Controlled, Merissa’s POV

tagIncest/TabooControlled, Merissa's POV

Starting with my step dad tying me up, I have to say it was one of the best experiences ever.
He started by having me strip and then we walked to the bedroom, I use, as it is a 4 post bed. He had taken the time to already have the restraints tied to the bed. I went to the bathroom, as I wasn't sure how long this would last. Then I laid down on the bed and spread my arms and legs, to be restrained.
It was then that I say him go to the dresser and get the lush vibrator and b-vibe out, as well as some lube. He lubed up each and placed them in my pussy and ass, respectively. It was then that I saw he also had a ball gag. This he moved towards my mouth, and then leaned in and open mouth kissed me for a minute, or so and then leaned a bit back and placed the gag into my mouth.
He then got up and just left. He had left the TV on, which kept my mind from freaking out. And after a while I felt the vibrators in my pussy and ass spring to life. This started me squirming and desperately wanting to touch my pussy. I came two times and as I was approaching a third orgasm, the fucking things just went silent. I wanted to scream so bad, but the gag stopped me from doing so. Then, after a few minutes they started up again. First one, and then the other, I had another two orgasms, and as I was coming down from the second, one I saw my step dad standing there with a hard on and a smile. He removed the gag to ask if all was still good, and I informed him I needed to be fucked, which brought the gag back into my mouth. He then left the room, again.
He came into the room with a bowl full of ice and this feather thing, as well as a weird looking candle that he lit. Starting with the feather he started running that thing all over my already ultra sensitive body, including my nipples and pussy. It felt so fucking good, I could tell if he kept it up, I'd come again, which he must have sensed as he stopped, just as I was getting really close. But, he did then crawl between my legs and started licking on my hot, swollen clit, but he would only do so right up to the point I was going to cum, then he'd stop. I wanted to fucking cum so bad I was nearly to tears in the need to do so.
He pulled away from my pussy and pulled the gag from my mouth, and replaced it with his rock hard cock. Since my hands were still tied up, he basically fucked my face, and at least twice I thought he'd drop one of his fantastic loads into my mouth, only to pull out at last second and squeeze his cock, to stop from doing so. Finally as he continued to fuck my face, I could feel his head swelling and I knew I was going to get rewarded with some hot cum, which was deposited in the back of my throat and then when he pulled out, put that gag back in my mouth.
He pulled that feather out again and started working on my clit again and it was after I felt a shift in the bed, that I saw him reaching for the candle. I watched him move it over me, and then center on my tits and saw his hand start to tilt, and couldn't believe he was going to cause me pain. It was only when the wax dropped onto my nipple, that I realized it was not nearly hot enough to burn and my god it sent a jolt through my body and started to cum. Combine this with that damn feather being used to play with and stimulate all my erogenous areas and I could tell there was a growing wet spot on the bed.
He leaned into my pussy again and as he did so, that vibrator in my ass started working again and after a few seconds I came so hard, I nearly passed out. As I was coming down from that, I agains found his cock in my mouth and he again fucked me, until he was really good and really hard, again.
The gag went back in and now he had ice. WTF? He placed that on my left nipple and it got so fucking hard so fast my nipple popped out, and he was sucking hard on the other one and fingering my clit. After a moment of this, he pulled the lush from my soaking pussy and placed a finger in me and while fingering my pussy, continued to work my clit and nipples. He then turned the anal plug on, in a pattern that escalated, then stopped and then started over again.
It was then that he leaned in and told me he was going to fuck me hard and I felt his finger leave and his lovely cock enter me. He buried it to the hilt in my pussy and just left it there, as he played with my clit. I couldn't contain myself and started to cum, with his cock buried in me and could feel the whole length as my pussy spasmed on it.
I didn't even feel him pull the vibrator from my ass, but did feel the tension in the leg restraints lessen and then get pushed back over my head and zi could tell he had tied them there. He again dove into my sopping pussy and while licking and sucking it, placed two fingers in my ass. Finally he pulled the ball from my mouth and asked what I'd like at this point. I nearly screamed, "I want you to fuck my ass long and hard and when you cum, I want to taste my ass on your cock as you flood my mouth with your cum."
He lubed his cock and instead of my ass, he rammed that thing into my pussy and fucked me, in long, slow strokes, nearly coming out, each time he pulled back. I would feel his head at the entrance and hope it didn't come out, just to feel him slide that fuck stick back into the hilt. After a few minutes of this and nearly cuming again.
Finally he pulled out of my pussy and I could feel his head right at the entrance and pushed out a bit, to be rewarded with his cock sliding infix to the balls. I was spasming and could feel every inch of his cock as he fucked me in the same manner as he did with my pussy. Each time he pulled back, I would think his cock was coming out, only to be surprised when the head would stop, right at my ass ring and stop, for a split second before running the length of my ass until bottomed out again. I came and could tell he was close to the same, when he pulled out, and drove his cock towards my open and willing mouth. One shot of his cum went a bit wide and hit me on the cheek, but then his cock as in my mouth and I was sucking all the cum out of it I could get. I also had stuck a finger up his ass and felt his swollen prostate and massaged/pushed on that and could tell it was having an effect as I seemed to get another load, being dropped, just as I opened my mouth and his cock had one last spasm.
