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The next day, Karyn and Joe had scheduled a couple's massage from an internet search. The place had a 5 star rating with many comments about their unusual techniques. After breakfast, they put on some light clothes and walked the few short blocks to the salon. The forecast was for a hot day, and it was already getting pretty warm, but there was a nice breeze blowing, making the walk tolerable.
Inside the waiting room was only a little better. There was a small fountain bubbling away, some soft music and several different floral smells, which Joe assumed were the massage oils. Most importantly, an air conditioner cooled the room enough to provide some relief from the growing heat outside. A very pretty receptionist in her late 20's professionally greeted the couple from behind an old desk and they "checked in". She seemed a bit informal for a spa, wearing a white tank top and shorts, the white a stark contrast to her highly tanned body. She was friendly, pretty and professional.
She asked Karyn if we had ever had a couple's massage. She explained that we would be in a room together with a woman giving me my massage, and a man 'working over' Karyn. No surprise there, but then she said that if they wanted, there was a curtain that could be drawn between them during the treatment so that they would still be together, but with some privacy, at least visually. Joe thought that sounded odd. Why would they want to be separated while having a massage together? Then she asked if there were any areas the couple felt uncomfortable about being massaged. Joe wasn't sure what Karyn was thinking, but he was thinking that she was asking about "problem areas", like "yeah, please don't work on my left shoulder. It's injured and sensitive." Either way, the couple assured the young woman that they didn't have any 'uncomfortable' areas.
Once the interview and instructions were over, the hostess walked them down a short hallway with two doors on each side. Joe couldn't help staring at her long legs and shapely ass as they made the short wal behind her.. She led them through one of the doors and they found themselves in a small room mostly taken up by two massage tables a few feet apart. There was a cord running down the ceiling between the tables that could be used to draw a curtain between them.
The receptionist, Paula she said her name was, instructed the couple to remove as much clothing as comfortable and then to lie face down on the tables with towels covering. The therapists would be in shortly. She told them to relax and let feel free to tell the therapist what we liked and didn't like. She said "but don't worry. We're very good about sensing what is pleasant for you and what isn't. You two will be fine. We're all going to have fun." Joe caught her use of "we" and thought that it was an unusual way for her to phrase it, but figured that he was inexperienced at massages of any type and just let it go.
Then she walked out and closed the door. To Joe's surprise, his wife quickly stripped naked, completely naked, in about 20 seconds, dropping her clothes on a chair. Then she stood boldly in front of him as if challenging him to do the same. Joe stared at her now tanned body and breasts. Her nipples had gone erect from either the anticipation or the air conditioning, but the air conditioning was not blowing much cool air into the room. In fact, now that they had acclimated to the new temperature, it was warmer than usual, in fact it was a bit uncomfortable.. Joe took in her beautiful body for a moment, and then she was moving on to the table to lay on her stomach with her ass proudly displayed. She made no move to cover herself, so he put a towel on her back to cover her ass and upper thighs.
Joe quickly assumed the same position, but kept his boxer briefs on.
"Chicken," she said without even looking at her beau.
After about a minute, the door opened and Paula returned. Joe only knew it was her because he recognized her voice when she said, "If you're ready, let's get going. This is Cody. He'll be doing your wife, and I'll be doing you." Joe couldn't see Karyn's face, but I knew she would have a cheshire grin on it from Paula's phrasing. The couple couldn't see either of the workers since they were lying on their stomachs with faces in the holes of the massage table. It was comfortable but not much good for seeing anything except feet. Paula was barefoot and Cody had on sandals. All Joe could tell was that his feet and legs were lightly tanned, and he had pretty big feet, like a size 13 or so. He was getting excited for his wife to start getting touched by this strange, young (he assumed), man. The fact that she stripped naked so quickly told Joe that she was eager too.
Karyn and Joe then indicated that they were ready. Some soft music came on and they heard someone light candles. Soon the room smelled of cinnamon from the candle. Then Paula began by rubbing Joe's feet with warm hands covered in oil. Normally, Joe didn't care about getting his feet rubbed, but this felt really good. So good that he involuntarily exhaled softly. Joe heard Karyn gasp as Cody must have started at her feet too. She loves to have her feet rubbed. Sometimes Joe begins his foreplay through a thorough arch massage. By the time he is ready to move on, her pussy is always very wet and ready.
