appeared in the doorway to my office wearing just her nightshirt. It didn't escape me that she was more likely than not completely naked under that nightshirt but I tried not to think about that. Before she even said anything, her eyes suddenly went wide.
"I'm sorry, that was rude of me," she said, "Do you need more coffee?"
When I acknowledged that I could use a bit more, she set her own coffee down on my desk and grabbed my empty mug. I could swear as she leaned toward me that I could see her nipples right through her nightshirt. It was just a moment later that she was back with my coffee, set it down and took her own.
"You're going to make somebody a great secretary," I joked, "hustling off to refill my coffee like that. And I do mean 'secretary' not 'administrative assist.' I'm talking old-school secretary."
"Of course," she said, going along with me, "an admin would never go get coffee. I could wear pencil skirts and sweater sets and, naturally, I'd…"
"…take dictation," we both said together then burst out laughing. She surprised me then by setting her coffee down and coming around my desk. I swiveled my chair toward her and she plopped herself on my lap.
"Well this would just be entirely inappropriate," I said, though not really seriously, "for a boss and his secretary or probably cousins, too."
"I was never one to really follow the rules," she replied and brought her lips to mine. I didn't resist and, as our tongues were slipping into each other's mouths, I cupped her tit through her nightshirt, feeling her hard nipple. My cock was stiffening beneath her and there was no way she wasn't feeling it, which was confirmed when she began to wiggle her ass against it. I was thinking that, if she kept that up, I'd be shooting a load in my pants but she had another plan. She ended up pulling her mouth away from mine then moved off of my lap and knelt before me. The pants I was wearing were basically pajama pants so they were pretty tented out once she was no longer sitting on my cock and holding it down. She slid my pants down as I lifted my ass, my stiff cock springing out. She gripped it gently, pumped it a few times then engulfed it in her mouth as I let out a moan.
As she was sliding her lips up and down my shaft, she was gently pumping the base while I was looking down at her, incredulous that this was happening. She was no slouch when it came to sucking cock so I just tried to relax and enjoy the pleasure she was so expertly providing. The way she'd been wiggling her ass against my cock, I was surprised that I wasn't on the verge of cumming immediately once she'd started sucking me off. She was skilled enough, however, that she easily drew out the pleasure that I was feeling for much longer than I would have expected to last. Watching a cute strawberry-blond sucking my cock would have been incredibly arousing by itself but the fact that she was my cousin somehow heightened the level of pleasure. It crossed my mind to have her strip off her nightshirt but I didn't want her to stop even long enough for that. Plus, I knew I'd enjoy stripping it off myself.
As my orgasm was getting close, my cock was becoming even thicker but Janice's efforts weren't impacted in the slightest. Even when I started spewing into her mouth, she just swallowed my load while continuing to suck me off. My orgasm was long and intensely pleasurable so I knew that I'd be figuring out how to make sure this happened on a regular basis. I also anticipated burying my face in her pussy and making sure she felt at least as much pleasure as I was feeling. Once I was finally spent, she released my cock, looked up at me and smiled. I leaned forward, planted a kiss on her lips then helped her up and had her sit on my desk. I lifted her nightshirt up over her head so that she was naked then briefly caressed her tits before licking and sucking her hard nipples as she moaned. I figured her pussy must be dripping by this point so I finally kissed my way down from her tits as she leaned back.
Her bush was neatly groomed and also strawberry blond but a little darker than the long hair that typically framed her freckled face. I kissed along her soft, smooth inner thighs and across her abdomen before running my tongue along her slit, causing her to moan again. She was overflowing with juices so I was initially just lapping at her slit, slurping them up as she moaned louder and longer. When I slipped a finger into her, I found that she was both snug and incredibly wet so I knew I'd have to fuck her but I was committed to making her cum with my tongue first. Part of the reason was because she'd just used her mouth to make me cum but the other part was just that I loved to eat pussy, especially a new one I'd never eaten before. Licking and sucking her clit while sliding my finger in and out had her writhing as a few gasps slipped in along with her moaning. I was using my own experience with eating pussy to draw out the pleasure she was feeling without reaching the point where she might feel like she was being denied the much-needed relief of an orgasm.
In addition to savoring the opportunity to eat her pussy while trying to provide her with a high level of pleasure, my cock was recovering quite admirably so I wanted to be at least close to being ready to fuck her by the time she came. She seemed to be enjoying the stimulation I was providing so I didn't think she'd have any issue with me doing it for longer; it seemed like I was still on the right side of the line between providing a high level of pleasure and denying her an orgasm. It got to the point where she was so wet that, even if I wasn't fully rigid, I was confident that I'd be able to slip into her. I switched my focus from drawing out the pleasure to making her cum and she immediately began to tense up. I didn't necessarily want to be done eating her, but I was also planning to make sure I had plenty of opportunity in the future to find myself in this same position. I was also still eager to fuck her and my cock was even closer to being fully rigid.