Two days after he tied me up and took advantage, I asked him if he would be willing to give up control to me. I knew he would, but I wanted to ask. The night before my turn, we had slept together and 69'd and then we both fell asleep naked. I took advantage of that and tied him up, early in the am, after I had heard him go to the bathroom, and waited until he was asleep, again. When he did wake up, I had already risen and had "dressed" in one of his button down shirts. I heard hime squirming about and walked into room, to see him splayed out, in all his nakedness. In preparation for this, I had gone to Fascinations and found an anal/prostate plug for him, that vibrated and pulled it from the dresser. I had put my finger in his ass more than once and massaged his prostate, but wanted to see if this thing lived up to its advertisement. I lubed it up a bit and stuck it in his ass, after putting some lube up there in advance.
Once it was in place, I stripped off the shirt, which was all I was wearing. I then climbed onto the bed and for about half an hour or so, licked, kissed and sucked all over his body, finding spots I am pretty sure he wasn't aware of being erogenous areas. I could tell every time I hit one, because I could see his cock jump a bit. I had started on one leg and worked my way around to other and then started moving towards his cock, when I noticed there was this drop of what looked like cum, leaking from his cock. It was at this time, I went to night stand and pulled the remote, for the vibrating aspect of this toy. I turned it on very low and I watched in fascination, as his cock jumped and I noted his ass was spasming, and as it continued that drop on his cock turned into a bigger drop and then a string of cum that was snailing its way down his cock.
Knowing he was not paying attention, I moved to where my wet pussy was right over his face and I was facing his legs/cock, which got his attention. I lowered myself onto his face and his tongue darted out and into my pussy. Since he was tied up, I had the control and I literally fucked his face and tongue to three orgasms. During this time, I would also move back far enough that I would get my ass and taint licked as well. As I was coming down from last orgasm, I leaned over and swallowed his cock. I proceeded to suck and slobber all over that thing for about two minutes, during which once, I had to stop him from cumming by squeezing the head, really hard. I continued that until I could tell he was going to cum, and when I felt his cock head swell, I took it into the balls and could feel them contracting as his cock spasmed and filled my throat with his great load of cum. I had swallowed it all and then got off him, got dressed in a nice summer dress with some heals and a flimsy bra. He watched me doing this and since he still had vibrator in his ass and it was on, by the time I was ready, he was hard again. I went shopping.
He thinks I didn't know about the blink camera that has a view into my room, but I do. I logged into it after about half an hour, and saw he had dozed, off, and that he had been leaking cum again due to the vibrator. I changed both the intensity and pattern of the vibrator, which brought him and his cock to life. I made may way back to house from the mall, which is very close, and crept into house. I could tell from camera that he hadn't heard me. I could also tell the vibrator was working magic, as there was a small puddle of cum lying on his stomach. He was cumming as I walked into the room, and stripped again, at seeing this cum and his once again hard cock. I again, straddled his face and leaned in and slurped up his cum, as he licked me, I road his face to another orgasm.
I then slid down him and rubbed my pussy on his cock for a few minutes and also had leaned over to night stand and found my anal plug. I put it in my mouth and using spit lubed it enough to stick it in my ass. I kept rubbing him, and had found the spot, I knew if I moved just right it would slip in my cunt. I turned my vibrator on and moved such that his cock slid into my pussy and dropped onto it, until it was buried balls deep. I then turned a bit towards him and just sat there as our vibrators worked in sync on our asses, as my pussy spasmed and he worked his kagels, such that we were kind of fucking, as I actually started to cum, I started to ride him in long, slow strokes as before when I would feel his cock head nearly leave my pussy, then drop back down onto his hardness in a slow motion. I came again and wanted his cock in my ass, badly. I asked him if he was ready, at which time I lifted a bit, pulled my plug, he popped out and I spun around, so as to face him, and directed his rock hard cock into my steamy little ass. It went in smoothly and as I sat all the way down on to it, I turned his vibrator to the highest level and then went to town riding his cock for all it was worth. I could tell he was close and told him to shoot it into my ass, which I then felt his cock head swell and he shot a load into me, and one on the bed, but the rest all went into my mouth, as I had lifted off him, and slid down, to catch his cum and cock in my mouth.
I loved tying him up and I love fucking him. This series of events happened nearly three years ago now. And yes, we still occasionally fuck. More times than not though, we have quickies and as a result have nearly been caught. I have dated other men, and to date, none of them wants to nor when they do, eat pussy like he does. I can tell he legit wants to make me cum each and every time he can get into my crotch with that tongue of his.

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