Complete Change

The platform at the railway station had few people on it the next train was due in a few minutes, sixteen year old Sara was stood with her three friends and her seventeen year old boyfriend Steve, Martin who was two years younger than the girls and a well known flasher was also standing on the platform waiting for the train, Sara’s three friends were all shouting abuse at Martin calling him a pervert and any other name they could think of. When the train arrived at the platform Martin let Sara and her friends get on first before he boarded the train picking a different carriage that was empty and was happy that Sara and her friends did not come into the carriage where he was and start verbally abusing him, when the train stopped at the next station Sara’s three friends got off then stood on the platform and gave Martin the wankers sign as the train left, Martin knew it was half a hour to the next stop and settled down for the journey. After a few minutes Sara came into the carriage where he was with Steve behind her, as Sara entered the carriage Martin noticed that the top of the zip on her hoodie was partly down and he could see a bit of her boobs and thought pity the zip is not right down I could see a lot more then. Martin was expecting for the pair to start giving him verbal abuse but instead the stood and started to snog, Martin saw Steve’s hand go between himself and Sara and thought he is rubbing her then after a couple minutes Steve slid his hands down the back of Sara’s Jeans and as he did Sara’s jeans slid down showing off half of her naked bum, Martin thought cool nice sight and watched as Sara’s jeans slowly slid down till the whole of her bum was showing, Martin just sat staring at the cute bum of the really good looking girl he had flashed at a few times after a few minutes Steve turned Sara round and Martin’s eyes went wide when he got a good clear view of Sara’s love tube which Steve started to rub and after a few minutes when Steve pulled the zip on Sara’s hoodie right down and pulled the hoodie open exposing her naked boobs that had erect nipples Martin smiled broadly, Sara looked at Martin and smiled, after a few minutes Sara pulled her jeans up and closed her hoodie pulling the zip up after, not long after the train pulled into the station where Sara got off leaving Steve on board, Martin also got off and started walking down the country lane to where he lived, after a few minutes he heard Sara’s voice calling ” wait for me” Martin turned and smiled when he saw Sara walking towards him with her hoodie unzipped and her boobs bobbing about Martin stopped and when Sara caught up with him she said ” you gone shy you not getting your cock out” Martin undid his joggers and let his seven inch erection out Sara looked at it and said ” that’s better” then started to climb the fence into the woods as she did she said come on we will cut across the field” Martin climbed over the fence, Sara stopped sad ” shoe lace I will catch you up” martin carried on walking wondering if he was dreaming and when Sara caught up he saw that she was naked carrying her clothes over her arm and when Sara said ” come on get naked” Martin hesitated then stripped, Sara looked at his dick and said ” not as big as Steve’s but still big” and got hold of it” said ” this way” and started leading Martin by his dick and after a few minutes stopped saying this will do and lay down in the grass and parted her legs, she looked up at Martin who was stood staring at her then said to him ” come on then get down and fuck me” Martin knelt between Sara’s leg and after a couple of minutes was sliding his dick into Sara’s love tube and started to thrust in and out and after a couple of meetings Sara was groaning, martin started pushing his dick into Sara’s love tube as deep as he could get it and after a few minutes Sara groaned out loud as she climaxed martin continued to thrust in and out of Sara’s love tube still pushing in hard and after another five minutes he felt her cum a second time and then not long after he pulled his dick out of Sara’s love tube and squirted his cum over the ground before slumping onto the grass beside her after ten minutes the pair got up and dressed and started walking towards their homes as they got to the roundabout the pair went their separate ways with Sara I am saying look forward to more of that, as Martin walked on he thought me to next time bring your mates as well.

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