When she suddenly went silent, I knew that this was it. It sounded like she held her breath while completely tensed up then, as her body went limp, she cried out and started shaking. I continued to lick and suck her clit while even more lubrication flooded the finger that I was still sliding in and out of her. Her orgasm was obviously long and intensely pleasurable so I was happy to have been able to provide that, especially since she'd taken the big step to make this happen. I didn't stop devouring her, hoping to extend the pleasure that she was feeling, until she went still and let out a sigh. At that point, I raised my head and slipped my finger from her pussy into my mouth, sucking her juices off of it. Sitting back in my chair, I was gazing at her naked body as she was recovering and my cock just became even stiffer.
I stood and stripped off my t-shirt while stepping out of my pants so that I was as naked as she was. Her eyes went wide when she saw my throbbing cock and, as I guided it toward her pussy, she lay back completely on my desk. We both moaned as I slipped easily into her, sliding my full length all the way in while lifting her legs and hooking them over my arms. I slowly began to fuck her, savoring the feel of her snug, slippery pussy while still admiring her naked body laid out before me. I can honestly say that I'd never thought about fucking Janice before that morning, though I had given a lot of consideration to how she'd look naked. I'd figured that if I ever got a chance to see her naked, I'd just masturbate to that image for as long as I could recall it. This was much better.
Her body wanted to slide away from me across the top of my desk with each thrust so I was holding onto the top of her thighs as I was fucking her harder and faster. This was working for a while but it wasn't ideal and I doubted that we were getting the most that we could out of our first opportunity to have sex. I didn't want to stop fucking her because it did feel outstanding but I figured we could both be enjoying it even more. I gazed down over her naked body, taking it in while continuing to fuck her, because, with the change I was considering, my view would be different, too. She was holding onto the edge of the desk to also prevent herself from sliding so her tits were moving in rhythm to our fucking, which was nearly hypnotizing. I did glance down at her trim bush with my cock disappearing and reappearing just below it but my attention was drawn back to her tits.
I don't think either of us wanted to stop, maybe fearing that something would prevent us from starting up again. Finally, though, I just figured, if it was going to be even better if we changed things up, we just needed to go ahead and do it. I slipped out of her so she opened her eyes, looking slightly alarmed like maybe I'd had a change of heart, but I reached for her to help her sit up. I kissed her and fondled her tits before having her hop off of my desk and turn around. She leaned forward over my desk while I admired her bare, freckled ass then guided my cock back into her from behind. We both moaned again then I grabbed her hips and began to slide my cock in and out of her. It didn't surprise me when she reached back between her legs, I assumed to caress her clit and heighten the pleasure.
Once I had a good rhythm going, I slipped my hands up to cup her tits and caress her hard nipples. Her boobs were just a little below average in size but still quite nice and her areolas, also on the small side, puckered with her nipples when they got hard. It seemed like once I started to fondle her tits, my cock got even harder and I think she felt that as well because she moaned a little louder and pushed back to meet my incoming thrusts. I'd liked watching her tits when she'd been on her back but this position, aside from the view, was much more conducive to focusing purely on the pleasure we were each feeling. We maintained a really good rhythm even as she was gradually pushing back harder and faster. I could feel her pussy becoming even hotter and wetter and got the impression that she was building toward another orgasm. I was happy that having cum once already would help me last even longer because I wanted to enjoy fucking my cousin for as long as I possibly could. Conversely, I was hoping that having cum once already would help her cum even more quickly so that there was no chance of her getting left in the dust.
I was pleasantly surprised when she pushed back and held there then cried out as she started shaking. As she was cumming, I continued to slide in and out of her, savoring the increased flow of lubrication within her snug and already slippery pussy. Her orgasm appeared to be another long and intensely pleasurable one so there was no longer any concern about leaving her in the dust. This was good because, with her orgasm making her pussy feel even hotter and wetter, I could feel my own orgasm beginning to build. When she finished cumming, she went back to pushing back each time I thrust into her and we soon had a bit faster rhythm going. I ended up moving my hands back to her hips and, each time her ass banged back against my hips, I watched it jiggle slightly. In addition to the smacking sound when her ass connected with my hips, she was moaning again so I wondered if there was a possibility that she might cum again. If she did, that would be fantastic, but at that point there was no way I'd be able to hold back so that she could; I was getting too close myself.
