College Girl makes a Choice

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Having just graduated from a prestigious university, I looked forward to an academic career. The problem was that although my grades were high, there just was not any high demand for female college professors right now. I was on my own and needed to make some money while I searched for a position. Working as a waitress just wasn't paying enough even with tips. I am a pretty good looking girl but the waitress uniform isn't exactly sexy. And so during one of my breaks, I noticed an ad in the paper soliciting models. Specifically it stated no experience necessary. I was intrigued by the ad because it stated that the right model could make at least $200 an hour. What the hell, I called the number and made an appointment for the following day to be interviewed by an agent.
I should say that up until now, I've led a very sheltered life. I had no life experience and I was a virgin! Yes, as unusual as that sounds for a 22 year old girl. It wasn't that I was ugly. On the contrary I was quite the stunner If I do say so myself. But I am very shy and sex just did not come into play. I guess I was too busy studying.
I wasn't sure how to dress for the interview so to be on the safe side, I dressed in a combination of business and sexy. I arrived at the address of the agency which was located in a converted warehouse. The agency, "Models for Hire" was located on the ground floor and occupied a sizable portion of the floor. I thought the name was a bit strange but I figured that they needed to stand out. I entered the office portion of the agency and was greeted by a secretary who took my information and seated me in the waiting room.
I didn't have long to wait. The secretary ushered me into the office of the manager, Mr. Kyle Ritter. He was kind of good looking for an older man. He looked to be in his forties. "Young lady, please introduce yourself." He spoke with an air of a man who commanded respect. For some strange reason, I responded to his polite tone with respect.
"Sir, my name is Holly Harris and I just graduated from our state university with a degree in social studies. Unfortunately, I have not been able to secure employment yet and I saw your ad for models. I don't have any experience but I am in good physical condition." He looked at me asked me to stand up and turn around.
"Now Holly, you may not have modeling experience but you have a superb body. You can learn the rest as you go along. If you trust my judgement, I need to see you without clothes. Can you do that for me?" I was a little hesitant but then again I figured that all models must have been inspected. After all, what if I had an unattractive mole or something. And so I removed my clothing. "Miss Jones, please come into my office and pick up Holly's clothes and put them into a locker for safe keeping." Miss Jones, the secretary came in, picked up her clothing and left the office.
"Mr. Ritter, can I put on my clothes now?" He looked a little upset that I questioned his request.
"Now Holly, you need to be uninhibited if you are to succeed in this business. Now sit down and sign this NDA and basic contract. It's standard procedure so if you don't wish to continue, I'll call Miss Jones in to give you back your clothes and then you can leave, no harm done." I was so embarrassed that I didn't even review the form. I just signed it and handed it back to Mr. Ritter. "Not to worry Holly, you're new to this business but before long you'll be a pro." He smiled as he said this and I already forgot that I was naked. He held out his hand and led me to another door. "Holly, this is the studio where all the action takes place." He opened the door and led me into a large room that consisted of cameras and large lights. In the center was a large bed. "Now be a good girl and go sit on the bed while I call your partners for this shoot."
"Please sir, I don't want to do anything. I'm still a virgin!" And with that two naked black men entered the scene.
"You got a good one this time boss. She is hot. Now listen up cunt, we are going to fuck you every which way so be a good cocksucker and get ready for some hot action." I tried to get away but they grabbed me by my legs and pulled me between them.
Mr. Ritter, the boss spoke. "Before we begin, let me explain things for you cunt. You signed an agreement to work for me for a period of two years with an option to renew. You will be making porn movies so you should learn to enjoy yourself. If you resist, I will send your naked video to your family. I'm sure that they would enjoy seeing their little girl become a porn queen. So stop crying and being a cunt and get to work. Tyrone and Denzel are the best performers we have so don't make them angry."
I was in a bad situation but I needed to survive this humiliation and then figure out my future. I had very little experience in sex and these men were huge. Both men surrounded me as I lay on the bed. I tried my best to look happy. "Bitch, get off the bed on your knees. You need to suck some cock." I jumped off the bed and did my best to follow their instructions but I must have moved too slowly because they proceeded to slap my face and my ass. "Now get to work bitch. Our cocks are waiting for your lips." Rather than be slapped again, I wrapped my lips around Tyrone's cock. It felt strange but actually not too bad. In fact, I began to bob my head in and out as my hands fingered his ass.
The cameras were rolling as Ritter shouted out his direction to Holly and the men. "That's it cunt, now you got it. Keep sucking." Holly moved on to Denzel's cock. Holly thought to herself how beautiful these black men were. The men ordered Holly to lick their bodies from bottom to top. By now Holly was going wild. Without asking, she stuck her tongue in their asses and licked in and out. She tongued their low hanging balls. She was now completely uninhibited as she worshipped their bodies.
"Enough games, let's drop her on the bed." Both men realized that Holly was not only a beautiful young white cunt but she supposedly a virgin. As she lay on the bed, they each held a foot and began to lick her body. They bathed her white skin with their long tongues. She went wild and her pussy climaxed as they reached her pussy with their tongues. "Get on all fours cocksucker." She did and they pounded her mouth and pussy with their cocks. After some minutes of this action, they came in both holes. Her mouth filled with cum which she swallowed as much of it as possible. She pushed back on the cock in her pussy as the cum poured into her body.