"Sorry about that," Cody said in a soft voice. "I'll try not to surprise you again. I'll let you know what I'm going to do to you next if you want." Joe could almost hear Karyn's brain making a wise crack at the phrasing. Joe could hear Cody's hands rubbing the oil into her feet.
"That would be great," Karyn said breathily.
Paula said "We'll go through our normal massage routine that satisfies most couples. If you feel uncomfortable or want us to stop, just say so, or even if you tense up, it tells us you don't like what we are doing. OK with you?"
"OK with me," both Karyn and Joe said at the same time.
"Would you like the curtain drawn?" Cody asked. Karyn and Joe lifted our heads to look at each other, both of us with puzzled looks on our faces. Joe caught a glimpse of Cody firmly rubbing Karyn's foot while her legs relaxed on the table. He was stunned to see a man around 30 years old, and over 6 feet tall. His hands made her feet look almost tiny. She raised her eyebrows, as if to say "what the heck is he talking about?"
Joe said that it was fine without the curtain and resisted asking why couples would want one anyway.
After a few minutes of Paula working on his feet, Joe couldn't resist stealing another glance at Karyn and Cody. He had her foot lifted, with her knee bent and was firmly kneading it with his massive hands. She moved forward and backwards slightly with the motion of his pressure on her foot. Even over the soft music Joe could hear her breathing deeply.
Paula stopped and said "Eyes front" with a little giggle. So Joe put his head back down, even though he didn't want to stop watching his beautiful wife enjoy her relaxing contentment. Paula resumed her attention to his feet. Joe was actually enjoying it, and while it was very relaxing, it was really exciting as well. Joe was starting to dread when Paula would ask him to turn over, fearing he wouldn't be able to hide the firm erection growing uncontrollably..
Gradually Joe relaxed and his throbbing boner subsided. Paula was now moving up his legs with soft, warm, oil covered hands from his ankles to the middle of his thighs just below the spot where the boxers stopped. Joe heard Cody say "Now I'm going to move to your legs." This was followed by a deep sigh from Karyn as Cody moved his hands up her legs like Paula had started with Joe.
Disregarding Paula's admonishment earlier, Joe turned his head to see Cody's huge hands dwarfing Karyn's tanned legs as he rubbed up and then down them. He went a little farther up than Paula had on him, almost touching her ass under the towel that had been moved up and hardly covered her bare bottom. Karyn's relaxed body moved under his firm pressure as he slid his hands up her legs, and down towards her feet as he reversed directions. Joe could see her tits smashing about as her body moved. Nothing could be done about it now, his boner was back to stay. This was really hot and exciting. Joe almost wanted to just forgo his massage and just sit watching Cody and Karyn.
"Don't make me tell you again," Paula joked, but she didn't stop her leg massage.
"Please don't get us thrown out of here," Karyn said without moving her head."
"Is it OK if I do your lower back now?" Joe heard Cody ask a few minutes later.
"Yes. That's…mmmmm…great." Karyn told him.
Paula had worked her way up to Joe's boxers. "These are kind of long, wouldn't you be more comfortable with them off?" She said. "You can take them off, or I can help you if you don't want to get up." Joe thought about it for a moment and then turned to look at Karyn, surprisingly, she was looking at him. She looked a little stunned, then raised her eyebrows as if to say "whatever," and then she turned her head back down to look at the floor. She was breathing deeply and Joe could hear Cody's oil-slick hands sliding up and down her legs.
"No, I'll do it," Joe replied. Joe moved to stand on the floor to drop his drawers. He made sure to stand on the side of the table that would have him facing Karyn and Cody. Suddenly the look Karyn gave had new meaning. While Joe had thought she was saying "Whatever" to his choice of being undressed by this hot young girl or undressing himself, she was really saying "whatever" to the massage experience she was getting. Cody was still rubbing oil up and down her legs, but now he was stopping at her lower back, moving his hands firmly and smoothly over her ass before reversing direction. The towel was only covering the middle of her back now.
