Cousin Heidi: Sweet and Simple

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tagIncest/TabooCousin Heidi: Sweet and Simple

"No, that's incense!"
"You mean incest." Ozzy laughed. "Heidi, you're my cousin so it's okay. Let's have some old fashioned Cousin' Luvin.'"
In the shower, Heidi lifted her leg to wash her fuzzy blonde pussy, and heard a noise at the open window. It was her cousins, Ozzy and Eddie, staring at her naked body!
"Stop it! I'm telling mom!" She shut the window as they fell off the ladder.
Heidi wrapped a towel and ran to her bedroom to get ready for work. She'd just pulled on her panties and tiny bra when Cousin Ozzy walked in.
"Get out—I'm naked!"
"No, your goodies are covered up. "Oz laughed. "Cousin Heidi, that new Roller Rink just opened. Everyone's going there. And you love to skate. So I thought maybe we could go there… together?"
"You mean like on a date? That would feel totally weird."
"No it wouldn't. You're not my sister, you're my cousin. And Cousin Heidi you're so damn cute with your little freckles, big blue eyes, and those cute little titties."
Heidi blushed. "Okay Ozzy, that'll be fun." Then she slapped his face. "And that's for peeking at me in the shower."
Ozzy picked Heidi up from her babysitting job, and they went to the new Roller Rink. She fell a few times. Ozzy lifted her up while sneaking a squeeze of her tit-lets. Heidi felt flattered and giggled every time.
Skating was a lot of fun, and Heidi laughed the whole time. On the way back, Ozzy wanted to go someplace romantic. "Sure Oz, let's go to the park and feed the ducks."
Her cousin frowned but drove to the park. Heidi laughed and took pics of the ducks.
"Heidi you're always so happy, maybe you could make me happy?" She didn't know what her cousin meant until he leaned over and kissed her lips.
That felt weird but wonderful. Heidi kissed him back, and the cousins cuddled.
"Cousin Heidi I love your cute freckles." He winked. "Do they go all the way down?"
Heidi wanted to slap him again, but she just nodded. When they kissed again, his hand touched her tit. Heidi jumped back. "Wh-what are you doing Cousin Oz?"
"Cousin Heidi this is a date. And on dates people kiss and caress each other."
Heidi shook her head, covering her chest. "No the ducks are watching us and—"
"—And ducks don't care!" He kissed her lips sweetly. "Don't be shy Heidi, are you nervous because we're related?"
"N-no." She blushed. "I'm a late bloomer, eighteen and still wearing a training bra. Cousin Oz, no one's ever tried to touch my boobie's. And you're gonna laugh."
"Never Heidi, I've already seen 'em. They look so sweet, and tasty as sugar cookies." Ozzy licked his lips, and Heidi squirmed.
"Um… Okay cousin, I'll let you touch me, and see me and stuff, but d-don't…"
Ozzy unbuttoned Heidi's blouse, kissing his way down, and French kissed her navel. She couldn't wait for Oz to squeeze them. Heidi shivered when he removed her training bra, exposing her little-girl tits.
He squeezed them, and she moaned. "Ohhh Ozzy, d-do you like my boobs?"
"Yes Heidi, they're soft and topped with pink cherries." Her pink nipples stiffened between his fingers. And she gasped as he sucked my entire tiny tit into his mouth.
Oz moved to the other one and sucked it hard, stretching out her aroused nipple. "Oooh… yes." Heidi never had her nipples sucked before, and it felt so good when they swelled up in her cousin's mouth.
Ozzy fumbled with the buttons on his jeans. She grabbed his hand. "No!"
"Cousin Heidi, you said I could touch you," he whispered, taking his mouth from my aroused nipple. He kissed her lips, and Heidi melted, letting Ozzy unzip her jeans and slip a finger into her panties.
She trembled when he rubbed her fuzzy slit…"N-no, don't…" Heidi let out a pathetic moan as Oz tried to pull off her jeans.
"Okay Heidi, I'll go first." Her cousin pulled his shirt off and yanked down his pants and shorts. His super hard boner stuck out and pointed at her face.
"Oh gosh." She covered her eyes with her hands.
Ozzy laughed. "Oh Heidi, my shy, tiny-titted cousin."
Covering her eyes, she couldn't see what Ozzy was doing. He yanked her jeans off, then went for her panties.
Heidi reached for them, but Ozzy grabbed her wrists. "Cousin Heidi you said I could. Besides I've already seen it when you were in the shower."
Her face flushed. "Really, you saw my coochie?"