She should have been disgusted at her sexual appetite but instead she reacted like a wild dog, a bitch in heat who could not get enough sex. What was she to do about her future. Should we quit now or become a porn queen. Before she could even contemplate her choices, Tyrone said "Bitch, you are a real cum slut whore. You did good but before the shoot is over, we need to do a few more things so stay on your stomach and get that beautiful ass in the air. It's time for an anal."
"Please sir, I'll suck your cock again and you can fuck my pussy but I'm afraid of anal."
"Listen up cunt, anal is part of the action and the more you do it the more you will love it now don't resist or you will getting a beating." He was really angry so rather than get slapped around again, I stuck my ass in the air and waited for his cock to enter my ass. And soon his cock was in my ass pumping away. At first it hurt but gradually it began to feel good inside. All of a sudden Denzel jumped in the bed and lifted me up so that he was on the bottom. He entered my pussy and so began my first DP. I was scared but once again it felt like heaven. I moved up and down, in and out and we all began to pump together. I felt like I had become a fucking machine. And then we all came all together with their cum entering my pussy and my ass.
After a few minutes their cocks exited my ass and my pussy and they told me to get up for the last action of the shoot. What next I thought! I was exhausted but satisfied. They ushered me into the large bathroom that was off to the side of the room. I thought they would just allow me to shower and get dressed but I was wrong. "Now bitch, hop in the tub and get ready for a golden shower." I found out real quick what that was. They proceeded to piss on my body as I lay in the tub. At first I was in shock but then I started to enjoy the warm flow of their piss as it touched every part of my body. "Open your mouth bitch so we can piss in your mouth." I did as they requested. My degradation was complete. I had been fucked, sucked cock, and been pissed on and made to drink some of their piss. Now I knew I was a total cum slut whore.
Thankfully I was allowed to shower and they gave me my clothes back. "Bitch, you did a good job today and tomorrow we'll add another dimension to the shoot. Now go back to the office. The boss wants to talk to you. Before they left they each kissed me and playfully slapped my ass. I stopped at the office and the boss was there to greet me. "Holly baby, you are a star. We captured everything of film including the pissing sequence. More to come tomorrow when we have another innovative shoot."
"Boss, I appreciate the praise but I really don't want to perform anymore. Please just pay me now and we'll call it even, okay?" His demeanor changed the moment I spoke up.
"Now you listen to me you whore. You're not a virgin anymore. You signed a contract plus an NDA. If you don't live up to the contact. You will be fucked not only by my male stars but by the law. And I will let everyone, including your family, know what kind of a cum slut you are. Now before you leave the office, get on your knees and suck my cock. That's one thing you are good at." I began to cry so the boss slapped me in my face. I stopped crying and did as I was ordered. I got on my knees, unbuckled his belt, pulled out his cock, and sucked for all it was worth. I was literally caught between a rock and a hard place. It was all my fault. I had no choice and to tell the truth, I loved the sex, the kinkier the better and to think I was getting paid to fuck.
The next day I entered the offices and was greeting with a kiss by the boss who grabbed my ass as he kissed me. "Glad you reconsidered your position. Now off with the clothes and let's go to the studio. I have a big surprise for you." I did so and we entered the studio. I was immediately introduced to two beautiful naked girls. "Holly, this is Roxy and Gina. You are in for a treat."
"Nice to meet you Holly. Let's not waste time. Get your ass on the bed and open up that pussy of yours." I had never had a lesbian affair and so this was kind of exciting. I lay on the bed and the girls began licking my pussy and feeding me theirs. My tongue went to work on the pussy that presented itself to my mouth. Instead of disgust, I felt ecstasy as my tongue worked its way into her labia. In the meantime my pussy was being enveloped by a woman who apparently was an expert in pussy eating. Now Gina positioned herself in classical 69 position with her on top. Roxy sat off to the side. Gina moved her hands so that she fingered my ass. Then her tongue worked overtime on my pussy. Being on the bottom, I came face to face with her luscious pussy. I automatically began to eat her while my fingers opened her asshole.
While this was happening, the cameras were capturing every moment. It seemed like we climaxed together with our juices intermingling. I was wet with perspiration and after Gina got off of me, Roxy assumed the position and I was treated to another orgasm. I never thought in my wildest dreams that I would, in two days, fucked two black studs and two lesbians. But indeed I did and now I knew where my future lay.
Within a few weeks of more porn shoots, the boss indicated another avenue of making money. "Baby, I have a few important clients who want to meet you. I will take you to their penthouse. Perform for them like you do here and all will be well." My degradation was complete. Not only was I a porn star, but now I was a prostitute. On the positive side, I was making quite a bit of money so without hesitation. I did as I was told. Since then, I've moved in with Mr. Ritter whom I now call daddy or sir. He treats me well as long as I do what I am told to do.
I have become insatiable for sex with men and women. He never fails to surprise me and says that sex with men and women is just the beginning although I don't know what he intends but I trust him completely and the sex is super. My daddy has set up a special bank account for me but since he provides me with everything I need in the way of clothes and food, my bank account keeps growing and maybe someday I will be totally independent. For now I will continue to worship my daddy.

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