Joe looked over at Paula who was watching Cody and Karyn too, ostensibly to give him privacy to get naked. As he pulled the boxers down, his hard cock popped out like a spring. Joe moved quickly to go back on the table while Karyn turned her head just in time to see her favorite hard cock before Joe layed back down on my stomach. She closed her eyes but didn't turn away. She looked so sexy right there that Joe wanted to kick Cody and Paula out and plunge his dick into her and fuck her hard and fast. Instead, with heart racing and head spinning, he laid back down on the table, forgetting to cover up with the towel.
Paula resumed touching his legs with her warm, oily hands and moved them all the way up the inside of his thighs until she just missed touching Joe's testicles, and then moved back down. Joe had to assume that his wife was getting the same treatment, but he didn't dare look even though it seemed almost impossible to resist. Joe imagined Cody's giant hands squeezing the back of Karyn's thighs as he moved them up until they just brushed the lips of her clean shaved pussy. Joe's breathing was getting ragged as his excitement built thinking about the pleasure she was getting and the sound of Cody's oily hands going up and down her body added fuel to the fire.
Suddenly, Paula was at Joe's side, rubbing his back and shoulders. She stood in the spot between the tables. Joe heard Karyn moan openly, but quietly and chanced a look over at her. Cody had also moved up to her back and was moving his hands from her shoulders to her beautiful ass and back, the towel was nowhere to be seen, and then he was rubbing the sides of her ribs and firmly caressing the sides of her boobs. Joe couldn't believe how hot this was and how much he was enjoying it. He could only imagine how much Karyn was enjoying it too.
"Everything OK?" Cody asked. Karyn just moaned a little in affirmation.
Paula was mirroring Cody's moves on Joe's back, firmly kneading shoulders, back and ass. Joe couldn't decide where to focus: on the hot young woman rubbing him, or on Karyn and her hot massage. He was going nuts and his cock was throbbing pressed into the table.
"Would you like to turn over?" Joe heard Cody ask after a few minutes. He didn't hear Karyn say anything, but heard shuffling on the table as she rolled over onto her back. Paula pushed on Joe's shoulder with one hand and his hip with the other to indicate that she wanted him to roll over as well.
"Oh no. I have a rock hard erection and this young girl wants me to roll on my back now?" Joe thought. He wished he hadn't forgotten that towel now. Reluctantly, he turned towards Karyn's table to take a sneak peek at what was going on and rolled onto his back, Joe's cock was sticking up in the air like a sundial, made even harder by the glimpse of Cody standing at his wife's head rubbing his massive hands over her shoulders and kneading her soft tits before moving down her flat stomach. In his super excited state, Joe convinced himself that this was still just a deeply intimate massage, and rationalized that it was OK. Joe caught Cody glancing at his pulsating dick before he put his attention back on Karyn.
Joe was too embarrassed to look at Paula at all, and closed his eyes. Paula never said anything. She just resumed rubbing his shoulders and chest from the side of the table, her firm hands working Joe's muscles with authority. Joe could hear Karyn's ragged breathing interspersed with soft moans. She was really getting into this. Joe couldn't believe how hot this was and how much he was enjoying seeing and hearing her get this erotic massage. He barely noticed Paula rubbing him until her hands moved down on either side of the base of his erect cock. She rubbed around the pelvis without touching the throbbing manhood, and dipped her hands in between Joe's legs brushing his balls slightly with her slick, oily hands.
After a minute or two of this, Joe couldn't resist checking out how Karyn was doing. Her soft moans and heavy sighs were frequent. he looked over. HOLY SHIT! he thought. All pretense of this being an innocent massage was gone. Cody was only paying attention to the area between Karyn's legs. He had one hand rubbing her between her thighs and one hand firmly grabbing and playing with her tits, and Karyn, rather than resist him or stop him like Joe would have expected her to last year, had her legs spread and her knees raised slightly. Joe could tell by the way her body was moving back and forth, that Cody must have been moving one huge finger in and out of Karyn's smooth pussy. Her hands rested on her pelvis right above her pussy as if she couldn't decide whether to grab his hand and pull it away or grab it and help him ram into her.