The closer I got to cumming, the harder and thicker my cock was becoming and it seemed as though she was feeling that, too. She was moaning louder and longer while pushing back harder and faster which was only bringing on my orgasm that much more quickly. I was sure that her fingers were likely to be rapidly massaging her clit so maybe she would have another orgasm but I was focused on myself at that moment since she had at least cum once since we'd started fucking. I didn't necessarily want to be done fucking her but it just felt so damn good that I was looking forward to blowing my load and I intended to do it deep inside her. When I finally started to spew, I let out a long moan and continued thrusting into her with each spurt. The level of pleasure was unprecedented and I just wanted to keep experiencing it. It was a nice long orgasm and just as I was about spent, Janice cried out and started shaking. I continued to thrust into her, hoping it would help her feel even more pleasure. Hers was another long and obviously intensely pleasurable orgasm, too, and by the time she'd finished cumming, my cock was beginning to soften. I slipped it out of her and sat in my desk chair while she straightened up then I had her sit on my lap.
"That was even better than I ever imagined," she said.
"So that wasn't just spontaneous?" I asked.
"It most definitely was," she said, "but I've had a crush on you for as long as I can remember and I've been horny for you since I was old enough to know what it meant to be horny. I've fantasized about fucking you a lot."
"Well we're just going to have to figure out how to keep doing it," I said, "That was way too good to be a one-time thing."
"Agreed," she said, "It could be even better if we're both ready for it."
We remained naked for as long as we could while trying to figure out how to continue pleasuring each other, what to do when we couldn't and how to be sure we were never caught or even raised any suspicion. We managed to fuck on occasion, both while they were living with us and after they had a place of their own, but it was usually quick and almost never someplace made for fucking. On even rarer occasions, we'd have time to indulge ourselves or maybe a couch to fuck on. We never fucked in a bed that we shared with our spouses, which may seem like a weird thing to be uncomfortable about when you're committing adultery with your cousin. We really longed for an opportunity to fuck leisurely and in comfort but it seemed very unlikely that it would ever happen, then our family came through for us.
The four of us were out together one night shortly after Janice and I had both found out about a family event back in New Jersey. None of us was all that thrilled about flying back to go to it but it was my wife who, albeit facetiously, suggested that it was our family so maybe just the two of us needed to go back for it. It was as if, in a split second, I contemplated traveling alone with Janice and realized that this could be the opportunity we'd been waiting for.
"You know, that's not a bad idea," I said, "Not only would we save the cost of a couple of airfares and a second rental car, but it could be the perfect excuse for the two of us to get out of things we don't want to do. 'Sorry, I'm sharing the rental car with Janice and she's got another commitment.' This could work."
My wife and Janice's husband were totally onboard, not knowing of course that we'd be fucking each other's brains out if we were out there without them. They helped us brainstorm how to sell it to our family that it would be just the two of us without spouses. We were both middle children and had both obviously moved quite a distance away from our family, so there was good reason, as far as we were both concerned, not to get pulled back into the old family dynamic that we'd escaped from. The preference would have been not to go back at all but that would have resulted in even more drama drawn out over a longer period of time. It was going to be easier to go back for this event but limit our availability for anything else.
"That was genius," Janice said when it was just the two of us.
"Yeah, I was inspired," I replied, "but we're still going to have to be super careful."
While we openly shared plans for most elements of the trip with our spouses there were obviously some things that we only discussed between the two of us. One thing was, since it didn't make sense to spend the money on two hotel rooms if we were just going to need one, which of us would it make the most sense to put the charge on their credit card. Turned out that neither of our spouses would be reviewing our credit card statements and notice if a bill for a hotel stay never showed up so we were good either way. We also needed to make sure that no one showed up at the hotel if we were sharing a room with just one bed and that, if either of us got a call from our spouse, the other had to stay quiet. There were other little things that one or the other of us would think of, we'd discuss and come to an agreement on how to deal with it. By the time the trip rolled around, we were feeling pretty confident about being able to indulge ourselves in each other without anyone figuring it out.
When the day of our departure finally arrived, we had to make sure to exhibit the dread we felt about going out by our family rather than the excitement we also felt about getting a few days alone together in a hotel room. We all rode out to the airport together and, for all we knew, my wife and Janice's husband would be fucking each other while we were gone. If they were as cautious as we had been, we'd never know for sure. We'd agreed that we'd remain cautious in the airports and on the flight because there would still be a chance that we'd see or be seen by someone either we knew or who knew one of our spouses. Knowing there was a hotel room and a king size bed awaiting us, we were perfectly okay with remaining hands off until then.
Of course, once we were on the flight, there was an opportunity for a little discreet hands-on that I couldn't pass up. After we'd been in the air for a bit, Janice asked if I could hold something for her and handed me her panties, which she'd slipped off during her last visit to the ladies' room before we'd boarded. She was wearing a sundress with a cardigan over it in case it was chilly on the flight so I had her remove her cardigan and lay it over her lap then slipped my hand under it. I raised the hem of her sundress up as she spread her legs then ran my finger between her lips, finding her overflowing with juices. If she felt the urge to moan, she managed to suppress it as I alternately slid my finger in and out of her hot, wet pussy and lightly caressed her clit.

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