Conclusion- Tiny Black Indian Girl (27 yrs) vs Big White Man (47 yrs)

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He got up from the bed, took off his pants and then jumped back onto the bed. He told me to start sucking. It was the first time I saw a white man’s cock. His was small but very very very thick. I was like omg because it could have hardly fit into my small black indian mouth. You should have seen the contrast and the comparison. This tiny little black indian forcing a white man’s thick white cock into her mouth. I swallowed it alot of times balls deep and then i started to suck on his white man balls. The crotch smelled very musky compared to an indian man’s crotch. I realized that white men are very musky men. I had liked the nastyness and vice of it especially the interracial and skin comparison and the size difference between us. After doing that for around five minutes, the white man grunted and he was like ok girl enough of that come… and then he told me to spread my legs over his mouth. I did as he said.
My black indian pussy was tight and it had never been ploughed by such a thick cock before. I was a bit scared because I was scared it would rip. My pussy was in his mouth and he was suckling and tongue fucking me and I was like omg. He knew how to eat tight pussy.

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