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“Have you got everything, Chris?” says Helen. ” I don’t wanna get all the way to Cornwall, and we have forgotten something.” “Yes Helen, we have everything. I’ve packed everything that’s on this bloody checklist you gave me. ”

They were heading down to Cornwall for a family holiday, and he had loaded the car up, ready to get on the road and go. Just then, a knock at the front door. It was Cassie and Thalia. Helen’s sister and cousin. “It OK if we jump in with you,” Cassie said gingerly.  “Sure, sis,” says Helen we should have evq”

Cassie is 18, has long red hair, and is in a short skirt and tiny boob tube. Thalia, 17, is in hot pants, a red t-shirt and trainers.  Helen and Chris were both 32 and had been dating for 10 years.

Erm, “Think again,” says Chris. “It’s probably going to be a very tight fit as we have packed the whole bloody house,” he jokes. “We will have to juggle a few things around here.” Helen sees how much stuff they have but knows she will potentially need it all. So she thinks of the only way she can get everyone in, like some big game of tetris.

“Right, I’m gonna have to drive,” she says.”Thalia,  you can sit in the passenger seat and as there’s fuck all room in the back, the only way I can see this working is by Cassie sitting on your lap Chris”. “You don’t mind do you” Cassie says. “I’m not too heavy” haha.

Chris says fine, probably just so they can get in the car and get on the road and he sits in the left hand side of the back seat. Christie, lowers herself on to his lap as he spreads his legs for them to get comfy. “See told you, not heavy” she exlaims. As her perfectly round butt lands on his lap but as she does this, he notices, holy shit no underwear line. She’s commando,he thinks to himself and has a little chuckle.

On the road, they get out of London when cassie asks for the music to go up a bit. Boxes of random stuff to her right she leans on them to try get comfortable. As her very toned butt wriggles, Chris can’t help but feel it on his lower region.

Holy shit what is she trying to do to me. Chris thinks as he tries to remember this little teen on his lap was once asking him to sit and watch Saturday morning cartoons! “Sit still will you woman,” he barks at cassie, and she looks back at him like a puppy that’s been told off, eyes bulging wide.

He feels a bit bad and says, “It’s a long journey, and we have to make sure we are as comfortable as possible, Cass,OK?” She says OK and winks at him. What did he just see? Did she mean to do that. He was reading too much into it as she sits down and did a little bum wiggle to get comfortable. “How’s that? Is that better?” she says as he knows she’s doing it on purpose now.

Chris sits back, tries to get a bit of sleep, trying not to think about the hot tight teen on his lap, teasing the fuck out of him. He is asleep for maybe 20 minutes when Cassie taps Thalia on the back and gestures her to check her phone. Thalia pulls out her samsung and sees a WhatsApp message from Cassie with 2 small words on it. (ITS ON) The text reads.Thalia looks back and nods her approval.

Helen, in her element driving, asks, “Are you OK back there”. “Yes, sis, I think Chris is asleep though, I’m trying not to move too much or be too noisy as I don’t wanna wake him.” Helen agrees, and she turns the music up slightly. Cassie says she’s getting a bit cold, so he grabs the cover from one of the boxes, and drapes it over her, and Chris. This is where she puts her plan into action.

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Cassie had told Thalia about 4 months prior, seeing Chris in the shower, and he was huge. Like porn star huge. Without being noticed, she stood there and played with her pussy while watching him and an infatuation was born. Something she couldn’t forget or get over. She had to know how that felt. She always used to borrow her sisters things, this was the same, right?

She was already dripping in anticipation, her juices pooling around the crotch of Chris’ jogging shorts. She looks back and sees he is fast asleep. She makes her move, lifting herself up slightly using her strong thigh muscles from hockey, and using both hands to gently pull down Chris’ shorts.

His boxers still hold the Impressive girth, but she knows she is in a much easier position now. Holy fuck she whispers taking another mental note of his shaft . If all goes to plan it will be stretching her soon. As it happens, as she had already engineered this herself, she remembered to go commando, she gets a little travel bottle of squirty lube from her bag and she starts to run it round the entrance to her pussy.

Your gonna need all the help you can get, she thinks to herself as she rubs it in. Almost giving her pussy a pep talk. She reaches into Chris’ boxers and pulls out a mildly erect monster of a penis ahe atarts to rub it as she gets the lube all over it. As she can feel it grow in her hand she knows she’s too far gone to care and she lifts herself up once more.

But this time she aims Chris’ right up to the entrance, feels it open and stretch her to the point she might tear. she bites her lip wanting to stop herself from screaming lowering herself down slowly, and as she gets half way? Her legs involuntarily buckle and she sits all the way down letting out a little moan. “You ok back there sis” Helen says. Cassie composes herself barely and says “yea just. Tight squeeze but nothing I can’t handle.”

Thalia looks back and gives a sort of nod of approval at the double entendre used. Chris makes a grunting noise as she uses him milking him with her tight little teen hole. She only ever had one other cock before and this was so much bigger than Freddie.

She rides for what feels like 10 minutes and feels her body spasm as she grips his cock and cums. Just as that happens she feels a warm feeling spurt over and over again. She rode Chris till he came in her and she didn’t even realise till it was too late.

There was bucketloads and it soon ran out of her hole, down onto the towel that she managed to put down quickly under neath Chris before the journey began. She pulls his now limp cock out of her as Thalia looks back and watches as Cassie scoops some of his juices that mixed with hers onto her fingers and she tastes it. Mmmmmm she mimics to her cousin so her sister doesn’t get suspicious.

She carefully lifts up his shorts tucks everything back and makes it look relatively innocent again. She opens a window slightly so as to let some of the sex smell out that she hopes her sister can’t smell. Thalia, a little jealous puts on a little smile and asks if she can change the music. “Go on then cuz, sys Helen completely oblivious to the fact her husbands baby juices were now very deep inside her sister.

3 hours later they arrive in Cornwall. Thalia says to Helen let’s go check in and Cassie can wake up Chris and he can bring the stuff in. Cassie opens the door, gets off Chris’ lap and wakes him up. Chris makes sure Helen is in the lobby and out of ear shot, says to cassie “damn ur tight, I nearly blew my cover and opened my eyes but I thought u would stop so I just carried on pretending to sleep”

Cassie startled by this news goes to speak but is interrupted by Chris. “Nice to know your my little cum slut now too” I’m gonna teach you some things.


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#Cheating #Pregnancy #Teen