"Yes, don't you remember?" Heidi nodded and pouted as he yanked off her panties. Ozzy gazed down at her naked pussy and small patch of soft pubes.
"Oh Heidi, it's gorgeous. A curl of peach blonde fuzz, above your freckled pussy lips. It's so pretty I need to take a pic." Cousin Heidi covered her eyes and posed for her first ever pussy pic.
Ozzy bent her knees up." Look Heidi, your cute butthole is winking at me."
"No it ain't."
Ozzy sucked Heidi's aroused nipples and fingered her slit. Then his thumb found her little clit and tickled it. "Oooh, what's happening to me?" Her pussy muscles clench his finger as her clitty quivered.
Taking Heidi's hand, Cousin Ozzy filled her palm with his stiff prick. She instinctively squeezed it and heard him pant.
Oz shoved his tongue into my mouth, and they tongue kissed passionately. Heidi liked that. But then Oz forced her legs open and moved his cock between her thighs.
"W-why are you doing this?"
"'Cause my cock needs inside you, inside your sweet pussy."
"No, that's incense!"
"You mean incest." Ozzy laughed. "Heidi, you're my cousin so it's okay. Let's have some old fashioned Cousin' Luvin.'" She shook her head and locked her knees.
"Okay Heidi." He touched his stiff cock to her lips. "Suck it cousin, suck it and swallow my stuff. Do it and I'll take you to Dairy Queen."
Heidi shook her head, looking cross-eyed at his dangling prick.
"C'mon cousin. Someday you'll have a husband—a horny husband. Heidi, don't you want to learn how to pleasure men with your mouth? Like other girls do."
"No way. Yuck."
But Heidi knew Cousin Oz was right. Blushing bright red, she got down on her knees. "But Ozzy… if I swallow your sperms, will a baby grow inside my tummy?"
"NO HEIDI!" He pushed his cockhead to her mouth. "Open those pretty-pink lips, and suck it good." She didn't, so he pressed his prick against Heidi's lips until she opened her mouth.
Ozzy's fat prick shoved in and hit her braces.
"OUCH! You're scraping me. Cover your braces with your lips!" His yelling startling Heidi, so she opened as wide as she could. His prick shoved in, and she choked but forced her mouth down on his stupid cock.
"Cousin Heidi, I can't wait to dump a load of cousin cum down your throat."
Heidi's blonde ponytail bobbed as she sucked and slurped her cousin's prick, with lines of spit running down the shaft. Ozzy moved her head back and forth, and she felt his cock swelling in her mouth.
"Heidi, get ready to swallow!"
Her eyes grew wide as she bobbed faster. Then Ozzy's pick jolted, spurting out gobs cum. Gagging and coughing, Heidi swallowed her cousin's spurts as more cum dripped from her lips.
But she kept sucking until she'd gobbled down his last spurt.
The panting girl wiped her cummy mouth on his sleeve. "Yuck. Cousin Ozzy, your sperm stuff tastes gross." She spit out a pubic hair, gagged again, and looked up. "Cousin, can we go get ice cream now?"
"Not yet Heidi. It's time for some cousin lovin'. It's really fun. You'll love it."
"No Ozzy, I told you I'm not doing that."
"But Heidi your pussy is tight—dangerously tight. It almost broke my finger bone." Ozzy kissed her cheek. "Cousin someone needs to stretch out your tight hole, and that someone is ME!"
Heidi bit her lip and didn't resist when Oz forced her ankles apart and tried to put on a condom. She lifted her head to watch. "What are you doing down there, between my thighs?"
"Just relax Heidi. I need to put this thing on first."
"…okay Cousin Ozzy, but the ducks are watching us. And I AIN'T doing it in front of the ducks!"
"Dammit Heidi." Ozzy's strong arms carried Heidi to his car. It was embarrassing getting carried, half-naked through the park. He tossed her in the backseat and moved between her legs with his rubber-covered boner.
Heidi cringed. Her little slit was hardly big enough for his finger, let alone a cock the size of her arm.
Cousin Ozzy kissed her softly and rubbed his hard boner along her moist crack. Then he nudged his cockhead inside her pussy lips—and she jerked back, throwing her hands against his chest.
"Wait cousin, stop that—It hurts!"
"Honey, my boner's barely inside you, and you're already freaking out." Ozzy kissed her ear. "Just relax cousin. It'll go in much easier if you relax your pussy. You'll like it."
The blonde closed her eyes as his prick pushed into her snug hole.
Heidi felt her pussy walls squeeze his shaft, with her pink flesh pulling in and out with each fuck stroke. And when his prick burst her cherry it felt like a bayonet popping a balloon.
