College Friend Sex Stories – New Edition

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Hello Beep Stories readers, I’m Naveen a UG graduate from Chennai. This story I will share what happened in between me and my friend angel while we were in a college vacation.Talking about her she is almost six feet and little busty with big ass and a large boobs. My friends used to Call her as the milk tank as she has the large set of boobs. From the very first of college I have not talked with her much. Just we used to greet. I know her boyfriend friend too he used to pick her up and drop from college as well as home.We all went to a hill station for a night stay and two days as college trip. We sat on bus last seat and that we talked lot while reaching the hill station. We enjoyed at some places with friends and she called me to bus as she was hungry. I gave her biscuits and she ate all a pack of biscuits and she asked me ” shall we leave and enjoy with friends? ” I said I’m tired so.She : so?Me : we can enjoy here.She : what enjoy? Sounds like double meaning.Me : I mean lets spend some time here I’m tired.I gave her the chocolates which I bought and we ate sitting in last row of seats. I asked her ” I’m fine now shall we go with friends? ”She : no I’m too tired.Me : we should go or friends used to tease us.She : what they tease?Me : kinda we were alone.She : don’t listen to them all are not virgin girls in our class. All will do casual hook ups with our college boys itself.Me : I know many boys and girls also do this in our class.She : have you done with them?Me : yes I have done with some.She : I know just asked to test whether you replying me truth or not.Me : how you know that?She : I know everything and some girls too know. And some girls may approach you soon wait for sex.Me : really? I feel worried. And this not a thing many should know about.She : noone will think anything Naveen don’t worry. Girls know what happen with other girls relationship in our college.Me : I have fucked more than 5 girls that’s why asked anyone told.She : I know when you and Sobi were in relationship.Me : did she told you?She : no not at all. I found when you guys talk dirty through WhatsApp. I saw her phone.Me : don’t tell anyone.She : yes sure. Have you seen me pretty somewhere and wanna have me?Me : to be honest. Not to have sex but saw you pretty in college function when you were in violet colour saree..She : is it how I look like?Me : why you asking you were good as always.She : honestly telling I do have sex once per week but I wanna have you inside me.Me : really.She : yes I wanna have you inside me but for that you should accept and I cant come out of home. Since its holiday.Me : you were so open.. So mad for sex. I thought you are committed and your lover do you all day.She : yes we do take leave for college and fuck all day at least once a week. And I feel somewhere attracted to you and wanna have your cock.Me : ok let’s have after the vacation.She : can we have a foreplay here?Me : yea but we get struck if someone comes. And bus driver is at front.She touches my dick and says noone comes now. All went to waterfalls. I released my zip and she took my cock out and I asked her ” shall we book a room for this? ” She said alright.We went to a normal room a pay of 500 which is two kilometres away from the bus. We entered the room and settled she was so horny to have. As soon we entered she slept on bed. I had a fear as its not a best room. A average room and had a fear they could have camera or what. She without thinking anything removed her pant and removed my pant and took my dick at her mouth and I slept on the bed and she gave me blowjob and slept near me. I removed her dress and kept on the table as we need to wear the same dress again after our job over. While lifting her top her bra packed boob got struck and made hard to remove her top.She then removed her bra and boob jiggled. She hold her boob and shaked that and said here is the class favourite boob which every guy wants to see in your class now in front of you to get attention. I took her boobs and having them together and sucked them hard. Many like to have my boobs she said. I said yes its too big and hard. She holds her boobs and I fucked her boobs its felt so good. I stood behind her and caught her boobs and played forcely and pulling it aside and went down to her pussy.Her full body is white. I couldn’t see a single hair at her pussy. It was. Shinning and little big and fluffy pussy. I joined her legs and let my cock inside her pussy it felt so good. I made slow movements and suddenly I started fucking her hard. I pushed and fucked her hard to see how her boobs jumps and I felt proud when her boobs jumped.I spread her legs and let my three fingers inside her pussy and then kept a pillow for her ass and fucked her pussy hard. She took all my strokes at easeThen I slept and made her half sit on my cock on cow boy style and fucked her hard. She this time felt some pain and my cock went all over in her pussy. I said her pussy takes my full cock inside. She said that she had even sex with 8 inch cock, her pussy even took that in fully but dead in pain. I said ” whao who the hell having that, he can make any women longing for sex. ” She said its pains lot, having this much bulk body even I cant take that ” I asked who is that. She said said that’s Sobeya’s brother.Me : whoa how you had sex with him and by the way he is two year or three years younger to us.She : yes he is younger. But his dick serves lot.Me : how you know him.She : Sobeya brother so I know.Me : how you got to know he is having that how you got sex first time.She said, ” once Sobeya and her brother had sex. And his brother Joshua entered Sobeya room when she dress change and blackmailed her to have sex as he knows what she do with other men. He took advantage of her. She too accepts ” I astonished hearing that.. Girls knows everything about their mates. And I shocked to here that. I asked her ” Sobeya is one of the pretty girl in our class and had sex with some boys too but she is lean and weight less like paper and she screamed lot even for my dick how she managed to take that? ” She said ” he let half inches Sobeya cried and Sobeya promise her brother to give blowjob. Her brother never had sex fully as his cock itself a problem for him too big. And once I visited her house Sobeya asked me to have sex with Joshua.I don’t know why I asked all this but being a junior of us I found the reason why my class girls roam with him. Angel asked me for threesome sex with Sobeya. I said sure that later no our job and lip locked her and I fell on her and she fell on bed and kissed all over face and went to pussy and licked her Pussy and fucked hard and after sometime I took a break and fucked her again. I turned her to doggy style her big ass felt so good when fucking. The chap chap sound was filled at the room and I cum at her mouth when she gave blow job.Then we went to bus and I acted nothing happened.