Joe looked up at Cody's face. He turned towards Joe at the same time and raised his eyebrows in question. Joe took in the whole scene: Karyn's knees up, her legs spread, her indecisive hands and the look of pleasure on her face as Cody finger banged her. Joe looked back at Cody and just shrugged. He smiled and increased the pace at which he finger fucked Joe's bride. In his excitement, Joe hardly noticed that Paula was using both her oily hands on his cock and balls. How had he missed that? Joe looked up at her. She was focused intently on Joe's raging hard cock, staring at the shiny precum that was collecting there. Slowly she slid her hand up to the underside of the head and then moved her hand all the way to the base. Her other hand gently kneaded his balls. And she was topless, firm, tan tits exposed and jiggling as she massaged the hard tool in her hands. When did that happen? She dipped her head and licked eagerly at the clear precum on the tip of the head of Joe's cock.
There was so much going on that Joe couldn't keep track. By the time he looked back over at Karyn and Cody, Cody's pants were down and his thick meaty cock was glistening with the oil that Karyn was rubbing on it with one hand. She was still on her back and his hand was still between her legs moving in and out, but judging by how far her legs were spread, Joe had to guess that he had moved more fingers inside her.
What kind of place is this? Joe wondered. How the fuck did all this go down so quickly? he asked himself, but at that moment, his sex addled brain didn't care. He didn't know what to do or where to look, or what to focus on. Karyn was basically having full sex right in front of him and now Paula was hungrily swirling her tongue around the head of his cock like it was the first lollipop she ever had, and she loved the taste. Joe reached out to play with one of her firm young tits and she moaned into his dick, the buzzing of it almost making him shoot a load in her mouth right then.
Joe looked back at Karyn again, in the short time he had focused on Paula, Cody had moved a now insatiable Karyn so that her head was tipping back off the end of the massage table. She had one hand cupping his balls while he slowly shoved as much of his meat into her mouth as she could take. She moved her head as much as she could to help him. The sight of that massive piece of meat going in and out of her mouth was making Joe crazy with lust. As he watched them, Karyn opened her eyes and briefly locked eyes with Joe while she sucked Cody's thick dick for a few moments, then kept going with her eyes closed.
Joe looked down at my his cock. Paula was taking it into her throat all the way until her nose was buried in the base. His eyes were closed, but of course he could clearly hear Karyn and Cody. It barely distracted Joe from the great job Paula was doing sucking his cock.
After what seemed like just a few seconds, but must have been longer, Joe looked again to see what was happening on the other table. To his surprise, Cody had turned Karyn so she was lying across the table on her back, her head and shoulders facing Joe and Paula. Her head dropped back over the edge of the table and Cody was fucking her, fucking her pretty hard, and his dick was not small. She must have been really, really wet and excited for him to work all of what I had seen he had in this fast. Her body rocked with each thrust, her tits bouncing and her head shaking. Her eyes opened and she looked in Joe's face. She mouthed silently "Oh my fucking god." He saw her look towards where Paula was using her mouth on Joe's member, and then Karyn closed her eyes tight and took the pussy beating that Cody was dishing out. "Fuck ME!" she exclaimed softly.
Paula climbed up on the table and straddled Joe; she was naked now, and he had no idea when that happened. All the stimulation going on in the tiny room had his head swimming. He didn't know where to focus. Joe must have been looking at Karyn when Paula stripped her shorts off. She kneeled down, pressing his cock down and rubbing back and forth on it with her pussy. Then she lifted up and guided his raging cock into her with one hand, slowly impaling herself. Her pussy was hot and tight, and Joe was afraid he was going to blow a load before he was even all the way inside her, but he fought it off as she fell forward, pressing those beautiful tits against his chest. She began rocking back and forth, up and down on the swollen, ready cock. The whole time, Joe could hear Karyn and Cody grunting with the effort of fitting his enormous cock into her tight pussy over and over again.
Paula picked up the pace on Joe's cock and was pumping on it like she was trying to inflate herself. Karyn was holding both her tits firmly as she took the pounding Cody was giving her. Soon the room was filled with the sounds of sex: skin slapping together, gasps, groans, moans and some wet, slick slurping noises. Joe's head was spinning so that he didn't know which way was up. He was focused on Karyn and Cody so much that he only noticed the building orgasm just as it was too late to stop it from blasting cum into Paula's pussy. She moaned and pounded her snatch down faster and harder on the gushing prick. After a few hard thrusts, she stopped moving and just pressed down on Joe as she shuddered and came quietly on his softening dick.

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