"OUCH!" Heidi tensed up, digging her nails into her cousin's arm. "Cousin Ozzy… it hurts too much. Can…can we stop now?"
"No Heidi, my cock hurts too. I need to fuck you! You need a good fucking." His prick shoved in hard— And she squirmed. "Just relax cousin. Once you get used to my cock, it won't hurt as much."
She felt her pink folds rip apart as he rammed in harder. "Eeeeee!" Her screech even scared the ducks, but his cock was deep inside her cunt.
"Damn Heidi, your little fuck-hole is so TIGHT." Ozzy scrunched up his face as his prick twisted in and out.
She squirmed with every painful stroke. But soon, Heidi heard herself panting, and her hips took over, lifting up to meet Ozzy's strokes. "Oh cousin, this does feel good. Really good!"
Ozzy sucked Heidi's teeny tits, chewing on her gummy nipples. She liked that and gripped his back as her tight pussy milked his prick.
She wiggled her hips. "Cum… Cum in me Cousin Ozzy."
"Oh Heidi, yes!" Ozzy spewed into her burning hole with a final shove and collapsed, leaving his prick inside her twat. When he pulled out, Heidi stared at the blood-streaked condom.
"Gosh, you took my cherry." She sat up and tried to wiggle off the bed.
"Where are you going Heidi?"
"But Cousin Ozzy, I thought it was over."
"Nope, now it's time for sloppy seconds. Everyone does sloppy seconds." Her eyes widened as his menacing prick throbbed back to life.
"Oh dammit Heidi, I'm out of rubbers. We better be safe. Roll over cousin, and spread your butt cheeks wide."
"NO! Not that way Ozzy!"
"Cousin Heidi do you want to get pregnant?" She shook her head. "Then roll over and let me do your ass." Heidi shook her head fiercely, trying to squirm away.
"C'mon cousin, you're so pretty and you make me so horny. I won't knock you up, but I really need your ass." Ozzy kissed down her neck. "Just roll over, it'll be fun."
"Fun?…okay, I guess so." Heidi rolled over and lifted her butt up for her cousin's pleasure. But her freckled face twisted in pain as Ozzy's prick poked into his acorn size anus.
"Ouch… ohh, ohh!" She panted, gripping the seat as her cousin rammed in further, fucking her tiny ass. "OWW!" Heidi squealed, with her face buried in the backseat.
His cousin didn't look happy.
"This ain't fun—Ozzy, you're ripping my little butthole! Ooh…ooh." Heidi whimpered as his prick pushed in deep, thrusting in and out of her anal canal, giving her a good reaming.
"Wow Heidi, your future husband will just love your tight asshole. He'll want to screw it every night." The impaled girl moaned and bit the seat.
Ozzy fingered Heidi's pussy in rhythm to his ass-pounding prick. He fucked faster. Grabbing her hair, her cousin drove his cock in balls deep.
"OUCHIE!" Heidi squirmed as his steel prick plunged in and spewed way up her ass. Filling her with more sticky gunk. She looked back with teary eyes. "Is it finally-finally over Cousin Ozzy?"
"Yep." He kissed Heidi's lips and pulled his prick out of her ass. She rubbed her tender, sodomized butt. "R-remember you promised me Dairy Queen."
It was dark when they left. Heidi's aching holes throbbed with pain, and she groaned as Cousin Oz drove. He tried to kiss her again, and she bit his lip.
Ozzy bought Heidi a banana split and tried to split her legs. But she kept them shut. "Wow cousin. That was some great sex. You were great, let's get in the back and—"
Heidi shook her head furiously. "NO, my ass still stings from your stupid cock."
Back at the house, Ozzy gave her a big hug. "Wow, I guess now we're Cum Cousins." He kissed Heidi's soft lips, and she giggled when his fingers tickled her pussy.
"Hey Cousin Heidi, maybe tomorrow we could go to the State Fair. I know you'll want to ride the rides."
Heidi squinted her eyes. "And I know you'll want to ride ME… in your backseat. Right Cousin Ozzy?"
"Yep, gonna ride you like a flying roller coaster. Whee!"
She blushed pink. "O-okay Ozzy, I'll go. But no sticking your fat boner up my butthole. And bring more than one condom. 'Cause I know how dick-horny you get."
"Deal, now let's sneak up to your bedroom for a goodnight, Suck and Tuck. I'll suck your titties, and tuck your sweet pussy into bed."
"… tuck it hard?"
"Balls deep baby."

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